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Dyson Cordless Vacuum Not Working – How To Fix Troubleshooting Guide

Dyson Vacuum Not Working! Were you using your Dyson vacuum and it suddenly stopped working? Do you have Dyson model V6, V7, V8, V10, V11 or higher? Are the lights flashing Blue, Amber, or Red? Has the Dyson lost suction power? Did the brush tool stop spinning? Has the motor overheated? Is the dustbin past the MAX line? Is the battery hot? Did a part break off? Here are generalized tips and tricks to fix a Dyson cordless vacuum.

Dyson Vacuum Troubleshooting - Tips and TricksDyson Vacuum Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

Dyson Vacuum Troubleshooting

Common problems and solutions for Dyson Cordless Vacuums

Vacuum Suction Has Decreased – Dust Bin Is FULL
If the bin gets too full of dirt and debris, the suction power will become reduced. While cleaning the suction is reduced or the vacuum stops working the bin may be full. Empty the bin when it reaches the MAX marker line.

Dyson Vacuum Suction Has Decreased - The Dust Bin May Be FULL - Empty The BinDyson Vacuum Suction Decreased – Dustbin May Be FULL

How To Clean A Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Device Overheating – Max Mode Overused
When the vacuum is used on MAX SUCTION MODE the battery is drained faster. The motor may get hot and the amber Dyson LED light will flash which indicates the vacuum needs some time to cool down before charging. Wait a few minutes and then put the vacuum back on the charger to allow the battery to charge.

Dyson Vacuum - MAX SUCTION MODE can drain the battery fasterDyson MAX SUCTION drains battery faster

Vacuum Not Working Caused By Dust Blockage
Check all areas of the vacuum for a blockage. Check the brushbar, is it wrapped with hair and debris? Clean it. Is the tube that connects the motor to the brush bar clogged with something? Take apart and check. If a clog is found, remove it and resume cleaning.

Dyson Vacuum - Check the brushbar - Clean if wrapped with hair and debrisDyson Vacuum – Check/Clean Brush Bar

Dyson Vacuum - Check all areas of the vacuum for a blockageDyson Vacuum – Check vacuum for blockage

Dyson Cordless Vac - A clogged tube may cause the vacuum to stop working - clean tubeClogged tube can stop vac from working

Dyson Vacuum - To refasten the padlock tighten the lock marked with a padlockPadlock May Be Loose – Tighten The Lock

Filter(s) On Dyson Vacuum Clogged
If a filter on your Dyson vacuum gets clogged because it was not cleaned regularly, this can cause the vac to not run. Be sure all filters on your vacuum are clean and free of debris. Wash the filters, let air dry, and reinstall once the filter is 100% dry. Be sure the vacuum is charged and test it to be sure it is working. If not, be sure the filters are installed properly.

If the Dyson vacuum filter is cleaned and washed and then put back into the vacuum still wet, this can trip the moisture sensor and cause the vacuum to not function. If this is your case, take the filter out of the vacuum and wait up to 72 hours before you attempt to charge or use your vacuum. Always allow the filters to be completely dry before inserting it into the vacuum after cleaning the filter.

DYSON Vacuum - Filter Location and LED LightDyson Filter Location & LED Light – Clean Filters

Dyson Vacuum Shows LED Lights – What Do They Mean?

Blue Light Flashing
The Dyson vacuum battery is getting low. Empty the bin and put the vacuum back on the charger.

Blue Light Flashes Quickly
This light may indicate there is no power or a possible temporary error that can include a dirt or debris block somewhere in the filter or attachments. Take the vacuum apart and clean out all filters and any area where a blockage may occur. (See images on this page to show where to clean the vacuum)

Amber Light Shows
This light can indicate the machine is overheating or working in cold temperatures. Give the vacuum some time too either cool down or bring the vacuum into an area with higher temperatures. Attach the vacuum to the charger and let the battery fully charge. Test the vacuum after some time and see if it turns on. If not, let it sit longer on the charger and test it at a later time.

Red Light Flashing
This light indicates an actual problem with the vacuum itself. Call the Dyson support line at 1 (844) 679-1647.

DYSON Vacuum - LED Light When ChargingDYSON Vacuum – LED Light When Charging

DYSON Vacuum - LED Light When In UseDYSON Vacuum – LED Light When In Use

If your Dyson has stopped working try to reset…
1. Clean the vacuum in every area to remove blockages or dirt build up issues.
2. Unplug the charger with the vacuum not connected.
3. Plug the charger back into the power outlet.
4. Replace vacuum into the charger.
5. Press down the start button for 20 seconds.
6. Remove the vacuum from the charger and see if the vac functions properly.

My Dyson is Pulsating
When the vacuum detects obstructions it cuts off airflow. Deep carpet can be restricting airflow. It will stop momentarily, and will resume vacuuming. If you are still vacuuming on the carpet, it appears to be “pulsating”. You can remedy this by opening the gate on the head unit/brush and move the red switch to the – sign. Also, there might be a clog if this happens. The small little flapper in the dustbin may be clogged. Take off the wand from where it attaches to the dirt chamber and you may find a clog in this area or the small flapper is jammed closed. Take it apart and clean all obstructions. This should fix the pulsating issue.

MORE TIPS: If the vacuum still does not work, be sure to check all parts of the vacuum. The long tube that connects the motor to the spin bar may have a dust/dirt blockage so check and clean ALL parts of the vacuum before contacting support. Most of the time, a simple dirt or dust blockage, will cause the vacuum to stop. So cleaning the vacuum 100% is the best way to get the vacuum working again.

How To Check Your Dyson Cordless Vacuum For Blockages

Dyson Vac - The tube that connects the motor to the brush bar may be cloggedThe tube that connects motor to the brush bar may be clogged

If this page did not help you, see below for the official Dyson support page and help-line phone number.

Official Dyson Support for all Dyson Cordless Vacuums
Call Dyson for additional help: 1-844-679-1647 | US: 1-866-693-9766 | AU: 1800 239 766 | NZ: 0800 397 667 | UK: 0800-298-0298 | CA: 1-877-397-6622

If you have any tips or tricks to fix or reset a cordless Dyson vacuum, please let us know by using the comment form below. We would appreciate any helpful information as this page will be updated regularly to show new ways and new issues to fix and repair cordless vacuums.

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  1. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Sharon Murphy,
    For a Dyson that has a blue light illuminated but not working, it could be that the battery is faulty or a temporary too hot or too cold issue.
    See this page for how to fix a Dyson with a flashing light or does not come on. Dyson flashing lights help fix

  2. Sharon Murphy

    Dyson vac was plugged in and the light is blue but when I try to vacuum it does not come on

  3. Dyson V10 does not function long after I cleaned the filter.
    The motor keeps flashing white filter block light even without the tube connected.
    The motor works briefly then stops and flashes.

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