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How To Build A Loft – DIY Step By Step With Pictures

Building a loft can be the perfect solution to adding a bedroom when space is an issue. Having a high ceiling gives you the opportunity to build and add a loft to your existing home. Building a loft consists of plenty of accurate measuring, purchasing the proper wood type and length, buying the correct bolts and screws, and assembling your loft in the proper area. We built our loft in a 12 hour time span and fully utilized our high ceiling space and made an extra large new living area.


How To Build A Loft_15Here is the “nook” we chose and all of our wood to build our new loft.

How To Build A Loft_12We used 4×4’s for our posts and beams and secured them into the walls using anchor bolts.

How To Build A Loft_07Using a 2×6, we installed the first joist using simple deck braces and bolts.

How To Build A Loft_10 Here we attached our second 2×6 joist to allow for an extra sturdy floor.

How To Build A Loft_02We added 2 more 2×6 joist beams and attached them with deck braces for a secure and sturdy loft floor.

How To Build A Loft_03Here we created a small square opening to make room for a wooden ladder.

How To Build A Loft_06We then built our ladder for entering the loft using 2×4’s for the steps and 2×6’s for the sides.

How To Build A Loft_08We then installed our ladder in our square hole opening to be able to enter the loft.

How To Build A Loft_16We then installed a clothing wardrobe free standing closet under the loft.

How To Build A Loft_13We then built our top railing using 1×2 wood and installed in on the loft for safety.

How To Build A Loft_11We then used wood screws to secure our pine boards to make the flooring for our new loft.

How To Build A Loft_09We cut the pine boards a little shorter in this area to allow entry using the ladder.

How To Build A Loft_01Here is a closeup of our safety railing attached with 3 bolts on each post.

How To Build A Loft_04Here is a closeup of the bottom of our loft flooring attached with deck braces, bolts and screws.

How To Build A Loft_05We then added some hooks and wooden shelving to add more storage.

How To Build A Loft_14Here is our new loft completed and ready for use.
We installed metal pipe and added curtains to allow for privacy.

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23 thoughts on “How To Build A Loft – DIY Step By Step With Pictures”

  1. I have a longer room, would it still be okay to do this even if is the length of about two beds?
    Also. My daughter is 145 pounds and we would like to put a twin mattress up there. Would it hold her?
    How long did the whole process take?

  2. Ive just realised that both sides need to be attached to the wall. Bearing this in mind the lengths I mentioned would actually be another meter.

  3. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you do not firmly secure it to the wall it may collapse or fall away from the wall when weight is applied.
    You can still bolt it to the wall and hide the bolt marks when you leave if you are renting.
    Use simple spackle and repaint.

  4. Is there any way to not bolt the loft to the wall? I’m renting an apartment and would not want make any damage. Thank you! Very cool job.

  5. I think the most important thing you will need is a screw gun home depot $40.00
    Also I made mine 84″ x 84″ so I had 6 legs and not 4.
    I had a screw gun and went with the least expensive wood that would do the job. in the photo it looks like they used more expensive wood.
    Total cost $120.00 and 10 hours. 3 hours at Home Depot and transporting material.
    6 hours putting it together. The building would have went quicker if I had a helper.

  6. I and a girl and I have never done any wood working or building before and I purchased and finished this in one day.

    I went to home depot and they cut all the wood to size and I had no one to help me.
    So I think just about anyone could built this you just need to tell yourself you can!

  7. DIY Project Help Tips

    This loft could be made with the correct brackets without screwing or bolting anything into the walls. You could take the design we have, and simply make it free standing. You would need to have extra support beams and build it to fit in your exact space measurements. What are the dimensions of your room? If your room is big enough then it would be possible to build a free standing loft. It would almost be like a bunk bed but built higher and wider with extra support brackets to keep it sturdy.

  8. I live in an apartment and share a bedroom with my daughter. I have a long, she has a twin. I would like to know if this can be made without screwing anything into the walls. With the brackets is it sturdy enough not to do so? If necessary, what other bracing strategies would you recommend?

  9. I absolutely love this loft bed and tutorial. I don’t have a nook to build one in. Also, the wall in my bedroom that a bed would be against is made of plaster… I love your design so much, do you think additions could be made so it could be free-standing?

  10. What size bed are you using? I’m making a similar style, however could 2×4 by used instead of 2×6 for a smaller area. Let’s say 4 feet by 8ft? (w/o the cut out for ladder of coursem will add ladder to outside.)

  11. DIY Project Help Tips

    Those deck braces were in an unmarked bin. You should just be able to find “square deck braces” at any home improvement store.

  12. What are the square shaped braces you used to attach the 2×6’s to the 4×4? I know they’re deck braces but I can’t seem to find anything that looks similar. Is there a specific name or a link you can share?
    This design is so easy and simple but I’m stuck on that brace!

  13. This is exactly what I have been looking for….can you tell me the length of the 2×6’s? I have a space that
    is 135″ and am wondering if a 2×6 can span that distance without any middle support.

  14. Hello & thanks so much for posting.
    I echo some questions that others have left since I don’t see answers:
    1) I am a novice, do you think this project is simple enough for a beginner?
    2) Is there a “Materials” list you can provide?
    3) Looking back, is there anything you’d have done differently during the design and/or construction of the loft?

  15. DIY Project Help Tips

    If we had to estimate what it would cost to build this without any type of discount, we would say roughly $350 in wood and other supplies. We had access to a lumber yard with a huge discount through a contract. So the price it cost us was next to nothing. There are ways to get wood for projects at a small discount. Home Depot and Lowe’s have 10% off total purchases for Active Duty Military, Retired Military and Military Veterans. Bring a Mil person with you when buying the wood and get 10% off.

  16. I love the design/simplicity/functionality of this loft. I had a few questions:
    1) Besides the lumber and hardware, what tools did you need?
    2) How large was the nook you used? I’m trying to gauge how many joists I should use.I have a 10′ x 14′ area I’m looking to build into.
    3) Looking back, is there anything you’d have done differently during the design and/or construction of the loft?

  17. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. How has this build held up? Is there anything you would do differently if you built it again? Any ideas of the weight this loft can safely support? Thanks!

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