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Need to delete an APP from your Vizio TV? If you need help deleting an app (widget) from your Vizio Smart TV, we will show you how to delete it. Why delete an APP from your Vizio TV? Many times you will have too many apps installed on your VIZIO Smart TV, or the APP you are using is no longer working, no longer valid, or needs to be reinstalled.

How To Delete An APP From A VIZIO SMART TVHow To Delete An APP From A VIZIO SMART TV

PLEASE NOTE: Before you begin following the directions for removing an app from your Vizio TV, please note that there are 2 methods provided below and each are for a different TV and remote model. One is using the VIA and one is the VIA PLUS. Please be sure you are following the correct method to delete the app.


1 – First, press the “VIA” button on your VIZIO TV remote control.
2 – All apps installed on your Vizio TV will be shown at the bottom of the screen.
3 – Scroll to the App and highlight it using the left and right arrow buttons on the remote.
4 – Press the Yellow button on your VIZIO TV remote control.
5 – Use the arrow keys if needed and highlight “Delete App” then press OK.
(The Vizio TV will show you a warning message… “Are you sure you want to delete this bookmark…”)
6 – Scroll if needed and highlight the word YES, then Delete and then press OK.

VIZIO Remote - How to delete app from tv - Use VIA buttonVIZIO Remote – How to delete app from TV – Use VIA button

If the app still appears at the bottom of your Vizio TV screen after deleting it, scroll to the app that was not functioning, then press the OK button. Your Vizio TV will give you the option on the bottom to Install or Reinstall the app. You can then use down arrow to select the app and press OK. If needed, press the “VIA” button on the VIZIO remote to get back to the app selection.

Once you delete the APP, you can use the right and left arrow keys on your VIZIO TV remote control and select the “Connected TV Store” to find more apps or reinstall the one that needed to be removed for whatever reason.


1 – First, press the “VIA” button 2x (2 times) on your VIZIO TV remote control, this will give you access to the full applications menu screen.
2 – Use the arrow keys on the VIZIO TV remote and select the app you would like to delete from your TV.
3 – Press & hold the “OK” key.
(The message box will show and give you the option to either move or delete the app.)
4 – Press the “OK” button on your VIZIO TV remote control to delete the app.
5 – Use the left and right arrow keys on your VIZIO TV remote control to select the “delete” option.
(It may take a moment to delete the app, give it some time to be deleted.)

VIZIO Remote - How to delete app from tv - Use VIA PLUS buttonVIZIO Remote – How to delete app from TV – Use VIA PLUS button

Once you have the app deleted, you may want to install one of the most popular apps on your VIZIO TV. The popular apps you can install to your VIZIO TV are Amazon Video, PLEX, HBO GO, the iPhone Vizio TV app, the android app for the VIZIO TV phone remote, and of course Netflix and HULU which are pre-installed. If you need some help installing or adding an app to your VIZIO TV, see below…

VIZIO android remote control appVIZIO Android Remote Control APP


The VIZIO’s VIA and VIA+ TV’s use the Yahoo platform for apps.
In order to add an application to your VIZIO TV use the “VIA” or “VIA+” buttons to go into the “APP STORE”
Press the “VIA” key on your VIZIO TV remote control.
Move the arrows to the “Yahoo Connected Store” for VIA TV’s or the “App Store” for VIA+ TV’s.
Once you get to the app store, press the “OK” key to select.
This launches the “Store app”.
You can then search the complete store for the app you need and select it to install it.

NOTE: Using your Vizio Smart TV with APPS for streaming media is a much more economical way instead of using a ROKU, APPLE TV, AMAZON FIRE TV, or NVIDIA TV streaming boxes.

Vizio smart TVs have just about every APP you need such as NETFLIX, HULU, or AMAZON TV, and are all available to be downloaded from the internet using the “Connected TV Store” or the “Yahoo Connected Store”. Use your Vizio TV to stream your favorite media instead of using a separate media streaming box.

If the Vizio TV app store or TV is not performing well, try going into the menu and looking for a new firmware update. A new firmware update may fix your VIZIO TV if you have problems using the apps or issues with using the menu.

If you want to connect your phone or tablet to your VIZIO TV, there are a few ways to do it, check the video below…


If you need remote codes for your VIZIO TV, here is a good reference site to find the correct remote control codes to use with a universal remote with a VIZIO TV. Check the site linked as your VIZIO TV may need 3, 4, or 5 digit remote codes to control ALL features of your TV.

Need help with your Vizio TV? Please leave your question below and we will be happy to assist you.

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12 thoughts on “How To Delete APPS From A VIZIO SMART TV”

  1. I have tried both methods of removal on this Vizio tv . They removed the app. When I went to reinstall the app it reloaded the same old app. I was trying to update the app to my app profile. This tv is very confusing ROKU was so much easier!

  2. I have a Vizio M65-E0 the remote does not have a VIA or yellow button. I want to delete an app but cannot find any instructions

  3. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Since you have a different TV remote for your VIZIO TV…

    Go to your TV screen.
    Click on the Smart Hub Button on the remote.
    Select the app icon.
    Than – Navigate to my app
    Click the app you want to delete and hold the center of the navigation pad until the app menu appears.
    Click on the delete button.
    A window will appear which will tell you to delete the app



    My Vizio remote does not have a VIA button or a yellow button, so how can I delete apps off my Vizio tv?

  5. The remote that came with my Vizio M series Quantum 55 inch TV has a house logo where the V logo is. I followed both procedures to delete an app but it does not work. How do I delete an app from my TV. There are so many and I don’t use but a couple. And why are there so many apps installed? On my remote there are six buttons… VUDU Netflix Prime video Xumo hulu redbox, on my TV there are something like 30 apps.

  6. I cannot view movies on my VUDU app on the Smartcast mode.
    My remote does not look like the ones shown.
    Can someone please assist me in deleting an app.
    I was told I need to delete the app then reinstall it.

  7. I am unable to use either option to delete apps on my Vizio smart tv. Is there another way to delete them? I don’t have yellow shortcut button on my remote and when I tried to push the VIA button 2x’s it still did not give me the option to delete an app! Can someone please help.

  8. I have a Vizio E60-C3. Can I install Chromecast to stream Direct TV streaming directly to it or is the TV already compatible to stream Direct TV with a pre-installed app?

  9. I have a vizio tv and I have been removed as the administrator and made a quest and and would like to remove the via streaming and apps from my tv so that I can watch it again and it will work like it should please is there a code I can use to do this please my tv is watching my every move and i its a jealous ex that put this on my tv.please help. Please email my friend so I may learn more on how to remove please

  10. hello
    thanks for information on website
    i’ve vizio d65u-d2 is any possibility to install different system or installing software like kodi or VLC ??
    can i use usb for linux connection? if not can i unlock usb port to get access??
    thank you

  11. I viewed your tutorial on fixing issues with apps, it didn’t work on my particular Vizio TV. I have a Vizio D48 DO Smart TV. On this TV I had been watching amazon instant video having an Amazon Prime membership with no viewing issues. There wasn’t any problem using TV app until last week. I have uninstalled the amazon app and reinstalled following advice offered here as well as checking for solutions online…..nothing has worked. When I attempt to view the Amazon app what loads looks like Amazon with “watch next” box and under that “included with Recommended TV” but no content, no movie titles load. Try to scroll nothing happens, appears like it is frozen. Trying to reach anyone either through Amazon or Vizio is just about impossible. Please advise and thank you.

  12. I have a Vizio E50-E3 TV. I also have Amazon Prime. I cannot use because I do not know how to get the Amazon app on the TV. Please help!!

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