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Water Is Not Cold From Refrigerator Dispenser – How To Fix

Refrigerator water is warm. The water from the refrigerator dispenser is room temperature. How do I make it colder? Water dispenser water is not cold like it used to be.

Water Is Not Cold From Refrigerator DispenserHow to get cold water from refrigerator

The water from the refrigerator dispenser is held inside a water reserve tank. If this tank is depleted, no cold water will dispense. At times the water comes out at room temperature if this happens. We’ll discuss why you may be getting warm water from the fridge water dispenser and what you can do to fix it.

Water Is Not Cold From Refrigerator Dispenser

First be sure the refrigerator has been plugged in for at least 4 hours to let all the components work. If the refrigerator water dispenser produces warm water or room temp water, then something is wrong or not set correctly.

  • Make sure the control panel setting on the fridge is not set to ROOM TEMP WATER. If the water should be dispensing cold but is not, here are the most common reasons why.
  • Water Is Not Cold From Refrigerator Dispenser, if the reservoir in the fridge runs out of reserved water, it will dispense warm room temp water as all of the water from the cool water reservoir is depleted, give it time to fill back up.
  • The temperature in the freezer/refrigerator may not be set correctly, recheck temp setting so the fridge is cold and you get cold water from the dispenser.
  • Make sure the fridge is connected to a cold water supply and not hot water supply, the refrigerator should always be connected to a cold water supply.
  • Give the refrigerator time to get back to temperature and chill the water.
  • Run 3 glasses of water through the water dispenser and check if the 2nd and 3rd are colder.
  • Water in the water hose between the water tank and your refrigerator’s water dispenser may be warm. If you just installed the water connection you will need to wait a few hours before it can be used. On average, connections cool within a couple of hours.
  • If you just installed the water connection to the refrigerator, you will need to wait a couple hours before it can be used. On average connections cool within 2-3 hrs depending on temperature settings.
  • Allow 30 minutes for the refrigerator water supply to cool if you have recently dispensed a large amount of water.
  • The first glass of water may not be cold if water not been dispensed recently.
  • Wait 24 hours after installation for the water supply to completely cool if the fridge is a new install.
  • The water dispensed from a refrigerator’s water dispenser should be consistent in temperature with the food/drinks stored in that same refrigerator compartment.

Some older refrigerator models had large reservoirs for water that allow more water to stay in the system inside the refrigerator which keeping it colder.

Newer refrigerator models can have only 8oz kept in the lines at any given time. After the water is dispensed, the water is coming out of the wall, running through the tubing, filter, and dispenser into your cup, and not being chilled.

Try emptying the ice tray and let it make ice and sometimes water will return cold from the water dispenser.

If you have changed the refrigerator water filter and water comes out warmer, you may have pushed the refrigerator back too far after replacing the filter and constricted the water line.

This can make it so the water reservoir cannot keep up with the cold water demand from the dispenser.

Pushing the refrigerator too far back against the wall may raise the temperature behind the fridge, which can make the water coming out much warmer. Try sliding the refrigerator out a few inches to allow for better airflow.

If all else fails, and the refrigerator water dispenser is not working, the main board may be faulty and not letting the water col down, you will have to troubleshoot the issue.

How to fix your refrigerator’s water dispenser

Need help with figuring out why your refrigerator is dispensing warm water? Ask your question below ad we can assist!

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8 thoughts on “Water Is Not Cold From Refrigerator Dispenser – How To Fix”

  1. You state:
    Make sure the control panel setting on the fridge is not set to ROOM TEMP WATER.

    I have a Whirlpool refrigerator and have looked for (but cannot find) a control panel setting that sets the temperature of the water from the dispenser.

    How do I get to this setting?

  2. Christopher Overbeck

    Hi. The water coming out of my fridge is all of a sudden warm, almost hot. The fridge is barely a year old and we’ve never had this problem before. What can I do? Thanks!

  3. My Frigidaire model JBCD-22 is dispensing very HOT WATER at first, but turns cold after a few secs. It has only started doing this recently and It’s only 2 years old. Not sure what would cause this. Does not appear to be related to issues mentioned in the article.

  4. My water dispenser has never produced cold water from the day it was plumbed in. I get water readily but it is warm/room temperature, i get ice. It is connected to a cold water line.

  5. My LG door to door fridge is dispensing water at room temperature. We changed the water filter this morning however the fridge position has not moved.
    saying that the temperature here has been over 32+ deg C for the last few days

  6. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Kathy Diddock,
    If your LG refrigerator model lmxs286265/04 is only 9 months old and the water dispenser is malfunctioning, YES, call repair but go to LG website to claim a warranty repair.
    Here is the LG support and warranty site to find help and get your fridge repaired. – LG Support/Warranty Repair Help
    If that leads to endless emails, then call the LG number at (800) 243-0000 and let them know your model number and they will look up your refrigerator and see it is only 9 months old and they WILL help you get it fixed.
    They may send someone out to diagnose the issue or they will send you a repair kit with instructions on how to fix the water dispensing issue.
    Hope this helps!

  7. I have a LG refrigerator the model is lmxs286265/04.
    The refrigerator has just started dispensing warm water from the water dispenser.
    The fridge is only 9 months old, do I call repair for it?
    If we take water out at 3am it is still warm and nothing in the house has changed.

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