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LOGIK Washing Machine Error Codes – How To Clear

Here is a list of washer error codes for Logik Washing Machines. If you cannot find your error code below, go to the bottom of the page and ask us. We will be happy to assist you with your washing machine error code and can help you to troubleshoot your specific washing machine issue. If your washer error code is found below, this error list will tell you what part is faulty or has failed. This list is based on the washing machine manufacturers list of error codes. NOTE: There are different model numbers that correspond with the error codes below, make sure the washer error code applies to your washer model number before doing any repairs.

LOGIK Washing Machine Error CodesLOGIK Washing Machine Error Codes

Logik Washing Machine Error 02:
Error Code Definition: The water level in your machine is below the heater. The pressure of your water may be too low.

Logik Washing Machine Error 03:
Error Code Definition: The pump had failed or the pump is obstructed.

Logik Washing Machine Error 05:
Error Code Definition: The heater or heat sensor has failed.

Logik Washing Machine Error 06:
Error Code Definition: The motor has failed.

More Logik Washer Error Codes with “How To Clear & What To Check To Fix”…

Logik Washing Machine Error 10: “E10”
Error Code Definition: Water drain time out or failure
The washing machine has failed to drain the water in allotted time (6 minutes).
How To Clear Error Code:
-Check that filter is not blocked or kinked
-Check drain hose is clear of blockage or kinks
-Check wires to drain pump
-Check drain pump is not faulty
-Check level sensor and switch
-Check wires to level sensor

Logik Washing Machine Error 12: “E12”
Error Code Definition: Washing machine has detected overfill.
This error code can be caused by oversudsing from overloading or by adding too much detergent.
The pressure sensor will read that there is too much water in the washer.
How To Clear Error Code:
-Check for sudsing
-Check the air chamber & the pressure switch hose
-Check water level sensor
-Check the wiring to water pressure sensor
-Check connections to water level sensor
-Check main electronic control board

Logik Washing Machine Error 21: “E21”
Error Code Definition: Washer has not drained in allotted / time washer not draining.
How To Clear Error Code:
-Check that filter is not blocked or kinked
-Check drain hose is clear of any blockage or kinked
-Check wires to drain pump
-Check drain pump is not faulty
-Check level sensor and switch
-Check wires to level sensor

Logik Washing Machine Error 30: “E30”
Error Code Definition: Washer door lock not operational operate and or not responding.
Error with the door safety lock switch or interlock prevent operation.
How To Clear Error Code:
-Check that door is closed and shut properly
-Check wires to door switch
-Check door lock for faults

Logik Washing Machine Error 30: “E60”
Error Code Definition: Washer motor failure or fault.
Washers main drive motor circuit error.
How To Clear Error Code:
-Check motor connection block
-Check motor carbon brushes to see if worn
-Check wires
-Check tachometer connections
-Check motor for other faults

Logik Washing Machine Error 61: “E61”
Error Code Definition: Motor tachometer generator fail.
Error on the washers main drive motor circuit in connection with overheat protector in the motor.
How To Clear Error Code:
-Check motor connection block
-Check motor carbon brushes for wear
-Check wiring
-Check tachometer connections
-Check motor for other faults

LOGIK washing machine spare parts - Replacement PartsLOGIK washing machine spare parts – Replacement Parts

Need help with your Logik Washing Machine and Error Codes? Please leave your question below and we will be happy to assist.

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79 thoughts on “LOGIK Washing Machine Error Codes – How To Clear”

  1. L814wms17 – new WM digital display shows 2.00 can we zero this out? & when trying to cotton 60 & 40 they show 3.49 – surely this is too long.

  2. Phillip Webber

    I have a Logik L92WM16 washing machine. It is displaying E01. I think this is door not closed. I have open and closed it a couple of times to make sure it is closed. I keep getting the same code. Is it something else ?

    1. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

      Phillip Webber,
      Logik L92WM16 washing machine displaying E01.
      This E01 code is not in the database but MAY be a door lock issue.
      Troubleshoot the washer to see if the door lock is faulty.

  3. Logik Washer – No matter what I do, the display is showing “end” and just the pump is working. No program can be chosen and nothing is happening.

  4. I have a Logik washing machine that is displaying an E12 error problem.
    It works on the 15 min program but nothing else.
    I am prepared to give it a go if you could tell me what to do.

    1. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

      Linda Beaton,

      Logik Washing Machine Error 12 or E12
      THIS ERROR MEANS: The washer detected an overfill (too much water/soap)
      CAUSE: Too much detergent is used and the soap over suds (Extra sudsy water creates pressure on sensor and shows the E12 error)
      The washer thinks there is too much water in the washer.

      REDUCE the amount of detergent OR use a different type of detergent.

      If this does not solve the issue, let us know and we will assist further.

  5. I have a logik l612wm15. The machine has stopped working i think it may be a motor fault as it just stopped suddenly. The light beside 60 degrees and 40 degrees are both on when it fails to start up which i assume is an error message however i dont know what it means

  6. My Logik W/Machine L612WM16 the programme times are all incorrect when I select them. For example if I choose the cotton cycle, the time comes up as a 1 minute wash. All but two of the cycles do this, some like the Express wash which should be 15 mins comes up as 3hours. The only two I can use is the Sports and Favourite cycles. Sports comes up as 15 minutes and Favourites as 34 minutes and they are the only two that work. I thought about trying to clear the Favourite cycle but cannot seem to find out how to do this as yet. Any advice would be appreciated.

  7. I have Logic L612WM15. It flashes on 60 and 40 degrees or wash rinse cycle lights. it simply won’t run and gives these errors. Does anyone knows whats the issue, Please let us know. Thanks

  8. Hi i cant open my washine machine door error code has come on now i cant open the door at all its stuck with washine in it surely there must be a way of gettin the clothes out even if there is an error code

  9. error code E62 keeps coming up every 2 minutes during cycle and I have to press start to get it working again (every 2 mins) why is this happening and how can I fix it?

    1. vagner constancio

      LOGIK Washing machine – Error code E30 AFTER E62 keeps coming up every 2 minutes during cycle.
      I have to press start to get it working again (every 2 mins).
      Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

  10. Our logik washing machine says it has 22mins left but has been on for hours. When you try switching it off at the wall and turning back on it just carries on. Do you have any idea of how to stop the wash/reset?

  11. 8kg Logic Washer Model LIW814W15
    Washes to last 12 minutes then stays on a loop – no final spin.
    I have switched off – not from the mains – and put on spin only programme and same problem.
    No error code showing.
    Any suggestions?

  12. Hi I have a logik LIW814W15 Washing machine and it not doing anything, it turns on but it doesn’t do anything, no mater what setting you put it on. The timer comes up as if to say it’s starting a cycle but that’s it just makes a groaning noise, doesn’t spin and doesn’t fill with water etc

  13. Steven Emsley

    Logik L612WM13 Washing Machine. “E30” error code displayed=(door lock not operational or not responding). Removed door lock and identified 3 terminals L, N and C. Applied 240v across L and N and used Digital MultiMeter across C and N whereby under lock conditions, 240V is read on DMM. On the machine also, door DOES lock as normal. There is a burn mark on the pcb “S3” spade connector (that has a black coloured connector block). The connector was loose fitting but is now a tight fit. Burn mark connects to thick GREY wire which connects pcb to the pressure switch. All capacitors are visually okay, no signs of burnt resistors, no holes in triacs, no other signs of burning on the the pcb. All relays desoldered and 12v DC applied across coils, contacts DO switch over according to my DMM. So what now? I am baffled. Could this be a faulty pressure switch, motor brushes worn down, mains filter failure,…I don’t know where to go next. No info online other than error code listings.

  14. Justin Baillie

    hi. L612WM16 model.
    was working fine. drainage pipe sliped off. i put it back. then too forever to fininh. now wont drain at all or function. lock sign is on. dounds like its trying to drain. i checked pipe again and its running though ok. so im stumped?

  15. My Logik L612WM13 wash machine stops in the middle of the programme it’s set on, and does the exact cycle forever, any hints on how could i reset it to default?

    1. Kellie Blackham

      Same problem did u get any answers as to why this is happening, some times it works fine other times it sticks on say 51 mins remaining a d just keeps slow spinning and draining over and over

  16. I have a Logik L612WMS13 washing machine
    And for some reason it will wash on a cycle but will not spin.
    Also will not spin on just a spin cycle or a rinse and spin.
    So basically it will not go into spin mode at all. But it is not showing any kind of error code.

    1. Steven Emsley

      This to me sounds like a heater problem. If your heating element is faulty and the program is waiting for the water to heat up to desired/programmed temp. Because the heater is faulty, water will NEVER reach temperature. So, the program will NOT progress forward until the water does. The program will therefore wait and wait and wait and wait….

  17. It showes 0:01 and is locked both child lock and wash lock with my clothes inside how do I unlock of fix this

    1. I have a red padlock come on as the short wash starts. Don’t think it is the child lock because I held the 3 second buttons down and another padlock came on which I think is the child lock? Washes ok.?

  18. Keep getting an error code e
    What is the problem
    Model L612wm13
    Taking 2 hours to do a wash ??

  19. hi ive got a L714wm12E and its been working fine for a while,it starts the program and only spins once then stops spinning when i start the wash,when i pause and restart the wash it only spins once again then stops again.there is no error code displayed.any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks

  20. After mine was repaired for a E4 error it started giving me a E8 error instead. Not sure, but it seems to be at the end or just after its finnished washing the dishes. ( E8 is not in the manual or anywhere I can find using google). The dishwasher is a “Logik LDW45W16N”.

  21. Hello, mine is coming up with a E15 error message, I cannot find this anywhere on any websites, please could you tell me what this is please.

    1. DIY Project Help Tips

      Amy Boyce,
      A Logik Washing Machine showing the E30 error/fault code indicates there is an object not letting the door shut or an issue with the door switch assembly.
      -Is the washer door shutting properly?
      -Is the washing machine door making contact with the door switch assembly?

      Can you tell us the model number of your Logik Washer?
      It should be located around the washer door frame on the washer itself.
      Open washer door and check for the model number decal.

  22. Fergus Robertson

    Hi, I have a Logik L612WM15 washing machine. It won’t start any cycle and the 60° and 40° lights flash simultaneously.
    Can anybody help?

  23. Julie mitchelson

    Hi Logik washing machine won’t start and the temperature buttons 60 and 40 are flashing..
    Does anyone know what’s wrong with it?

  24. We have a problem with our machine it’s showing e21 and we have done everything on the list but nothing seems to work please help!!

  25. My Logik Washer L612wm15 won’t work.
    It flashes on the 60 and 40 degrees or wash rinse cycle lights.

  26. Could someone advise please.
    We have had our Logic L612WM15 washing machine for approx. 18 months.
    Recently washing comes out unclean and it doesn’t seem to be heating up.
    I would have suspected some kind of heat sensor fault or element but there is no fault code.
    Do fault codes automatically display or is there some kind of key sequence to press to display them?

  27. Julian Vincent

    Hi, we have a Logik L712MW11 and are getting error code E8.

    Can you confirm what this means?


  28. Logic washing machine 033 possible error code stuck mid wash.
    Switched off at socket and back no display at all but still beeps!

  29. My Logik washing machine fills and the drum turns but it doesn’t do the final cycle of the wash.
    It doesn’t drain and then E3 comes on the digital screen with a high beeping.

    1. Steven Emsley

      Check your filter in the pump, (Bottom Right Front of machine) for coins, clips, hair or any debris no matter how small. Check drain hose for blockages and if connected to a U bend on the sink, check U bend for blockages. You WILL find you answer there.

    1. DIY Project Help Tips

      Leslie pledger,
      Motor error or failure
      The washing machine has detected an error on the washing machine’s main drive motor circuit.
      -Check motor connector block
      -Check motor carbon brushes where fitted
      -Check wiring
      -Check tacho connections
      -Check motor


  30. Dishwasher model: LDWTT13E
    DELAY PROBLEM: It shows H: and then the numbers varies from 0 to 24, i.e. H:0, H:1, H:2, H:3, H:4, and so on until H:24, then it start again with H:, and so on; It’s cyclical.
    Do you have an idea of what could be the problem?
    How can I stop this cyclical number in H:0?
    This happens when I close the door of the dishwasher.

  31. Getting error code e21 on LOGIK Washer.
    I have checked all the pipes and they are fine/clear.
    The pump is working fine as I have filled the washing machine with water then set it to drain only and the water is being pumped out with no problem.
    The problem is it is still trying to drain water when it is empty.

    1. DIY Project Help Tips

      LOGIK Washer Error Code E21 means SLOW DRAIN.
      This indicates there is something clogged in the filter or in the hose from the tub to the pump.
      Check these areas for anything blocking and remove them or clean.
      This should resolve the E21 error code.

  32. My Logic washing machine is not doing anything, the display is working fine but showing the lock sign with everything showing on display.
    There is no noise and the door is locked.

  33. My Logik washer/dryer model L614WD13 shows error code 13.
    Description just says dryer malfunction.
    Is this something i can sort myself?

    1. DIY Project Help Tips

      Julie obrien,
      Try checking that the dryer lint screen, dryer vent hose, and wall where heat expels are not blocked with lint.

    1. DIY Project Help Tips

      Emily Pickard,
      Logik Washing Machine Error Code E53 = Motor Error Sensing Communication Issue.
      There may be a communications error from the motor.
      Check motor to be sure all wire harnesses are secure.

  34. My brand new 8kg L814WM15 LOGIK washing machine will not commence its program after pressing the Power and Start buttons on Cotton intensive wash. A padlock is displayed adjacent to the 1.22 displayed on the LED display. A humming noise is heard. There is cold water supply and mains power. Please can you advise how I can get the machine to operate? I have opened and closed the front door a number of times, removed the transit bolts and put a little detergent in the dispenser, but nothing happens on all cycles tried?

    1. DIY Project Help Tips

      Colin mclelland,
      Logik Washing machine Error Code 21:
      Washer has not drained in time allowed.
      Washing machine fails to drain out water.

      Here is what to check:
      -Check that filter is not blocked
      -Check drain hose is clear of any blockage
      -Check wiring to drain pump
      -Check drain pump is not faulty
      -Check level sensor or switch
      -Check wiring to level sensor


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