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How To Fix A TV Remote Control Not Working? 6 Easy Steps

The most common issue with a remote control is the remote is NOT working with the TV. Whether you are using the remote that came with your TV or a universal remote you bought to control many devices, the issues can be remotes not responding and unresponsive remote controls. This troubleshooting guide will assist you in fixing common issues with your remote controls.

How To Fix A TV Remote Control Not WorkingHow To Fix A TV Remote Control Not Working

The information below will help fix a TV, cable box, blu-ray player, DVD player, ROKU, satellite receiver, Amazon TV box, and audio receiver remote controls.

1. Are you using the correct remote control?
Make sure the remote you are using is the correct remote for your TV or other device. For example, if your TV is a Samsung, make sure you are using the Samsung TV remote.

2. Have the batteries been replaced lately?
The batteries in your remote control may be low. If you are having problems with your remote changing the batteries should be the first thing you do. Low or dead batteries in a remote control will make it seem like the remote is faulty and not control the volume or any change channels.

How to replace the batteries in your remote control
Open the back cover of the remote control
Remove the 2 dead batteries causing the issues with the remote
Replace the batteries with 2 new AA or AAA batteries
Place the cover back over the batteries
Test the remote to assure it is working
NOTE: On some remote controls replacing the batteries will reset the remote.

3. Is there something in the room blocking the remote beam?
Items in the room blocking the remote control IR beam to the TV or other device will cause the remote to not function properly. Move items away that are in between you and the TV or other device. Make sure there is a clear path between you and the TV or other audio video device you are using. The remote needs to be aimed directly at the TV or device you are using. Point the remote control at the remote sensor on the device you are trying to control.

4. Have you mistakenly pressed the wrong button on the remote?
For example, if you are controlling a cable box with your cable remote, be sure you have not pressed the wrong button at the top of the remote. Most remotes are programmed to work with the TV and the cable box or whatever setup you have. If you are controlling the cable box but you have pressed the TV button on the remote, simply press the CABLE button on the top of the remote to switch the remote back to control the cable box. Experiment with the top INPUT buttons on the remote to get the remote working again.

5. Did the remote somehow erase the programmed memory?
Most cable or satellite remote controls are programmed to work with your setup. Sometimes replacing the batteries can erase the programmed memory. In this case, the remote will need to be reprogrammed. Find the cable or sat TV providers programing pages. You will need to find the remote control codes for your specific TV, CABLE, or SAT box to teach your remote to control each device you have. Find remote control codes here to help you to program your remote control. Cox, DIRECTV, XFINITY, and DISH remote programming can be found below…

COX remote control programming help

DIRECTV remote control programming help

XFINITY remote control programming help

DISH remote control programming help

Many remotes have buttons to select the desired input so you will need to push the corresponding audio or video button for the input to work.
Some DirecTV remotes come with switches so you need to be sure the switch is in the correct position.
The remote may be setup correctly however it may not be able to control the device. In this case, the remote may need to be programmed to your cable or sat provider.

3 popular remote controls are shown below, to change TV input and other functions use the BUTTONS EXPLAINED illustrations to know what each function of the button or key does.

DIRECTV remote buttons explainedDIRECTV remote buttons explained


DISH remote buttons explainedDISH remote buttons explained


XFINITY and COX remote buttons explainedXFINITY and COX remote buttons explained

Have You Tried Using The Original Remote Control That Came With Your Device?
If the CAB or SAT remote does not work to control your TV, audio system, or DISC player, try using the remote control that was supplied with the audio or video device you are attempting to control. The original remote that is supplied with each audio or video device will be pre-programmed and control the device. You can temporarily use the original remote until you get the SAT or CAB remote working properly again.

If a universal remote control has rechargeable batteries and sits in a cradle to recharge, be sure that it has sat in the cradle long enough to fully recharge. Be sure the cradle is plugged into an outlet. If the remote control does not recharge, it may require a new rechargeable lithium battery.

6. Has the remote control been dropped or damaged?
If the above remote control troubleshooting guide has not fixed your remote control, the remote may be damaged. If the remote has been dropped or thrown, it might be broken. You can replace your exact remote control easily. Go online and type in the model number of your broken remote control. You can purchase any type of remote control even if it is from your cable or satellite company.

How to Fix Any TV Remote Not Working – Not Responsive

If the above steps to fix your remote control did not solve your issue, please leave a comment below with the issue you are having and the remote control model number and we can assist.

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2 thoughts on “How To Fix A TV Remote Control Not Working? 6 Easy Steps”

  1. I think the TV’s remote function has failed, not both of the remotes. The TV remote no longer turns the TV on/off or adjusts volume or selects the input source. The Shaw cable box remote works fine with the cable box, but no longer affects the TV’s volume.

    The TV is an RCA model RLDED3258A-E.

  2. Sometimes, when batteries have been in the remote control for a while, I find that the remote is not working. I open up the back and, without taking the batteries out, I give them a twiddle, so that they move a little side to side. I’ve done it a couple of times recently, which reminds me that I must get some new batteries!

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