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How To Fix Water Filling Into Front Load Washing Machine Drum After Wash Cycle

When I do a wash in my front loader washer, after the cycle is finished the washing machine has a small amount of smelly water at the bottom. The water does not enter the drum immediately after completing the wash cycle. It takes maybe 20 minutes until water appears in the drum after the wash completes. What can cause this and how do I repair this?

Water In Front Load Washing Machine After Wash LoadWhy Does Water Fill Washer Drum After Wash Cycle?

The reason stinky water may slowly come into your front loader washer drum after a wash cycle is because of a drain line blockage, drain pump problem, or filter issue. When there is a blockage in the pump, drain line, or the filter, the drained water may be trapped in the line and slowly back flow into the drum causing it to fill with smelly water.


How To Repair A Washer That Fills With Water After Wash Cycle?

Most front load washers have a filter at the bottom. After the washer has completed its wash cycle, the water that drains out passes through a filter before it gets pumped out by the drain pump. If there are items left in the pockets of jeans or similar situations, the filter collects the miscellaneous objects in the water that is draining so the drain pump does not get damaged.

If this filter or the drain line gets clogged, the smelly drain water may back flow into the washer drum. To clean this filter, continue reading below… (To remove water from the washer drum, simply run a quick spin cycle, this should get the water to drain out of the washer drum.)

Front Loader Washer DiagramFront Loader Washer Filter Diagram

Clean and inspect the filter on your front load washer. It should be located at the bottom of the washer at the front. Lay towels under the filter area, remove the filter, (water will come out when the filter is removed) clean it out, inspect it for any type of damage, inspect inside the filter housing assembly for any types of blockage, then reinstall the filter.

How to Remove and Clean the Pump Filter in your Washing Machine

Run a test wash to see if the issue of water entering the drum still occurs. (If you cannot take the filter out, consult the washer service manual or read here for HOW TO REMOVE/CLEAN A FRONT LOAD WASHER FILTER)

If the washer is working after cleaning the filter, the washer is fixed. If the washer still fills with water after a wash cycle, you will need to check the drain line and or drain pump. How to do this is below…

The next step is to check the drain line for blockages or clogs. Unplug the washer from power or flip the breaker to kill power to the washing machine. Remove the bottom front panel to access the filter housing/drain line/drain pump. On most front loading washers, there will be 2 screws holding the bottom panel on the washer. Remove these 2 screws. Remove the panel.

Use a flashlight and find the water drain line that goes to and from the filter. (Get a bucket as water will be in the water lines) There may be a clip holding the drain line to the filter. Remove the clip and check the inside of the drain line for clogs. Do this for the water lines that go to the drain pump also. Check the inside of the lines for any type of blockage.

Check the water lines going to the filter and the drain pump. When you have the water lines removed, check in the filter assembly and the drain pump assembly for any objects that can cause a blockage. If a clog or any type of foreign objects is found remove them and clean the area.

Remove all items jamming up the draining system. Chances are you will find coins, small socks, lint, hair, pins, jewelry, paper or another objects that is in the lines or are jammed in the openings of the pump or the filter. Once the blockage has been removed and the lines are clean, not bent, and no damage is found, the water lines and clips can be put back together.

Put all the water lines back into place using the included clips. Reinstall the bottom front panel on the washer. Reinstall the clean filter at the bottom of the washer. Plug the washer back into power.

Once everything is put together, run a quick test wash to be sure the water is not entering the wash drum. If you removed any type of clog or large blockage, the washer should be fixed and work like new.

NOTE: If water is entering the washer when it is OFF or any other time water should NOT be entering the drum. You may have an issue with the Washer Water Inlet Valve. This valve contains solenoids. If the solenoids fail, they will let water into the washer drum whether the washer is ON or OFF. Here is where to get a Front Loader Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve if you suspect the valve to be faulty.

Front Load Washing Machine Water Inlet ValvesFront Load Washing Machine Water Inlet Valves

Now you know what to check if this happens again in the future. Remember to ALWAYS unplug the washer before doing any type of troubleshooting or maintenance on your washer.

If you have any questions about water entering your washing machine, please leave your model number below with the exact issue you are having and we will research this and assist you with your washer problem.

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