LG Washing Machine Error Code dE – How To Clear?

What does dE code mean on LG washing machine? Is your LG top load washer getting the dE error code? The dE error code on an LG washer is indicating the washer door was not able to properly lock the door. This signifies 3 different issues that may be causing the dE error code.

LG Washing Machine Error Code dE - How To ClearLG Washing Machine Error Code dE
How To Clear? – What To Check? – How To Fix/Repair?

dE Fault Code on LG washerLG Washer dE Error/Fault Code.
The dE code will look like this on the Washer’s Display Panel.

The LG Washer dE error code indicates the washer cannot lock the washer door.

Here are 3 reasons why the washer door was unable to lock:
The door is not aligned properly.
The washer door was not closed properly.
The washer’s door latch may be faulty.

Here is what to check and clear the dE error code:
1 – Press the POWER button to turn washer OFF.
2 – Remove the washer from power.
3 – Press and hold the START/PAUSE button for 5 to 10 seconds.
4 – Apply power to the washer.
5 – Turn the unit back on by pressing the POWER button.
6 – Open and Close the washer door, making sure the door has latched.
7 – Select a wash cycle and press START/PAUSE to test the washer.

To be sure the dE error code does not come back:
DO NOT put weight on the washer door when open.
Pushing on the door when OPEN can BEND the door hinge therefore not letting it shut or close properly.
The washer drum should not be packed with clothing which could cause the door out of alignment.
Put clothing far into the washer drum so no parts of the clothing are trapped between the door and outside the door.

Make sure the door is aligned properly and not bent. If the hinges on the washer door have been bent, you can try bending it back into position. If unable, you will need to install a new washer door hinge.

If the door is shut properly and you continue to get the dE error code, you need to see if the wiring harness that go from the door latch to the control board are secure and not damaged. You may need to remove the door latch and check for damage and use a meter to be sure it is receiving power. If you suspect the LG washer door latch to be faulty, replace it.

LG washing machine door lock switch lock assembly parts

LG washing machine door lock switch lock assembly parts

Have questions about LG washer getting the dE error code? Please leave a comment below and we can assist in troubleshooting.

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