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Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes – What Do They Mean?

Are you having trouble with your Samsung washing machine wash cycle? You see an error code that is displayed on the front of the machine. What does the error code mean? We will list the common Samsung washing machine codes and how to troubleshoot them and clear the error codes.

Samsung Washing Machine Error CodesHow to clear Samsung washer codes?

When something goes wrong with your Samsung washing machine, you may see a code appear on the front of the device. This code will tell you what the issue is and help you identify the problem. It is important to remember that the codes vary by model and can be found in the user manual.

Samsung washing machine codes are generally easy to troubleshoot, as long as you have the proper information.

Common Samsung Washer Error Codes

There are several codes that can appear on your Samsung front load washing machine. Each of these indicate a different problem, so it is important to know what they mean and how to fix them.

5UD or SUD Code

Samsung washer displays the SUD or 5UD error code if it detects too much foam or soap suds. This can be caused by using the wrong detergent, too much detergent, or not giving the detergent time to dissolve. The washer tries to fix the issue by adding more water and pausing the cycle to allow the suds to go away. To remedy this, give the washer some time to let the suds dissipate and run the washer again. Next time, try using an HE washing detergent or less detergent.

OE Code

The Samsung washing machine OE error code signifies an OVERFILL issue. If water ceases during a load of laundry, it means that the washer’s OE code has been triggered, meaning an Overflow Error. The washer displays this error code to alert the user that the washer is full and can’t take in more water. There could be a drainage blockage or other obstruction causing this. Clearing the blockage and resetting the washer usually resolves the issue. Check all components including the water level sensor and the water supply lines if this happens again.

LE Code

Samsung washers issue an LE error code when the water level drops during a cycle. This stops the spin cycle from occurring and indicates an issue. The pressure switch will detect the water level dropping 4 times in a few minutes and the display will show the LE code before shutting off. Check the washer for signs of water leaking. Also check the water pressure coming into the washer. This can be a one time issue, but if it happens again, there may be a true leak somewhere in the washer and it needs to looked into to avoid washer issues and water leaks on the floor.

FL or LO Code

If Samsung Washer FL Error Code appears, it likely means the door lock isn’t working. After 7 failed attempts to lock, the LO/FL code appears. Unplug the washer and manually open the door. Check the wiring for the door switch and secure it back into position if it has come loose. Troubleshoot the door lock and the wiring to see if it can be repaired yourself. The door switch may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

How to fix issues with Samsung Washing Machine

Common Samsung Washer Error Codes ListSamsung washer error codes list

How To Reset My Samsung Washing Machine?

To complete a simple washing machine reset, unplug the Samsung washer for 5 minutes and plug it back in. This may reset the washing machine as it can be a communication error. Unplugging the washing machine and then plugging it back in after the machine has time to sit and power is removed from the Control Board, this can help it so the board that controls everything is reset.

By doing this you can clear the error codes from the washer if it is a one time thing or an error. Always try this before replacing any parts as sometimes the board just needs to be reset and everything will be fine after that.

Best Ways To Prevent Washer Error Codes?

The best way to avoid code issues is to take preventive measures. Keep the machine clean and free of dirt and debris. This will help ensure that all the components of the system are working correctly and efficiently.

All components must be checked and tested to ensure they are in proper working order, and any necessary repairs, or maintenance should be made to ensure the washer is functioning properly. Regularly scheduled inspections should be conducted to ensure the system is running optimally.

Check certain components regularly. This will help you identify any potential issues before they become a problem. Make sure to check the drain hose and water lines for leaks or clogs.

Make sure to follow the instructions in the washing machine user manual. This will help you ensure that you are using the machine correctly and avoiding any potential issues.

Need help troubleshooting the issue? Contact us by using the form below. Please explain the problem in full and also if possible please let us know the model number of your Samsung washer that is having issues with error codes. Please let us know the exact error code and we can help you fix your washer.

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  1. I have a Samsung washing machine (top loader) and when I turn the power on and select the water temperature, the water level, the cycle and the program and press start, all I get is a quiet humming sound and nothing happens. What I can hear also though is drops of cold water dripping from inside the washing machine and it looks like the dripping is coming from where the detergent dispenser is.
    I have checked the water faucets are turned on etc but I am getting no sign of being able to start the wash cycle.
    Can anyone suggest what to do please?

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