Samsung Washing Machine Error Code Hr – How To Clear

Hr displays on Samsung Washer? If you are getting the Hr error code on your Samsung washer, this means the washer has a HEATER RELAY FAILURE. This error occurs when the washer has an issue with the main control board as the heater relay is a component on the control board. It is most commonly called: Heater Relay Fail. (The heater relay itself is soldered on the main PCB electronic circuit board, So, if it goes bad, usually the complete main PCB board needs replaced.) The information below will show you how to reset and or repair the Samsung washer to clear the Hr error code.

Samsung Washing Machine Error Code Hr – How To ClearSamsung Washing Machine Fault Code “hr” – “Hr” = HEATER RELAY

When your Samsung Washing Machine will not work and the control panel shows the error “Hr”… Do the following to fix the washer yourself…

1 – The first thing to do is unplug the Samsung washing machine for 10 minutes.
(Unplugging the washer is a means of attempting to RESET the main electronic control board by allowing the capacitors on the board to discharge as the HEATER RELAY is soldered to the main board)

2 – Plug the washer back into power after 10 minutes and run a test wash.
(If the fault/error code “Hr” shows on the Samsung display after removing and replacing power to the washer, go to the next step)

3 – Remove power from the washing machine and visually check the wiring connections and wire harnesses on the main control board.

4 – Check for a shorted out heater relay wire or other shorted wire(s). If you find a shorted wire, replace the wire.

5 – If still no go, remove and reconnect each wire harness (one at a time) on the main control board.
(Removing and reconnecting each wire on the main control board can be a way of finding a loose or damaged wire)
NOTE: When removing wire harnesses, be sure to do them one at a time (unplug then plug back in 1 by 1) so you do not reconnect a wire harness in a wrong position.

6 – After inspecting the main control board visually and disconnecting and reconnecting all wires, run another test wash.

7 – If you STILL keep getting the “hr” error code after attempting all the above solutions… Replace the main PCB electronic control board at back of washer.

Enter model number of washing machine to find partsFind Appliance Repair Parts By Model Number

If you choose to purchase a new Samsung washer main control board and install it yourself, here is a basic run down of what to expect:
The Samsung washer main control board on front loader washers is near the rear of the machine.
The main control board is in a plastic housing to protect it from water, dirt, etc.

Samsung Washing Machine Main PCB Control Board Replacement Video

How to remove the main control board in a Samsung front load washer:
Unplug the washer from power
Get to the main electronic control board by removing panels
Use a screwdriver and take the board mount screws out
Remove the front cover
Remove the control board
Replace the main PCB control board

Below are Samsung Washer Main PCB Electronic Control Boards.
Please check your model number to be sure you order the correct main electronic control board.

Samsung DC92-00288A Assembly PCB MAINSamsung DC92-00288A Assembly PCB MAIN Board

Samsung Washer Electronic Control Board DC92-00287ESamsung Washer Electronic Control Board DC92-00287E

Have a question about how to fix the “hr” error code on your Samsung washer? Please let us know below and we will assist you in troubleshooting the problem.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Washing Machine Error Code Hr – How To Clear”

  1. I have had this Hr code for some time.
    I purchased a replacement board and installed it.
    It worked for 6 months then came back.
    The part was under warranty so they sent me a new one.
    I installed it and I get the Hr code immediately.
    I’m returning this one and they will send me another one.
    Could it be just a poorly made board?
    Could there be some other issue that makes this code appear (a water issue)?

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