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How To Fix SUD Code On Samsung Washing Machines – “SUDS” Error

How to clear Samsung Washer SUD Error Code. Samsung washing machine “SUD” ERROR CODE = EXCESSIVE SOAP IN WASHER DRUM. If the SUD error displays on your Samsung washer, this is indicating the soap or detergent is excessive (too much soap!). Why does this error code mean and what can be done to fix this code? See the step-by-step methods below and find out how to fix this common “sud” code on most Samsung washers. Try a Samsung washer reset here…

SAMSUNG WASHER SUDS ERRORSUD or SUDS code = Excessive soap in washer drum

What Is The Samsung Washer SUD Error Code?

The SUD code simply means there are too many soap suds in the drum. Too much detergent or the wrong type of detergent was used. Basically, too much foam in the washer for it to run correctly. The washer will wait until it senses the suds have been reduced and then resume the wash cycle. This is sensed by a foaming control feature or foam level sensor.

What Can Cause The SUD Error Code?

– The detergent you are using is not made for HE washing machines. (wrong soap)
– You are using a larger excessive amount of detergent. (too much soap)
– The soap or detergent used is not a quality detergent. (no dollar store soaps)
– Non “HE” detergent usually has high sudsing properties and will cause excessive amounts of suds. (high sudsing)
– The washer foam level sensor has failed and showing the SUD error. (component failure)
– There is a clog in the lines or drain and causing the SUD code. (clogged lines)

How To Fix or Reset The SUD Error Code?

– Give the washer some time to let the SUDS reduce. Once reduced, the washer will continue washing.
– Run the washer empty and program a longer wash cycle with the hottest water temp setting to remove the SUDS.
– Be sure to follow the detergent manufacturer’s suggested amount of detergent.
– Switch to an approved HE washing machine detergent that works with your washer.
– Use a high efficiency cleaning detergent with low sudsing properties.

What If The SUD Code Still Displays?

  1. Clean out the drain filter to remove all heavy soap residue and prevent the SUD error.
  2. Open the bottom panel on your washer and drain out the water with the small drain hose.
  3. Check that a clog or blockage in the washer and sewer lines are not causing water to not drain out.
    (A partial obstruction in the hose can cause the SUD code, clean the drain hose and other lines)
  4. Read the manual, schematic, or troubleshooting chart and find and test the foam level sensor to determine if faulty.

Samsung washing machine “SUD” error code

The SUD Code Appears But No SUDS In Drum

  1. Turn the washing machine off…
  2. Remove all clothes from washer, but if the door does not open…
  3. Drain the water out using the small drain hose located next to drain filter…
  4. Fully clean the washer drain filter of all debis and soap residue…
  5. Reinstall the clean and residue free drain filter
  6. Turn washer back on and run it to check if the SUD code has been reset.

What If The Washer Still Shows The SUD Error Code?

The washer foam level sensor might be faulty. The water level sensor (pressure switch) does the same function. One of these parts could be faulty and causing the issue of SUD constantly showing. At times, before any water has filled the washing machine and before wash or agitation cycle starts, the SUD code may appear. This can mean the sensor is at fault.

Need to find the right part for your Samsung washer to fix the SUD code? Check here for different Samsung washer sensors that will fit your specific model number washing machine.

How Do I Test or Replace The Level Sensor?

  1. Remove the washer from power.
  2. Remove screws and remove the lid of the washer.
  3. Locate the level sensor (usually top area corner of washer)
  4. Test the level sensor to determine if the part is in working order.
  5. If found to be faulty, remove and replace the sensor.
  6. Disconnect the duct and wires from the faulty part.
  7. Install the new part into the washer and secure the wires to the part.
  8. Reinstall the washer lid.
  9. Plug the washer back into power.
  10. Turn the washer back on and run a test wash to be sure the level sensor is working.

Are Error Codes SUD 5D & SD The Same?

The Samsung washer codes SUD, 5D, SD are practically the same. Samsung washing machines have multiple codes for the same error. 5d and Sd error codes are similar to the SUD code. The letter S and the number 5 may be hard to see on a small display.

Have questions about the SUD code on your Samsung washing machine? Please let us know your issue and if you have tried following the steps above and we can assist. Please give us the model number of your Samsung washer when asking a question.

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