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How To Reset A Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine

I have a Whirlpool Cabrio washer about a year old. When I run a wash cycle it gets stuck in constant loop of wash cycles going on and on. The washer would begin to soak the clothes right after the spin cycle and then go through the entire wash cycle once again. To stop this I had to turn the washer off. Is there a reset I could follow to stop the endless wash cycle or do I need to replace parts?

Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Stuck In Wash Loop - How To ResetWhirlpool Cabrio Washer Stuck In Wash Loop – How To Reset

Yes, there is a reset procedure to fix this. The Whirlpool Cabrio washers need to be reset in a different method than many other types and brands of washers. Here is how you can RESET your Cabrio washer (all Whirlpool Cabrio models). Follow the directions below and your washer should reset and begin to work normally. This reset procedure works on ALL Whirlpool Cabrio Washers that start with model number WTW.

How To Reset Whirlpool Cabrio Washer:

  1. Turn the washer off.
  2. Set the mode selector dial to NORMAL.
  3. Turn the dial counter clockwise ONE click (LEFT), clockwise THREE clicks (RIGHT), counter clockwise ONE click (LEFT) then clockwise ONE click (RIGHT).
  4. Now press the start button.
  5. All the cycle indicating lights should be illuminated.
  6. Press the Start Stop button once.
  7. Rotate the dial until Rinse, Wash, and Stop light illuminate.
  8. Turn the washer off and unplug it for 10 seconds.
  9. Finally, turn on the washer and it should now be reset.
  10. Run a test load empty to be sure the reset worked. If not perform the reset procedure one more time.

Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine Replacement Parts WTWWhirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine Replacement Parts WTW

If that did not work, try the next Cabrio reset procedure:

  1. Touch any button on the display pad to clear the error code or press “Pause Cancel.”
  2. Choose another cycle and press “Start”.
  3. Disconnect the Cabrio from power if the error or problem comes back.
  4. Wait 5 minutes before restoring power.
  5. Choose a new cycle and press “Start.”
  6. Run a test load empty to be sure the reset worked. If not perform the reset procedure one more time.

Cabrio Washing Machine Diagnostic Test & Error Codes

If the second reset does not get your washer out of the endless wash cycle, please leave a comment below and explain in detail what the exact issue is and we will assist in troubleshooting.

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  1. Robert Williams

    I have a Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine. I have unplugged for 10 minutes and plugged back in for reset but it did not work. When I power on the washing machine it will stay locked in whatever cycle is chosen and when you push the start button the alarm will sound, the display flashes off and on, and nothing happens.

  2. I have a washer doing the same did you figure yours out the laundry mat sure gets expensive with 4 kids lol. Thank you.

  3. I replaced the lid latch and the lid latch lock but every time we start a load the lock light will begin to flash and the wash stops. The only way to open the lid is to unplug the machine. What can I do to let a full cycle run?

  4. I have a digital cabrio top load washer and no lights come on after our power outage what can I do?

  5. My Whirlpool cabrio platinum dL There is no unlevel load in the washer just a few items I turned the wash off and turned it back on it acts like it’s OK but then the flashing lights around the select knob will start flashing again and I can’t wash what should I do

  6. My does the same , starts out ok then about 1/2 way though then flashes Ld. The lid is fine. I can’t reset it. I always go to the breaker and shut it off. Fir a minute and go and try it again. Is there something I can do to get it back on track. ? Thanks

  7. I HAVE A WTG8000BW0 S/#c41370213
    It didn’t spin the clothes out. I have tried to reset it with your directions and it still does not work.

  8. My touch button cabrio washer will start and sound like the lid locks then the add garment light will come back on from there nothing for about 3-5 minutes then it will just power down and say end

  9. Beverly T Beaugh

    I am getting a code sd. Machine goes thru the cycle until 14 minutes left, then it’s struck. I tried the reset test. After I turn the dial in sequence then press srart, the lights do not come on. I had this problem last year and had to re place a part under the basket.

  10. My whirlpool cabrio gets stuck in endless wash cycle? And error code is SD? How can I fix this I’ve tried both ways to reset and can’t get either one to work?

  11. Rodney Stephens

    I just moved. When tried to use machine. The sensing light flashes and if I open and close lid water disperses into tub for a few seconds and stops. And then washing machine doesn’t do anything but sensing light turns on solid without flashing.
    I tried the resetting procedure but not it isn’t resetting. My model is a WTW5000DW1. Thank you.

  12. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio model# W10250884
    And about every other load I wash will not spin the load without doing the rest. And it’s just about every load if it’s a small load. I haven’t had it very long at all. I thought it may have something going out electronically. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  13. I have a whirlpool cabrio washer model number wtw5500xw3. I was running a cleaning cycle on the washer and when I was wiping the condensation from the surface I bumped the knob and now my washer won’t do anything. I had to for the door open to empty the water from it . How do I get my washer to come back on?

  14. Whirlpool cabrio wtw8800cy0 replaced shaft and hub kit.
    Ran the diagnostic and everything fine.
    Now the wash cycle is out of whack and cannot get unit to reset…wth

  15. We bought a used Cabrio Platinum washer (WTW8500BWO) and when I plugged it in water came out of the back. It fried the board. We replaced the board and the broken water inlet valve. It will still not come on. There is no error code. It made some beeps and it still did not work so I unplugged it again. We have tried both of the resets on this website to no avail. Have you any idea?

  16. My washer wouldn’t start after our power went out for 5 minutes.theplugs were changed.it would only light up when plugged in but nothing else.and nite not even that

  17. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio model number WTW7600XW0. The washer goes on an endless cycle washing, I’ve tried everything I could find online to reset it but nothing has worked, I don’t remember most of the error codes, but some are F, F5, Sd, and UL

  18. My Cabrio keeps showing a “sd” message, even after I have tried to reset the washer. Is there something else I can try? My washer is not making it into the rinse cycle.

  19. My digital Whirlpool Cabrio was unbalanced. I rearranged the load now it keeps filling and filling and filling and resets wash time on its own. I had to drain the washer to get it to stop filling. Will reset help and if so how is it done on digital model?

  20. My top loader whirlpool washer displayed a LF on it, I checked and cleaned the glitter and it started flowing water again for a few seconds, now the flow is barely flowing.

  21. Hi, I’m having trouble with my Whirlpool Cabrio platinum washer machine. It keeps saying “dL” I tried resetting it and no luck. Maybe I’m not resetting it right?

  22. My whirlpool Cabrio washer come up with a LID error. Cannot get past it, i’ve reset the machine but still wont work. Is there any bypassing or another procedure to take? Ready to trash machine please help, my model is #WTW6500WW1.

  23. my whirlpool cabrio platinum keeps doing the same thing, did you get yours fixed or what? reset code did not work after first try

  24. Will not reset
    Runs water for about 10 second and then stop then it runs water again and about 10-15 minutes later it flashes the F letter in the estimated time remaining

  25. My cabrio gives a half spin when press start. Then a couple seconds later it gives some what of a full spin then stops then never starts washing. I thought it was that the water wouldn’t run through but I put it on soak and the water ran. After that I put it on drain and spin and it drained and spun. Which is why it baffles me that it won’t wash. Please help me

  26. I have an all digital display Whirlpool Cabrio washer that I can’t reset. Model WTW7000DW0

  27. I have a Cabrio Whirlpool washer. I’ve only had it for about 1.5 years .. thought an “agitator” free drum would be better. I hate this machine ….
    First: the water level is not enough – I can wash clothes, and when I remove them – some aren’t even wet!
    Second: everything has soap lines on it – most visible on EVERY PIECE OF BLACK CLOTHES I HAVE. I have to take a brush and try to brush it all off. I’ve tried every HE soap, tried lessening the amount of clothes, tried using “extra rinse” – comes out the same. It’s just aweful!!!

    Can I adjust the water level – because I’m 99% sure it’s not enough water!

  28. I replaced my acuator and lid light still flashing. The lid locks but tries to spin once then stops unlocks lid light goes off then a few seconds later it locks again tries spinning but stops then the lid lock light flashes but lid remains locked. Only way to unlock is to unplug.

  29. I replaced the actuator on my whirlpool cabrio washing machine and when it sensing the lid lock light still flashing. Please help. Thank you

  30. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio washer which is giving me a code of f-71 SD despite there being no suds. I have run numerous clean water cycles. The washer agitates and drains but does not spin. In place of the spin I get a small backward and forward motion of the basket as if it was trying to spin. Model number WTW 6300 SW1

  31. I have a Cabrio Whirlpool washer. WTW5800BW0
    We just moved into a new house and the washer will turn on, but it seems to be stuck in the sensing mode. Then the lid lock light starts flashing and won’t turn off unless I unplug the washer.

  32. My washer will start in the sensing mode and then the lid lock light will start flashing and will not go through any cycles. I have a whirlpool cabrio. I tried resetting it and there is no error code.

  33. model WTW7500WG2, cannot reset. When it’s plugging back in it always displays 1:06. Nothing is working.

  34. Morgan Walker

    My whirlpool washer wtw5000dw1 and water keeps coming out as it is rinsing even after all cycles are done and even while off and unplugged. I had to turn the water off manually to stop water going into tub. Please help

  35. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio washer which is giving me a code of f-71 SD despite there being no suds. I have run numerous clean water cycles. The washer agitates and drains but does not spin. In place of the spin I get a small backward and forward motion of the basket as if it was trying to spin. Model number wtw 6300 SG-1

  36. I have a cabrio platinum model number WTW85008C0 and it just stop working when Its plugged in it just makes a loud beeping sound no numbers flashing nothing and I can’t do anything I only had this machine 2 years what could be wrong with it

  37. When I place on normal it senses but never moves on and I see no error lights. I tried the resets above but no success.d

  38. Hi I have a WTW6800WW1 washer that keeps going on oL. There isn’t anyway that it could be overloaded with only 4 towels that are medium sized. It has done this 6 times now. Can anyone help me out please?

  39. Mine is also showing SD and getting stuck then stopping the cycle. I have reset, unplugged, cleaned, ran on cold water cycle a few times til there are no suds left, and even ran a diagnostic test that stuck on C8. What is going on?? Thanks

  40. I have a whirlpool cabrio platinum washer model WTW8000BW0. it will wash the clothes but will not spin all of the water out of the clothes. it shows a ol code at end of cycle. if I put it on drain & spin it will spin all of the water out of the clothes.

  41. I just ran a diagnostic test on my cabrio and got an error code of 81. Then it went to a C1 and filled, then ol came on. No overload just water. The only way I can get my load to finish out is to put it on drain and spin. All other modes ends up with ol showing. It is like it runs out of time before it runs out of cycles.

  42. I have a whirlpool cabrio washing maching model wtw7000dw0. It was working fine and i tried to start a new load and when I turn it on and hit the hold to start button it just beeps twice. I tried hitting other buttons and it just beeps twice. You cant change any settings either. Ive tried unplugging it to try and reset it and nothing works. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated!

  43. We completely cleaned out the washer top to bottom. Drained everything. Tried the resets. We still start a normal cycle and a few minutes in it shows the sd code and than finally starts beeping. Full or empty or with the special cleaning detergent. It doesn’t matter. I have never had so much trouble with a washer. If it’s a major fix we will probably just trash this and buy a used maytag. No more whirlpools for us.

  44. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5600XW3. First it would not drain and spin and I did some online searches and followed the troubleshooting tips and can never duplicate the results that are shown in the videos, so I did what I have always done. Change the mode to drain and spin to complete the load. Now it gets stuck in the wash cycle and makes a humming sound like it wants to work but does nothing. The remaining time stays the same and the hum continues. I can never get it in diagnostic mode or do a reset. Any help would be appreciated.

  45. my whirlpool cabrio won’t reset. all the lights won’t come on, the machine starts groaning or humming, like it’s trying to work. this started when a load got ran without realizing water to the machine had been turned off.

  46. I replaced the shift actuator and the lid lock and my washer is still not working.the codes said that these two things were the problem. Now it is continuing to blink red in the lid lock. It starts then it locks them unlocks them locks again and this is when it starts blinking red and I can’t do anything I have to unplug it for the light to stop blinking. Can you please help me? Thank you.

  47. i have Cabrio modwlWTW7300XW that is a seasonal machine. it was purchased in 2011.the oL light comes on after washing for several minutes. it is not overloaded. This happens in every setting. I am able to do a washing by moving the settings along to rinse and then spin. a nuisance!

  48. I replaced the lid lock switch and now my washer will not do a complete cycle. We have the whirlpool Cabrio. Being more specific the tub fills up and does not agitate and then it empty’s the water. I tried reset and that didn’t help, is this something you can help me with?

  49. I had the SD code appear on my WP Cabrio Top loader…so I googled ..it said that meant there were to many suds…told me to make sure I was using HE detergent,etc…well I use pods , usually ALL brand, I throw one in …not 20….ONE. I called the repairman who came out and charged me 89 bucks today…treated me like a slow, small child and said you’re using too much detergent. I responded no I’m not I googled SD code and I am not sure why it’s doing that but I use ONE POD. He proceeded to pull my drain hose out about a foot and a half and said it was down to far in the pipe. This took him all of 7 minutes to do. I was very skeptical and said are you sure it’s fixed. Oh yes ma’am it’s fixed. On the second load the damn SD code showed up AGAIN and it’s refusing to spin out when that happens. I am FURIOUS right now. I”ve got a call in to these people but am NOT experiencing any kind of stellar service so what do you guys think I should do? Or try?

  50. Shelly, we think ours may have some obstruction. Would you mind telling me how you got the coins out of yours? Thanks.

  51. This thing needs to be reset constantly sometimes it works sometimes it don’t but at least after every three loads it won’t work on the fourth load and just stops working I’ve replace the lid like three times already , and I reset it I don’t regular basis what needs to be done to fix this problem ???

  52. Hi I have a Kenmore elite oasis and the washer is working perfectly fine but when I do a diagnostic to check for error codes and f51 is there and does not come off and the washer works fine. I’ve already tested it 4 ti.es and works fine how do I remove the code?

  53. Michelle roark

    I have a Cabrio and when I cycle a wash it does just fine but when it ends after a few mins it re starts the cycle again but then stops on wash and lid unlocks. I have tried steps above several times but still does this restarting wash and stop? Any idea what is wrong?

  54. No error code just stops washing after about a minute can’t get lid to open at all unless I unplug it

  55. Whirlpool washer HE brand new out of the box bought 3-11-18. Plugged everything in and stuck on sensing. Filles up, does a couple other things, senses one more time and then nothing. Tried the resets 3 times and still not going past sensing.

  56. My Cabrio washes WTW6400 won’t change wash cycle options. The light is stuck on the Drain&Spin cycle. The reset does not work. I have unplugged the machine and let it sit. The control board was replaced a few months ago due to a stuck error code.

  57. After a year and a half of running to the washing machine when the done cycle would “click”/unlock this was a God send. Machine would finish washing clothes then if unattended would just endlessly cycle and keep washing the same load. The reset procedure worked great and the problem is solved. Be careful to do the steps correctly as it took me two times to get it right but it worked. Beats the heck out of calling the repair man out. Thank you.

  58. Hello my Cabrio will start and wash but seems to be getting stuck on drain mode isually around the 17 minutes and stays stuck on drain even if unplug it and plug it back in still continues what can I do about this

  59. Hi my whirlpool. Cabrio washer the lid lock flash and stop in the spin cycle and I can’t figure out why can you help me?

  60. my cabrio washer is stuck in lid lock mode no other lights come on when i push the start button and then the lid lock light goes out and machine turns off what is wrong

  61. I am having the same problem. Did you ever get it fixed. I have now just reset for the second time and waiting to see what happens

  62. I have a Whirpool cabrio washer that had coins stuck in the pump. We got the coins out but now are having issues with the washer resetting after a load. We have unplugged it and it would start and continue working for a few loads, then it wants to just try and drain and won’t power off or begin a cycle. We’ve taken the back off and unplugged the connection to the pump then reattached it and it worked for 1 load then back to not responding correctly. We’ve tried to clear the panel and see what error codes are coming up, but the panel won’t allow it to be cleared. Is there anything else to try? Ready to chuck this thing off a cliff!

  63. It won’t do anything but stay in sensing mode. I reset it, did everything it said to do and it still won’t work. Any ideas this washer is only 14 months old and it won’t work now out of no where. It is a WTW5000DW. The sensing mode comes on locks it and it spins and senses then unlocks and just keeps doing this until I turn it off.

  64. We moved into a new house and our cabrio won’t work. The display lights but nothing happens when you select a cycle. Can you help?

  65. Getting an error code at the end of every wash cycle with a capital L and what looks like a lowercase F but flipped upside down.
    I have tried the reset strategy several times only to see it again.
    The washer is only 4 years old and I have not had any problems until last week.
    The wash cycle will end and then begin again.
    I now just go downstairs when I hear the washing cycle conclude so it doesn’t restart.
    My washer is WTW5800BW0.
    I thought I would check online before calling a technician.

  66. I have a whirlpool cabrio WTW6200VW0, 20 minutes into any cycle it goes to error code Sd. We have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions and tore it down, cleaned it up and put it back together and it continues with the error code any suggestions?

  67. I have a Whirlpool WTW5000DW0 type 589-01.
    My machine will not go past the wash cycle.
    The lid unlocks and when you open it the clothes are barely wet.
    I have tried the reset process but it still will not run through the cycles.
    I have to manually turn the knob to rinse and drain.
    Any suggestions?

  68. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio WTW8500DC0. I get no power, no error codes, no lights on the panel. Unable to do a reset using the unplug for 5 min, touch start then pause. I do notice when I go to it in, at the wall socket, I get a quick flash and pop. The circuit does not blow its breaker, I can plug any other appliance the same socket with no problem. Same thing on the other sockets in the room. I was able to take off the top panel to check for any burnt or things that looked abnormal. Nothing! I have been searching all over with no results.
    My guess is that I have a shorted circuit somewhere.

  69. I have a whirpool wtw5000d I did a load of laundry it got stuck on spin cycle clothes were spun out I cancelled it so lid unlocked now I am trying to do another load and it wont start it wont reset and when I unplug power and put back in lid locks and wont let me wash

  70. I have a whirlpool Cabrio WTW5500XW0.
    We just replaced the Shift Actuator 2 months ago, but the handyman did not Calibrate. Is that needed?
    Now it is acting up. First, the Lid Lock light turns ON even when Power is Off. I have to unplug to reset it.
    Then, it won’t complete a cycle without the Lid Light turning ON at different points of the cycle. Had to unplug each time. Smelled something burnt. The last major failure was on a Drain and Spin cycle, when it gave out a loud cracking sound!!
    Got into diagnostic mode. 3 Fault codes: F7, F1, F7. I don’t know how to tell the Error Code.
    On the first F7, it was the Done light ON. Is that an E0?
    On the F1, it was the Spin light ON. What Error Code is that?
    On the last F7, both the Rinse and Spin lights are ON. What Error Code is that?

  71. I could not reset my cabrio washer it’s stuck on draining there is no water in it I tried turning off the power I’ve left it all day unplugged and it still goes back to draining

  72. My whirlpool cabrio won’t rinse. After the wash cycle it jumps straight to spin. I have reset it twice and it’s still the same. Also it’s spins but the clothes have some water left in them

  73. Need help please. I have a whirlpool cabria too load washer that’s constantly blinking f2 and beeping. I can’t enter any test modes not reset it. What do I do?

  74. Stephanie Anthony

    My whirlpool Cabrio washer is about 2 years old! Once it gets to theeash cycle it shuts.off and doesn’t continue, it just flashes on the wash cycle, it does this on about 4 of the 6 setting, everyhing except quick was n rinse and spin! I’ve tried the reset codes and they don’t work what should I do

  75. I have a whirlpool cabrio washer that will drain but not spin or agitate. We have replaced both the lid lock switch and actuator. Still not working. We’ve also tried resetting it several times and it won’t reset. Any suggestions?

  76. Whirlpool Cabrio model w TW 6 8 00 w w one washing machine shuts off 10 minutes before spins out

  77. Cabrio wtw6600sw0 shows error code oL after the washer fills up with water.
    But won’t wash because of error code oL and we just put new balance springs thinking that would solve it.
    Then replaced the stater and that didn’t work, and now we just replaced the rps system and the code still pops up and we also tried resetting the control board.
    Still error code oL can anyone help us out!
    Now it’s filling up then goes straight into drain mode.

  78. Norlisha LaFrance

    I have a whirlpool fabric washer. For instance I put it on quick load for 33 minutes. It stop at 24 and constantly run can you tell me what’s the problem

  79. DIY Project Help Tips

    Misty Miller,
    You may have a drain pump issue.
    Check that the drain pump is not blocked and check that the drain hose is not clogged.
    If the washer checks good, the issue could be in the wall… Wall drain is blocked possibly.

  80. My washer seems to not be spinning the water out.
    I have done the reset thing and it still isn’t working.

  81. Okay, so when I start the washing machine and press the start button the sensing water light will come on and start to fill up with water, but after a little bit of water in the washer it will start draining the water out. Please help

  82. Reset calibrated whirlpool washer. All the correct lights came on. Unplugged for 10 sec. Started was cycle light came on for a second then no lights at all. Will not do anything but spin.

  83. My sense lights on my Whirlpool washing machine wouldn’t come on.
    The start button seemed not to be working.
    What can I do?
    Technician says everything tests good.
    I have to get a harness.

  84. Margaret Chiotti

    My Whirlpool Washer WTW5640XW3 has no Error Codes.
    I even ran the Diagnostic test and received FO EO.
    When I turn it on the “Sensing Light” turns on and sounds come from inside, but it does not ever lock the lid, nor does the timer time down.
    It will keep going forever like this if I let it.
    I tried the recalibration process and it did nothing.

  85. Help me my Washing machine is a whirlpool cabrio and it only flashes F5 AND E3 and doesn’t do anything else I’ve unplugged it for two days and it’s the same when I plug it back in same thing please help me out how do i reset it?

  86. My washer lid lock keeps blinking and not letting the cycle run its course. It will start and skip the .wash cycle completely.

  87. We have the sd-f71 code and while running the diagnostic cycle when in c8 (spin) it seems to be agitating like it is in wash or rinse mode then we get f72.

  88. Our “lid lock light” seems to be malfunctioning. It locks then a few seconds later it unlocks during a cycle making a clicking sound. He washer will proceed as normal but will not spin out at the end of the cycle.

  89. I have a cabrio that clicks “between” all cycles, but still goes thru all cycles. Please help…What part needs to be fixed?

  90. My Whirlpool Cabrio will not fill with water what is the problem I have tried resetting it and nothing

  91. My cabrio platinum will not complete an entire wash cycle. It gets so far then goes to rinse but after that it drains and will not spin out. It’s almost as if it’s out of alignment or something

  92. First my Whirlpool Cabrio washer was stopping on the rinse and spin.
    Then when I manually clicked it to the drain and spin the water drained, but left the clothes still very wet even after putting it on drain and spin a second time.
    Now it is not filling on the wash cycle.
    Sensing light goes on and makes clicks like it’s starting, but doesn’t fill or agitate.
    When I tried to reset it, all lights except for the rinse light illuminate.
    The rinse light does not go on at all.

  93. Margaret Chiotti

    My Cabrio is not locking (or going into the sensing mode) When I start a new load it just sounds like it’s agitating but dosent fill with water or anything. I also can lift the lid while it’s doing this. Also the sensing light is lit….but it just keeps making the agitation sound (like when it’s actually washing).

  94. I have a cabrio wtw5500xw1 that isn’t going past sensing then after approximately 1-2 minutes it clicks again and unlocks the lid! It was working fine filled with water then washed drained rinsed then only partially drained the clothes had to rung out! I tried both resets please help

  95. I tried washing pillows in my Whirlpool WTW5000DW1 and accidentally put it on the presoak setting as well as the soak setting. It stopped during wash and just continuously flashed a green light. i emptied the washer and tried to reset it but everytime i plug it back in it stays on the flashing green wash. please help

  96. Terry Christensen

    Have performed both reset procedures and washer still will not work. Every time I try to start the Sensing light stays on and cycle won’t start cycle.

  97. Whirlpool washer WTW5000WD0 WAS calibrated numerous times & stops at end of wash cycle
    Will not drain or spin. Water still in washer

  98. I have a wtw7300dwo that gets stuck in the rinse loop. The reset instructions provides info on resetting a machine with a selector dial which of course our machine does not have. Is there an alternative method to reset the all-electronic Cabrio? I also sometimes get a DR error code.

  99. Renee Huddleston

    My washer makes a low humming sound when I try to start a load.
    It’s a Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum.
    Water does not fill the tub.
    The last cycle I ran it would continue to give me a code “LID”.
    It started giving this code during last spin cycle.
    I have emptied the washer and tried to reset several ways according per instructions above but still no change.
    I thought my water pressure through faucet could be weak causing it also but all water pressure in this area is fine.
    It has done this before and we unplugged and it finally started working again.

  100. Mine have no problem UNTIL I used the ‘rinse and spin’ to finish a set of vestments!

    Have the ul code,c showed ten minutes on clock, after reset, went back to twelve minutes, would NOT high speed spin, showed unbalanced load even with an empty tub!

  101. When reset is done and restarted no diagnostic lights go on only sensing light and lid lock lights are lite up.

  102. I was right about valve sadly i was wrong about price cheapest i can find is at least 120

  103. I have a whirlpool cabrio washer and all the lights come on but it won’t do anything. I tried to put it in the error mode and it won’t go into trouble shooting mode

  104. My washer seems to stop before wash cycle so clothes are soak wet and not clean . We have reset but nothing works .

  105. The Whirlpool Cabrio Washer is not locking and the cycles are not illuminating.
    It washed the clothes and got stuck and it sounds like it wants to go but can’t!
    None of the resets worked!

  106. My cabrio washer is making clicking noises and will not wash or spin out! I’ve tried the resets but doesn’t work still have the same issue! Any suggestions?

  107. My Washer will not drain or spin.
    I did get it to drain by pressing pause then start over and over again.
    Whirlpool cabrio washer wtw6500ww1 is not calibrate, tried several different ways.
    After doing the above Turn the dial counter clockwise ONE click (LEFT), clockwise THREE clicks (RIGHT), counter clockwise ONE click (LEFT) then clockwise ONE click (RIGHT).
    Now press the start button.
    All the cycle indicating lights should be illuminated.
    Only the cycle light comes on.

  108. I wish I could leave a video. But I turn it on it has sensing and locked lights lot and it clicks, then the locked light goes off and sensing light starts blinking.

  109. whirlpool cabrio washer model wtw5500bwo So I started a load last night and it just goes through the wash cycle than rinse than spin than it starts all over again I tried the reset but nothing …. I don’t have a digital display it’s just a nob help plz

  110. My Whirlpool Cabrio is the model WTW5550XW1 and it DOESN’T come with the digital screen to read the error.
    The board shows the green light meaning it is good.
    I changed the lid lock switch and I see it is working perfectly.
    Washer sometimes starts but keeps filling the tank and not stop.
    But sometimes doesn’t start at all.
    Once start making the cycles and suddenly didn’t keep going.

  111. jennifer moore

    I’ve tried both resets they’ve not fixed the problem. But mines not in a wash loop. Mine starts to mess up in the rinse and spin. It will sit at rinse or sit at spin.

  112. Whirlpool cabrio platinum washer, received dL code, unplugged, resset, unplugged again, continues to receive code. Lock will not engage; I have thoroughly cleaned around lid, locking mechanism and still nothing. HELP!

  113. I have tried both the resets and it will not even start a cycle..it tries and then I get Lid error.

  114. Hi my washer won’t start it just make a nose like its draining and says 10 min on it I tried to reset it and still nothing

  115. My Whirlpool washer model Wtw8500dc has an error code 8 on the screen.
    It only clears if disconnected.
    Once plugged back in it will show the same code and will not allow me to press any buttons.

  116. Kimberly Ann Ardoin

    My washing machine run thru all cycles fine but the clothes are still wet. It shows no error code, i just have to put it on drain and spin after the cycles. what can I do?

  117. DIY Project Help Tips

    Please recheck error code as F77 for Whirlpool Cabrio Washer is not in our database.

  118. I have tried all sorts of instructions on how to reset the washer. I have not been able to!! Whirlpool is very unresponsive.

  119. I now get a F77 code on the Whirlpool Cabrio Washer.
    Doesn’t seem to want to spin.
    What can I do.

  120. DIY Project Help Tips

    The Whirlpool Washing Machine SD or SUD error code means that the washer has detected excess suds and has turned off until the error is cleared.
    Solution: Run a wash load with no detergent and no clothing and that will clear the error code SD.

  121. I have tried to reset our Whirlpool Washing Machine using your instructions.
    The washer seems to get stuck in a wash cycle or rinse cycle.
    The latest code I get is 5d.
    I’m not sure what to do.
    Any suggestions is appreciated.

  122. DIY Project Help Tips

    Joshua Hall,
    Possible Main Control Board is faulty.
    Try a few diagnostic tests you can find on YouTube and online.

  123. DIY Project Help Tips

    UL error on Whirlpool Washer means = OFF BALANCE.

    Are you getting UL error at all times or the display just beeps?
    If the display beeps, you may need a new main control board.
    Try resetting again by unplugging overnight.

    It is possible you have bad Suspension rods on the washer which causes the UL.

    You should take it apart and be sure there is no mechanical issues before replacing the main board.
    Let us know what you find.

  124. I have tried reset mode and nothing is working.
    On my wash load, during the last cycle before spin, it will quit and start beeping without completing.
    UL ERROR is on the display but nothing is obstructed or clogged.
    I have removed from power source hoping to reset and nothing.
    When I press any buttons after restoring power and selecting a different mode, it will just beep and not begin cycles.
    Whirlpool cabrio HE not sure of model number.

  125. Have a Whirlpool Washer WTW5840BW0 and is periodically running a new load right after the end of another.
    This has recently started.
    When load does stop completely, it’ll display Lt.
    Tried running reset and calibration and still issue persists.

  126. DIY Project Help Tips

    Edward Buckland,
    Open the washer door and close it firmly.
    The washer will not start if it does not “see” that the door was opened after the completion of the last cycle.
    It will also not start if it detects that the washer door is open.

    Make sure that you hold down the start button for at least one deliberate second when starting the washer.
    To cancel a cycle simply push the PAUSE/CANCEL button 2 times!!

    If you are not able to clear the display and start a cycle, try completely unplugging the washer for 5 minutes and then plug it back in.
    There may be a control board issue and unplugging it will fix the error code.


  127. Edward Buckland

    I have a Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine that is stuck in pause mode… Model #WTW5500XW0
    I unplugged the unit all night and retired plugging it in again but cannot get it out of pause mode.

  128. Whirlpool Cabrio add garment light will not go out adds water and Spins does not agitate run diagnostic runs through perfectly no errors don’t know what’s wrong

  129. I have cabrio model #6AWTW5550*** power is on but none of the function selected works when pressing start button

  130. I start my washer on the normal cycle, the lid locks. Then lid unlocks then, locks itself back. It will fill with water. Then it will start to drain and the time goes from start time down to 9 minutes. It will drain. Then it will shut itself off but, the wash light stays on but, does nothing. I have unplugged for 5 minutes then restarted it again. I have followed all the preset steps however, when I turn the dial I can never get the wash,rinse and off settings illuminate at once.

  131. Tried the resets listed above with no success. My washer will lock the lid act like it’s about to start then unlock the lid. At that point it just sets there.

  132. The resets are not working.
    My washer at first would not spin or drain and whe take hrs to wash.
    Now it won’t even start running water.

  133. When u turn it on thespian light comes on, but it won’t do anything, even won’t empty the water that is in it.. it did this when it’s cycle was interrupted

  134. My cabrio top loading washer will run water in the tub with all loads except deep water. No water at all on deep water. Where do I trouble shoot on that?

  135. I have a whirlpool cabrio 8600 series, it powers on but won’t start. I don’t know what to do. My kids have no clean clothes for school. This sucks

  136. i have a whirlpool cabrio model number wtw5500xw1 and the lid lock keeps blinking. have did the reset and that does not work. can not get a code number on this model. how can you help me.

  137. im having the same problem with my whirlpool cabrio wtw5500xw1. what could be the problem. can it be bypassed

  138. Whirlpool cabrio model wtw5500xw3. It stopped during cycle when it filled for rinse. It will turn back on but in the last cycle I had chosen when I press start it goes to the beginning but doesn’t do anything and eventually turns off. When I tried to do reset it won’t turn on or light up so I can’t finish instructions.

  139. Robin kirchoff

    I have had a whirlpool washing machine for the last 25 years This Cabio is the worst one I have ever had. I am unable to reset it

  140. I have a wtw7000dw touch screen. I had a small load started. Then wanted to add a pair of jeans. So I paused the cycle put them in and wanted to restart it. I pushed the power button. Now nothing happens only the power button (blue led light slightly above) flashes. What happened to my new washing machine? What can I do?

  141. I get a continuous beeping and f2 error code. It won’t stop even for me to do a either reset. I know it’s supposed to be panel issue but why won’t it stop?

  142. Did any one help with this. I have same problem. Only my normal cycle runs but sounds like it’ll take off when spinning.

  143. You are right on amount of clothes.
    The 4th repairman told me that also.
    That was the main reason I bought it….huge tub.
    And to use only about 2 tablespoons of wash liquid.
    Mine also would repeat the rinse cycle for an hour or so.
    He said it still sensors soap so it will repeat till it’s all gone.
    I don’t care for this washer now but I’m stuck with it for a while.

  144. Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine Touch controls turns ON but won’t start cycle.
    Just beeps twice at me.

  145. Check your stator for cracks. Also, if you ever heard a loud roar during spin, I would replace your bearings. I own a refurbished appliance company and most all Cabrios need those replaced.

    Best tip I can give anyone who owns these machines is to not get fooled by the big tub. I don’t care what Whirlpool says, they want to see you again in a few years. They will only hold so much, and with them being low water, if you put in too big a load with too little water, it will wear the machine out quicker.

  146. I had a blanket in the washer (WTW5000DW1). It stopped on the rinse cycle and shut down, lid was locked. I unplugged it for a while and the lid unlocked. Now there is still water in the tub and the washer will not do anything.

  147. Well, I’ve tried the resets about 10 times now.
    It takes a little bit, but after I start any cycle after the reset, it sounds like it’s working.
    But then it starts squeaking, and stays flashing on Lid Lock.

  148. Washer was flashing the F51 error code. Replaced the rps sensor and worked fine for a week but is now flashing the he same error

  149. Clint,

    Did you get your problem figured out? The same thing happens to me with my machine. This only happens in the “Bulky” or “Heavy” cycles, works perfectly fine on the “Normal” cycle

  150. My cabrio washer is in an endless cycle….have unplugged it and it is still in an endless cycle. This washer is junk…from not getting clothes clean and now this…. it’s. it even 2 years old!

  151. My problem seems identical to comment # 32 below

    “HELP! I have a Cabrio washing machine from 2010- Model #WTW5500XW0. It gets stuck in the “sensing” phase and requires me to unplug and restart about 5 times before it gets started. Sometimes I have to use the “bulky” items cycle for a small load just to get it going. I tried resetting the washer and it made things worse, last night for the first time it got stuck in the wash cycle. I was able to drain the water but had to wring everything out manually because it would not spin.”

    My son put in a heavy load and that’s when the no spin no agitate problem occurred.
    I unplugged it and now it will work but only with a very light load like a sweat shirt.
    Anything that weighs more than that makes it fault out.
    I don’t have an led display for error codes and I’ve not been able to get it to go into diagnostic mode.
    I’m going to try your suggestion from comment # 36.

    “It may have just been out of balance with some heavy wash loads.
    Try a wash load empty.
    Then try a DRAIN wash mode to see if that clears anything.”

  152. My washing machine shows the sensing button flashing when I try to turn it on.

    The model is Whorlpool wtw5000dw0

  153. Jessica White

    My top load he Maytag Cabrio washer is a touchscreen, meaning I cannot perform the above reset procedure.
    This is the third time period it has gotten stuck in a cycle.
    I always have to power off and unplug.
    After that, it will work normally for a week or three before getting stuck again.
    The washer is about 1.5 years old. WTW serial number.

  154. My wash machine will start to fill when started and then stop within 30 seconds. The lid will stay locked and nothing will happen. The add garment light comes on during that time. Will the reset steps help with that?

  155. I put my whirlpool cabrio washer on a cycle and it acts like it is going to wash and the water is running in and it seems to rake forever then it just stops and the water drains out and the wash light stays on but does nothing.

  156. I have a a Whirlpool Cabrio Model Wtw6600SW1. It keeps bringing up a LF Error. I have taken the hoses off and cleaned all the water inlet Filter screens. Water runs pretty normally at beginning of ANY cycle but then just turns and a motor humming. Gets to 39 Minutes and then just spins (as if it should be filling ) but does not. This motor humming is constant at this point. When I stop washer and open lid and check, the clothes are now damp but any water that should have been filling in drum, is NOT there. It’s like it is draining the water as it goes in? I have tried the resets and no luck. Tried to do a drain and spin cycle, and then switch to another cycle to wash. Does the same thing. It’s as if when it should be storing the water or filling the drum to wash; the water is going straight back out?

  157. My cabrio washing machine stopped during a cycle, it didn’t display a failure code, only the remaining time for the cycle. When I try to restart it it hums, lid does not lock. If you turn the dial the light stays on the cycle that it was on when power was turned on. It won’t shut off by the power button, I have to unplug it. This has happened before when my water line froze .. It may have frozen this time but they are thawed now. I’ve tried these resets without success.

  158. Whirlpool Model WTW5840BW0.
    On any cycle, starts on Sensing cycle, takes 1-2 spins, stops cycle, Lid Lock light comes on, and doesn’t go any further.
    Need to unplug to get out of routine and deactivate Lid Lock.
    Ran through Calibration, Automatic, Manual, and Reset several times–no change.
    Other than that water, rinse, spin, drain all normal without concerns.

  159. I had to do the instructions to reset it but after I got wash,rinse and stop illuminated I pushed the start button and that caused the machine to clear and go off..I then also unplugged it and plugged it back in. Mine was starting right up on normal whenever I unplugged it and plugged it back in and this stopped that as well..

  160. I tried resetting the washer and it is still doing a washer cycle on normal after any setting on the dial. I have to be right there when it ends too turn the power off to open the lid. My error code show capital L lowercase t.

  161. I’m having issues with my Cabrio WTW5500xw0 it worked fine a couple days ago until I tried using again and the lights all came on like it was working. I checked the washer because it seemed as though it should be done only to find it stuck with the lid lock light blinking. I had to pry it open to find dry clothes in there and it won’t start. It makes a clicking noise that sounds like it could be coming from the control panel. Buttons all beep when pushed just won’t run, I’ve tried to reset it also but the wash, rinse and lights did not all light up like it should.

  162. I have the same issue as TR MONTGOMERY. Same unusual code. Can’t find a way to display error codes. The reset procedure does not work on my machine WTW5800BC0.

  163. WHIRLPOOL Model wtw8500bw0, tries to fill but no water comes out, i have taken off supply hose to verify water is there, i have to unplug it to turn it off, estimated time keeps flashing, lid lock has not activated, tried reset with no results.

  164. When my Cobra machine is in fill/sensing mode it beeps. I press cancel and start, then the machine continues. But beeps again in a few seconds. This process is repeated about 5 times, then the machine continues to work just fine until it gets to fill for rinse, I believe, beep, I press cancel and start, about 5 times, then the machine continues and completes the cycle. What can I do to stop this problem??????

  165. I can’t get my Whirlpool Cabrio platinum to enter a reset mode.
    There is no machine response that is similar to the one described in the instructions.

  166. I can’t even get the Diagnostics to come up to do the test of my washing machine anymore. I’ll do the 3 second reset and I can’t even get the testing to work now. When I do the reset with the one click to the left three clicks right one click left no lights of ever come on. I can’t get it to drain so I’m draining all the water out of it now by hand using cups. Please help!

  167. Water sopv not opening to alow water into the washer. I removed the hoses and checked the screens and verified hoses have flow when manual valve is opened. Not matter what cycle i choose the lid locks and it hums, then nothing. No water goes into the washer. This model does not have a display. Model 5500

  168. My washing machine keeps throwing the code f54 and when i check to see what codes it had they are f51 and f54.
    I have try alot of stuff and i can’t figure it out.

  169. I have this exact same issue 3 years into the life of my machine. I’m curious if you ever found a solution to the problem. Did replacing the lid switch help?

  170. I do not have one that had the error
    Code display. My issue is that when I try to start it, it tries to start, then the lid lock button flashes and it unlocks and does not start. I tried the reset steps, but the wash, rinse and done lights do not collaborate with each other.

    Can you help with this?

  171. We have a whirlpool cabrio WTW5000DW. When we turn it on, all the washer does is locks the lid, try to go through the sensing mode, turns off and we have to unplug it to get the lid to unlock (while the lock light still flashes). We ran a calibration and it went through all the cyles but shook so violently it moved out of place. Please help!

  172. My whirlpool cabrio washer goes thru the wash cycle, then it just sit there with standing water, won’t spin. I don’t have a code indicator, it’s a he H2 low wash system. It has a full load, what can I do to empty washer

  173. My washer goes from one cycle to the next it never shuts off the time just keeps washing through every cycle how do I fix this model lsw9750pw3

  174. melissa a stubblefield

    My washer is only beeping nothing else runs normal it just won’t stop making a beeping sound.
    When it’s turned off it turns itself on.
    Not sure if the reset will help with that but I just want to see if it would or if it’s something else?

  175. Whirlpool cabrio Platinum washer, Mod #WTW8600YW0, showed an error code of “ld”.
    Followed reset procedures given and machine is still stuck in the “drain” mode.
    After 10 minutes it shuts down with the same “ld” error code.
    I have checked the drain and hose and they are ok.

  176. Have a electrolux washer dryer combo model MEX731CFS4 it went off balance and could not open door
    Had to stop machine and now it won’t drain.
    Timer moves along fine and all cycles are fine except when it goes to remove water it stop and does nothing – timer advances.
    If I remove water manually it spins.
    So I thought it was pump, removed and cleaned it and put back and if operated manually it pumps out and then spins.
    The lid switch does not stay shut, if i open the door during any cycles it does stop the cycles but does not keep locked, so I replaced the lid switch but same thing happens.
    It looks like the lid does not stay locked and there is no signal at the pump to start it.

  177. I must say that the Whirlpool Cabrio washer model number WTW8000BWO is by far the worst investment my wife and I have made in our life. How can this washer be considered energy efficient when it has to be carried through 3 additional rinse cycles to get the soap out. I know what you are thinking. We only use 2 tablespoons of HE detergent. God forbid we add any bleach or fabric softener. So as I see it, it uses 4 times the electricity and 4 times the water to wash a load of clothes, not to mention the extra time spent to perform this task. Three hours is a little much to wash a single load of clothes don’t you think. Its like buying a new car that can’t get above 20MPH, that is, if you can get it off the car lot. Poor engineering and very poor testing before placing on the market!!

  178. Cabrio washer, 3 years old.
    Sometimes follows the reset rules posted (1/10 tries), has yet to reset.
    Will not move past sense mode into wash. Makes a terrible noise like its trying, then gives up.
    Will fill with water and complete a cycle in rinse and spin mode only.

  179. I have a cabrio whirlpool washer machine and it finished a load.. I put in another load and it pretends to start as normal and then it just sprays water and turns until I cut it off. It is as if it is stuck in a cycle.

  180. I have a whirlpool Cabrio washer Model# WTW7600XW0 we have an error code SD.
    We changed out the control panel and I was able to do two loads just fine then the error code came back.

  181. I have a 5 yr old Whirlpool Cabrio Washer model WTW5500XW0 with a similar problems with no codes.
    I replaced the actuator and it began to work for a few days back in the “Normal” mode.
    Now, it will not work in any of the modes except “Bulky Wash” where it will stop after the “Wash” cycle whereas I hear a faint hum when it’s suppose to be rinsing and see the flashing lid light on.
    I then have to unplug and plug the machine back in to stop it.
    When I go to “Rinse and Spin” and “Start” it will fill up but not agitate and will need to watch it…otherwise the tub will overfill itself.
    At this point, I have to unplug it again and plug it back in before placing the dial on “Drain and Spin” to completely drain and ring out the clothes.

  182. My washer is 3 years old. While doing a load it didn’t rinse or spin all the way out. It started beeping and was making a grinding sound. I have ran both restart test and now it does nothing. It lights up and the start button blinks and lid locks and unlocks but nothing happens. No error code or anything.

  183. I have a Whirlpool cabrio platinum model # wtw8500bco.
    It does not want to fill with water.
    Idk what to do.
    I just bought off the street.
    What can i do?

  184. HELP! I have a Cabrio washing machine from 2010- Model #WTW5500XW0. It gets stuck in the “sensing” phase and requires me to unplug and restart about 5 times before it gets started. Sometimes I have to use the “bulky” items cycle for a small load just to get it going. I tried resetting the washer and it made things worse, last night for the first time it got stuck in the wash cycle. I was able to drain the water but had to wring everything out manually because it would not spin.
    I ordered a new actuator hoping that solves the problem. Please help!!

  185. I have a Whirlpool washer it not powering up.
    There is power to the main control board the diagnostic led is on.
    When you push start nothing happen.power coming out the board.
    Can anyone tell me what to do?

  186. I have a Cabrio Washer WTW5600XW0, Serial NumberCO4730366. Washer does fine until the final spin modes where time display seems to cycle endlessly through the last, say 12 min, and it never finishes. The Manual Test Mode appears to show that each individual function is working fine (wash, drain, spin), but you can’t try this mode with clothes in the washer. Strangely, if you do a completely empty load it does fine, but even a very light load will cause the spin cycle at the end to malfunction and not finish. I replaced the Control Board (part # W10393393, expensive!), but that did not solve the problem.

  187. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sounds like an intermittent issue with your Cabrio washer.
    Have you checked all wiring harnesses to be sure all components are electrically connected.
    A loose wire harness can cause intermittent issues.
    Checked lid switch or lid lock switch?

  188. Its seems to drain fine, when it does run a full cycle. Its been hit or miss. tried to do a light load tonight, seemed to start fine, when back to switch loads and it didnt look like it even agitated or rinsed

  189. it does drain out when and if it finishes a spin. It does the same now with a very light load as it did with a heavy load when it first started acting up. I did 2 normal loads today with no issue, when I tried the 3rd load( a light load ) It started fine, when I went back to switch laundry over, it looked like it didnt even agitate this time, I could see some detergent on the whites. SO i unplugged to see if I could at least do a rinse and spin.

  190. DIY Project Help Tips

    It may have just been out of balance with some heavy wash loads.
    Try a wash load empty.
    Then try a DRAIN wash mode to see if that clears anything.
    When the washer was working properly, did the washer drain out the water in the allotted time?

  191. I have a Cabrio washer wtw5500xw1 I have tried the reset, the Rinse, Wash, and Stop light do not illuminate at the same time. Didnt know if they were supposed to or not. The washer started not finishing the final spin, at first I thought it was out of balance, especially with a heavy blanket, or towels. I would then run the rinse and spin cycle. Now it just doesn’t want to finish a load, sometimes it gets to the final spin, sometimes it fills and stops. If I unplug for 15 or so mins, if the machine wants to it will run an entire cycle, more often not. Any suggestions?

  192. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you explain when you say CONTINUOUS CYCLE?
    When you initiate the wash cycle on your Whirlpool Cabrio, does it Fill, Spin, Wash, Spin, Drain?
    At what part of the wash cycle does it get stuck?

    You may have a bad timer mechanism assembly OR the drain hose is positioned wrong and causing a siphoning effect.

  193. I have a whirlpool cabrio washer model number wtw5500bwo thats stuck in a continual cycle… I tried the reset trick but it didnt work… Please assist!

  194. My chime noise will not turn back on in my Cabrio washer WTW8500DW. I’ve tried holding the ‘end beep’ for 3 seconds and it’s not doing anything. We never turned it off, our washer was off balance as after we adjusted the blankets inside we never heard the chime again.

  195. DIY Project Help Tips

    Thomas Murphy,
    Can you tell us exactly what happens when you run a wash cycle.
    Please describe each issue that occurs.
    If the LD error code is cleared, and the F72 was shown when you ran auto diagnosis, what is happening with the washer at the present moment?
    Does the washer run a cycle now?

  196. I apologize for taking up so much space. But during the quick wash cycle it did spin while washing and rinsing but after draining during the spin cycle it didn’t SPIN!
    Also during the diagnostic procedure I mentioned it turned a little both ways but THAT was accompanied with 2 thumps.
    One each for each direction at the start of each direction.

  197. Additional info and a response to part of your question.
    There have been NO ERROR CODES since the LD which occurred at the beginning of this journey and the F72 that only appears during the auto diagnostic process.
    Nothing during the running of the machine.

  198. DIY Project Help Tips

    Thomas Murphy,
    Sounds like the pump may be clogged and getting power and working but humming because it is blocked by something IN the pump.
    If the washer skips over the spin cycle, what does the washer do immediately after?
    You either have a blocked pump, or the control assembly is sending the wrong signal to the wrong components.
    Let us know what else you find with your Whirlpool Cabrio Washer.

  199. Just prior to receiving your reply I put the machine thru another diagnostic and it did the same basically skipping the spin cycle.
    Then just for kicks and giggles I retried the clean wash setting and all it did was hum (sounded like the drain pump)
    Finally, I put in Quick Wash and it is now proceeding and the lid lock lite is on and it is actually locked.
    When it reached the 18 minute mark, of the 33 min period the time remaining didn’t change.
    I let go for over 5 minutes leaving the humming sound of the pump signaling the only active process.

  200. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the lid will not lock and keeps clicking on your Whirlpool Cabrio washer, it is probably a faulty lock switch assembly.
    You will need to take a look at the lid lock assembly and see if there is a visible issue with it (possible electrical issue) or possibly something else may be causing the issue.

    Have you tried resetting it by unplugging it a few minutes?
    A new lid lock switch assembly is inexpensive and easy to install.
    Let us know what you find.

  201. DIY Project Help Tips

    Thomas Murohy,
    You removed the foreign object from the pump, reassembled washer, now it will not spin?
    You tested lid lock switch?
    Checked ALL wiring going to the control panel and timer?
    Please explain further as to what the Whirlpool washer is doing now if turned on initially to begin initial wash cycle.
    Does it begin to fill with water or do you get an error code?

  202. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio Wtw6600SW1.
    Got LD error code found out it meant long drain. Completed an automatic diagnostic and F72 only flashed. Confusingly the tub was in floating position. Inspected drain pump removed foreign object that had impeded the impeller from functioning. Thinking all was well put washer in clean mode all went well. Placed load and all went well till spin cycle. No spin.
    Attempted both reset methods without success.
    Forgot to mention in auto diagnosis, it never went to C9. It was stuck on C8, I turned selector clockwise one click it changed to C 9 then within 3 or 4 seconds it did a portion of a spin each way then jumped to done. Tried lid lock test. No lights came on.

  203. My washing matching lid will not lock it keeps clicking and won’t lock.
    How do I fix that so I can do a load of laundry?

  204. Esther L Galentine

    I have a Cabrio WTW5500WX3 its starts to fill with water during the sensing cycle but then stops and doesn’t go through the wash cycle. so to empty whats there I ran it through the rinse & spin setting and it had no problem filling with water. any explanation?

  205. I have what may be a WTW 4615 washer (4 knobs: Level, wash temp, cycle, rinse options; LED lights (not numeric display), single start/pause/cancel button).
    Filled normally, then NOTHING.
    No lights at all.
    Have tried reset codes.
    No lights at all.
    So I have washer full of water and clothes.
    Does not appear to be lock issue.
    Have unplugged, waited, plugged back in, tried reset code.
    Again, nothing. (There is power to outlet.)

  206. I have the model wtw5500xw2.
    I replaced the door lock switch already and tried the reset directions and everything went right but still having the same issue.
    Which is the lid lock light blinks and I hear a repetitive click in the back if the washer.

  207. I have Cambrio washer model# wtw7000dw. It keeps saying add garments on the display. There are clothes already in the washer, then it just sits there. After about 10 minutes, the cycle ends with no clothes being washed.

  208. I replaced the drive motor on my Cabrio Whirlpool washer.
    Instruction sheet for calibrating machine, has one left, three right, one left, one right.
    This to activate the service diagnostic mode.
    Then turn cycle selector knob until rinse LED on, 04 displayed on 7 segment.
    Before making first left turn I made sure machine was empty, plugged in, and in standby mode.
    Ran a test load and the machine went into standby mode before competing cycle.
    Tried both of your reset suggestions and machine still goes into standby mode before competing cycle.
    I also preformed error test and got F0 E0 only.

  209. Have a wtw5600xw0.
    When I hit START button, Cycle starts but Lid Lock light flashes. Water comes in but no wash cycle. Goes through cycles. Nothing happens. There is also an odor.

  210. Patricia Cullinan

    Beverly, I am having the same problem and was told by a reputable repair company that they would not repair this issue, as they had too many unsuccessful repairs on this particular error code. Did you have any luck?

  211. My laundry is not working.
    MOD WTW5600XW3 . TYPE 588-02 Whirlpool CABRIO It is not taking the setting I wish.
    Immediate, I hit the start bottom start moving, but is not latching and is not fill with water.
    Is like resume a previous cycle that never ended.
    The only way I have found to sometimes when lucky make it work is disconnecting the cable and connecting again without touching the bottoms, then start doing what I want.
    Somebody have an idea?

  212. Danielle Layman

    Cabrio Washer will start, lid lock with light up, then lid lock will go off and then go back on. It will only go to wash, sometimes rinse, then done. The laundry will be wet and the clothes will have soap residue on it still.

  213. DIY Project Help Tips

    Make sure the washer is completely level.
    Since the washer was moved, it may now be on an uneven surface.
    Use the legs to level it out, as a washer running on a floor that is not level can cause problems.
    If this is not the case, let us know and we can further assist.

  214. DIY Project Help Tips

    The Whirlpool Washing Machine F50 error code indicates the machine control board in the console detects a motor Rotor Position Sensor (tachometer) failure.
    A number of different problems can cause this error.
    You could have a faulty RPS sensor, a bad motor, a wire harness damaged or loose.
    There may be an item stuck between the spin basket and the outer tub.

    Check all of the above to clear the F50 error code on your Whirlpool Cabrio Washer.
    Let us know what you find to be causing the error code.

  215. I have a Whirlpool cabrio washer mod WTW8600YWD.
    I just replaced the rotor position sensor and it is still reading error f 50.
    How do i reset the code so that i may use my washer again?
    I need to reset the code.

  216. I have a Whirlpool top loader washer.
    Model sensor WTW4850 and it was moved from one house to another.
    It is not going to next cycle.

  217. I’m not sure the model number.
    It doesn’t have a display window.
    I put it on normal wash and it lights up sensing and then goes into wash cycle and just stays there.

  218. DIY Project Help Tips

    What is the model number of your Whirlpool Cabrio washer?
    What is illuminated on the panel when the washer keeps running and running?
    Does it constantly spin or is it stuck in drain mode?

  219. I have a Whirlpool cabrio and it’s getting stuck in wash mode and keeps running and running.
    I tried both resets twice and it’s still not working.
    The first reset I though was working but I can’t get the wash rinse stop to illuminate together any help?

  220. Washer completely unattended – the machine begins to send an alarm (beep) – DU is illuminated and all lights are blinking (the hood was up at the time).

  221. I need some help please have a Whirlpool Cabrio was washing a load then heard a bad noise like metal on metal, but was very short, still has water in it and when i try any cycle lid locks starts to sense then just clicks for 5 or 8 clicks. Then that awful noise coming from under washer any ideas showing no codes.

  222. Melissa Schwingel

    My whirlpool cabrio platinum washer has no code just has four lines at the top of the screen where the error would be. My son hit the electric box which tripped the washer. I cannot open the lid or get a different screen. Not sure what i am suppose to do?

  223. Have model wtw5550x. Replaced lid lock. Have done your resets and another reset. Most times machine will start sensing, then do nothing but have sensing and lid lock lights blink. Sometimes it will complete the whole process, but majority of time it will stop on either wash, rinse, or spin. This is getting to be very frustrating. Washer machines should last longer than 5 years especially when you don’t abuse or overload them.

  224. DIY Project Help Tips

    Beverly Beale,
    Cabrio Washer F51 error code = Motor rotor position sensor failure / lower harness problem.
    Check the motor in manual test mode.
    This will check the hall sensors and do a spin test.
    This page will assist you getting into the Cabrio Washer test mode.

  225. My Cabrio Whirlpool washer is stuck in wash mode.
    I tried to reset using both methods above and after plugging my washer back on. Lid light was still blinking. Very frustrating!

  226. DIY Project Help Tips

    Michael Stevens,
    Have you tried different wash cycles to see if your Whirlpool Cabrio skips the wash and spin cycle in all wash cycles?
    See if the washer does the same thing in all wash cycles, if it does, you may have a faulty main board.
    Let us know what you find.

  227. I have a Whirlpool cabrio washing machine. It will fill with water then skip the wash and spin cycle, then go right to the last cycle and drain. Any ideas?

  228. We have a Cabrio model WTW5500XW3. No matter the mode we try it just won’t start. These are the sequence of events:
    1 – I select the mode then press START;
    2 – the door locks;
    3 – the SENSING light illuminates;
    4 – I hear a motor sound for about one second;
    5 – the door unlock while the sensing light stays on:
    6 – nothing else happens.
    I’ve tried to get to the diagnostic mode but couldn’t find the right sequence to get access to it.

  229. DIY Project Help Tips

    Careen Rife,
    If the Whirlpool Cabrio Washer is sticking on sensing, you may have an issue with wiring connectivity to the washer control unit.
    Check the wiring behind the control panel to be sure all wires are connected and secure.
    If the wires are secure and not damaged, you may have a bad timer/control board.
    Test them to be sure.

    If you assume there is a water fill issue, check the water inlet valve to be sure it is not clogged with rust or hard water.
    Clean and test the water valve to be sure it is working mechanically and electrically.
    It may just be clogged and the water does not come in and the washer senses this and that is why it sticks on “sensing”.

  230. I have an HE Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine and I tried to reset it, leave the power off. All my machine does is stick on “sensing”, it never goes to wash. I had some rust in my water hookups at the back of the machine so i cleared that out. What else can i do?

  231. We have a Cabrio Model WTW7300DWO that is all electronic and it is stuck in the wash loop. The reset instructions provides info on resetting a machine with a selector dial which of course our machine does not have. Is there an alternative method to reset the all-electronic Cabrio?

  232. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sheryl Hines,
    Your Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum washer should not have any water in the bottom of it once the complete washing and spinning cycle is complete.
    There are a few things you can check as to why water is left in the bottom of the washer.
    1. Drain pump may have small items lodged inside of it therefore making it more difficult for the washer to fully drain. Check Drain Pump.
    2. Check drain hose for proper installation. Use drain hose form and securely attach to drainpipe or tub. Do not tape over drain opening. Lower drain hose if the end is higher than 96″ (2.4 m) above the floor. Remove any clogs from drain hose.
    3. Drain line in wall or floor of home may be slightly clogged therefore making it difficult for washer to drain all the way. Check home drain line for blockage.

  233. I have a Cabrio Platinum washer. After washing my clothes I have to leave the lid open in order to keep it aired out. After letting the washer sit a couple of days, there is a horrible musty moldy smell that comes from the basket. I have to use the clean cycle with an Afresh tablet in order to get rid of the smell. I do not wash large loads and I make sure I use an H.E. Detergent. I cleaned the washer, did two loads of laundry. I put my hand on the stainless steel basket and gave it a spin…I could still hear water at the bottom of the basket.. My drain hose is clear. Isn’t ALL the water suppose to drain out of the machine, so it doesn’t sit there and get musty smelling. How can I get all the water out of the washing machine?
    Thank you, Sheryl

  234. DIY Project Help Tips

    Christine Blacksher,
    SD error code on Cabrio Washer = Error code indicates excessive detergent suds or SD occurred during the wash cycle. This is caused by using too much detergent or not using HE detergent.
    If the washer is filling and DRAINING at the same time… you have a siphoning issue.
    Check that the drain hose is not too far down in the standpipe.

  235. Christine Blacksher

    Our cabrio washer, when turned on, no matter what setting cycle, sounds like it’s draining. Rather than filling. The hub and impeller move together. Don’t see articles of anything lodged in-between walls. Ran several diagnostics. Code SD shows. Can’t clear it. Can’t get machine to fill and drain unless manual diagnostics test.

  236. DIY Project Help Tips

    Does the washer DRAIN out all of the water, or is there some left at bottom?
    You most likely have a draining issue and possibly a faulty sporadic lid lock switch.
    Clean out drain hose, be sure no bends, and be sure drain pump itself is not clogged.

  237. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio washer WTW5800BC0. It will not run the rinse/spin cycle. The clothes are wet and heavy and still have soap. I’ve tried the reset process above, and I tried to run a diagnostic but I don’t have a cancel button. I have a power button, and a start/pause button. I can see the washer filling with water, and the basket moves, but unable to determine if it agitates or spins.

  238. Whirlpool Washer (WTW5640xw0) will not progress past sensing cycle. Lid locks, senses 0 to 2 times, then machine buzzes/hums loudly, sensing light on and a blinking lid lock light constantly. Nothing else happens. I push Stop. Lid lock light stays on, all other lights go out. Machine continues to loudly buzz/hum. Pulling the plug is the only way to stop the hum/buzz. I tried the DIY reset procedure (which I have successfully used before when load was stuck mid-cycle) and this did not work. I could never get all the lights to illuminate (step 5.) I could push and hold the Start button for 3 seconds and every light on the washer would light….but didn’t know what to do with this. I’ve unplugged the unit for hours…did not help. Three out of four times I plug the unit into the outlet and I’ll hear a faint buzz or sizzle-type sound.

  239. DIY Project Help Tips

    Gene Blair,
    Can you tell us the exact part numbers you replaced on your Whirlpool Cabrio #WTW6700TW2 washer?
    Were they OEM?
    Once you replaced the 2 boards, does the washer do the same thing? As in the timer constantly fails or jumps numbers?
    Is there a pattern to the numbers changing or is it different every time?
    Have you inspected all wiring in the washer?
    A loose wire harness can produce strange display readings.

  240. Tried reset. The sensing and lid lock illuminate. Not all the lights. Washer will not agitate or spin. After sensing and lid lock the lid lock flashes for awhile then stops and washer starts filling with water. But no agitating or spinning. My washer does not have a display.

  241. I have a Cabrio Whirlpool Washer model #WTW6700TW2. On all cycles it will not wash agitate. I put in a load put the dial on sheets or any cycle the wash, rinse, spin panel light remain on wash while the washer fills up with water. After it has filled up the timer which was at 45 is now at 32 and the washer stop filling up and suddenly the timer falls from 32 to 4 the wash, rinse, spin panel jumps from wash to spin and the machine starts to drain skipping the wash and rinse. I have replace the main board and the display board to the tone of 366 dollars and it still do the same thing. Help.

  242. I have a Whirpool cabrio model WTW5600XW0 and in any cycle it won’t start. It does the first unlock and after that it just makes this noise that sounds like if its having trouble turning and a smell of burn and the lid lock will just blink and can’t open again. I then have to turn off and if I’m lucky enough on the first restart it will work. If not I just have to keep on trying until eventually will start.

  243. Reset never worked for me. I have error 32 and 33
    Washer not draining, removed tub and cleaned all items stuck. Error still exist

  244. Fortunately I fixed my washer and did everything according to the suggestions but it was very hard to pinpoint the issue.
    I ran the auto and manual diagnostics as well as calibration and everything passed.. but I still had the issue – until I decided to replace the actuator. I did that and it is in order now.
    Regards and thanks for all help.

  245. Paul Ziarnowski

    Cabrio displays ld code intermittantly. Not every load. Checked for clogged hoses, pulled drum to check from top side, checked connections, all ok. One load runs fine, the next may stop with ld code. Not sure what’s next. It’s hit and miss as to whether the load will finish or code out. Thanks

  246. I have a whirlpool cabrio and I can’t get the lid lock to stop locking and unlocking. ..the washer will not do anything cause of lid lock

  247. I have a whirlpool cabrio WTW5500XW1. I turn it on the lid locks then senses then unlocks then locks again then senses the the lid lock starts blinking and then nothing else happens.

  248. I have a Cabrio wtw5600xw and all of the sudden, only during the wash cycles, it will start to sense, spin once, then stop spinning but have a continuing buzzing noise until I unplug it. Ive tried the resets and nothing. It works perfectly fine for the rinse and drain/ spin cycles. Help please.

  249. My whirlpool was cycling over and over after we had moved it to put down new floor. Did the reset and works like it should again. Thanks a bunch!

  250. DIY Project Help Tips

    The Whirlpool Cabrio OL error code means the washing machine has been overloaded.
    -Was the washer overloaded?
    -If the washer was not overloaded this may mean there is a drag on the drive system.
    -Open the washer lid and spin the basket by hand.
    -Does it spin freely?
    -If it does not spin freely it may be possible there is an item (like a sock or small piece of clothing) stuck between the spin basket and the washer tub.
    -Check in between spin basket and the washer tub.


  251. My Cabrio won’t spin out the water and the OL error code shows up and the end of the cycle . What can I do to fix this problem?

  252. I have a cabrio whirlpool top loader washer and all the lights are blinking and doing three beeps even after the resest prosses we did and we push the power button on and all we get is all the lights blinking with 3 beeps and it looks like water in where the timer is but there’s no leak or nothing

  253. Im currently having the same issue with the same washer (w/o display). Did you find a solution?

  254. DIY Project Help Tips

    Leanna Haines,
    Check drain pump to be sure it is not stuck OPEN.
    Check drain line to be sure it is positioned correctly so you do not have a siphoning issue.

  255. I have a cabrio washer m#WTW5500XW2.
    I put it on normal wash and it fills up and puts the soap in but before it’s goes to agitate it drains out and stops and the wash light stays on.
    I’ve tried resetting and won’t work. The drain and spin option works.

  256. I had a tech come by. The mother board is gone. Luckily the washer still has warranty and will be replaced. Thanks for your help.


  257. DIY Project Help Tips

    Gary Tuff,
    If the Cabrio washer had too big of a blanket in it then it has sensed an OL (overload) error.
    Try and unplug it for 10 minutes to reset the circuit board.

    If that does not work, check to see if the washer drum is misaligned.

    Also check the washer water pressure switch if applicable.

    Let us know what you find.

  258. DIY Project Help Tips

    On MOST Whirlpool Cabrio Washers, when the start button light continuously blinks and nothing else happens, usually the issue is with one of two parts…
    Either the lock lid switch or shift actuator is faulty.
    You need to check those 2 parts and determine if perhaps one is faulty.

  259. I have a whirlpool cabrio washing machine, model: WTW5550XW0. When I turn it on to start a load the start button light continuously blinks and nothing else happens. It doesn’t try to lock or start. I tried turning the knob counter clockwise and back three turns then back one and then forward. It did nothing. I also tried the simplest thing which was to unplug it for a while and try again. Any suggestions?

  260. I have a Cabrio Washer, Model # WTW5700XWZ, serial # C13530811 which will not work. After putting a blanket in the machine to wash we came home several hours to find that the machine was full of water. After that it would not work again. The washer will turn on but will not sense what clothes is in the machine. Is there a reset procedure on this machine? Any suggestions?

  261. I have a whirlpool Cabrio w model # staring with WTW.
    This unit does not have an LED display for codes.
    I have tried various reset procedures but it does not seem to work or even go into diagnostic mode. All LEDs don’t light. The washer has 2 problems
    1. most cycles the washed cloths have too much water
    2. The washer takes forever to complete a load

  262. DIY Project Help Tips

    Will your Whirlpool Cabrio turn on and begin to wash?… or is it dead?
    You may have a clogged drain pump or drain hose that is causing the LD error code.
    Clean out clogged drain components.

  263. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio. Have ran diagnostic testing which indicated LD (too long to drain I believe). However after doing the test twice the machine will still not do anything.

  264. DIY Project Help Tips

    Julie Bailey,
    You have a stuck key….
    Whirlpool Cabrio F2 Fault Keypad Interface Failure.
    The Cabrio’s F2 fault displays when stuck key is detected.

  265. I was able to do resets and even got the drain rinse fill functions to work (empty drum ) .I can`t get any wash cycles to start or run. the motor hums I get clicks it quits. I`ve replaced the following .lid lock switch actuator /shifter and capacitor. tried recalibration no changes. here`s the unit info whirlpool cabrio washer model # wtw5640xw0 . I tried a bench test on the motor and using a cheater power cord got it to work but had to bump the pulley with my hand. wouldn`t start on its own. what `s up with this thing?

  266. My whirlpool cabrio washer won’t do anything the green sensing light and the red lid lock light is on

  267. I plugged in my washer cabrio and when I did none of the lights came on or beeped the only thing that came on was a figure 8?

  268. DIY Project Help Tips

    Tony Elliot,
    Whirlpool Cabrio error F32 is a drain problem.
    There may be an item stuck in the drain pump or the pump itself is bad.
    You may also have a bad timer assembly causing the sporadic issues.
    Check all wiring in the timer assembly.

  269. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio model WTW6500WW1 has a f32 code, it won’t start and it won’t shut off when I push the power button. I have to unplug the unit for the machine to shut off. I did the diagnostic procedure and it doesn’t go through the cycles by itself. I have to alternate the dial between drain / spin and rinse / spin. And then the spin cycle is very sporadic.

  270. My cabrio washer Will not power on. I had electrical issues in my house earlier this week. The washer worked fine before that but I have had the electric fixed and have power to the outlet for the washer, but it will not power on now. I have tried the reset suggestions and even unplugged the washer for awhile. BTW, it was not running when the electrical issues happened.

  271. I tried the resets neither worked. The machine operates fully on rinse spin cycle but none of the other cycles. It locked then unlocked. Both hot and cold hoses are working. it is only 2 years old. I did 2 loads yesterday.

  272. I have the cabrio washer WTW5840BW0 and it will not stop running. If I wash on a cycle other than normal, once it’s done it automatically switches to normal and starts again. I have attempted the above troubleshooting and it has not helped.

  273. I have a whirlpool cabrio washer model number wtw5500xw2. It was having problems draining. We put a new drain pump on it today. Now the washer will not go past wash. It starts and sensors and fills up and even washes like it is suppose to. However once it is done washing it won’t go on to rinse. If we do the rest like mentioned above will this help it? If not what is wrong with my washer?

  274. DIY Project Help Tips

    Josh Smith,
    Check all wiring connections and harnesses.
    If problem persists you may have a lid lock switch which is faulty.

  275. DIY Project Help Tips

    Amanda Jones,
    If there is no water leaking anymore, and the washer jumps from one time to another, replace the control board.

  276. Thank you for your reply. There is no water leaking that I can see anywhere and I’ve checked the hoses and everything. For the overload code, it shows the OL even when its empty and with only a few items in it. Also the long fill LF code… I’ve checked hoses and can’t identify any problems with them and when you turn a cycle on you can hear it filling up, starts spinning for 10 mins and it sounds like its working. Then the timer freezes for a few mins then it skips the rinse cycle and goes to spin cycle and from 30 mins skips to 4 mins. It spins, drains water and then throws the code of OL and sometimes LF they alternate. We just replaced the water inlet valve with a new one because ours was leaking.

  277. I have tried both of your resets and the lid lock light still stays on and the machine is constantly locking and unlocking lid.

  278. DIY Project Help Tips

    Amanda J,
    May be loose water hoses, water lines or other fittings in the washer for leaking water.
    If the washer jumps, skips, or freezes wash cycles for no reason, you may have a bad control board.
    Cabrio oL Error Over Loaded.. Do not overload washer.
    Cabrio LF Error Washer is taking too long to fill… Check water hoses for kinks, check water inlet valve.

  279. I have a cabrio washer, I put it in storage for a year when I moved. We got it out and hooked it up to start use in it again in our new place, when we turned it on it was leaking water, everywhere so we replaced the whole water inlet valve and that stopped the leaking but now when u put it, on a cycle it will seem like it works for about 10 mins then it freezes for few mims then completely skips the rinse cycle and the remaining timer, skips from 30 mims to 4 mins. I get the “OL” and “LF” codes too. Its doin this in every wash cycle I try and I tryed both reset options above, the first reset option I tried after I turn the knob as specified and push start. None of the lights or anything lights up like it says it will and my model number starts with wtw. This washer used to work beautifully and I can’t understand what happened to it? I really need a washer and I don’t really got a lot of extra money for a new one right now so please help, any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

  280. DIY Project Help Tips

    The Whirlpool Cabrio OL error code means the the washer is overloaded.
    If the washer is not overloaded then this indicates a drag on the drive system (which could mean bearings) or possibly the control board is faulty.

  281. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sherie Busby,
    Please supply us with the model number of your Whirlpool Cabrio washer.
    The washer will not spin or drain unless running an empty wash cycle?

  282. DIY Project Help Tips

    The clothes in the wash drum do not move at all?
    Does the washer make the usual noises as if going through a normal wash cycle, BUT, the drum does not turn at all?
    Can can you supply model number of washer?

  283. Trying to figure why i am getting the oL code on my 5 year old Cabrio Washer… Took it all apart seems ok. Noticed when spinning the basket manually it spins fine for a couple rotations then gets what appears to be a brake applied and stops… normal or does this mean the bearings are binding?

  284. My washer has been filled on bulky and is now stuck in sensing mode and spin. The lid lock stayed on with no other light when I hold cancel button to at least get water to drain washer cuts completely off will not come back on unless I unplug and plug back in. Please help for some reason it’s not spinning or draining water unless I remove ALL ITEMS.

  285. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio washer and during the wash cycle it fills up with water but doesn’t actually “wash” so the clothes are just sitting in the water for the duration of the cycle. Clothes are still dirty afterwards. What should i do?

  286. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the Normal wash function runs perfect, but the Heavy Duty has issues, you may have a bad wire connection or faulty control board/timer assembly.
    Check the board/timer assy and wire harnesses.
    If all wire harnesses are secure, check for damage.
    If none, you may need to replace control board/timer assy.
    Further troubleshooting is required.

  287. The issue am having when using Heavy Duty feature the machine will fill (which takes a long time) skips the wash cycle, then drain and stops.. I have change to drain and spin.. However the normal mode function works like a charm. MODEL WTW5640XW2 Ser C14330118
    I have unplug and let the machine sit didn’t help.
    I have tried to run the diagnostic feature but I’m not doing something correct cause am not getting a read out.

  288. We replaced the gear case in our Cabrio washing machine and now when you go to start a load is spins maybe one rotation and then stops and the sensing light stays on and the lid lock is flashing. Any ideas?

  289. DIY Project Help Tips

    Gwen H,
    Is the error code on your Whirlpool Cabrio Washer possibly Lf or Ld or Ls?
    We cannot find the Lt error code in the Whirlpool washer database.
    Can you please recheck the error code?
    If the washer keeps restarting after the complete cycle is complete, you may have a control board issue.
    Try the Whirlpool Washer Diagnostic Test once again following this video here.

  290. I have this issue. After the wash cycle ends (which it runs fine) it shows a code “Lt” and if you don’t lift the lid and turn it off, it will start the wash cycle over. I’ve tried the reset above, and all the lights appear to do what you describe as if its working, but alas, the “Lt” code reappears after the cycle ends. We tried unplugging it for at least five minutes, that also didn’t work. I attempted to perform the diagnostic tests for the error codes, but I couldn’t get the “88” to come on regardless of which button I used. I tried them all except the power button. My Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine has a model number beginning WTW. Any advise? Suggestions? Possibilities? Please?

  291. DIY Project Help Tips

    Alex Griffin,
    If your Cabrio washer actually starts the wash cycle all over again after it completes, then most likely the main control board has malfunctioned or maybe there is a disconnected or loose wire harness that needs to be checked on the board.

  292. My Cabrio washer is not giving me an error message but it just keeps repeating wash cycles. It will get to the end of the cycle with only a few minutes left and will start all over. And it is just eventually shutting itself off after barely spinning the clothes. They are still soaked and very heavy. It is an all digital control board. I tried the second reset option you mentioned and it is still doing it. Any suggestions??

  293. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try this: Press and hold the PAUSE / HOLD button in for 3 seconds. This may reset it.
    If not the error F51 explanation is below…

    F51 error code is a motor rotor position sensor failure or a lower harness problem.
    You can check the motor in manual test mode to find out the exact issue.
    Here is a page telling you how to Test your Whirlpool Cabrio In Manual Test Mode.


  294. My whirlpool cabrio washer will not finish cycles and keeps giving me different error codes such as F51, UL, or SD. I have tried everything you have suggested for everyone else’s issues and I have gone on other webpages and tried to manually reset the computer and still nothing. It sometimes will work for 5 mins before the code appears and sometimes as soon as you start it the code appears. I even tried running it without any clothes in it and it will still either give an F51 or UL code. I can’t afford a real expensive fix but need my washer to work asap as I have kids. Any ideas what this could be or how expensive of a fix it is or if I am better off just buying a new washer. Thanks

  295. DIY Project Help Tips

    Emiliano Rodriguez,
    Yes the issue you are describing could be a lid switch assembly issue, check it to be sure it is working properly.

    If the lid switch is good….
    Go into diagnostics and retrieve the codes and then clear them. This is important as most complaints start with the lid lock on and blinking.

    Go back to diagnostics mode.
    When in diagnostics if the codes are motor speed codes, then chances are it is a motor, capacitor, or shifter related problem.

    Once the codes are cleared, put the washer into a manual diagnostic test and run HEAVY AGITATION.
    If after 20 Seconds the motor runs then you can rule out the motor, capacitor, control, and most likely the wiring harness connections.
    Check the BK wire from the shifter to the control.

    While in Manual diagnostics, try to get the unit to spin; if the motor hums for a split second and then shuts down with the lid lock blinking; go back into diagnostic codes and look for shifter or speed sensor errors. This is showing that the shifter sensor assembly is the issue because the sensor is not reading the motor speed.


  296. Emiliano Rodriguez

    I did the diagnostic tests and everything works fine but when I go to wash normally it blinks “lid”, not the lid locked red button but on the green LED screen where it shows the error codes. Is this an indication of a bad lid switch? In the diagnostics mode the lid can lock just fine but not while regular. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio.

  297. DIY Project Help Tips

    Tonya Wallace,
    Is the Whirlpool washer getting power?
    Do lights turn on?
    Can you give us the model number please?

  298. DIY Project Help Tips

    J Engleman,
    Can you give us the model number of your Whirlpool Cabrio?
    You may have a control board issue or possibly a faulty door lock latch assembly.

  299. DIY Project Help Tips

    C8 = The Cabrio washer will continue to drain and slow spin at 23 rpm.
    If the drain pump is not pumping water from the tub go to manual diagnostic mode: Pumps.
    If the inner basket is not turning go to manual diagnostic mode: Motor.

    Go online and find the DIAGNOSTIC MODE INSTRUCTIONS for your particular Whirlpool washer and the above will make sense.

  300. I did the reset as shown in the video, but my Whirlpool washing machine is somehow stuck in the c8 error code mode…. so it is just agitating as if it is washing clothes, but not with force just a light partial spin… what should I do now?

  301. My whirlpool cabrio will not wash it just keeps turning on and off locking and unlocking the door?

  302. We called the warranty number and the tech that came out didn’t know what to do and said that the noises it makes at the beginning made him think that it was the transmission so it was going to be over a week before he could get the part and come back out. A couple of days later it started up by itself and was washing nothing. Called them back and couldn’t get anywhere with anyone. We decided to visit the lowes store where we purchased the washer. Talked with them, they were very nice. They talked with whirlpool and we are getting a new washer. Hopefully all will work out with the replacement.

  303. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sounds like a bad door lock switch assembly or loose wires.
    Check to see if the wire harness is loose or if you can find a new door lock online instead of ordering from Whirlpool. It will be cheaper.
    Or, you can call a service company to have them figure out what is wrong with the washer and then they can tell you exactly what part is faulty. They can then tell you what they will charge you before they actually do the repair.

  304. DIY Project Help Tips

    We would call Lowe’s if you bought the warranty on your Whirlpool washer.
    It sounds like the main control board is bad.

  305. I’ve been having issues of long or multiple wash cycles and then not spinning out at the end. The washer just cuts off before spinning out. Then last night it turned itself on and started washing nothing. I went in there and every lights on the touch pad was lit up. I turned it off let it drain and unplugged it. I’ve only had it since February and purchased the lowes warranty but having problems getting anything accomplished. I need help / recommendations!!!!

  306. My Whirlpool WHIRLPOOL 6AWTW5550XW NEW HIGH EFFICIENCY 19 KG CABRIO WASHER 230 VOLT / 50 HERTZ won’t start. The lid lock button is clicking on and off repeatedly but I haven’t even pressed the power button. After a while the lid lock button stay red until I open the lid then the button starts to blink on and off. I’ve unplugged it for periods of time but still nothing. I press the power button after the fact and select my washing mode and temp, soil level, & spin speed, then i press start and it doesn’t start. The red lid lock button continues to blink. I don’t know what the problem is but this just started happening last night. I’ve tried searching online for help but nothing seems to work with the problem my washer is having.

  307. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jason Spence,
    Whirlpool Cabrio ERROR F1 E2 says: MOTOR CONTROL FAULT
    Indicates a fault of the motor control section of the main control.
    This would indicate you need to check the wiring on the main control board or change the board out.
    You will need a Whirlpool Electronic Control Board if you need to replace.

  308. DIY Project Help Tips

    Alan Dawson,
    Whirlpool Washer – Change the timer or control board.
    Whirlpool Dryer – Check thermostats and check that there is NO lint blockage.

  309. My whirlpool Cabrio washing machine is stuck in normal and want let me choose any other cycles?

    Also my whirlpool Cabrio dryer is making the clothes extremely hot, even to touch. I’m scared it’s going to overheat or something.

    Any help on these problems would be awesome.

  310. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5640XW0 . I did diagnostic and the codes showing are F1 and E2. Also when I plug machine in, and power is off, I hear a quiet buzzing noise from the control panel. Is that normal? I checked the really small clear hose that is connected to control for debris, it’s clear. The washer will not even go into a cycle.

  311. DIY Project Help Tips

    Mary Green,
    Try a simple procedure and simply unplug the washer for 5 minutes and plug back in.
    The main control board may simply needs to be reset.
    If that does not work, let us know the exact sequence of lights and in what order they show, blink, and turn off.

  312. I have a Cabrio WTW5500XW2. It will not spin out, either clothes are still very wet or.. when I change to drain and spin so not soaked..it will start but the lock kid starts flashing and stops. The lock kid blinks for some time then everything stops. But spin light will stay lit?

  313. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sounds like the water pressure switch is clogged and therefore the Whirlpool washer does not stop the water flowing into the tub in the proper allotted amount of time.
    Check the water pressure switch.

  314. We have a Whirlpool washer model #WTW7040DW0. During the rinse cycle, the machine fills the tub clear to the top with water. The water hasn’t overflowed yet, but its close to doing so. We don’t get an error code when this happens. We are wanting a fix for this problem. Thanks

  315. DIY Project Help Tips

    Unplug the washer and check the wire harness connections between the drive motor and the main electronic control board. HAVE YOU DONE THIS?
    Reconnect any loose wires. Replace the wire harness if damaged.

    If the wire harness is damaged, this can cause the errors.
    If all else fails, check the wire harnesses on the control board and replace the control board if that is the last component in the unit that could be malfunctioning.


  316. I actually already replaced the lid lock switch assembly. Replaced that, the lock mechanism, actuator, and shift motor. When I hooked it back up it still won’t do anything and is still showing the same codes.

  317. DIY Project Help Tips

    We would say replace the lid lock switch assembly.
    If you are getting 4 different error codes, that is very rare.

    Here is what the error codes mean for your Whirlpool Washer…

    Whirlpool Cabrio Error Code F5E2 = Lid won’t lock
    Check for debris in the lid lock mechanism that could prevent it from locking.
    Unplug the washer and check the wire harness connections for the lid lock/switch on the main electronic control board.
    Examine the lid lock/switch assembly.
    If it’s damaged or defective, replace it.
    PART NEEDED: Lid lock/switch

    Whirlpool Cabrio Error Code F5E3 = Lid won’t unlock
    Unplug the washer.
    Check the wire harness connections for the lid lock/switch assembly on the main electronic control board.
    If the connections are okay, then you will typically need to force the lid open.
    This will usually break the lid lock/switch.
    Replace the lid lock/switch if it’s damaged or broken.
    PART NEEDED: Lid lock/switch

    Whirlpool Cabrio Error Code F7E1 = Loss of power during spin mode
    This fault code displays when power is lost during the spin mode.
    The washer pauses for 5 minutes to allow the spin basket to stop before continuing the cycle.
    Plug in the power cord securely.
    Replace the power cord if damaged.
    Unplug the washer and check the power cord wiring connections on the main electronic control board.
    Reconnect any loose wires.

    Whirlpool Cabrio Error Code F7E6 = Drive motor circuit failure
    Unplug the washer and check the wire harness connections between the drive motor and the main electronic control board.
    Reconnect any loose wires.
    Replace the wire harness if damaged.
    If the wire harness is okay, replace the drive motor.
    PART NEEDED: Drive motor OR wire harness

    So, replace the lid lock switch assembly and please let us know if that solved the problem, if not we can work with you further and get your washer fixed.


  318. DIY Project Help Tips

    Andrew S,
    Can you supply us with your Whirlpool model number so we can assist you?
    Have you checked the drain pump and drain lines for blockages?

  319. DIY Project Help Tips

    If it goes through all cycles but has problems draining properly at the end of the cycle, check the drain pump for an obstruction or a blockage in the lines.

  320. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you supply us with the model number of your Whirlpool Washer and the Error Codes you are seeing on the display? We can assist further from there.

  321. I ran diagnostics on my Whirlpool washing machine. The error codes stated something was wrong with the lid lock, actuator, and shift motor. I went ahead and replaced all 3 and it is still showing the same error codes. Is there something I need to do to reset it?

  322. No type of error code and yes the sending light is on the whole time. When I try to restart it just clicks. It does fill with water and it does go through some of the cycles. But it stops at the last drain cycle and my clothes are soaked. The model number is WTW5640XW2. PLEASE HELP ME THANK YOU.

  323. During both the Normal Wash and Quick Wash Cycles, at about 8-9 minutes remaining and during the “spin” portion, the washer seems to quit and stop spinning. There is not a pool of undrained water in the tub (water pump is working fine), but the clothes are still wet as a result of not completing the spin portion. Inconsistency, when I initiate the Spin and Drain cycle, sometimes it spins for a moment or two then quits (I believe the same issue for other cycles) again leaving the clothes not quite dry and sometimes it works fine.

    Anyone with similar issues? I tried the first reset sequence above and it didn’t appear to make a difference (not certain i completed it correctly).

  324. DIY Project Help Tips

    Cabrio Washer Error Code F8 E1 = Not filling or long fill time
    Water isn’t detected entering the washer.
    If the washer isn’t filling, check the water supply faucets behind the washer to make sure that they are fully open.
    Check the fill hoses and inlet water valves.
    If the inlet water valve assembly is defective, replace it.
    If water is entering the machine but not being detected, then the water level pressure switch will usually need to be replaced.
    PARTS THAT MAY BE NEEDED TO REPAIR YOUR WASHER = Inlet water valve assembly OR Water level pressure switch.

  325. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are you getting any type of error code on your Cabrio washer? Is the sensing light on at all times? What exactly happens when you try and start the washer initially? Does the washer fill with water? What is your Cabrio washer model number?

  326. What does it mean when my clothes won’t drain and spin? My sensing light stays on all the time? I have done the reset and it still didn’t work.

  327. My Cabrio washer 6awtw5700xw0 won’t fill with water and unlocks the lid after a minute. It does this on all cycles and comes up with error codes E1 F8? Any help appreciated.

  328. DIY Project Help Tips

    What error code did you get on your washer to tell you the lid lock was an issue?
    Can you give us the part number you replaced?
    What happens now? Does the washer fill with water, spin at all, does lid lock light come ON?
    Whats the model number on your Cabrio?

  329. My Whirlpool Cabrio washer gave me a lid lock code. I replaced it and still can’t get it to wash. It turns on but won’t wash or do anything.

  330. DIY Project Help Tips

    Arturo Garcia,
    If your Cabrio washing machine is not overloaded and you are getting the OL error code, this would indicate either a drag on the drive system or the control board is failing. Be sure nothing is on the floor under the washer that could be causing a problem. Raise the lid & manually spin the basket, it should spin freely. If not, you may have an item stuck between the spin basket and the washer tub.

  331. I moved my Cabrio Washing Machine to another house and leveled it and when I wash it shows OL error code in the display. This happens after a few minutes of starting washing and it does with a little amount of clothes. It’s not overloaded. Should I reset it?

  332. DIY Project Help Tips

    It sounds as if the control board is faulty. Does the Whirlpool washer vary in timing as it tries to go into various cycles of wash? If there are strange variations, most likely the control board is bad. Can you tell us what happens if you try to do a small load with the washer completely empty and on ONLY cold water? What happens? Same as before?

  333. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio Model number wtw5640xwo, serial number co2930071. When I turn the machine on to do a load it senses, the lid lock light goes on (quick wash) light says 31 minutes for wash cycle and then it stays on for about 1 minute and acts like it is going to go and then at 28 minutes (on the display time for wash time) I hear, a loud buzzing noise like the motor is running and then the lid lock light goes out then it comes back on and starts blinking and it keeps buzzing. Then I hit the power button (to turn it off) the machine and it will not shut off so I have to unplug it from the wall. If I take the machine and put it exclusively on the rinse and spin cycle only it goes through the whole cycle fine with no problems. If I put it on the normal cycle to do a wash it says 44 min. The lid locks and it starts to go and the lid lock light goes on then it shuts off then it goes back on again at 43 minutes it is still locked and tries to go then at 42 minutes I get a huge buzz noise and the lid lock light is blinking. If you hit the power button the machine will not shut off and you have to unplug it to stop the buzzing noise. The lid lock light on the machine is blinking continuously until you unplug it from the wall.

  334. also i have checked my water intake and nothing there is clogged so i checked everything with the draining and all those components are clear also

  335. My washer has been getting stuck on the wash cycle and when i get past that it just ends up with soaked clothes i have done the reset 4 times with no results i try to do a rinse and spin cycle but it rinses and then makes the noise like it is sensing kind of like it will start to spin for a few seconds and then stop and repeat i have a feeling im having more then one thing go wrong but everything was working fine and then poof it was acting like this please help me my clothes stink and are dirty

  336. i have the same problem but i have checked the drain hose, pump and filter and everything is fine mine drains fine but my clothes are still soaked?

  337. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio model WTW5640XW3. When I start the machine it locks. Within about 30 seconds it unlocks itself and the machine will not agitate. Sometimes the lid lock keeps flashing and sometimes it stays off. It will fill with water and drain but the clothes are still very wet. I tried the reset instructions and that did not work. I also put a new lid locking switch but the problem is still the same.

  338. I have a whirlpool wtw5800bw0 and the washer will sense then soak then go to the wash cycle but stop. 10 will come up on the screen and after about 3 mins the washer just shuts down. There is no error code and even when I do the reset there is never an error code. I went through the steps…left it unplugged for 10 mins.. went through all the hoses and still nothing. Even after the second reset the machine is doing the same thing and will not give me an error code. Please help..why is the machine stopping at the wash cycle all of a sudden?

  339. DIY Project Help Tips

    You replaced the lid switch on your Whirlpool Cabrio washer as it would fill up with water but not drain? So replacing the lid switch had the same result as before? What did Whirlpool quote you on? What parts did they say they would replace for $500?
    If the washer fills but will not drain, it is either the drain pump, drain hose bent, or the computer board on the washer is not “telling” the washer to drain. Can you give us more info so we can assist further?

  340. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio model number WTW58408W0. This machine has always worked wonderfully. However, 3/13/16 the washer filled up and wouldn’t drain. My father in law and I tried to remove the lid switch from the computer in hopes that would work. While it did act as though all was well the tub began to fill and will not drain the pumps have been checked and the hose too. We are at a loss. We’ve tried resetting the machine it will not reset with the left right turns. We called whirlpool they stated it would cost over $500 to fix we bought this machine two years ago for $700. If it comes to that we will junk this one and buy a cheap one that actually works and that simple minds like ours can fix. Any help at this point is greatly appreciated!!

  341. I get as far as #6 in the first test procedure. when it comes to #7 it just keeps rotating and no rinse, wash or stop light illuminates. I also tried the 2nd test procedure. when I was my clothes it just keeps repeating sometimes over an hour and a half for a regular wash.

  342. DIY Project Help Tips

    Mary Kuehne,
    Can you tell us the model number of your Cabrio, as there has been some service bulletins issued for certain Whirlpool Cabrio washers. We can assist from there. (HINT: the model number will be on or under the lid or door or your washer)

  343. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try unplugging your whirlpool cabrio washing machine for 5 minutes.
    Then press drain and spin, or rinse and spin.
    Next try pressing and holding the delay/start button for 5 seconds and see if that resets.

  344. I have a Cabrio that senses then hums then the lock light blinks. Have tried the reset codes but still the same problem. Does not spin.

  345. My whirlpool cabrio washing machine isn’t working. Modle # 6awtw5700xw0 has been washing fine then all of a sudden when we turn it on it won’t let us press start and the start (pause/unlock) flashes.

  346. DIY Project Help Tips

    Diana Beliles,
    Check or reseat all electrical wiring harness connections on the washer. You may have just a loose connection.
    If all connections are tight, you may have a bad actuator or also called shifter. It may be bad and not telling the board that it sees tub movement during spin.

  347. My Whirlpool Cabrio H2 low he Washer model number WTW555OXWO won’t start… it all will come on and I hear a couple of clicking noises but it will not start… I have done the reset process a few times still nothing… i have unplugged it for 5 mins still nothing… i believe it’s stuck in the sensing mode since that and the lid lock button are the only lights that come on when I try to start a load …i don’t know what else I can do to fix the problem. ..thanks for any help I can get.

  348. I’ve tried the first reset twice, same issue. The second set of instructions aren’t an option because I am not getting an error code. My washer will run through the wash cycle and then rinse, but once it’s done rinsing, it cycles back through the rinse cycle repeatedly. This washer is almost a year old and no problems other than this one. Help?!

  349. I have tried to even out the load which was small to begin with, have checked to ensure that nothing is stuck between the spin basket and outer tub and still come up with the UL code. I have replaced the suspension springs, the rotor, the stator and the RPS, as well as the shaft and bearings. Any other advice?

  350. Mine is doing the exact same thing… We have done all diagnostics & come up empty. My husband thinking a clutch issue… I guess he’s gonna open it up & see. Only 5 yrs old & don’t want to pay service call

  351. Craig Culinski

    Originally, we got an LD code. I changed the drain pump and it worked great for a few loads and then threw a F1 code. I pushed cancel and then held the start button and it worked. It’s done this several times, but always started back up after cancelling and then restarting. Next, it threw a LF code and the drain pump would not stop. We had been getting a loud squealing sound during the fill stage, so the inlet valve seemed the likely culprit. It also filled very slowly. So, I ordered a new inlet valve, installed it. When I turned it on, the drain pump started up immediately and would not stop as before. I then did a reset by selecting a different cycle and pushed start. It immediately started filling quickly and with no squeal. It seemed to be working great for at least 5 minutes and then coded LF with the drain pump running constant. This is a Whirlpool Cabrio

  352. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio model #WTW5600XWG. When I start a cycle on any setting it starts doing its usual checks. When it starts the load check, I tries to spin but seems to get stuck in that mode with no spinning, just the motor humming loudly. The only way to stop it is to unplug the machine or wait one minute, then the motor shuts off. Then the machine is all locked up and needs to be unplugged..I’ve taken the belt drive cover off and notice while starting the load check, it does try to spin just a few turns clockwise then stops…Any Ideas of what is wrong?

  353. I just bought my Cabrio WTW7000DW less than 2 months ago. It has been running fine until last night. I put it on the normal cycle and it started just fine-showing the normal 49 minutes or so for the cycle. I had went back to check on the load to see how long before it was completed and the timer showed 30 minutes so I figured I had enough time to go watch my show and then return to place it in the dryer. But after my show was complete, the timer was still showing 30 minutes! I turned it off and the water drained out. I turned it back on and put it on the normal cycle. After trying this a couple times all the washer will do is lock the lid and start to fill with water and then the time goes from 49 minutes to 1 hour and 16 minutes. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  354. Hey I got a whirlpool cabrio washer an it want start. It click an do nothing else. What could be the problem ?

  355. AnneMarie Shepard

    I have a Cabrio washer, model wtw5500 xw2. It needs to be reset because it won’t even turn on. It is a top loader. Help!

  356. Washer stuck on normal, goes through cycles but I can’t choose any other settings on dial. Lately it’s been stopping towards the end with a du flashing. Any suggestions?

  357. DIY Project Help Tips

    Roger Bryant,
    Whirlpool washer uL error code means an unbalanced load. Try running the washer with the clothing items evenly distributed. If that is not the issue, there could be a sock or other stuck between the spin basket and the outer tub of the washer. Does the spin basket rotate freely by hand? If there is some resistance that may mean there is an item stuck between the spin basket and the outer tub. Here is what the tub looks like if you need to disassemble the washer. Whirlpool washer Model #WTW6500WW1 Tub Parts Diagram.

  358. My Whirlpool washer Model #WTW6500WW1 keeps showing the uL error code when it gets down to 12 minutes and will drain and then keep refilling over and over again. It also appears that all the water is not draining out. Any advice?

  359. WTW5600XW3 model no. The reset isn’t working for me. I cant get it to go past sensing. It won’t lock or make any noises. I’ve tried unplugging it over night and still nothing. Any suggestions? Please help!

  360. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the buttons are difficult to push on your Whirlpool Cabrio washer, you may have a bad control panel or overlay display. Can you tell us the model number of your Whirlpool Cabrio Washer?

  361. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio washer and my buttons are getting hard to push or work properly. Please help!!

  362. Cabrio Washer WTW5500XL0

    Lid locking light constantly blinking, stops mid cycle and won’t finish washing. Draining fine. After much research on forums determined best thing to do was replace shift actuator. Husband replaced this afternoon and having same problems. My model does not have the LED display to show me the codes…lights just blink in patterns. After replacing the actuator, do I need to clear out fault codes somehow and reset? If so, how do I do that for this model? If the actuator was the issue, would it be working fine without taking any extra “magic button/turn knob rotation” steps?

  363. DIY Project Help Tips

    Georgia Turner,
    Can you explain on which exact cycle the water will not fill? Do you have blinking lights? Does the washer go through the cycles even after not filling with water or does it pause and do nothing? What is the model number of your Cabrio Washing Machine?

  364. I have a Cabrio washer and when I put it on different cycles, the illumination light will continually show on normal. Sometimes if I am able to get it to illuminate on different cycle, the water does not run in washer….it just makes sounds like it is trying to run. Any suggestions?

  365. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try unplugging the washer to see if it resets. F32 error code indicates a long drain. Check the drain hose to make sure there is no blockage.

  366. DIY Project Help Tips

    Molly Carter,
    Can you tell us the error codes your received on your Whirlpool washer?
    If the drain pump is in good working order, the drain lines are clear, you ran troubleshooting tests, then you may have a main control board that has an intermittent issue. If all parts seem to be working as designed, a faulty control board could cause the drain pump to receive power as it may have a stuck “closed” relay on the control board. Further troubleshooting will be needed to be 100% sure. Check the wire harnesses from the back of the control board to be sure they are tight and secure. Let us know what you find.

  367. I’m getting an f32. I cleaned the filter and it was draining normally. Now at the end of the wash cycle it just doesn’t do anything and will not allow me to press any buttons. Please help!

  368. I have the Whirlpool wtw4800bq1. It’s about 18 months old. A few nights ago my husband found the drain pump running in the middle of the night. It wouldn’t stop unless the machine was unplugged. Took it apart today. Pump works fine. Drain lines are clear. Pressure line is clear. Ran diagnostic tests, and there were fault errors, but none of the troubleshooting suggestions fixed the problem. Ran through both the automatic and manual tests, and drain is working fine. Just when you try to start a load of laundry, it automatically tries to drain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  369. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a siphoning issue. Meaning the washer fills and drains at the same time. Check the drain hose to be sure it is in the correct position. You may have a drain pump or valve that is stuck open therefore the washer fills and drains at the same time.

  370. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sandra A Zahir,
    Have you tried unplugging the washer for 5 minutes to reset it?

  371. My Whirlpool Cabrio washer, Model WTW5700XW0, is stuck in the sensing mode. I’ve tried all the above resets and it still doesn’t work.

  372. wtw7300dwo washer fills and fills while rotating clockwise, then shuts off and drains, Only had a month! Tried unplugging for 20 minutes, same thing.

  373. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a possible motor thermal heat issue, meaning the motor overheats for one reason or another and this is causing your problem. What exactly happens when you try to wash? It works for some time and then shuts off? The machine is getting power the whole time, the lights are on but the washer will not run until you let it sit for an hour or so?

  374. I am having the same issse. model number is wtw5800bw0 (I think, not sure abut the bw0). If i keep turning it off and on enough times (like and hour or more), I can get it to run one cycle. we have already had the lid lock replaced,, and tried to reset it multiple times. I’m not getting an error code, though.

  375. DIY Project Help Tips

    You most likely have a clogged drain hose, drain filter, or drain pump. If any of these components are clogged or have blockage, your washer is unable to efficiently remove all the water from the tub. Check all the items we mentioned and your problem should be resolved.

  376. My washer will finish a cycle. The only thing lit up is wash. I open the washer and my clothes are still soaking wet. So I have to do the drain and spin cycle at least twice before they are dry enough for the dryer.

  377. I have same issue on mine, when I start the load, it spins twice. On third time, it doesn’t spin and I get a loud noise like a motor is trying to engage.

  378. This may be of topic but my issue is that the washer will shut itself off before cycle is finished. None of the buttons will do anything until the unit is unplugged. Then it will display remaining time without being plugged in. Weird. Then when I plug it back in and press start it goes blank again. Removing the plug from the wall for 3mins or so the unit will seem to clear itself. Neither reset methods work but if I access the diagnostic codes I get an F1 51 41 between 88’s. Any clue?

  379. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have an issue with the water inlet valve at the back of your washer. It lets in the cold and hot water. It may be faulty therefore it is inconsistent water temp. Check it.

  380. Cabrio washer model WTW5500XW0
    SN C02233857. I got these from my daughter when she moved out of town. They were only about 2 years old and then in storage for a couple of years. The wash water and rinse water are hot no matter what the setting, but not every time. Have checked that the water hoses are connected properly and they are.

  381. I have the same problem with brand new washer. No code. Just sensing and blinking lid locks. No spin. Help

  382. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jack delisle,
    Can you please explain with a more detailed description and we can assist.

  383. DIY Project Help Tips

    May have a lid lock issue. Check wiring harnesses and test with meter. Let us know what you find.

  384. Whirlpool Cabrio washer goes through sensor cycle, goes to wash cycle, lid unlocks, stops, never re locks itself to start wash cycle, what to do?

  385. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you give us the exact model number of your washer? There are different models that may mean different things. A model number will help us assist you much better.

  386. I tried to reset my Cabrio washer, until Level 7 on the test procedure went well, unfortunately “wash, rinse and stop” lights not coming up together, but Rinse and stop and wash and stop lights coming up when turning the dial. Any recommendations please?

  387. DIY Project Help Tips

    Robyn Wood,
    Check to be sure the filer is clean, the drain hose is not bent or crimped, and check to be sure the drain pump itself is not clogged with foreign objects.
    C8 error code means = The Cabrio washer will continue to drain and slow spin. If the drain pump is not pumping water from the tub go to manual diagnostic mode.
    IF you need to go into diagnostic mode, check this YouTube video for Whirlpool Washer Diagnostic Mode to see how it is done.

  388. My Whirlpool Cabrio washer model number WTW6600SW1, it will not drain. I’ve done the reset and it stops at C8, Please help!

  389. DIY Project Help Tips

    Brad Miletto,
    If the washer has a stuck key, the usual solution is to replace the control board or keypad that is causing the stuck key. You may be able to take it apart and find that the stuck key is easily fixed by adjusting or popping it back out. If you cannot fix it that way, replace it.

  390. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio model number wtw5640xw0. I get an error code E1 F2, stuck key, it still wont change anything after I tried. Any suggestions? Thanks Brad

  391. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you give us the exact model number of your Whirlpool washer? Do you get an error code or just flashing lights? Does the tub spin at all or does it lock before?

  392. Whirlpool Washer will not progress past sensing cycle. Lid locks, machine buzzes, sensing light on and a blinking lid lock light constantly. Nothing else happens

  393. DIY Project Help Tips

    The F0 error code should have another secondary error code if you have a Whirlpool Cabrio washer. It will usually display something like F0 E2, or F0 E5. Are you seeing another secondary error code? Also, is the other code you are getting LE or… LF Ld LS or? Please let us know the exact model number and ERROR CODE of your washer so we can assist you further.

  394. Whirlpool Cabrio Washer is giving an F0 error code.
    I have reset 2 times still is in wash mode and will not stop.
    It will run it’s cycle then say it’s done when done, it will restart.
    It shows an LE, I think that it’s an E it doesn’t give the top line to complete the E.
    So looks like an up side down F.

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