How To Instantly Put A Telemarketer On Your DO NOT CALL LIST

If you are like us, the most annoying thing is getting a call from a telemarketer even though you are on the DO NOT CALL LIST.

how to never be called by a telemarketer againNever be called by a telemarketer again!

One easy and fast way to add yourself to a telemarketers “Do not call list” is simply pressing the 9 button on your phone WHILE you are talking with the telemarketer.

By pressing 9, this will disconnect the call AND add your phone number (cell phone or landline) to their internal do not call list. This only works if they call you and you never want them to call again.

This is a new feature that helps you combat those telemarketing calls that somehow keep calling. It is computer regulated so when you do press 9 during a call it sends the callers computer a code telling it to remove your number from the telemarketers list automatically. So, the next time you get that annoying call late at night, the second they start talking, just press 9 and THEY WILL NEVER CALL AGAIN!

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4 thoughts on “How To Instantly Put A Telemarketer On Your DO NOT CALL LIST”

  1. you stated two different instructions:

    Do you press #9 (WITH a pound sign)?

    of just 9?

    please RSVP and make it clear on the web site

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