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Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Codes – What To Check – How To Reset?

Frigidaire dishwasher has an error code? Frigidaire dishwashers have built in diagnostic systems. If your dishwasher finds, sees, or detects a fault or error in the system, it will show an error or fault code. The error code will display where the usual numbers are on the display screen. When an error code is displayed, your dishwasher is telling you a specific fault. The error code will tell you which parts on your Frigidaire dishwasher to replace or check. You can also Search YouTube for Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Codes or get advice from your Frigidaire dishwasher owners manual when your Frigidaire Dishwasher Is Displaying An Error Code. NOTE: Before ordering any parts from the ones listed below, check that the parts will fit with your model number Frigidaire dishwasher.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error CodesFrigidaire Dishwasher Error Codes

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = i10
Error Problem / Condition = A low fill has been detected.
Check / Repair / Solution = Look for a pinched water supply line, or water shutoff is not completely opened.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = i20, i40, iF0
Error Problem / Condition = Clogged filters or a restricted drain line has been detected.
Check / Repair / Solution = Check and clean both filters and sump area and check for a pinched or blocked drain hose. If the drain line is attached to a disposer, check that the knockout plug has been removed.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = i30
Error Problem / Condition = A leak or over flow of water has been detected in the bottom pan.
Check / Repair / Solution = Look for loose connections at the water inlet valve and ensure the unit is properly leveled.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = i50
Error Problem / Condition = A problem has been detected with the drain or wash motor.
Check / Repair / Solution = Pressing the cancel button or turning power off at the breaker for 5 minutes should clear this error code and the unit can be restarted.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = i60
Error Problem / Condition = A problem has been detected with the water heating system.
Check / Repair / Solution = Pressing the cancel button or turning power off at the breaker for 5 minutes should clear this error code and the unit can be restarted.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = iC0
Error Problem / Condition = A problem has been detected with the electronic control system.
Check / Repair / Solution = Pressing the cancel button or turning power off at the breaker for 5 minutes should clear this error code and the unit can be restarted.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = UO
Error Problem / Condition = Vent open
Check / Repair / Solution = While in wash cycle, Main Control Board does not receive signal from vent assembly that vent plunger is closed. Plunger status is sensed with optical sensor in vent assembly. Check wiring between vent assembly and Main Control Board. If wiring correct, replace vent assembly. If error still exist, replace Main Control Board.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = UF
Error Problem / Condition = Fan not running
Check / Repair / Solution = While in drying cycle, Main Control Board not sensing vent fan motor rotation at correct speed. Check wiring between vent assembly and Main Control Board. If correct, replace vent assembly. If error still exist replace Main Control Board.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = ER
Error Problem / Condition = Membrane Switch Failure
Check / Repair / Solution = Main Control Board has detected a stuck key or a key pressed for more than one minute. Check connection from keypad to Main Control Board. If correct, replace keypad. If error still exist, replace Main Control Board.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = CE
Error Problem / Condition = Configuration Error
Check / Repair / Solution = Check wiring connections between keypad and Main Control Board. Check for correct parts installed. Replace parts accordingly.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = CL
Error Problem / Condition = Close Door – Door Switch Open
Check / Repair / Solution = Main Control Board not sensing door closed. Close door. Check door switches. Check wiring between door switches and Main Control Board. If wiring and switches are correct, replace Main Control Board.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = dP
Error Problem / Condition = Drain Pump
Check / Repair / Solution = Displayed in relay test when drain pump is activated.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = FL
Error Problem / Condition = Water Valve Is Open
Check / Repair / Solution = Displayed in relay test when water valve is activated.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = HO
Error Problem / Condition = Heat Delay
Check / Repair / Solution = The control is delaying cycle to allow water temperature to rise to correct temperature in attempt to assure optimum performance.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = hs
Error Problem / Condition = Hall Sensor
Check / Repair / Solution = The control has sensed an error with hall sensor in motor. Check wiring between motor and Main Control Board. If correct, replace motor. If error still exist, replace Main Control Board.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = LO
Error Problem / Condition = Low Rinse Aid
Check / Repair / Solution = Rinse aid level is low. Refill rinse aid dispenser.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = PF
Error Problem / Condition = Power Failure
Check / Repair / Solution = A power failure has occurred. More than 10% of power has dropped to the unit. Check house wiring.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = rA
Error Problem / Condition = Rinse Aid
Check / Repair / Solution = The control has sensed a problem with the reed switch in the dispenser. Refill the rinse aid dispenser. If error still exist, check wiring between dispenser and Main Control Board. If not corrected, replace dispenser assembly. If error still exist, replace Main Control Board.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = RE
Error Problem / Condition = Rinse aid reed switch
Check / Repair / Solution = Rinse aid reed switch in dispenser is closed.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = RF
Error Problem / Condition = Rinse aid
Check / Repair / Solution = Rinse aid reed switch in dispenser is open. Refill rinse aid dispenser. Replace dispenser assembly.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = rt
Error Problem / Condition = Relay / Triac Test
Check / Repair / Solution = Relay test mode has been activated.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = Sd
Error Problem / Condition = Detergent Dispenser
Check / Repair / Solution = Displayed in relay test mode when detergent dispenser is activated.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code = tu
Error Problem / Condition = Turbidity Sensor
Check / Repair / Solution = The Main Control Board has sensed a failure in the turbidity sensor. Check wiring. If wiring correct, replace turbidity sensor. If error still exist replace Main Control Board.

Frigidaire dishwasher error codes 1Frigidaire dishwasher error codes 2Frigidaire dishwasher error codes 3Frigidaire dishwasher error codes list

Frigidaire dishwasher internal parts identificationFrigidaire dishwasher internal parts identification

Water Test Mode
To activate water test mode on your Frigidaire dishwasher, press and hold Start/Cancel and heating option (High-Temp Wash, Sanitize, Air Dry, or No Heat Dry) (depending on model) for 3 seconds. To advance through test(s), press Start/Cancel. If component tested fails, error code will be displayed in digital display.

Frigidaire dishwasher test modeFrigidaire dishwasher test mode chart

Frigidaire dishwasher partsFrigidaire dishwasher parts

Do you know of other Frigidaire Dishwasher error codes? Do you have an error code on your Frigidaire dishwasher and need help finding and fixing the problem? Please leave a comment or question below.

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65 thoughts on “Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Codes – What To Check – How To Reset?”

  1. I have looked through all issues concerning the I 30 code. Tried them all to no avail. I’m at a loss as to what to do. This code happened after I mistakenly sprayed Dawn Power wash on a few items and my dishwasher filled with suds. There’s no water in it so I put a cup of water and it does drain but never shuts off. I’m gonna lose my mind here!! H E L P!!!

  2. My 18″ Frigidaire dishwasher is showing a short line then the # 4. My oven was on self clean at the same time I started the dishwasher. I unplugged the dishwasher for about an hour. After the stove finished, l tried to set the dishwasher and it won’t do anything.

  3. My Frigidaire dishwasher shows uF. I push cancel and after closing the door the same uF shows up. HELP

  4. My dishwasher displays eR… I’ve tried turning the breaker off and on… How do I fix this?? Please and thank you.

  5. Uc code on my Frigidaire gallery dishwasher . Can’t find what that stands for. Please help.

  6. My dishwasher started leaving an 20 error on it then now it error 40 and it tries to drain but not fill up, what do I do?

  7. I just replaced my control panel on my Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher and it works beautifully. When I set it to wash and close the door it beeps and tells me to press start but it will not start

  8. I am getting the s err code for fridgidare dishwasher. What does that mean? I turn the breaker off and the PF comes on. I hit start, it runs for a minute and then the s err comes back on and sounds like it is running but it isn’t. Help

  9. We had this problem, lots of times. Replaced the small drainage tube which was full of stuff. Kept getting the i20 error for about 9 months, at which time the thing got totally plugged and just wouldn’t drain at all. Talked with the repair guys who said if it was the pump it really wasn’t worth the cost to replace. Resigned myself to purchasing a new machine, but kept trying it over the course of the week. Bailed out the standing water by hand, preparing to take it to the dump. Tried running it a couple more times, and suddenly it just started working again. I ran several sanitize cycles, empty, with a cup of vinegar in a container on the top shelf each time. That was two weeks ago, and no errors since. Running regular cleaning cycles from now on.

  10. This is probably a bit late for you Jen, but in case others are having the same issue, I’ve found that the breaker needs to be off for at least 30 minutes.

    I had a panel where none of the lights or buttons were working, but turning off the breaker for 5 minutes would result in a flashing PF signal that couldn’t be cleared. Turning off the breaker for at least 30 minutes would allow for the PF message to be cleared by pressing the Start/Cancel button, and then the dishwasher worked normally.

  11. My Frigidaire gallery dishwasher had a CL error code mid cycle. Then the power went out so it became a flashing PF signal. I tried pressing anything and opening and closing it as It usually would return to normal after many power outages, nothing would change. Now after cutting off the power for over 5 minutes my tripping the breaker it won’t stop flashing PF? I pressed pretty much every button, held them down and still it won’t go away and refuses to work. Any suggestions ?

  12. I purchased a new Frigidaire dishwasher model FGID2466QF6A and it is showing a number 134 in the screen and wont start. Anyone know what 134 is?

  13. DIY Project Help Tips

    So after accidentally adding hand soap to your dishwasher, the pump constantly runs?
    Does the pump run when you open the dishwasher door still?

    You may want to flip the breaker to it for 30 to 60 minutes to see if that resets the i30 error code, the longer is better in some cases.
    The excess soap may have gotten certain parts “wet”, so it may help to give it time to let it “dry” out.

  14. I accidentally put hand wash soap into my dishwasher tonight.
    It overflowed bubbles through the door and was full of bubbles.
    Now it runs continuously (for hours) and when I open the door it still runs and displays an i30 code.
    The drain seems clear and I have dumped several cups of water through the drain and the machine continues to pump until it’s empty, but won’t stop after that.
    I have attempted to reset the code by holding startand water temp for 3 seconds or more, to no avail.
    I have reset the breaker several times to no avail.

  15. I have the same problem and we had a serviceman repair 2 weeks ago and replaced the motor which worked for 2 weeks but now it is doing same thing and had to shut breaker again so I will be calling them back tomorrow.

  16. Frigidair galleria dishwasher Blinks PF (power failure) code, won’t clear

    Screen was all black and unresponsive, manually reset breaker at box. DW began blinking PF code.
    *Attempted to clear with “Start/cancel” button but entire panel is unresponsive.
    *Attempted multiple hard resets via breaker panel, continues to flash Pf error code.
    *Attempted closing and reopening door, this stops the PF from flashing but panel goes black and unresponsive.
    *Attempted diagnostics test by holding start and wash temp, unresponsive

    Thanks in advance!

  17. my Frigidaire Professional Series dishwasher keeps having a PF code. it’s been doing it for 2 or 3 months but it normally does it without draining all the water out

  18. I have a Frigidaire model FGHD2465NW1A dishwasher. We have had it for about 2 years and it quit working. I have changed the electronic control board, check the drain hose of which is wide open. It keeps flashing the number 12 on the display. What could be going on with it?

  19. Audrey Fawley

    My dishwasher has ifo code cleaned filters and put back together still same code how do u reset it

  20. I have a Frigidaire dish washer model # FDBB4365FB2 that will not run. It does not show any fault codes but when I push the normal wash button and the start button and close the door the display shows the time then go’s off. What would cause this to happen.

  21. I have a frigid site PF error code. I unplugged and replygged in. How the pf is on and the unit has power. I can not get it to clear pf code. No mater what button I push. Pf code stays on

  22. My frididaire fghd2472pf1a quit draining due to glass stuck in the impeller. I removed the obstruction and it still won’t drain (no clogs in drain hose or disposal). The pump works when jumped with 110 volts. Where do I go from here.

  23. DIY Project Help Tips

    What is the model number on your Frigidaire Dishwasher that periodically displays the “uF” code?

  24. My Frigidaire Dishwasher has been periodically displaying the “uF” code.
    Where do I find the heat wires in the dishwasher?
    Is this something that I can fix myself, or do I need to call someone in to fix it?

  25. I 30 code …. won’t stop running. Model # FGID2474
    What is an aqua control?
    How do I reset?

  26. I have the Frigidaire gallery dishwasher and have the i20 error code, I have completely cleaned the filter and the screen around it, as well as removed and checked all hoses for debris or pinches, everything is good. I don’t get it.

  27. Hi Pam,
    Wow! I have the exact same problem And my dishwasher gives me i30 code and runs even with door open. I have no water in the dishwasher. I checked and the dishwasher is levelled and no kinks or problem with the water inlet line. It worked after a few days through a whole wash. However, today I get the same thing again with the error code and pump sucking air while I open the door. Did the technician fix the problem? Do you know what was wrong with the dishwasher? What did he replace? Or do to fix the problem?

  28. I’m confused about the Power Failure (PF) code. Our dishwasher will not complete the cycle. It gets about halfway through and cuts off showing the PF code. When we open and close it the cycle starts over from the beginning. We checked the breaker box for the breaker the dishwasher is on and it was not tripped but we reset it anyway. That did nothing to solve the problem of the cycle cutting off midway.

  29. Gaurav Bhagat

    We have a less than couple year old Frigidaire dishwasher which has been continuous problem from the beginning. In beginning the wash arm fell on the heater and filled home with really bad plastic burning smell and then the door sounds like horror movie. After a few months, it started throwing PF code every now and then but after pushing start/cancel button it would generally reset and finish the cycle but gradually the PF code became more and more severe and now it’s consistent. One is 20-30 tries wash cycle with go through but rest of the time it will stop abruptly anytime during the cycle. Sometimes as soon as you push the start button and sometimes halfway through the cycle. Today I ran the water/service test and it fails around 40 seconds. All lights go blank and then few seconds later the dreaded flashing PF code returns.

  30. We have a Frigidaire dishwasher for only a year, all of a sudden it won’t work, there’s no power or won’t start, no lights at all, what do we have to do?

  31. We have had numerous service calls on our 1 year 4 month old dishwasher.
    Circuit board, pump, sensors, etc have been replaced.
    Ran well for 2 weeks, today the dishwasher ran and I got a 30 error.
    Cleared the error and now the dishwasher runs endlessly.
    This appliance is the worst appliance I have ever owned.
    Unfortunately, they have you, every appliance manufacturer make one good piece and the other are junk but you want all your appliances matching.

  32. It was the control panel assembly that has the buttons in my case.
    It was definitely pointing to the main logic board as the culprit as far as the symptoms go.
    That’s why they say to buy the control panel and main circuit board together because it could be one or the other.
    I just simply returned the main board.
    It’s been working for over a month now.

  33. We own an 18-month old frigidaire gallery dishwasher FGID2474QF0B.
    A few days ago we could hear a faint beeping somewhere in our kitchen but couldn’t find the source as it stopped as soon as it started.
    Then our dishwasher flashed the i30 error code, but upon checking it out could find nothing wrong.
    Ran the dishwasher late Sunday night, got up 7 hours later and was shocked to hear the dishwasher still running!
    It sounded like it was at the end of the normal 2-hour cycle – as though the pump was sucking air/the final drops of water out.
    I opened the dishwasher and there was NO water inside.
    More shocking – even with the door wide open, the pump/motor continued to run and had obviously run ALL NITE.
    Even worse, the control board was dead and NOTHING would allow us to shut it off.
    Only after throwing the breaker did it stop running!!!
    Even now, 4 days later, as soon as I flip the breaker on, it turns back on!!
    Still waiting for “service” rep from frigidaire to call us back.

  34. Our Frigidaire dishwasher is showing error code i20. I’ve checked all the outlet hoses and no obvious blockages. I’ve taken out what items I can without dismantling everything and can find no blockages etc. I can blow back through the outlet pipe once I have forced some higher pressure tap water back through the outlet (reverse direction). However, as soon as I try and suck the water back through again it blocks and thereafter I can’t blow through until after I repeat the higher pressure tap water (reverse flow) treatment. Very frustrating and the unit is barely 2 years old. Any suggestions?

  35. We have a Frigidaire dishwasher FIPD2495Q.
    I pushed the delayed start then cancelled it now the display read “1 min” and I cannot get rid of it and the washer will not run.
    I have turned the power off for 15 min still there when powered back on.
    Hit start and close the door it sounds like it is going to work but only last 5 or 10 seconds.

  36. DIY Project Help Tips

    Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Code i52 = Problem has been detected with the drain or wash motor.
    Check the drain to be sure there is nothing blocking it.
    If clear, check the wash motor to be sure it is working and getting power.

    Is the error code steady or flashing on the Frigidaire dishwasher display?
    What happens if you unplug it for 5 minutes?

  37. I had a i52 error code on my Frigidaire dishwasher when it was in diagnostic mode. What does this mean?

  38. I have a Frigidaire Dishwasher that will not start at all and is flashing “PF” for power failure.
    Also the “heat dry” and “air dry” LEDs flash along with PF code in unison.
    Holding the buttons to attempt reset will do nothing at all.
    I made little jumpers to check the door latch switch and got the same response.I left the machine unplugged and as soon as I plug it back up with the door open the same lights flash with no response from the touchpad.
    What to check now?

  39. DIY Project Help Tips

    Frigidaire dishwasher error code UO – How To Fix

    The vant and fan opens to assist to dry the dishes at the end of the washing cycle.
    If the control board senses that the vent is open it will not start the wash cycle.

    The Frigidaire manual advises to check the wiring harnesses and all connections.
    If you find the wiring and all connections to check out good, then replace the vent assembly.
    If the error code uo comes back, then replace the main control board.


  40. DIY Project Help Tips

    Rudy R,
    If the main board in your dishwasher has a shorted area or “closed” circuit on it, it may be supplying power to the Frigidaire dishwasher pump motor at all times.
    Replace the main board and this should solve your issue.

  41. Frigidaire dishwasher #FiGD2466QF4A control panel shows dishes are clean however pump motor still running. There is still some small amount of water in sump under the filter screen. Turned power source to dishwasher off for 40 min to see if maybe display board will reset itself to no avail. Pump still on with dishwasher off. I believe its the motherboard but i wanted to get a second opinion.

  42. DIY Project Help Tips

    The control board may be faulty or the keypad may be stuck on your Frigidaire dishwasher.
    Be sure the door switch is in working order because if not the dishwasher may think the door is open if the door switch is faulty.
    Use a meter to be sure.
    If the door switch is in working order and the dishwasher still does nothing, then you may have a faulty control board.
    Also be sure it is not something simple such as a loose wire or wire harness before replacing the main control board.

  43. My frigidaire dishwasher will let me select normal cycle but when I push the start/cancel button, nothing happens, I ran jumper wires between the wires on the switch connecting black to black and white to white, but it still doesn’t start up, then when I try to put it in test mode after unplugging the dishwasher and holding on the the air dry and start cancel bottons, nothing happens at all, what do you think the problem might be?

  44. DIY Project Help Tips

    Frigidaire dishwasher displaying code i30 = Water leak or overflow in bottom drain pan.

    Frigidaire dishwasher displaying code i40 = Clogged filters or drain line plugs or pinches.

    Try a reset by pressing the High-Temp and Start-Cancel buttons on the dishwasher and hold them for about 10 seconds.


  45. My Frigidaire dishwasher was displaying code i30 and it is now displaying i40. It will not run and I have looked into it and there seems to be no issue. What should i do?

  46. DIY Project Help Tips

    Carlos Carias,
    Error code i20 on a Frigidaire dishwasher is a drain issue. Check drain pump and hose for clogs.
    There is a PLUG in the side of the garbage disposal that is intact (when you install a new disposal). This KNOCKOUT PLUG needs to be REMOVED if you are going to be using a dishwasher in conjunction with the dishwasher so the drain water can enter and drain from the dishwasher.

  47. Carlos carias

    My Frigidaire dishwasher is showing error code i20. Drain is attached to a food disposer. Can you tell me what do you mean by “knockout plug has been removed”?
    Thank you

  48. DIY Project Help Tips

    Teace Speer,
    Press the heat dry and start/cancel pads for 5 seconds. The dishwasher should begin to go through a test cycle. If you do this, does anything happen.. Power comes back? Dishwasher begins test cycle?
    When all the lights flash it may indicate a power failure.
    Has the power gone out recently?
    You flipped the breaker ON/OFF, have you tried looking at the dishwasher outlet to be sure the GFCI has not reset?
    If nothing happens still, you may have a fuse on the board that is bad or the main control board is bad.

  49. All the lights on my dishwasher were blinking and the code on the screen read “00” so I turned off the power at the breaker for 5 minutes. Since I flipped the breaker back on, the dishwasher won’t respond at all. The panel is completely dark and it won’t turn on at all.

  50. DIY Project Help Tips

    Barbara West,
    Frigidaire dishwasher manual says UO error code is vent assembly error.
    Check the wiring and connections first.
    If the wiring and connections are okay, then you should replace the vent assembly.
    If that did not solve the problem, then you need to replace the main control board.

  51. Trying to repair error code “UO” on Frigidaire dishwasher as can’t afford repairman. I am 78 yrs old and need simple directions for repair. Thank you.

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