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Samsung Refrigerator Error Fault Codes – How To Reset

Is your Samsung refrigerator displaying an error code? Newer style Samsung refrigerators have built in diagnostic systems. If your refrigerator finds, sees, or detects a fault or error in the system, it will show an error or fault code. The error code will display where the usual numbers are on the display screen. When an error code is displayed, your refrigerator is telling you a specific fault. If the error or fault is not fixable by you, it will require a repair technician. There are many different model numbers of Samsung refrigerators with digital displays so if you see an error code write down what is flashing or displaying. Don’t pull the power from the fridge if it shows an error code. If you pull the power plug it will erase the fault code.

samsung-refrigerator-error-codesSamsung refrigerator error codes

NOTE: If the icons on the display flash after you plug it in, don’t worry, your Samsung refrigerator is simply going through a self check!

Refrigerator Display is Flashing Temperature:
If the temp in the fridge gets above the warmest temperature available that is set, the display blinks and a chiming noise will sound. When this happens make sure the fridge is not in cool off mode and the door hasn’t been left open for long periods of time. When the temp goes back down to normal, the flashing and sound will stop. If the fridge stays in cool off mode, here is how to stop Samsung fridge from going into cool off mode?

samsung error front panelSamsung fridge front panel

If your Samsung fridge displays O FF or OF OF, this means it has entered the cool off or demo mode.

Samsung Refrigerator 1E, SE, or 5E Error Reset
NOTE: During a power outage your Samsung French Door refrigerator
may experience a display failure indicating 1 E, 1E, 5 E, 5E, SE, or IE
on the front display. Simply hold the POWER SAVE and LIGHTING
buttons (or FRIDGE and FREEZER) simultaneously for
about 5 to 6 seconds and the panel will reset automatically.


Samsung fridge error press both buttons same time to resetSamsung Refrigerator Error? – Press both buttons same time to reset for 8 seconds!

If you remove any Electronic Components:
If you remove the ice maker or change a lightbulb, the display will show an error code. If this happens, unplug the refrigerator and install the new part. Plug the refrigerator back in and the fault code will clear itself.

samsung refrigerator error codes - self diagnostic check listMOST Samsung refrigerator self diagnostic check list

Other error codes for a Samsung Refrigerator:

Display Panel Is Showing PC-ER:
If the display panel shows PC-ER, make sure the wire harness under the top left door hinge is properly connected. Unplug the refrigerator and remove the top left hinge cover. Unhook the wire harness and reconnect it. Plug the fridge back in and if the fault code goes away then the issue is fixed. See illustrations below…

Samsung RF267ABRS refrigerator Display Panel Is Showing PC-ER:
To reset the display panel showing PC-ER…

1: Make sure the wire harness under the top left door hinge is properly connected.
2: Unplug the refrigerator from power and remove the top left hinge cover.
3: Unhook the wire harness and reconnect it.
4: Plug the fridge back in and if the fault code goes away then the issue is fixed.

disconnect wire harnessDisconnect wire harness to fix PC-ER error


Display is 88 88 And Will Not Respond:
To fix this error code, unplug the refrigerator for 1 minute and then plug back in to clear the fault code.

Error Code 1 E:
Freezer Sensor error.

Error Code 2 E:
Freezer Sensor error.

Error Code 4 E:
Freezer Defrost Sensor error.

Error Code 5 E:
Fridge Defrost Sensor error.

Error Code 6 E:
Ambient Sensor error.

Error Code 8 E or 39 E:
Ice Maker Sensor error.

Error Code 21 E:
Freezer Fan error.

Error Code 22 E:
Fridge Fan error.

Error Code 23 E:
Condenser Fan error.

Error Code 24 E:
Freezer Defrost error.

Error Code 25 E:
Fridge Defrost error.

Error Code 26 E or 39 E:
Ice Maker Function error.

Error Code 83E, 85E, or 86E Error Codes:
These error codes are related to voltage and current reception at the PBA Inverter. 83E specifically is caused by abnormal current caused by things like a power outage. This error is temporary and can be fixed by unplugging the unit for 1 minute and then plugging it back in.

When the error code tells you which part on your Samsung Refrigerator
has failed, here are Samsung Refrigerator Replacement Parts for less

samsung refrigerator error codes 1 through 13Samsung refrigerator error codes 1 through 13
See below for description of part that may be causing error code

If you need to understand the Samsung Display Panel LED Line Segment Errors you can find more info here.

Samsung Blinking Dash Line Error Code List

1Ice Maker Sensor – Ice Maker sensor connector missing

2Refrigerator Sensor – Refrigerator sensor connector missing

3Refrigerator Defrost Sensor – Refrigerator evaporator internal defrosting sensor connector missing

4Refrigerator Fan Error – Refrigerator Fan motor operation failure

5Ice Maker Function Error – Ice-ejector and level failed three times or more

6CoolSelect Zone Sensor – CoolSelect Zone TM sensor connector missing

7Refrigerator Defrost Error – In the refrigerator room, if frost removal mode is finished due to limited time of 80 minutes error is displayed

8Exit Sensor – Air sensor connector missing

9Freezer Sensor – Freezer sensor connector missing

10Freezer Defrost Error – Freezer evaporator defrosting sensor connector missing

11Freezer Fan Error – Freezer Fan motor operation failure

12Condenser Fan Error – Condenser Fan motor operation failure

13Freezer Defrost Error – In the freezer room, if frost removal mode is finished due to limited time of 70 minutes error is displayed

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any codes not listed above should be assumed your refrigerator is in DIAGNOSTIC MODE, DEMO MODE, or LOAD MODE. These modes tell you or the repair person what is functioning properly on your fridge and what is not. Many people get into one of these modes by accident and cannot get out. To disable any of these modes, you can simply unplug your Samsung refrigerator for 30 seconds to 1 minute to clear. See below for the code numbers that may appear on your Samsung refrigerator display panel when in diagnostic, demo, or load mode.

samsung fridge load modeSamsung fridge load mode – Used to check current status of all operational components.

Samsung Refrigerator How to enter into LOAD MODESamsung Refrigerator How to enter into LOAD MODE
Do the same thing as shown above to stop LOAD MODE or unplug fridge.

samsung refrigerator load mode chartSamsung refrigerator load mode chart
Tells you current operational status relating to the parts in your fridge.

samsung front panel for load modeSamsung Refrigerator Load Mode Check List (TEXT LIST)
(image above is the display for the LOAD MODE CODES below)

Display LED = R-1
Location = a
Fresh Food Fan High speed

Display LED = R-1
Location = b
Fresh Food Fan Low speed

Display LED = R-1
Location = c
Fresh Food Defrost Heater

Display LED = R-1
Location = d
When 1st plugged in

Display LED = R-1
Location = e
High Temp Condition Ambient Over 93F degrees

Display LED = R-1
Location = f
Low Temp condition Ambient Under 72F degrees

Display LED = R-1
Location = e – f
Normal condition Ambient ( Between 73F – 91F)

Display LED = R-1
Location = g
Demo Mode

Display LED = F-1
Location = a
Compressor On

Display LED = F-1
Location = b
Freezer Fan on high

Display LED = F-1
Location = c
Freezer Fan on low

Display LED = F-1
Location = d
Freezer Defrost Heater on

Display LED = F-1
Location = e
Compressor Fan on high

Display LED = F-1
Location = f
Compressor Fan on Low

Display LED = F-1
Location = g
When the Sparkling water to dispenser valve operates

Display LED = R-10
Location = a
Damper Open

Display LED = R-10
Location = c
Ice Maker heater operates

Display LED = R-10
Location = d
Full Ice

Display LED = R-10
Location = e
(Sensor detects) Sparkling Water tank full

Display LED = R-10
Location = f
(Sensor detects) Sparkling Water tank low

Display LED = R-10
Location = e – f
(Sensor detects) Sparkling water tank empty

Display LED = F-10
Location = c
Sparkling Water Dispenser valve operates

Display LED = F-10
Location = d
Ice Room Fan – High Speed

Display LED = F-10
Location = e
Ice Room Fan – Low Speed

Display LED = F-10
Location = f
Water to Dispenser valve operates – Sparkling only

Display LED = F-10
Location = g
French Heater Operates

Samsung Refrigerator Model Number IdentificationSamsung Refrigerator Model Number Identification Chart

Find out Appliance Type, What country it was made in, What year, and What month.

Do you know of any other Samsung refrigerator error codes we have not mentioned or are you having trouble with your Samsung fridge? Please leave a question or comment below and we can assist.

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  1. I have a Samsung French Door refrigerator, model hrs22hdhpnsr and serial #067143AG900680Z, fridge and freezer side working fine and water dispenser working well also. Ice maker is not working. Reset using blue button but doesn’t rectify. Suggestions?

  2. I have the same 8C message blinking non stop … panel is not responsive. Did you manage to solve it? any advise is very welcome! thanks,

  3. My model number for French door with ice maker is rf268abrs
    It slowly died and has been unplugged for a Week and is thoroughly defrosted.
    I am getting error codes that look like
    (A2)with part of the two missing or (Ad) with part of the d missing and a lower case o with what looks line an A (oA)on the other side.
    Going through other diagnostics bit have no idea what this means. I have replaced the front dispenser panel a few years back…do t know I’d this is why I’m getting weird codes. Any help will be appreciated.

  4. Hi,
    I have a Samsung Fridge freezer model No: RSG5UURS and get the PC Er code in the display. I tried to un and re-plug the connector on the top left door which worked for a day or so but now error code does not go away anymore. the dispenser is stuck on ice but no ice is being produced and can’t switch to dispensing water. Can you help please?

    Many Thanks, Wolf

  5. I have a RSA1NTMG refrigerator and there is a blinking dash where my temperature usually is ..how to fix it please

  6. I’ve got a Samsung Fridge model RF197ACRS from 2011. Since April we’ve been using it as a backup fridge on our back deck under our awning. We’ve had a heat wave recently that I believe caused it to just give up. I don’t see any error codes displayed, but when I unplug it and plug it back in I’ll get a flashing 7 on the temperature readout for both fridge and freezer. It’ll flash 7 times, then go away. I can only get it back by unplugging and plugging back in.

    Aside from that, there’s no evidence it’s even getting power. I’ll run some more tests on it tonight, but thought it’d be a good idea to ask here for help.

  7. Samsung fridge blinking error C83. The master replaced compressor. Doesn’t work. Electronic master checked the Inverted board everything and told me everything is okay with board. I don’t know what to check.

  8. I have a Samsung fridge RF261BEAESR/aa that has the ice maker constantly freeze. I have been using the forced defrost setting for tge last year and it fixes the situation. The ice maker is frozen again now, however, when I hold the power freeze and power cool button for 8 seconds, the display is blank and the 4 choices including fd no longer appear. I have unplugged, checked for error codes and still nothing. Any thoughts on what the issue could be and what I can do to fix it would be appreciated. Thanks, Howard

  9. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Phoenix Golden,
    Can you give us the model number of your Samsung refrigerator?
    The model number sticker should be on the inside top.
    Open the Samsung freezer or fridge door and look in the top left and the model number info should be there.
    Some Samsung error codes apply specifically to certain Samsung refrigerator models and the ice makers.
    Getting us the model number will help us find out the exact issue you are having.

    How old is the Samsung refrigerator and can you tell us how it froze over?
    Was the temperature set too high or was it a malfunction?
    Have you tried any simple reset procedures such as unplugging the refrigerator or pressing certain buttons on the refrigerator display to attempt to reset the error codes?

  10. My Samsung fridge will not make ice. It did freeze over, we have since melted all the built up ice and put the bucket back. Though my freezer keeps blinking three error codes all to do with the ice maker. (error codes or temperature? = 39C, 40C, and 8C) I cannot figure out how to reset these error codes and get it to start making ice again, thank you.

  11. since power outages my Samsung model displays 40E and have no water or ice? services man say it will cost $800 to replace all circuits boards.? Refrigerator is only 5 years old. Model RF23HCEDBSR/AA

  12. Roger A Esquivel

    Great, that worked for my issue. My display always read 40 C. My control panel was unresponsive. Thanks for the tip.

  13. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Starla Nordeen,
    If you have Power Freeze and Power Cool buttons on your control panel, press and hold them to simultaneously for 10 seconds in order to reset your system. This will reset the entire system. Afterwards, set your fridge and freezer to the desired temperatures.

  14. Our Samsung refrigerator had a quick power surge and is now flashing s and c. Can’t find anything for this code?

  15. We lost power for a few minutes and when the power came back on . The temperature 40 and 60 C are blinking. I have tried unplugging the unit and turning breaker off for 30 seconds and 2 minutes. The buttons on the front are not responding . The unit is cooling.

  16. I used the ice maker replacement kit and everything is working with no error codes, but no ice?
    It is cold, 12 degrees in the icebox, we are getting water to the door.

  17. We bought a fridge off of Facebook. When we picked it up they had it running and it was working fine. We brought it home and it sat in our garage for a couple weeks until we were able to move into our new home. We plugged it in today and it flashes PC CH. Also, upon moving it, it was leaking this green fluid. I think I figured out the green fluid is from the water pipe after defrosting but not 100% sure and not sure if that has anything to do with the errors today. The model # is RF23M8070SG/AA. Thanks for any help.

  18. Patrick S Peters

    Thanks…..after far too much time searching the internet, yours was the first thing I found that helped!!!!

  19. My fridge gave me an FF code, which I found out is is a Demo Mode code. When I held down the 2 buttons as instructed, the following came up on the display: CO 97 27 79 37 ED. Anyone have a clue what all this means (other than that everything in my fridge and freezer is spoiled and needs to be thrown out)?

  20. Freezer is not making ice. Ice cream all melted and the meat were all defrozed. How do I fix this?

  21. God, you guys are wonderful – had a problem with a Samsung fridge and was lucky to come across a link to this site. in less than 10 minutes you saved me a lot of $$$ and frustration. THANK YOU!!!

  22. Hi Al, We have a Samsung RF267AERS that we bought, seemed to work fine in their garage. Unplugged it took the doors off and moved it to our house. We are now getting the same code 6A 88 and the freezer drawer is not cooling and nothing I have tried changes anything. Did you ever find out what the problem was?

  23. Display is flashing “14” and “E” after unplugging and then plugging into another recepticle. How can I reset?

  24. My Samsung refrigerator Model RF261BEAEBC temperature lights have been flashing since our power came back on after a power outage. I cannot get them to stop, and I’m not sure what the actual temperature is set at anymore. The fridge temp flashes an E, and the freezer is flashing a 33. The unit seems to be working, but I want to reset the temperature and make the lights stop flashing. How do I do this? I have tried pressing both temp buttons to reset but nothing happens. I also tried unplugging the unit for 30 seconds, but it just starting flashing again when I plugged it back in. How do I fix this?

    The display is flashing -21 E. the freezer portion is operating like a fridge and the bottom is not cooling at all. Power supply is normal no fluctuations.

  26. Samsung RF267ABRS
    My control panel display assembly would not function when selected.
    I purchased a new display assembly and installed it.
    When the fridge was plugged back in, a steady beeping and an error message was displayed reading: oP Er.
    I tried a number of buttons 2 at a time for 10 seconds and did not clear the display.
    I tried a number of combinations.
    Freezer-Fridge; Energy save-Alarm etc. None of which cleared the error.

  27. I have a samsung french door fridge rs22hdhpnsr and I keep getting a code E44. I do not have the water hooked up yet, could that be the cause?

  28. I have a Samsung RF268ABRS, and am getting error code R10 f, ice pipe heater error.
    Any suggestions on a repair?

  29. I have a Samsung French Door Refrigerator model SRF801GDLS
    The LED display seems to have developed a fault, the numerals on the temperature fridge side are showing only a few lines, but the Freezer temperature reading is showing up ok.
    Hope you can advise as to what the fault my be.

  30. I have a Samsung RFG297 with code 40 flashing and a power cord lit up but not flashing. The freezer is not cold and neither is the refrigerator and all the ice melted.

  31. Samsung RF267ABRS refrigerator PC ER flashing. Followed the following steps but this did not completely solve the problem. However I noticed under the right door hinge cover the ground wire is disconnected. I will connect it, and see if this solves the problem. It is very difficult to not be able to see the temperature settings.

    Samsung RF267ABRS refrigerator Display Panel Is Showing PC-ER:
    To fix if the display panel shows PC-ER…

    1. Make sure the wire harness under the top left door hinge is properly connected.
    2. Unplug the refrigerator and remove the top left hinge cover.
    3. Unhook the wire harness and reconnect it.
    4. Plug the fridge back in and if the fault code goes away then the issue is fixed.

  32. Hi. I have model SRL349MW (bought in New Zealand). This does not have a digital display but 5 temperature leds for both the fridge and freezer (10 total) in a row across the top of the unit. The 19deg fridge led is flashing. Can you help with decode info for this style of fridge/freezer? Thanks.

  33. My breaker kicked to the plug ins in my kitchen and when I kicked it back on my refrigerator setting shows a error code on the right it shows 88 and on the left it is flashing from A8 to 88 I tried unplugging it and plugging it back up but it still doesn’t fix it….I need help….Thank you

  34. the front panel has been blinking since our last power outage. Resets aren’t working and unplugging doesn’t help. What to do?

    Error code is 13C, and I can’t find what that means anywhere on this page. Last time this happened — our last power outage — it cost $250 to get it repaired. Is this something I should expect every time we lose electricity?

  35. I have Samsung double door drawer freezer on bottom – I don’t see an error code but it shows a picture of an electrical plug. What does this mean?

  36. Samsung RS267TD BP side by side fridge: Right side cooling coil freezes over, temperature rises to 50F. In last 9 months, I have replaced the thermal fuse 3 times. The latest fuse lasted less than one month. Why??? Do I need to replace the heating harness? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

  37. My Samsung refrigerator is model RF260BEAEBC, it is showing 33 E. I read that it could be the water line heater is loose. We do not use the ice maker as it is not connected to a water line, but we do keep ice in the tray below. Could that have knocked something loose?

  38. Samsung double door drawer freezer on bottom – RFG297ACRS
    I’ve scrolled through all posts expecting to see someone with the same error codes I am receiving. If any knows what 6A 88 represents I’d love to hear it.


  39. Hi, I have a samsung RB215BSSB both sections of top and freezer does not cool. The freezer fan runs but no cool air comes out. And the top doesn’t seem to have the fan running. it gave me a reading -overload mode R-Room second digit “e” – not sure what it means or how to fix it. Is it fixable? How may find a way to restore it.

  40. Did the Fridge & freezer become cold again?
    Even if the panel does not re-set, I’d like to know if the fridge began working properly before I try replacing the fan!

  41. We have a bottom drawer RB217AB refrigerator. The freezer display was flashing 0 , so I unplugged the fridge and now I just get 80 displaying on the freezer side. The temperature of the freezer is getting down to about 5 F. This unit is 9 years old but unsure what the problem would be. Our little one has recently found the freezer and sometimes shuts the drawer a bit hard. Also the freezer may have been left open for a bit, but I did not hear the chimes.

  42. Had same problem, water was freezing in the line going up through the door. Technician replaced door which corrected the ice maker problem

  43. Christine Jamieson

    My Samsung RF4287HARS/XAC has error code 23E. I’ve changed my Condenser fan motor, I’ve changed the electrical harness and the error code is still there.

  44. I have a Samsung RFF266A/BWP/XAA refrigerator showing an LC ER error code and periodically beeping. I cannot find what this means. Can you help?

  45. Got flashing on front 4e and 8e freezer not freezing, pressed fridge and freezer button won’t do anything

  46. Andrea Lyons

    I just wanted to add that in order to perform these steps, the refrigerator door must be open. Thank you.

  47. Tammy: I had the same probblem after shutting down power to my home (had to replace a blown breaker). Mine RF30HBEDBSR/AA (French 4-door model) was flashing too error codes:
    40 E and 61E – neither of which is listed in theie docs.
    To reset it I pressed the Energy Saver and Lighting @ the same time ’till it beeped.
    Then I pressed Friday to ensure it was not in Demo mode. the fridge was working fine is spite of the flashing error codes. Now it’s not flashing and seems to be working nominally.
    Good Luck!

  48. I’m having the exact same error code. Model rh25h5611. Bought frig April 2016. I’m also receiving 21 c and 22 c as error codes! Having problems with refrigerator and freezer.

  49. I have a Samsung Refrigerator RF267 that is flashing 88/68 on the right side.
    According to the top chart, it would be r-10, b.
    Any idea what this is and how i can fix it?

  50. Samsung Refrigerator model RS265TDRS/XAA, Temp light for the refrigerator started blinking. Doesn’t seem to be maintaining set temp.

  51. Hello, we have a Samsung side-by-side RS G5PUPN2 (twin cooling), the left side of the fridge (freezer is out of order, no functiong, ride hand side ok, fridge is cooling.
    Samsung technician made a first check, compressor, fan, heater all ok, however freezer does not start. When unplugging the fridge and plugging it in again, there is the error message is 8888, but can be set back with holding the upper 2 buttons, but this does not start the freezer again. Any idea what this can be? Could this be a sensor?

  52. Samsung refrigerator model code RF28JBEDBSG/AA
    ERROR CODE PC CH IS FLASHING. I have unplogged it waited one minuten plugged it in and nothing. Cannot change from water to ice or anything.

  53. I have a Samsung RF 28HMEDB5R four door refrigerator and it appears that the icemaker has failed. The ice bucket is overflowing and upon removal I found that the ice cubes were frozen together into large lumps. I removed all the ice, but the error code persists. The control panel displays 0 FF and is not blinking. I have not been able to find that error code in my manual or on the Samsung web site. Cycling the ice maker ON/OFF did not help.
    Any information would be appreciated.


  55. Hi. My one-month brand new Samsung 4-door Flex fridge stopped working and is displaying same PC Ch error code. Anyone knows what it Is? Thanks.

  56. OF OF mode fix stated above worked to a “T”. Thank you for saving me time, money, and most of all stress.

  57. Code 81 c comes up, have no cold in fridge or freezer. Fan runs. Power works lights, ice maker but won’t put out any cold air in fridge or freezer

  58. Elizabeth Carovillano

    Hi–I have a samsung rb195bssb – freezer on bottom. The door chime was beeping every 2 minutes and the fridge temp display is at 65 degrees. Nothing shows up when i press the buttons for a diagnostic and the temp will not change from the 65 degrees even when i try to alter the temp. We disengaged the speaker for the beeper for now but noticing that the fridge is warming up and the light is off. I thought it was a faulty beeper but it does seem as if the fridge is moving toward the 65 degrees. The freezer seems fine and displays 4 degrees and the freezer temp is changeable while the fridge temp is not.

  59. DIY Project Help Tips

    Order the correct board, try to get an OEM board.
    Unplug fridge, look at a PDF manual of your fridge, find how to dissasemble, remove the old board and replace with new.
    It is just a simple remove and replace.
    If you need help getting the board let us know and we can assist with the correct board and the PDF manual for your fridge.

  60. Claire Robinson

    Hi my Samsung fridge freezer had a 23 e code this part has been changed
    Now but the 23 e is still flashing any ideas please

  61. check the water solenoid. It usually has two solenoids in the same unit – on for the ice maker water and one for the cool water. The signal comes direct from the motherboard and is usually marked on the board quite clearly. If the solenoid hums when you actuate the ice maker it means the solenoid is duff. If it doesn’t then the motherboard is not sending the signal

  62. My Samsung has an error code of 5 E after losing power supply have unplugged and pressed fridge freeze buttons simultaneously and the display still hasn’t come back, please advise

  63. We have a Samsung RS265TDWP refrigerator. Have an issue with the ice maker. Something is stopping the water flow to the ice maker. This originally happened when we replaced a filter. We have been thru numerous attempts at troubleshooting, resetting, filter is currently out. Water is getting to the water dispenser fine. We have replaced the inlet valve thinking the ice maker side might be faulty. No change. Have checked the water line connections, no flow is past the inlet valve. We also have changed both circuit boards in the back as we had a new unneeded set left by a technician 5 years ago when we had a problem right after installation. That was not related to ice maker. The ice maker is still cycling like it has ice so it has power. Where would the signal to the water inlet for ice maker originate? Could the plug on that side be bad? We are about to tear our hair out trying to figure this out! Please advise Thanks!!!

  64. RF217ACRS Freezer side of display flashing. Fridge side cold- freezer does not cool- everything melted.
    Tried to push both buttons for error code and got nothing- maybe 88 88 but other than that can’t pinpoint error.
    Help please…

  65. Dennis McMullin

    There is a fan that moves the air from the freezer to refrigerator. It is blocked or has stopped working

  66. My 2 yr old Samsung is not cooling in the refrigerator part.
    I turned if off for 60 sec. = nothing changed
    Turned it off for 24 hrs. then the 22 C code came up.
    I held the energy saver and lighting buttons down simultaneously for 10 sec. flashing code 22 C stopped, and display is back to normal.
    It says the temp in the fridge part is 62. Freezer is fine and making ice.
    What is the problem??????

  67. 0F on both freezer and refrigerator.
    I can’t get thru to Samsung and I’m afraid it’s off

  68. Displaying the minus sign on the freezer and the number 1 line on the fridge.
    I understand that the number one line indicates the ice cube sensor, but not sure what the minus sign on the freezer indicates or what they mean together.

  69. Anthony Flores

    I have a Samsung ref model rf4287hars/xaa01with a 23 E Error code i replaced the condenser fan not and display will not clear

  70. Freezer temperature blinking after reseting filter light, not cooling, samsung RF260BEAESR/AA

  71. Joanna Boylan

    I have the same error code PC Ch….happens when I switch from water to cubes?????

  72. Doug,
    Did you ever find out what the 88 meant on your display? After a power outage my frig is showing is showing the same.

  73. I have a Samsung french door refrigerator, it is showing a message PC ER in the control panel.
    I already disconnected the harness over the left door, however the message remains.

  74. Front display stops working and chimes with light going on and off with chimes.
    Ordered new panel plugged in and op re code not working.
    Put old panel back in ran diagnosis no codes.
    Works intermittently and returns to chimes and flashing lights.
    Can this be fixed?

  75. Samsung dual door refrigerator, one of the 5 RFG29**HD models, 3 years old. Error code 81E. Compressor does not initiate. Fan is working. Red flashing light on the inverter board. Sometime it will Eventually trip the GFCI outlet.

  76. My Samsung Rs267TD is not functioning and showing number 22 and E.
    Before this error the fridge temperature was 53 ‘F and it not taking the temperature reset attempt.

  77. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Refrigerator Flashing 61 C is not in the error code database.
    You could try unplugging the fridge for 10 minutes to try and reset.
    Turn the temp for fridge and freezer down to see if it is a temp error.
    Let us know what you find.

  78. After a power outage my Samsung refrigerator is flashing an error code on my display.
    The fridge/freezer seems to be working properly.
    The Code is 61 C.
    I have unplugged the fridge and waited like 10 minutes before replugging it back in.
    The error code is still flashing.
    The day we brought the fridge home it flashed this same code for several hours and samsung said they would have to send a service tech out, but the code went away on its on.
    So I cancelled the service call.
    Any Ideas how to reset this and make it stop flashing???

  79. I have a RF266AEBP french rood refrigerator that does the following:
    -ice forms on the plastic of the the back right above the bottom shelf
    -In august and again this February I saw ice in the air vent, second from the top on the left. A few weeks later I saw it on the right side. Opening it up there was ice up both air vents and on the copper tubing up in there.
    -I checked the temps sensors, heater, and another sensor, they all had proper continuity and resistance.
    -when I run the diagnostic it gives me 88 88 on the freezer and fridge display, both solid numbers that do not flash or show any other code

    The fridge and freezer runs fine and cools properly. The ice buildup eventually blocks the vents so it won’t cool properly at that point. So I need to watch for that and take steps to remove the ice. So far I’ve had to open the back and remove the ice by hand or let it melt. Its our only fridge so we can’t not use it for 24 hours or more that is needed to defrost at room temperature.

  80. Samsung refer rs263bptd. power outage caused the display to blink on the refer side third light from bottom. display was non functional. what Samsung wont tell you is you have to hold the top two buttons simutainiously for ten seconds to reset. then it worked fine.

    Samsung told me I needed to get a service tech to check it out. assholes. never will buy Samsung again.

  81. As promised, I replaced the ice maker last Friday. So far, all is good. The ice maker was $200.57 + taxes. My plan is to open up the old control head again and check or replace the head so that I have a spare unit. Seeing that these refrigerators are so troublesome, it may not be such a bad idea to have a spare. Once again, thank you very much for your well appreciated assistance. I could not have repaired this without your knowledge.

  82. Thank you very much. I had that apart because I felt like the plastic gears were sort of tripping when I try to move the plastic piece to dump the ice. It was like jumping a few teeth but I did not notice any broken teeth. I will replace the complete ice maker just to be on the safe side. I will give feed back when completed. This has been very useful. Thanks.

  83. I have a Samsung refrigerator model # RF23HTEDBSR. I did all of service bulletin #ASC20150717001 to the T. This had to do with ice maker freezing up. My problem now is the ice maker is not dumping the ice into the bucket. I had this ice maker and auger motor out many times so I could probably do this now with my eyes closed. I did many resets using the button on the side of the ice maker. Nothing. Every time I unplug the power cord from the wall and plug it back in, I keep getting code 14 E. I can get rid of that code by pressing the freezer and fridge buttons for a short time. The display then returns to normal until I plug it out and back in, then 14 E is back. I am a mechanic so I am comfortable dealing with fault codes. I am very tempted to replace the ice maker. Any idea on code 14E?

  84. I have a Samsung RFG298HDRS/XAA.
    The water and ice maker stop working as well as the display panel.
    A tech came out and said it was the display panel that needed replacing.
    After replacing the display panel with a new part DA97-11332S the water and ice maker start working again.
    However the LED Display isn’t lighting up.
    There is a very very faint light you can barely see but not good enough.

  85. Cooling tray cover on my fridge cracked also, as well as shelf brackets on right door panel and middle shelf inside fridge! (within 2 years) – ice in lower freezer started melting and freezing into solid block. now error code 8 E and 26 E blink continuously.

  86. I have a Samsung refrigerator RFG297HD (french doors) and the ice maker has stopped working.
    I already checked the water supply, set the temperature of the freezer to -14 ° c.
    Pressed the test switch that is inside the fridge (I heard the sound) and it does not work!
    Any idea what other option I have before calling the service center?

  87. Samsung side by side Refrigerator model RH22H9010SR displaying error 26E.
    Tech has installed new ice maker, new control panel, now says we need to replace the entire left door as he feels the wire to the ice mold heater is the problem (only that wire in the entire harness).
    The ice maker will go through a cycle but not release the cubes (unless I heat the ice mold with my hair dryer).
    But the ice maker also only fills half way with water, only the 4 cubes out 8 on the farthest right of the ice maker get water.
    Could this be the reason it does not go into heating mode?
    Is it possible the only problem is a solenoid feeding the water to the ice maker?
    Really hate to replace the entire door just a few ice cubes, plus, is that going to fix the lack of water problem?
    Did I mention the fridge is barely 2 years old.

  88. I have a Refrigerator Model RS25H5111SR.
    The freezer is working fine, the refrigerator is not cooling.
    I see a 72e and a 22e displayed.
    We have tried to unplug for a few days and plugging back in and it cooled for about a week.
    But now same problem.
    I have been lucky with refrigerators in the past and never had any cooling issues.
    Spend a ton of money on a French door stainless steel unit and it goes bad in two years.

  89. I just had a new Samsung installed code rf263beaesg/aa. I’m getting an error code 84 E on the display. Any ideas of what is causing that?

  90. I emptied the upper ice maker, performed a hard reset and then reset the ice maker. The fault code continued to flash. After the ice maker cycled several times and refilled the bucket the code self cleared. All functions are operational on the control panel. Thank you for your help.

  91. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung refrigerator Error code 5 is for ice maker. The “C” is not listed in any fault or error code database.
    We suggest checking the ice maker to be sure all wire harnesses are connected and secure.
    Remove the ice maker, inspect it, repair it if needed, then reinstall and see if the error clears.
    Let us know what you find to be the pinpointed issue.

  92. It is a 5C unless the display is faulty but I have not previously noticed that is is. The unit is only a year old. I have attempted two hard restarts, one 60 second and another 5 minute with no results. I reset the upper ice maker and made sure that the auger moved freely. I could not see a reset for the lower unit. The freezer and fridge seem to be cooling properly and the water dispenser works. The control panel is non functional. I attempted to reset by pressing the two upper controls (power freeze and power cool) with no results, the code is still flashing.

  93. DIY Project Help Tips

    Audra McDonald,
    Try to Return it to normal display mode… Press and hold Energy Saver Key + Lighting Key for 10 seconds and see if that removes the PC Ch.
    The PC Ch is not in the database.

    PC usually means power issue such as a loose wire harness that is causing a communication failure.
    Check the wiring harnesses that are on the main control board to be sure they are all secure.

    Try holding the buttons to see if that resets the display.
    Please tell us what exactly the Samsung fridge is doing when it shows the PC Ch error code.

  94. We just purchased a Samsung refrigerator (it delivered 4 days ago).
    Woke up this mornings by to an error code PC Ch.
    It seems to be running but all interior lights are out as well.
    Tried the hold down both buttons reset, but no success.
    We called the warranty department, and they stated they hadn’t heard of of that code.
    Any suggestions?

  95. DIY Project Help Tips

    Please recheck error code as 5C is not in our database.
    Is it possibly 5E?

    Have you tried to unplug and attempt a reset?

    Use the info above and it will show which buttons to press on the Samsung refrigerator display to clear the error.
    Please let us know what you find.

  96. I have a Samsung fridge model RF28HFEDTWW/AA After a brief power outage, 1 second or so, I have a code 5C flashing and cannot get it to clear by pressing top to controls. Thank you for your help

  97. Amanda F Carter

    I have a Samsung that refrigerator that is about 5 years old.
    The model number is RB195ACBP.
    I’m not sure if the children pushed the display buttons but the numbers got all crazy and the whole thing stop cooling.
    I tried holding the freezer and power buttons together the numbers on the freezer and it changed to 34.
    But on the top the refrigerator displayed 64.
    Please help I really love this refrigerator.

  98. I have a samsung rfg296hd.
    About 6 months ago, the ice maker started to act up, making ice sporadically.
    I would press the reset button on the ice maker and it would make ice but then a few days later stop working again.
    I would hear the water coming in but it wouldn’t drop ice.
    It eventually stopped working even after pressing the reset button.
    A few months ago, the power went out and when it came back on, there was an error message flashing (I can’t remember the code exactly but when I looked it up, it was the ice maker sensor code) but it went away after about 30 seconds and I haven’t gotten it since and we’ve had several power outages.
    After finding your website tonight, I did a diagnostic test and I’m getting a 14E flashing after I press the energy saver and lighting buttons at the same time.
    First it flashes 88 88 and then the 14E blinks for about 30 seconds and then it goes back to the normal working display.
    Does the 14E have anything to do with the ice maker not working and am I doing a correct test by pressing those buttons, even though I’m not getting an error message other than when I press those buttons?
    I did reset the refrigerator by pressing the fridge and freezer buttons at the same time and then I did the energy saver and lighting at the same time once again just to see if the 14E would come up again and it did.

  99. Kelly Vanderwende

    Samsung side by side refrigerator #rh25h5611sr just bought in may 2016.
    Freezer working fine but refrigerator side goes warm for couple days then gets cold for day or less been ongoing since September 1st.
    In load mode it flashes 22 c.
    No ice build up on coils.

  100. DIY Project Help Tips

    What is the model number of your Samsung refrigerator?
    What is occurring when the 44E error code is flashing?
    Does the fridge cool?
    Are the lights on?
    Does it dispense water, ice?

  101. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 4 E: Freezer Defrost Sensor error = Replace the FREEZER DEFROST SENSOR.
    Before you replace the Freezer Defrost Sensor, check to be sure it is secure and the wiring is not loose.
    A loose wire on the Freezer Defrost Sensor can cause the error code 4E.

  102. DIY Project Help Tips

    The technician that checked your Samsung refrigerator was most likely talking about a control board.
    We would suggest calling the tech appliance repair company and asking the tech which part he was referring too.
    Let us know what he tells you and we can direct you from there.

  103. We have refrigerator model REF-SBS28 and not cooling enough. We used to unplug power for one day and then temp would become normal after few days. Same problem exists and tech came, he checked and he advised the cooling sensor was bad. Says if the problem remains then the card must be replaced.
    Can you advice please any card or control board has to replace and part number?

  104. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung refrigerator giving error code 33e means the water fill tube heater for the ice maker is loose or faulty.
    Pull the ice maker out and check it.

  105. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Refrigerator Error codes:

    The Freezer Fan motor is read as not connected or the fan has stopped, check the wiring connections in the freezer and at the Main PCB.

    The freezer defrost heater is read as open or the heater has been heating continuously for more than 80 minutes.

    The Ice Room Fan motor is read as not connected or the fan has stopped, check the wiring connections in the freezer and at the Main


  106. I have Samsung refrigerator model: RFG297HDRS. Have error codes 21E, 24E, 40E. Freezer has quit cooling. Was out of town for a while so not sure when it happened. I do know there was a power outage at some point while I was gone. Can anyone tell me what could be wrong and if there could be an easy fix?

  107. I have a Samsung RF263AERS purchased from Sears 2011 I believe. Two days ago, I noticed a buzzing sound/vibration and saw a very small amount of ice in the back of fridge and between the vent opening louvers at the back. I 90% emptied the fridge to another one in the house.

    With the fridge still on, I left door open for 90 minutes to thaw ice and remove some with a rubber spatula (small amount). Right after that, the vibration went away, and of course the fridge had heated up to room temperature.

    Tried googling for info, believe I reset the fridge, temp went down only to 12 degrees Celsius, freezer appears fine. At 2 a.m. last night I turned off the circuit breaker to the fridge for ten minutes, turned it back on… I also pressed power freeze and power cool simultaneously. I got code 88 and 88 illuminated continuously, then it went away, re-displaying the ambient fridge temp and freezer temp (-17 Celsius).

    I contacted Samsung Support by chat and they told me to unplug the fridge for two hours. I did that (unplugged 3 hours) yesterday, and there was maybe half a litre of water on kitchen floor, possibly less.. Over the next 29 hours, the fridge went down to 7 degrees C from 22 degrees C (freezer remained fine at -17). I contacted Samsung again, and they were not helpful. No real troubleshooting was offered, just a service center contact info.

    Wanted to please ask what other troubleshooting / solutions the community is able to suggest?

  108. DIY Project Help Tips

    Debi Bardinelli,
    Samsung refrigerator error code 0F0F = HOW TO CLEAR ERROR CODE = Press power freeze and freezer button at same time for 3 to 5 seconds. This will reset the control board and get the Samsung refrigerator back to normal operation.

  109. I have a Samsung sr s2229cvw american style fridge freezer, my problem is that none of the buttons on the display panel are working except when i press the top two buttons together for 10 seconds.
    Then the bottom of the 8 led on the fridge side stays illuminated, it then goes into vacation mode and ice off lit up. i can’t get any other of the button to operate.

  110. DIY Project Help Tips

    This indicates an issue with a wiring harness or possible main board in the back of the Samsung refrigerator.
    Which board did the repair technician replace?
    Try checking all wiring harnesses that connect to the display board and the main motherboard in the back of the refrigerator.
    Does the compressor run or is the refrigerator not able to start the compressor?

  111. DIY Project Help Tips

    Todd Brantingham,
    Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 13 E = HUMIDITY/SENSOR ERROR
    The Humidity sensor is found as open or possibly shorted.
    Check the wiring connections in the respective compartment and at the Main PC.

  112. Hi Jim,
    My name is Todd, I have same fridge, same problem. However I didn’t see any response to your post. How was your issue resolved. I’m desperate to get this fixed. I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

  113. My Samsung RF260BEAESR/AA refrigerator is not making ice. The error code that is flashing is “13 E”. How do I fix it?

  114. Moved into a newer house that had previously installed appliances.. currently have a 2011 Samsung refrigerator RF4287HARS in the kitchen. The unit worked for 2 weeks and upon noticing the unit was not cooling it shut down and has not worked since. Had a repair guy out to replace the motherboard and still not powering up on display. Has anyone encountered this issue before? Or am I left to purchase a new unit?

  115. DIY Project Help Tips

    Leslie hargrove,
    Most likely you have a loose wire harness that connects power to the main board and possibly the lighting.
    If you give us the model number of your Samsung refrigerator, we can show you which wire harness to check and how to access it.

  116. My Samsung French door fridge is going off and on by itself. One minute the light and panel are working fine and then the next it all turns off. Any ideas?

  117. DIY Project Help Tips

    5C has something to do with the ice maker.
    Is the Samsung refrigerator cooling and freezing?
    Is it just the display not working?
    Try and reset the ice maker by turning it OFF then ON or by unplugging the wiring harness to it and plugging it back in.

  118. I have a Samsung side by side refrigerator RF28HEMBSR. Experiencing loud noise so I opened the panel inside the fridge back portion from the inside and discovered a large amount of frost/ice. I used a blow dryer to melt, with the fridge unplugged. I reassembled the back panel when I was sure all moisture/ice was gone and plugged the fridge back in. Now the front has a message 5C and it will not reset. Any ideas?

  119. That did it! Was about a 10 second reset time. I had tried every marked combination of buttons and at every interval. No manual anywhere nor Samsung said those two as they are opposite positions on the readout. Thank you very much!

  120. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you press POWER FREEZE and POWER COOL at same time for 15 seconds to try and reset the Samsung refrigerator?
    Even though the board or display is not showing, the reset may bring it back on.
    (The wording on your display may be different on your display panel – but the reset is done by holding the 2 top buttons left and right side)
    The power outage may have put the fridge into a different mode of operation and resetting it may put it back to NORMAL operation.

  121. DIY Project Help Tips

    Marius bulearca,
    If your Samsung refrigerator fridge section is working properly but the FREEZER IS NOT FREEZING, check this Samsung Refrigerator Not Cooling Troubleshooting page for more info on many different model number Samsung refrigerators.
    Note: The bottom image on that page is for RSG Samsung refrigerators.
    It states: Press POWER FREEZE & FREEZER TEMP Buttons Simultaneously for 8 Seconds. This may reset the temp and get the freezer working properly again.

  122. I have a Samsung refrigerator bought in 2009, model number RSG5FURS and i have a problem with the freezer. Even though the temperature on the front panel indicates that -20 celsius degrees as set by me, inside the freezer cabinet the temperature is only +3 up to +6 celsius degrees. curiously, the fridge works well. What might be the problem with the freezer section?

  123. Samsung RF261BEAESR. 2 yrs old. Power interruption, now flashing 6E code (ambient sensor). Computer is completely unresponsive. Refrigerator is working but cant set temp, turn ice maker on / off, etc. Samsung was unable to diagnose or recommend any reset process. Same result after unplugging / reconnecting power. Hate to pay a trip charge to a tech if there is a simple reset process.

  124. After more careful review of your guide and red-doing load test, LED display is as follows:

    F-1 = a,f,g
    R-1 = b

    As noted just replaced fan which was part of DA97-05290Q.

  125. We have a Samsung RS56XDJSW1.
    Compressor is fine, (-23 C, ice, etc.), but fridge began to get warmer, with fridge temp display blinking. Technician came and confirmed my suspicion of fan failure. Finally got correct part ordered. When installed technician did not defrost fresh food side as other tech had done on 1st visit. Attempted to trigger re-set with unplugging but it did not work. Tech returned, defrosted fridge side and cold returned to fridge by next morning.
    Yesterday evening temperature light began to to blink. Temp now displays at 16 C, (freezer at -23 C, no problem) Tried unplugging, nada. Tried to load to do diagnostic code. Display was not intelligible – left digit (freezer display) looked like a question mark or “P” without the f-bit, and right (fridge temp) had only b-bit displaying. Not sure how to run diagnostic to determine source of warm fridge.

  126. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try this to reset your Samsung Refrigerator with the 88 88 error code = Press the top left and right buttons on the refrigerator display and hold for 10+ seconds.

    PRESS: Power Freeze + Power Cool
    PRESS: Power Cool + E Saver
    PRESS: Power Freeze + E Saver

    This may reset your refrigerator. If not let us know and we can further assist.
    You may have a bad main board, inverter, fan, or faulty wire harnesses.
    Bypassing the freezer defrost is not a solution in the database.

  127. Hi, thanks for the informative site. We have Samsung French door RF265ABWP/XAA. The freezer compartment is warm, its display is blinking because of that, but the frig section is cold and fine. Diagnostic shows solid 88 88 (all lit up). Load data shows the French heater is operating. We power cycled it with no avail, same problem. We unplugged it for extended time to make sure there is no frosting. Fans seem to work. Can we bypass freezer defrosting until we get it repaired? Thanks in advance

  128. I just had model number RF26HFENDSRA delivered yesterday. The display has the correct temperature but the temp is still 80°. I have tried unplugging, holding down certain buttons as per manual and nothing. It is running but not cooling at all.

  129. DIY Project Help Tips

    Did you recently have a power outage or the refrigerator was unplugged recently?
    You can try resetting the Samsung refrigerator.
    Press the top left and right buttons on the display and hold for 8 seconds.

  130. I am having trouble with my Samsung refrigerator model # RF265ABRS. The freezer display flash 88/86 and fridge displays 88. Do you have any suggestions on a cause or how to fix?

  131. DIY Project Help Tips

    Andrew Noel,
    33e error code on Samsung refrigerator = Water fill tube heater for the ice maker error.
    Take out the ice maker and check the water fill tube that fills the ice maker. You should see wires around the water fill tube heater. Check that the wires are securely connected and not damaged.
    To clear the error, press and hold the “Energy Saver” and “Lighting keys” at the same time for 10 seconds. This should reset the display to normal.

  132. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try pressing the “Energy Saver Key” and the “Lighting Key” on your Samsung refrigerator simultaneously for 8 seconds. This should clear any false errors.
    If not, let us know and we can research further.

  133. I just purchased a new Samsung fridge model # RF23HCEDBSR/AA.
    My plumber plugged in the fridge and it has been flashing error codes ‘PC Ch’.
    I’ve tried to unplug and power up again, still same error.
    I can’t push any buttons on the fridge, but the ice maker does work.

  134. I am a technician and cannot solve this problem. Samsung refrigerator Mod: RFG298HDRS is showing a 33 error code and touching the digital board, nothing works but refrigerator is working and making ice normal.

  135. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung refrigerator display “LC-Er” in the panel with alarm:
    Panel – Main communication Error

    MICOM MAIN ↔ LOAD communication error

    MICOM MAIN ↔ PANEL communication error

    LC-Er is displayed when the Option is not equivalent with the right value.

    Replace Main and Panel PCB.


  136. I have a Samsung side-by-side model number j3KSMH showing error code LC ER
    Can someone help as to what needs to be repaired?

  137. DIY Project Help Tips

    Andrea baioni,
    Is your Samsung refrigerator showing error code 22c or 22e?
    We have no 22c in database.
    Possible bad fan.

  138. Samsung refrigerator box model rh25h5611sr/aa side temp is 58 freezer working. Got error code 22C replaced mother board still not working. Seems the fan is not working. When does it makes very loud noise. Have unplugged and turned off demo mode. What does code mean?

  139. Samsung refrigerator model # RF263AEWP – when the doors are closed it will sporadically chime repeatedly. I believe it is the “power cool” turning off and on on its own. It only does this when the doors are closed. When I press power cool and power freeze for 8 seconds for the diagnostic it displays 88 88. All of them are solid. I have also tried unplugging it for 10 minutes.

  140. DIY Project Help Tips

    To check whether Vacation Mode is ON or OFF, check if the power symbol, the light bulb with a plug is displayed in the control panel.
    If it is then Vacation Mode is ON.
    Some models require you to press and hold a button for a certain period of time until the Vacation Mode symbol turns ON or OFF.

    Samsung Refrigerator Vacation Mode ICON

    Samsung Refrigerator = Vacation Mode is to keep your fridge running efficiently but using less power.
    When the vacation light is on, the refrigerator is switched off but not the freezer.
    To cancel Vacation mode on your Samsung refrigerator…. Press the same button again and see the light turns off.
    In vacation mode, if you press the temperature setting button, the refrigerator will quit from the current mode.
    The refrigerator temperature will be controlled according to the set temperature.
    If you press vacation function button again, the refrigerator will turn on and the temperature display lamp will also turn on.
    The refrigerator’s temperature will be controlled according to the set temperature before the vacation mode is turned off.


  141. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try resetting the Samsung refrigerator by pressing the top left and right buttons on the display and holding them for 15 seconds.

  142. My Samsung fridge freezer is saying 8A 88. What does that mean and how do I solve it

  143. My family recently purchased the Samsung RT53K refrigerator model. It went to vacation mode today, not initiated by us and we have not been able to get it out of vacation mode. We tried pressing the freeze button to deactivate it and pressing the power freeze buttons with no success. How can we reset the controls? What else can we try?

  144. DIY Project Help Tips

    88 error code refers to Samsung refrigerator “Display not responding”.
    8P is not found in our database or Samsung database for error codes.
    Try this:
    Be sure the wiring harness above the left door is connected properly, if is not, the 88 error will show and the 8P will most likely disappear once you check and reconnect the wiring harness above the left door.

  145. My Samsung refrigerator is displaying an error code of 88 on the freezer display panel and it shows 8P on the other side. I cannot find any mention of 8P anywhere. Do you know what this might be?

  146. I have a samsung rs25h511sr model ice maker not working. I have replaced the water inlet valve and ice maker but no ice. It will not fill with water. When I push the reset button on the ice maker it fills with water and beeps once but will not fill with water again? What could it be?

  147. DIY Project Help Tips

    Frank Wiltse,

    Because of certain issues with Samsung refrigerator ice makers, we recommend to simply replace the COMPLETE ice maker assembly.
    Be sure to check that the ice maker is ON and ALL wiring harnesses and sensor connectors are connected before replacing the complete ice maker.

    You may be able to call Samsung about your issue and they MAY send you a new ice maker free of charge as there are known issues on certain Samsung refrigerators.
    We have assisted some Samsung refrigerator owners get a complete replacement ice maker assembly free as the fridge was still under warranty.

    You can call Samsung customer service at 1-800-726-7864.

    Samsung refrigerators = Product = Refrigerator
    Warranty Period
    1 Year (Distributor Warranty)
    Compressor – 5 Years (Distributor Warranty)
    Part Not Covered = Plastic / Glassware / Bulb


  148. What a great site. Thanks for all of your information. My Samsung RF263BEAESR A/A French Door side-by-side has an ice maker SZAB001TA1. Just recently, the ice started to overflow and then freeze in the ice maker compartment. I have taken it out, done the reset on the right side of the unit, used a blow dryer to melt any stuck ice in any components, shut it off and turned it back on (the unit, not the fridge) Nothing seems to correct it. The small flap on the inside of the tray is cracked, but that shouldn’t affect ice making, should it? I looked at the schematic and cannot find any kind of arm switch. I tried the two button diagnostic and the entire LED display flashed for two seconds then returned to normal, so I couldn’t find a sensor issue. Everything worked perfectly for two years, but researching I have found MANY complaints on-line about this particular ice maker model. Do you have any suggestions?

  149. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 23 E means Condenser Fan error.

    Check condenser fan to be sure it is getting power and working properly.
    If not, replace condenser fan.


  150. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Refrigerator Blinking Display
    A blinking temperature display indicates one of two conditions.
    1. The digital display will blink when the temperature rises. When the refrigerator freezer reaches the set temperature, the blinking will stop.
    2. The temperature display will blink when the refrigerator is reset.
    If the blinking does not stop, unplug the refrigerator for about 30 seconds to unlock the processor.
    If still blinking this may indicate a problem with the freezer.
    A cause is either a failure of the cooling system or a failure in the defrost circuitry.

    Samsung Refrigerator Control Panel Is Not Illuminated
    If the control panel is not illuminated then unplug the refrigerator for 30 seconds to reset it.

    If this does not help, have a look at the display panel on our page here that explains each Samsung Refrigerator Display LED segments.


  151. Yes, i have 5 LED for fridge settings ( 1,2,3,5,7 degree Celsius) and 5 LED for freezer settings ( -15, -17, -19, -21, -23 degree Celsius), and i have 2 buttons, one for changing temperature for freezer and second for fridge. When refrigerator was working fine i had 2 lighting LEDs, one for temp in freezer and one for temp in fridge. Since i have error, LED which was showing what temp is set for freezer is no lighting. All LEDs are turned off, and LED above 3 degree Celsius started blinking ( before that it was only lighting constantly ).

  152. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you give us the model number of your Samsung 4 door refrigerator?

  153. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you please describe further the… “LED which sets temp for freezer is off but LED which sets temp for fridge is blinking ( 3 degree LED )”

  154. I have a Samsung refrigerator RB29FSRNDSA, i have control panel with 2 buttons and few LEDs for each temp. There are 5 LEDs for Freezer temps, and 5 LEDs for Fridge temps, at the moment i have failure, FAN is working but the air is not cold, i can’t hear if compressor is working, and LED which sets temp for freezer is off but LED which sets temp for fridge is blinking ( 3 degree LED ). Do you know what does it mean ? I have defrost refrigerator for over 40h, and still is the same error.

  155. 4 door refrigerator inner lights are off. The fridge is working in order except the interior lights. I bought this refrigerator 2 days ago. How do I turn them back on?

  156. Have a Samsung fridge freezer model No Sam RSH5UBBP1/XE1 SBS and code 23 E is flashing what is the best course of action to take for this?

  157. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you give us the model and serial number of your refrigerator?

  158. The diagram shown does not match what I have. My top left and right buttons are “energy saver” and “lighitng.” Pressing them puts it into “Load Mode” and gives the codes provided above. I have not found any way to get it into “Diagnostics Mode.”

    Best description that I can give regarding the available buttons is:
    LEFT (tab key does not work here) RIGHT
    Energy Saver Lighting
    Freezer Fridge
    Alarm Ice Off

  159. DIY Project Help Tips

    Be sure the wiring harness was not damaged in transit.
    Unplug fridge, unplug wire harness in flex drawer and check to be sure it is connected properly, no dirt or dust in wire harness, not damaged, check with meter to be sure.
    Plug the wire harness back in after you know it is in working order and not damaged.
    Plug fridge back in and see if the lights in the Samsung fridge come back on.

  160. I have a 4 door french door Samsung refrigerator. the flex drawer and freezer drawers were removed in transit to another house. the wiring harness was unplugged in the flex drawer. When we got it to the new location it had been unplugged for about a week. Put everything back together and replugged the wiring harness in the flex drawer. Now the lightS wont come on for the flex drawer which was working before the move. Everything else is working and no error codes. Any thoughts. Thanks

  161. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung refrigerator 84 E error means a locked rotor.

    If the rotor gets locks up the amperage shoots up therefore the inverter control board sees this and will show the error code 84 E.
    The rotor is locked up inside the compressor.
    The solution is to replace the compressor.
    Try replacing the inverter control board on the back of the unit by the compressor before messing around with the compressor and that MAY solve your issue.

    Is your fridge under warranty?
    Do some further troubleshooting before you replace the compressor just to be sure.
    Run diagnostics mode to be sure.

  162. My Samsung refrigerator model RF263BEAESR, suddenly getting warm and I cannot set the temp. Tried to unplug and back in, it showed error code 84 E. What is the problem? Looking up for couple of websites, I finally can reset it but still cannot get it cold as normal, can you tell what is the problem? Thanks.

  163. DIY Project Help Tips

    Trung Nguyen,
    Try and see if there may be an issue with the wiring the goes to the temp controls.
    Check to see that your freezer is not so overloaded that it is blocking the fan at back.
    Be sure the fan is working.
    Be sure the coils on back of fridge are not iced over.

  164. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the tech and yourself have checked every component, even replacing some parts such as a defrost timer in your Samsung refrigerator, and the problem was not solved, most likely, yes, the main control board has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced.
    Can you put the fridge into Diagnostics mode and test it further to be sure?

  165. Samsung RFG297AARS/XAA not reaching set point. Original problem was freezer stopped freezing. Technician replaced one of the defrost elements and did some reset which helped. No codes appear on display.

    Put unit into :Load Mode” and the following flashed:
    F10-a, F10-b, F10-d, F10-g,
    F1-a, F1-c, F1-e, F1-g
    R1-b, R1-f

    My best guess is that the circuit board needs replacing. That or I buy a new refrigerator.
    On a side note, I have a GE Monitor Top that works great after 90 years, except for the need to manually defrost occasionally.

  166. I have a Samsung RF26HFENDSR which has a problem with bottom freezer temp. It shows temp is -8F, it is not cold and ice is not produced. Thanks for your help.

  167. DIY Project Help Tips

    Cesar B. G.,
    Samsung código de error refirerator 21E significa que tiene un error en el ventilador del congelador .
    Lo más probable es que el ventilador del congelador se congelara , no está conectado eléctricamente , o ha fallado.

    Samsung refirerator error code 21E means you have a freezer fan error.
    Most likely the freezer fan is iced over, not connected electrically, or it has failed.


  168. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Refrigerator PC CH error = To clear = Hold the Power Freeze and Vacation buttons together for 15 secs and it should reset.

  169. After a power outage, I have blinking error code PC CH. Now refrigerator and freezer are not working. This refrigerator is only 1.5 months old. Ice and water will not work either.

  170. DIY Project Help Tips

    When you have a power outage, you may have to reset your Samsung fridge. Reset the Samsung refrigerator by pressing and holding the [Power Freeze] and [Power Cool] buttons simultaneously for 8 seconds until the unit makes its audible chime.

  171. Our power went out last night and now the fridge won’t work. The breaker is fine and the outlet is good. My screen on the front panel is blank and no lights in the fridge or freezer. What could it be?? Thanks for your help!

  172. DIY Project Help Tips

    K Odom,
    If the bottom Samsung ice maker is NOT working, you may need to reset the flex tray ice maker:
    Here is how to do it yourself…

    1 – Open the freezer door and auto pull out drawer.
    2 – Remove the ice bucket and locate the test/reset button.
    3 – Press and hold the white reset button for 3 seconds.
    NOTE: Whatever contents are in the ice tray when you reset the ice maker will be ejected.
    4 – When you hear the ice maker begin to reset, close the freezer door immediately to prevent the contents from falling into the bottom of the freezer.

    Note: On some models the reset button may be black.

    Let us know if that worked for you.

  173. That worked! Thank you!
    Now how do I get my bottom ice maker to make ice again. I have pushed the reset button. Still no ice. The top ice maker is working fine on my Samsung side by side refrigerator.

  174. DIY Project Help Tips

    Patricia Hemingway,
    For the OF error code on a Samsung refrigerator: Press power freeze and freezer button at same time for three to five seconds.

  175. Patricia Hemingway

    I have a Samsung side by side refrigerator and it is reading an OF code on both sides what do I do to reset it?

  176. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung refrigerator Error 33E identifies the water fill tube heater for the ice maker.
    To clear the error – Press and hold the Energy Saver and Lighting keys for about 8 seconds at the same time. That should get the display back to normal.

    IF NOT: Take out the ice maker and check the water fill tube that fills the ice maker. You will see some wire harness on that tube. Check that the wire harness is secure and not loose. That is the water fill tube heater.

  177. I’m having the same issue with the same model Samsung RF32FMQDBSR/AA bottom mount fridge. Please help…

    I have a Samsung RF32FMQDBSR/AA bottom mount fridge. No error codes but the fridge just stopped cooling one day…freezer works perfect. I have researched this problem on the internet and it seems to be quite common. DID THE SAME THINGS – I have replaced the following….2 temp sensors in fridge, start relay/overload assembly’s, main control board. The evap cooling fan is operating inside the fridge section on top. The two control/inverter boards in back have red lights on when the compressors are running…one of the red led’s is dim while the other is very bright… any thoughts as to why the fridge will not cool?

  178. There is no block for this kind of refrigerator. The freezers side and the fridge side have separate evaporator, fan and sensor. In total it has 3 evaporators and 3 fans and sensors.
    1 evaporator, fan control for the fridge. The other 2 control for both freezers. Both freezers are working very good nothing build up around evaporator. The fan is also good, I bought temp sensor from Sears.
    I checked tested before install.

  179. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hieu Pham,
    After replacing all the above parts you should have a working fridge.
    Have you made sure the fan in the freezer is working 100% efficiently and there is no blockage?
    There is no frost or ice built up on the coils?
    What part number did you replace for the TEMP SENSOR?

  180. I replaced the fan in ice box and the code is gone.
    I set the temp 0 F for the freezer and 37 F for the refrigerator.
    After 48 hours freezer reads 0 F and the refrigerator read 49 F but can not reach to the set point 37 F.
    I replaced main control board, temp sensor and the evaporator fan in the refrigerator side, however still same problem.
    Both compressor and both bottom freezer is working good.
    Please tell me what else I can do to make the refrigerator cool, it is reading to the set point 37 F.
    Samsung RF32FMQDBSRAA 4 doors

  181. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Error Code 21 E means Freezer Fan error. Replace freezer fan and or check wiring.

  182. We bought a Samsung French door with bottom drawer freezer model RF261BEAESR/AA a little over a year ago. The freezer does not freeze, and displays error code 21E. Fridge appears to be working fine.

  183. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hieu Pham,
    Yes test the motor to be sure it is getting the proper voltage and be sure the fan itself is operational. Once the motor is working properly, the error code will clear.

  184. Thank you very much. The ice room is the place making ice cubes and it also has a fan motor that is 12v dc in the back of ice maker or evaporator, freezer fan motor.

  185. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hieu Pham,
    Samsung refrigerator error code 40 E = ICE ROOM FAN ERROR
    Check the fan to be sure it is operating properly.

  186. Samsung refrigerator RF32FMQDBSR/AA is flashing 40 E code. I do not know what is that means? Please give me some clue, thanks.

  187. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hayley Pink,
    Have you tried to simply unplug the fridge for 5 minutes or so to see if that resets it?
    You can try resetting your refrigerator using the guide above, order the sensor needed for your Samsung refrigerator and install it yourself, or call an appliance repair company and ask them to quote you on price including labor.

  188. I have a Samsung refrigerator model number RSH1NHMH and it has a flashing line in the right hand corner, looking through this page I think it is the refrigerator defrost sensor, we have had the sensor go before and had to be replaced as the ice was building up and made the motor keep catching on the ice. It was in warranty so that was okay. Would I have to have someone come and look at it, or is there any buttons to push to get my temperature display working again please?

  189. DIY Project Help Tips

    The error code on your Samsung refrigerator should be comprised of 2 digits. Is the error code that is showing just the number 1 and it is constantly flashing?
    If the fan in your freezer makes noise, it is most likely off center and the blades are hitting the sides. Have a look at the fan and readjust if necessary. If the fan is causing the issue, replace it.

  190. I have a Samsung fridge freezer the model is RL43WCIH. It flashes a small 1 and it doesn’t work on the fridge part. Also it runs nonstop. I need a solution please help. On the freezer part it also is not working properly and the fan is making noise.

  191. DIY Project Help Tips

    Daniel Zamora,
    Could be an issue with your Samsung fridge door switch or possibly electrical issue (board, wiring). What is the model number of your Samsung refrigerator?

  192. We have a Samsung French Door with bottom freezer RF323TEDBSR. Came home tonight and the whole front panel light display is blinking on and off. Interior fridge lights are off. We live three hours away from nearest Service Location so would like to get this fixed if at all possible.
    Any suggestions?
    Have tried unplugging it and shutting fuse off then on again to no avail.

  193. Daniel Zamora

    I have a problem with my refrigerator French door lights only come on when I unplug it and plug it back on then 5 minutes later the lights won’t turn on but there is no code on the screen can you please help me with this.

  194. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung refrigerator error code 40 E = ICE ROOM FAN ERROR
    The Ice Room Fan motor is read as not connected or the fan has stopped, check the wiring connections in the freezer and at the Main PCB.

    Samsung refrigerator technical error codes


  195. I have a RF28HFEDBSR/AA and have an flashing “40 E” error code and you tell me what this is? Thanks!

  196. DIY Project Help Tips

    Michelle Carpenter,
    Samsung fridge error code E22 or 22 E is a Fridge Fan error. Check fridge fan for proper operation. If fan is not spinning, check if it is getting power and replace if necessary.

  197. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check to be sure the wire harnesses on the LCD panel are connected. If so, make sure it is getting the correct power. If so, replace the complete LCD display.

  198. I have a Samsung refrigerator RF28HMEDBSR. Cooling and freezing both work fine, LCD displays the temperatures, ice machine works, but the LCD panel doesn’t respond to anything, the touch buttons do not work either, so I am stuck with ice, no water. None of the buttons on the LCD respond, I have tried pressing and holding the top bottons but nothing, it seems frozen. What do you think is the problem? Thank you

  199. Michelle carpenter

    I have the Samsung Refrigerator model RS265TDWP/XAA. It’s giving is E22 code.
    Is that something we can fix ? Help :-(

  200. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung refrigerator error PC Ch means a wire harness error. Verify that the wire harness under the top left door hinge is connected properly. The Samsung manual tells you to check ALL wire harness, as one is not connected properly or is damaged.

  201. This error appears on my Samsung fridge as well, PC Ch all capital except the last letter is lower case. Did reset, did unplugging cables on top of the fridge and did not help.

  202. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you tell us the FULL model number of your Samsung fridge? There should be a few extra numbers and letters after the first number. Example: RF261BEAESR (additional model number = AA-0001)

  203. I have a Samsung French door fridge model RF261BEAESR. The ice maker doesn’t work and I have an “almost” constant error code of 33 flashing. I’ve tried the unplug thing and reset but it doesn’t clear. I saw on another website that my case may be from moving the fridge too much (which i did during a renovation) and this may have affected some kind of heater wire or sensor. Any advice on how I might change out this sensor / heater wire? I do not want to pay a technician fee and labor when I can easily do this myself….just need a diagram and a part number.

  204. I have a Samsung fridge, model RFG298AARS that suffered a power outage, error code that came up was 88 98 and 88 R8 with the 9 and the R blinking. My lower freezer unit is broken (one of the units broke off), but the refrigerator and freezer have been working fine with this issue for at least 4 months as we haven’t use the lower ice maker in over a year. I reset the refrigerator (held top left and top right buttons) and everything was fine. Two weeks later I come home and the LCD display is blank, nothing is working and the “Night Light” which is under the LCD display (where the water and ice dispenser is) is blinking. The refrigerator will not reset and I have unplugged it and tried to reset. Any suggestions?

  205. Jason,
    As I mentioned there are no codes. I defrosted the freezer and I did find that the line was frozen. I have now had it operating for about 24 hours and it has not frozen again (yet). I think that it may have been caused by a pizza box that shifted and was laying completely over the ice tray. It seems that after its frozen solid the heater can’t catch up. Or, if the water does not flow for a period of time it will freeze indicating a weak or inop heater. I will know after the tray is full for awhile.
    Thanks for your time.

  206. I have a Samsung model RF260BEAESR that is not producing ice. I have disconnected the water line at the point that it enters the freezer and reset the icemaker. The unit goes through the self test fine to include the ice level arm, the tray rotation and water is being allowed to flow for a few seconds (into a bucket). When I reconnect the water line and initiate a test it goes through the same test but the water never makes it to the tray. I can hear the water solenoid function. There are no error codes. Do I have to defrost the freezer or is there another way to clear that line? Or, are there other issues possibly present.

  207. Hi Bill,

    Having the same issue here with flashing OFF icon, no leaks detected, changed cylinder etc.. Did you figure out the problem in the end?

  208. How to perform a force deforest on a Samsung RF263TEAESR/AA refrigerator? I am try to determine is the deforest heater still good.

  209. I have a Samsung side by side fridge freezer model name RSH5SHMH
    It started bleeping yesterday and the deodoriser icon has lit up and also twin cooling with 2 circular arrows.
    We followed booklet instructions and removed deodoriser covers but it had no cartridges in there. Something had spilt and had dribbled into that area but now cleaned.
    Icons remain lit up and occasional bleeps after opening doors

  210. I have a Samsung refrigerator model RL 40P GMG this freezing but it is giving error signal and flashing

  211. Sandra Gillispie

    My new Samsung refrigerator model number RF260BEAESR is not cooling down and is displaying a 2E. We just bought this and brought it home. What could be wrong with it already? None of the reset methods we have tried seem to be working. Any suggestions?

  212. I have a brand new Samsung RH25H5611SR/AA showcase side by side french door style fridge. Plugged it in, no demo code showing and no damage. Comes on and you hear the compressor but it hasn’t cooled down one bit for over a day. It did, after an unplug reset, start to show on the display dropping temps but the box was still the same. Not sure where the sensor was getting that temp info b/c it sure wasn’t from the box temp. Is there something I’m missing here? I’ve done the Energy/Lighting hold down and the Freeze/Fridge hold down but nothing changes. I do not feel air movement in the box. The help desks keep saying, “give it 24 hours” but that sounds like a canned response like “reboot it”. Is this a lemon or is there something internal I need to check. We can have Lowes roll a truck out but I’d rather just get it running if it’s simple enough.

  213. No there were no codes at all, I was very careful pressing the 2 top buttons together, but it just seems to be hit or miss what mode it goes into, it just doesn’t say. In my experience I had to keep switching off at the mains to reset and then push the two top buttons together once it was on again and then wait and see if the temperature started to fall. In my case I must have done this a couple of dozen times before it suddenly rebooted again.

  214. DIY Project Help Tips

    There is no way to “get rid” of demo mode so it never happens again. Just make sure the buttons on the fridge are not pressed and held inadvertently where it COULD go into demo or showroom mode again. And yes, some Samsung refrigerator models will recover and begin to cool again after a power outage, and some will not. Usually the display panel will at least indicate a code to tell you there was a power outage such as a PF on the display. Glad you got the fridge running again, just be careful and aware the next time you have a power outage or the buttons are pressed inadvertently. Which buttons did you have to press on your Samsung model refrigerator to get your fridge OUT OF DEMO MODE?

  215. Many thanks for your reply.

    Yes, thank you I did get it started again by just keeping pressing buttons until suddenly it started to cool again, I don’t know what I pressed this time that was different from before, but it worked! I had looked at the thread before for getting it out of demo mode, but it seems to be very different from the models shown and couldn’t seem to get info back from the fridge panel that was meaningful to me.

    Unfortunately my model doesn’t seem to tell me when it is recovering from a power outage and that it has gone into this demo mode and just keeps showing the original set temperatures, so I have no idea that it is not cooling. At a minimum I would have expected it to sound an alarm to show the temperatures were rising, but obviously the demo mode outrides this.

    Is there any way to get rid of demo mode all together so I never can get this problem again?

    I am now faced with a large bill for refrozen food that I will probably have to dispose of now. Happy its going again, but not happy!!!

  216. DIY Project Help Tips

    On your Samsung refrigerator…

    F-10 Errors relate to a Communication or Ice Fan Sensor problem.
    F-1 “a” Error relates to an Ambient Sensor problem.
    F-1 “b” Error relates to an F-Sensor Part problem.
    R-1 “a” Error relates to an Ice Maker Sensor problem.
    R-1 “f” Error relates to a Defrost Heater problem.

    You may have it in diagnostics mode. Or possibly demo mode, here is how to get your Samsung refrigerator out of demo mode.
    Let us know what you find.

  217. I had a power outage yesterday morning and our DA-99-00494B stopped working when the power resumed. I have had this before so I pressed both top buttons (power freeze and light simultaneously) and the issue appeared to be solved although in recollection I did not hear the fan kick in. The panels showed -22 and 4 as normal so we did not think anything was wrong but this morning, but on opening the freezer everything is melted yet the display still showed the -22 and 4. Did I put it into demo mode?

    So I turned off, reset etc but can’t get the fridge freezer to work. It eventually showed the true temperatures +2 and +8 but despite turning off and on and resetting I can’t get it to work at all. On one restart it did start buzzing at me and displayed F1 but I couldn’t do any more at this stage so had to unplug again. Now no fault codes occur from scratch but when I press the fridge button after the power freeze and light together I now get lines that make the codes as follows

    F-10 ‘a’ and ‘c’;
    F-1 ‘a’ and ‘b’;
    R-1 ‘a’ and ‘f’.

    The fridge freezer is 5 years old is it worth fixing or is it time for a more reliable one?

  218. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the fridge FLASHING the numbers 88 then 86 or is it 88 88 or is there an E after the number? The 88/86 is not an error code put together. If the refrigerator’s display is showing 88 88 (all Eights), and will not respond to any commands, but is still cooling, unplug the refrigerator for 60 seconds. Then restore power and wait another 60 seconds. 86E error codes are related to voltage and current reception at the PBA Inverter.

  219. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung refrigerator ERROR CODE 39E means an Ice Maker Function error. Check to be sure everything is connected on your ice maker including the water, and electrical wire harnesses.

  220. I have a Samsung fridge, model RFG298AARS that suffered a power outage and now the freezer temp display flashes 88/86. Unit is cooling fine. No display buttons are active now and I’ve reset the power numerous times as well as all kinds of button combinations. I assume a board has failed? Ideas on what to start replacing?

  221. Our Samsung RF323TEDBSR refrigerator started displaying a 39 E error code. Unplugging it removed the error code for about half an hour, then it returned. What do I do?

  222. As I stated in my original post, I did try resetting the ice maker. While the link you provided for the service manual was not for my specific model, as you stated, I was able to use the info in general to locate the actual service manual from servicemanuals and download the correct one. Thanks! From here I hope to isolate the failure. I may be buying a new main PCB assy from you.

  223. I have a RF260BEAESR/AA and the ice maker stopped production. Freezer temp set to -1deg F. There are no error codes on display and the fridge is NOT in ICE OFF mode. Resetting ice maker (hold TEST button 8+ sec) does not start a cycle. Pressing the test button momentarily does not start a ice dump cycle. Both functions worked previously. Previous ice production was functional, albeit very slow. There is no filter installed since water supply is from a RO system. Currently there are cubes in ice tray but maker will not dump. Activating the self diagnostic function (during normal operation) does not display any errors. Suspected ice maker unit failure so replaced unit but problem still persists. Since the original ice maker did operate and now does not and the new unit does not operate I suspect power supply problems on PBA. Do you have suggestions on troubleshooting the PBA: i.e. specific voltages on connector CN90?

  224. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung side-by-side fridge showing error code LC ER = Panel and Main communication Error.
    Display “oP/LC-Er” in the panel with alarm:
    MICOM MAIN ↔ LOAD communication error
    MICOM MAIN ↔ PANEL communication error
    LC-Er is displayed when the Option is not equivalent with the right value.
    Communication problem… Check the wire harnesses to be sure they are connected properly…. and if they check good then after further testing, replace the main control board.

  225. I have a Samsung side-by-side fridge model number SRS607HDSS showing error code LC ER
    can someone help as to what needs to be repaired?

  226. DIY Project Help Tips

    Xavier Antony,
    Samsung refrigerator Error Code 8E means ICE MAKER SENSOR ERROR. This means it may be faulty, loose, or unplugged. Check it and remove and replace if needed. It may be best to replace the complete ice maker depending on what the cost is for the sensor versus the complete ice maker.

  227. My Samsung 585 fridge and it is blinking the error code 8E. I tried switching off and on but the refrigerator error is still there. Can somebody advise?

  228. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the switch on the dispenser keeps opening and closing, the most likely part that is at fault is the board that controls it. Test all parts with a meter to be sure. The error code E41 for a Samsung refrigerator is not officially listed.

  229. Our new Samsung has the same error message. It usually goes off after using the water or ice maker, or turning the light on and off.

  230. I did find a burn spot on my main PCB. So I’m going to replace that and I should be good! Thanks again for all your help!

  231. Everything works fine… Except for the dispenser “hatch/door” that opens for the ice to fall out of the door. Keeps opening and closing none stop which is causing the refrigator to read error code E 41. All the wiring seems fine. So I guess I’m wondering which one is more likely to go bad between the LCD screen and the dispenser? Or what you might suggestion doing from here? Thanks again!

  232. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the screen and the dispenser NOW not working at all? The water dispenser does not work? The ice dispenser does not work? From what you have explained in detail, this does sound to be MOST Likely the screen or dispenser. Troubleshoot further to find out which one is causing the issue. It is probably one of the components and not both.

  233. I have now figured out how to remove the LCD screen which allowed me access to the dispenser as well. I checked all the connections going into the LCD screen as well as all connections going into/on the dispenser. (No pinched wire, cuts, burns, or bad connections) all the wires appear to be in very good condinition. It has power to it because it keeps run (the dispenser opens and closes none stop) I also checked the little pressure switches (not sure what they’re really called) but there are two on the dispenser that when the wheel goes around they hit the wheel pushing them in and releasing them. They seem to be working fine. I feel like it’s some kind of relay switch or something that is stuck, constantly calling for power. Do you think it’s wiring or could I replace the screen and dispenser and feel confident that replacing those two would fix the problem? I really do appreciate all your help!

  234. DIY Project Help Tips

    Did you notice any damage or corrosion of any kind where the wire harnesses attach? Could a wire harness be pinched somewhere? Therefore the wire harness may be damaged? Have you tested the wire harnesses with a meter to be sure they are not damaged? Do you notice any other strange things with your Samsung refrigerator that may give clues as to what may be the issue?

  235. I’ve tried that and it’s still doing it. I’ve disconnected and reconnected both of the wiring harnesses above the left side panel on top (above the left door) would you have any other suggestions? Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks for the advise that you have already given me!

  236. I have the same fridge and same issue. Did you figure out what is going on and how to fix it?

  237. Thanks for your support. The refrigerator doesn’t work, only the CUBE led is flashing. It was made in Korea. The serial numbers is: 072542BP400080 R. 800 l (Gross capacity 28.3cu.ft). It use the Main PCB part : DA41-00216 A, the Panel PCB part: AD-PJT- Panel., and electrical Diagram Number: DA99-00694F. I have more technical information like service manual and pictures. If you need, I can send by Email. Thank you

  238. DIY Project Help Tips

    We are unable to quickly find the CUBE LED blinking error, can you give us the serial number of your fridge and where it was made if you can see it on the label? There appears to be an issue with the model number you have provided with our error code database. However if the ice sensor is open, replacing it may clear the error. Does the refrigerator run normally besides the blinking CUBE LED? Have you unplugged the fridge and disconnected all cables and connectors to the panel and then reconnect to try to reset? This has been shown to clear strange errors on Samsung refrigerators.

  239. I have a Samsung twin door model # RS26WUNS1 /XAP, (in others service manuals appear as Model RS2621**), without digital display, it only has a Single Line Display (only LED). The refrigerator doesn’t work at all, the CUBE LED is blinking permanently. I already call to service local technician and he replaced the main PC board (MAIN PCB), but the problem continue exactly the same (cube LED blinking) and the technician never go back again. I’m industrial electronic technician and decided to do it myself, I already download the service manuals (diagram, etc) and I want to know and be sure if the CUBE LED blinking means an Error code present. I checked different component like temperature sensors (thermistors), heaters, switches, etc and they looks good, except the ICE sensor that look to be open (I take a measurement with tester and read infinite ohms). Can you help me to find the root cause of the problem and I want to know if the CUBE LED blinking means an Error code present.

  240. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the proper voltage is getting to the fans and they both do run testing externally, then you need to check the internal wiring in the fridge to be sure there are no shorting of the wiring. If after checking the internal wiring you find NO ISSUES, then replace the control board as that is the most likely issue from what you have explained.

  241. I have a Samsung twin door model# SRS622DSS. The condenser fan does not run all the time. Only intermittent. The condenser will get hot and after approximately 45 minutes and the condenser will stop and will not go back on. If i turn the power off from the switch on the actual wall and switch back on after a minute, it will go through the same process. At the beginning i realized the condenser coils where very clogged up with dust. I cleaned it so well that there is no dust whatsoever. I also cleaned all the ventilation slots around the bottom end throughout. Once i had completed this the fan worked perfectly for approximately a night. For some unknown reason i am now in this position. There are no noises. Only noise comes from the condenser whilst running. If i place a portable fan behind the condenser and coils it will still run for approximately 45 minutes. I took the PCB board out and could not see any burnt marks or loose cabling. I even took the condenser fan out and connected it to 14 volts and works fine. So i know the fan is OK. I tested to see how the voltage is coming to the fan whilst connected to the fridge. Yes the voltage does fluctuate a little higher at approximately 13-15 volts when the fan goes on. I think i might have a faulty main PCB assembly. I am thinking is it worth taken apart the inside fridge back cover to see if there could be something in there that might be the cause. I have removed the freezer back cover apart and fan inside there is working fine.

  242. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 41E Means MAIN LCD COMM ERROR. The Main PCB and the LCD display are not communicating properly. Verify the wiring at both PCB’s are connected and secure.

  243. I have a Samsung RFG296HDRS (French door w/ freezer on bottom) the service code reads 41 E. I can’t find what 41 E means anywhere. What it’s doing is the ice maker dispenser hatch keeps opening and closing all the time. I’m just questing as to the name of this part (ice maker dispenser hatch) but if you look up in the hole where the ice falls from the refrigerator to your cup (on the outside of the door) right inside of that hole is a little door/hatch that opens and closes and allows the ice to fall. That hatch is continually opening and closing. If I push the actually lever on the door to receive ice you can hear the normal sounds of the ice maker turning and trying to push ice out (normal function) but I’ve tried resetting the refrigerator (holding the two top bottoms on both sides of the screen for ten seconds) and it will reset only to start again with the hatch opening and closing again. PLEASE ANY HELP IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED! Even if someone can tell me what the service code is (41 E) I’ve found a lot of people are having this problem but no one has any answers for them.

  244. I also have the same issue. I had a tech come out and he put the fridge in diagnostic mode but said it did not show an error. This has been happening for about a year. We’ve powered off and on with no success. The fridge will work fine for a period then we will have this issue again. The beeps happen when the temperature cycles – exactly as if I was pressing the button. There are no other beeps other than those. Please help!

  245. I have a Samsung RF32FMQDBSR/AA bottom mount fridge…only 27 months old. No error codes but the fridge just stopped cooling one day…freezer works perfect. I have researched this problem on the internet and it seems to be quite common. I have replaced the following….2 temp sensors in fridge, start relay/overload assembly’s, main control board. The evap cooling fan is operating inside the fridge section on top. The two control/inverter boards in back have red lights on when the compressors are running…one of the red led’s is dim while the other is very bright… any thoughts as to why the fridge will not cool? The inverter board with the dim led is part # DA92-00215P. I am starting to get stressed trying to figure this out!

  246. DIY Project Help Tips

    Ben Sigmon,
    How to Turn a Chiming Samsung Refrigerator OFF:
    If you don’t care for the alarm deactivate the alarm by locating the electronic display of the Samsung refrigerator and press the “Alarm” button for three seconds and then release it. The alarm turns off and the beeping stops no matter how long the doors remain open, which doesn’t stop the cooling elements of the refrigerator from functioning.

    If the refrigerator doesn’t stop beeping, even after you’ve shut the door and deactivated the alarm, there is an electronic issue in the system. Pull the refrigerator out and unplug it to reset the connection. You may need to reprogram certain functions on the control panel.
    Let us know if this has helped you.

  247. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes have the compressor replaced……
    The Samsung refrigerator 84 E ERROR stands for a locked rotor. There is a small control board on the back of the refrigerator it’s called an inverter control board. Since Samsung uses a DC three speed compressor they use an inverter board to change the voltage to the compressor. When the rotor locks up the amp draw goes way up and the inverter control board senses this and will throw the error code 84 E on the front of the digital display. This is actually a very bad error code on these refrigerators. It means the rotor is locked up inside the compressor and the only way to solve this issue is to actually replace the compressor.

  248. DIY Project Help Tips

    The Samsung refrigerator error code 27 E is a communication error. It means the LCD on the front and Main PCB on the back have an issue. Make sure the connections on both boards are good and all the wire harnesses are connected correctly.

  249. My Samsung French door model #RF260BEAEWW is showing error code 27 E in the digital display. I’ve tried unplugging it for a minute with no luck as well as pressing the Ice Off and Energy Saver buttons at the same time for 12 seconds. Can you tell me what the code means and is it something I can fix. Thanks

  250. My repair guy said that the fan is not spinning and he thinks the computer board that feeds the fan with power, not the compressor (84 E error).. I have ordered a new compressor, should I just ask him to replace it?

  251. I pulled the DA41-00412A PBA Panel-LED assembly from the unit, and desoldered the Ice on/off button from the PCB. Then reinstalled the board into the fridge. So far, no stupid chime on/off. All other buttons work still, though the LED display does not turn off when the door is closed (no biggie).

    Will let it sit for 24hrs and make sure the problem is no longer present, then try soldering the button back on – perhaps just a bad solder connection. If the noise returns will replace the button or just leave it off.

    Thanks for assistance.

  252. Samsung RF263AEWP is a stackable type with freezer on the bottom. I have tried to perform error codes but unable too. I believe my three year old model uses some other way of checking for error codes. My problem is the refrigerator chimes non stop, as if the door is open; however, the door is closed tightly. If the doors are open than the refrigerator will not chime as it should do. CAN ANYONE HELP, I’m disabled and unable to work, and live on a fixed income. I don’t have any money left for any repairs.

  253. DIY Project Help Tips

    Your unit was most likely a demo unit in a store showroom. Did you buy a floor model Samsung fridge?

    If certain buttons are pressed the fridge will go into demo/cooling off/exibition mode.
    When the display on the refrigerator is in Cooling Off mode (aka Demo Mode). This means the compressor is disabled and the Cooling system has been turned off. Demo mode is used by retailers to save electricity when the refrigerator is displayed on the showroom floor.
    To disable Cooling Off mode, simultaneously touch and hold the words “Energy Saver” and “Power Freeze” on the display panel. Continue holding until you hear a distinctive chime sound and both temperatures for the freezer and fridge are displayed.
    If after 5 – 10 seconds, OF OF is displayed again, Cooling Off mode was not deactivated. Once again, touch and hold “Energy Saver” and “Power Freeze” until you hear the distinctive chime and the temperatures are displayed.
    On all Samsung French Door models with a display panel on the left door, Cooling Off Mode is controlled by the top 2 buttons on the left side of the display panel.
    It can take up to five minutes for the compressor to turn on after Cooling Off Mode is deactivated.

  254. What causes the refrigerator to go into FF or Demo/Sales mode? Ours has displayed that code twice in the past 6 months. Resetting is not an issue, but if it places itself in Demo mode while we are away, Issue! Thanks in advance.

  255. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes try unplugging the refrigerator for a minute or so and see if you get the panel to reset. If not then you will have to test the display panel to find out if the board is bad or it is just a stuck button on the control pad. If this happened right after replacing the water filter then this may be a coincidence or possibly the water filter is not installed correctly.

  256. We just had the display panel replaced on our RF4287HAWP refrigerator. I just replaced the water filter and now the buttons are not working. We’ve had this refrigerator for two years with two display panels replaced. This has been an on going problem where sometimes the buttons on the display do not work. Is this a common problem with these types of refrigerators? Do I need to unplug for 60 seconds to reset? Thank you.

  257. I see NO leaks, and I have removed and reinstalled the CO2 cylinder, but I can not get the OFF Icon to stop blinking or turn the Sparkling Water Function back on.

  258. DIY Project Help Tips

    Find the exploded parts view of your Samsung fridge on searspartsdirect and find the mechanism that beeps and find the electrical wire harness to disconnect or jump with alligator clips.

  259. thanks for the response…
    Beeping is neither the door alarm (which I am familiar with) nor is it the temp alarm. If you push the button to turn on and off the ice, that is the sound it is making… both the on and off sound, all by itself, and the ice indicator LED turns on and off at the same time. it will be quiet for minutes or hours, then go into a fit with random lengths of quiet and alarm, and the on and off alarm will sometimes be in short or long succession.
    Did the power off for 20 minutes (closer to 30 actually), then plugged back in… it “booted” then normal display. no single LED indicating a fault of any sort… same behavior when I press the two cool/freeze buttons.
    It was quiet for 10 minutes give or take, then a series of the ice on/off sounds, then quiet again for a bit.
    Again, really confusing since temps are fine, ice machine works fine… just this silly sound like it is possessed or something.

  260. DIY Project Help Tips

    Math B,
    The easiest way would be to use the ice maker sensor by itself (remove it from the ice maker) and reconnect it into the freezer area to trick the fridge computer into thinking the ice maker is still installed.

  261. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the beeping a door or temp alarm? You can press power cool and power freeze buttons at the same time and you should get a single LED indication and then after 30 seconds the display should return to normal.
    The unit will self diagnose if you unplug it for 15 to 20 minutes and then plug it back in. ANY errors will be displayed by a single LED (digit) indication during the first 14 seconds after you plug in the unit.
    You must wait that 15 – 20 minutes of unplugged time to prevent the compressor overload from tripping due to high coolant pressures. System must stabilize first to prevent damage to your unit.

  262. DIY Project Help Tips

    Bill A,
    On your Samsung refrigerator, each time you press Cubed/Crushed button (button 8) for 3 seconds, you turn the Sparkling Water Production function on or off. When you turn off the Sparkling Water Production function or when selecting the Cylinder Reset Function, the Sparkling Water Off Icon on the Display Panel turns on. When you turn on the Sparkling Water Production function, the Off Icon on the Display Panel turns off. Use the cubed/crushed button to reset.

    If a water leak is detected in the Sparkling Water Production Module, the Off Icon blinks, the refrigerator stops dispensing and producing sparkling water, and the Sparkling Water Production function automatically switches to OFF. In addition, the Sparkling Water Production function will not turn on, even if you press the Cubed/Crushed button or Sparkling Water button for 3 seconds.

    If this is the case you may have a water leak. Check to see if there is a water leak and if so troubleshoot by checking the sparkling water cylinder. Remove it and reinstall it to see if it resets the flashing light.

  263. I have a RF31FMESBSR 4 door refrigerator. The off light for the sparkling water is flashing. The manual said there a leak detection in sparkling water module. I see no leaks. How can I reset this icon?

  264. model: RF265AARS serial: 946242BP500080 N
    Similar to another post here, the ice on/off chime is going crazy, no pattern, sometimes a burst. Have unseated and reseated the cables to the pc board in the back, have unplugged for 10 min, have pressed the buttons for error codes and nothing. If I keep holding down the power cool and power freeze for a few seconds after it starts the test, it shows 88 88 but clears on its own a few seconds later. If I let go as soon as it starts flashing/testing, it just goes back to the normal display with no code or flashing.

    Note that everything functions normally (including ice maker… which makes ice just fine). Temps are fine, no issues… other than the bloody chime triggering on and off non-stop. Have tried unplugging the ice maker power and cable harnesses… but the chiming continues (don’t know if this disabled the ice-maker as I didn’t leave it off long enough.

    Great fridge, just can’t deal with the chime any more. Any ideas on how to fix, and or where the chime is located so I can kill it. :)

  265. I have the same Samsung fridge RF263. Have the same issue. When I try to go into diagnostic mode, no error codes are shown.

  266. I Disabled (removed) the ice maker on my Samsung fridge RF195 in order to save valuable space.
    Now the fridge is obviously throwing me an “ice maker sensor error”
    Is there any way to permanently disable to error code? (ex: rigging the connector with a jumper, debug mode, etc)

  267. The fridge has always been working . Temp shown on panel is that shown by thermometer testing.
    The freezer has been showing temp from -25C to 0c. I took it apart again yesterday and no ice build up. Melted what little there was and reset . Still not freezing. Blowing in air temp about 1 C.
    Fault codes are clear but something is not right.
    I wondered if either the defrost stat , thermal fuse of humidiistat could be causing this reduction in cooling temp but, not showing fault.
    Maybe should remove all and test.

  268. DIY Project Help Tips

    Daniel Morales,
    That Samsung fridge error code is not listed.
    Please recheck and be sure the error is PC CH and not PC ER.
    Please update us and we will assist.

  269. DIY Project Help Tips

    Bob Miller,
    So after the reset your fridge is working? Panel is reset and all clear? No error codes?

  270. Both internal fans running. External fan running. Compressor running. Lights and door switches OK. Checked fridge unit temp 3c or down to 1C when set- both checked with thermometer. Air temp in via vents 1C. Freezer temp is -19C when compressor starts temp rises to 0C. Remover panels inside and a little ice but nothing to speak about. Air temp seems to be the same at 1C which will not cause the freezer to freeze. Still no error codes. Undid the small stat inside the light cluster and it showed an F5 fault, cleared once reconnected. Main panel on top seems of pushed the test button – chimed but nothing else. Unplugged for 1 minute and the panel reset.

  271. My new Samsung Refrigerator has a blinking PC CH code with the alarm sound. When it happens it locks everything. Do I need to call a technician?

  272. DIY Project Help Tips

    Bob Miller,
    Both fans are running? Checked wire harnesses on all control boards? Reset control board? Put into diagnostic mode to test? How old is your Samsung fridge?

  273. What has happened is that over a period of time say 8 hours the temp will eventually get to -19c sometimes to -25c as I have it set there. But, the minutes after you open the door to check how cold it is it will dive to -5c or -3c. After a power down it will go to a high setting -3, then gradually rise in numberto -8c or even higher – but when tested with my temp probe never get to anywhere near what it is reading on the door. The fridge – separate evap unit gets to 3c and stays there- also reading the correct temp when checked with a thermometer.
    Codes clear, cleaned inside and out – no ice build-up. But as I mentioned no longer making the defrost cracking sound and no water in the tray under the condenser.
    Today it started at -8c rose to -11c opened door dropped to-3c and so far has stayed there all day. Freezer temp at about -1c inside.
    Thanks fro replying to my question, much appreciated.

  274. DIY Project Help Tips

    Bob Miller,
    After reading your Samsung fridge issue… How often does the temp fluctuate on the front panel display? You say it shows from -3 to -25C, does this fluctuate within a few hour period or days?

  275. I have a Samsung SR-L629EV fridge freezer which is not cooling the freezer section.
    I have cleaned the fan and condenser at the bottom of the unit, removed all the internal panels and checked for ice build up – which there was none, cleaned and checked every connection.
    The unit shows no fault codes when tested. I have tried several unplug reconnects and still the freezer is not cold. It will make ice but it seems wet in the tray – not melted. Ice cream is beyond it.
    The front panel will from time to time show anything from -3 to -25C.
    The unit used to make a defrost cracking noise at night but that has stopped.
    Can you offer any assistance based on this info. It will be very much appreciated.

  276. Rebecca Martinez

    Thanks for your message. I had taken a picture of the inside of the refrigerator error codes, and didn’t realize the right side code shifts between 8P and 88. The left side is fixed on 88.

  277. DIY Project Help Tips

    If your Samsung refrigerator displays 88 and will not respond to any commands then unplug the refrigerator for 60 seconds. Restore power and wait another 60 seconds. Power can be shut off at the breaker box in the home if that makes things easier. If the display operates normally after power is restored then a reset was all that was needed. If that did not work, see below…

    Can you look at that error and tell us if there is an LED missing or blinking on one of the 8’s??

    Try to reset the refrigerator by pressing and holding one of these combinations to try to reset your refrigerator. Hold for about 8 seconds to reset!
    PRESS = Power Freeze + E Saver
    PRESS = Power Freeze + Power Cool
    PRESS = Power Cool + E Saver

    If this did not work, please let us know and we can go from there.

    As for recommending an appliance repair company for Dallas Texas, please call Samsung Customer Service at 1-800-726-7864 or 1-800-SAMSUNG so they can recommend the authorized company.

  278. We have a Samsung RF266 Series French Door Refrigerator. The refrigerator is not adequately cooling, and has 2 error codes: 88 (on the left) and 8P (on the right). The model number is RF266ABWP. Can you tell me what you believe is wrong with it? If I need a refrigerator repair man, do you all have any recommendations for who to call in the Dallas, TX area? Thank you.

  279. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sounds as if the display is bad if you cannot use any of the buttons. There is no error code from Samsung that matches with your O or 0 error display. Is the O showing you the temp? Have you checked to be sure the wire harness for the display is properly attached?
    If the fridge beeps every 30 seconds, it usually is the door alarm telling you to close the door. IS it possible the door switch is bad or the seals on the door are torn or have something on them not letting the door close all the way? Check to be sure the door alarm switch is installed properly and that the wiring harnesses are attached and it is operational.
    Let us know what you find and we can assist from there.

  280. DIY Project Help Tips

    Clell Hoffman,
    What was the problem with your Samsung refrigerator that required you replacing the defrost sensor and thermo bimetal? Are you still receiving the Flashing 88 and 86 on your Samsung fridge? Does the display respond when you try pressing a button? Can you give us the exact model number of your Samsung fridge?

  281. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the control panel is sporadic, then that usually indicates a bad control board. It could also mean the connection to the control board is not secure. Before replacing the control board, be sure all wire harnesses are completely secure. We recommend to unplug and replug the wire harnesses that go to the control board with power to the fridge off (unplug refrigerator first). You may find a loose connection within the fridge. If after making sure the connections are secure, and after further troubleshooting, replace the board.

  282. I have a Samsung RB217ABPN, same issue for a few weeks, Power Freeze light randomly blinks on and off with a chime- sometimes quiet for hours, sometimes off and on repeatedly. Tried unplugging, tried resetting as noted above, no luck so far. This last time (after reading your response above, went ahead and reset fridge temp – but freezer temp button is inop, stays at -2 w/ no response. Don’t get any error codes when I press the 2 buttons to reset, just all lights light up, then go out, then eventually back on. Sound like a control board replacement indicated?

  283. I changed the defrost sensor and the Thermo Bimetal. Afterwards I got a flashing 88 and 86. I reset and now my fridge says it is at 38 but is only at 44 which displays on a calibrated thermometer. The temp has even gone down to 16 on the display and then goes back up. The morning after it got as low as 44 real temp. It seems maybe the temp needs to be calibrated?

  284. I have the Samsung RS21WASM cool n cool fridge/freezer which is now over 7 years old. This weekend its started beeping every 30/35 seconds. The temperature seems fine on both fridge and freezer but the display is now off and only flashes on when it beeps. It only has 4 buttons which haven’t worked for some time so cant do the error check that way. Unplugged for 15-20 minutes the display comes back on showing just a “0” on the fridge side. I’ve checked the back of the fridge behind the shelves which had a build up of ice around the deodorizer packet on the left side only. After removing all the ice (and the deodorizer) the beeping continues with the same error message. Anybody know what fault code “0” means? Does it mean there are 6 errors for each line in the “0”? Time for a new fridge/freezer perhaps?

  285. DIY Project Help Tips

    It sounds as if it needs to be reset. Press and hold the Power Freeze and Power Cool buttons on your control panel simultaneously for 10 seconds. This will cycle the whole system through a reset sequence. After the reset you MAY need to manually set the temperatures for the freezer and refrigerator even if they have the default temperature setting displayed. Press the Freezer Temp and Fridge Temp continuously until you cycle through the temperatures and get the desired temperature setting.

  286. I have a Samsung RF263AF fridge. It started making intermittent chime sound yesterday. The interval will vary from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. I checked the display and found the Power Freeze symbol was blinking on and off along with the chime sound. There is no other error code, the fridge seems working fine other than this blinking issue. I unplugged the power, checked the LED display board, measured the switches. the problem is still there. Your help is appreciated.

  287. DIY Project Help Tips

    Before anything, put a thermometer in the freezer to be sure it is getting to the correct temp. Put it in the ice maker too. See if the temp is correct for freezing. If the ice maker seems to not be getting “cold” enough, and if it seems to be functioning properly, you could have an issue with the control board or the ice maker itself. Does the evap fan run? Is the control panel flashing or solid as of right now?

  288. I have a GE Profile French door with bottom freezer, Model pfsf6pkwbww. But the error menus work and act much like the Samsung, and I’ve read that it’s made for GE by Samsung.

    Anyways, I defrosted my fridge and freezer a couple weeks ago. Since then, I can’t get the ice maker to make any ice. It’s not freezing. Water works fine, the ice maker arms work fine, but it feels like it’s not getting very cold in the ice maker chamber.

    Last night, I took out the evaporator fan motor in the freezer that is supposed to blow air up to the ice maker. It worked when I hooked it to a 9V battery, but I’m not sure what is actually sending the signal, etc. I’m thinking the “load menu” would really help me understand it, but I don’t know if flashing means it’s on? Or does solid mean that component is on? I see the two freezer “g” locations (center of the 8) are almost always flashing.

  289. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung refrigerator error codes:
    22 E = Fridge Fan error. Check to be sure fan is operating properly
    25 E = Fridge Defrost error. Check defrost timer or control board

  290. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the display showing an error code or anything at all? How many times does it beep? Sometimes the beep is telling you a certain error. Count the beeps. You may have the fridge in diagnostic or display mode. Did you try and reset or get the fridge out of a certain mode by pressing the 2 buttons for 8 seconds? The method to do this is on this page. Follow the directions and see what happens. Let us know what shows on the screen if anything.

  291. My Samsung fridge RF263AFRS started randomly changing fridge temperature by itself. I set it to 3°c and it will cycle to different temps by itself. I can hear the beeping while the fridge is close. Sometimes it will beep like 10-20 time in a row, sometimes once. It is as if the temp button is pressed. Is the control display toasted? I tried unplug fridge, vacuum up all the dust in the back, plug it back in after like 10 minutes. But no luck.


  293. DIY Project Help Tips

    If it is locked are you not able to unlock the dispenser by pressing and holding the buttons?

  294. The ice maker is still making ice the display show the lock still on and none of the other function button by the display work either so I have no filtered water either.

  295. I have a Samsung RF260BEAESR that also has 33E error code flashing. I do not have the front display or a lighting button “that I can find”. The filler tube was froze solid but I cleared it and can’t get rid of the codes. Thank you for your help.

  296. DIY Project Help Tips

    The reset button is on the side of the ice maker. Press and hold the test button for 8 seconds. The ice maker should start to produce ice within 24 hrs.

  297. DIY Project Help Tips

    The errors are from an Ice Machine Function Error. Does the ice maker work? You can try and replace the complete ice maker or try and diagnose each part with a multimeter and fix a single part to clear the errors. The errors do not tell a single issue with the ice maker it just means there is an issue. If you can, replace the whole ice maker assembly. Call Samsung and tell them your issue as they may have a solution or they may be able to send you a part to fix the issue even if it is not under warranty.

  298. I have a Samsung refrigerator, model RF28HMEDBSR it is flashing error codes 14E and 39E. The Ice maker is disconnected and labeled unrepairable. The service gentleman could not even remove the unit. First what are the errors codes and Second how do I turn then off? I have unplugged the unit.

  299. DIY Project Help Tips

    Joe B,
    When your Samsung refrigerator shows the PC-ER code, you need to be sure the wire harness under the top left door hinge is connected. Unplug the refrigerator and remove the top left hinge cover then disconnect the wire harness and reconnect it. Plug the refrigerator back in. The issue should now be resolved. (This wire harness may not in the same location on all Samsung refrigerators or some models may have multiple wire harnesses. Check your fridge model to be sure this is the proper way to clear the PC-ER error code.)

  300. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung error code OF OF means the fridge is not cooling at all / Cooling off mode – AKA = Demo Mode.

    When the display on the refrigerator is showing OF OF, the refrigerator is in Demo Mode. This means the compressor is disabled and the Cooling system has been turned off. Demo mode is used by retailers to save electricity when the refrigerator is displayed on the showroom floor. To disable Cooling Off mode, simultaneously touch and hold the words “Energy Saver” and “Power Freeze” on the display panel. Continue holding until you hear a chime sound and both temperatures for the freezer and fridge are then displayed.

    If after 5 – 10 seconds, OF OF is displayed again, Cooling Off mode was not deactivated. Again touch and hold “Energy Saver” and “Power Freeze” until you hear the chime and the temperatures are then displayed. On all Samsung French Door models with a display panel on the left door, Cooling Off Mode is controlled by the top 2 buttons on the left side of the display panel. It can take up to five minutes for the compressor to turn on after Cooling Off Mode is deactivated.

  301. DIY Project Help Tips

    Your Samsung fridge needs to be reset to attempt to clear the issue. Unplug the refrigerator for 10 minutes and plug back in and see if that clears the problem. If that does not work let us know and we can assist further if needed.

  302. Samsung RB196 refrigerator, has continuous door alarm sounding with doors closed on both freezer and frig, frig temp shows 11 but 4 on thermometer in frig, set at 3 (assume temp okay), door alarm in off mode. Set alarm to on mode and stops. Interior light off. Freezer is cold. Fans sounds heard. What do I push to get error code to read out? Or is 11 the code? Appreciate any help offered. Thanks.

  303. My Samsung Fridge displays OF-OF I unplugged it for several minutes. Still same thing, it does not have energy saver button or lighting button, How do I get it off demo mode?

  304. I have a Samsung RF28HDEDTSR refrigerator. The fridge and freezer are not turning on but the display turns on and says Pc-ER. When you go into diagnostic mode it flashes code 41E. I have replaced the main PCB. I have done so and still have the same issue.

  305. I am experiencing this also. Thanks for the heads up, we can let the repair guy know before he leaves his shop.

  306. I have Samsung double door fridge freezer SRF752DSS we turned the ice off when we went away for a few days when were turned we could not turn it on again. None of the other buttons do anything as well there are no error codes. We have tried turning the fridge off for 10 minutes and restarting and it has made no difference.

  307. Samsung SR-S2229C
    Original trouble was the freezer got too cold. One sensor was replaced.
    Now the unit starts to warm up and the compressor is not running. Unplugging the unit and plugging it back in clears that fault. However the display is crazy. Freezer numbers count from 3 to 30 and then start over again. Refrigerator says 10. Ice timer light is on. Ice off light is on. Water filter light is red.

  308. DIY Project Help Tips

    Make sure the ice is not stuck together. If you were having other refrigerator issues, maybe the ice melted a bit and then refroze. Check to be sure the ice is in cube form and not in blocks in which it cannot dispense.

  309. We were able to clear the 14E code by replacing the water filter and resetting it so now we can dispense water. However, the ice maker still does not make any ice. There is no error code displayed. The ice maker does make the grinding sound but no ice is generated or dispensed.

  310. DIY Project Help Tips

    Doug Ford,
    The 33E error is the water fill tube heater for the ice maker is malfunctioning. I believe the moving it around caused it. To check it, you can take the ice maker out and inspect the water fill tube. This tube fills the ice maker. There is a wire around the tube. The wire is the water fill tube heater. To clear the 33e error code you can press and hold the Energy Saver and Lighting keys at the same time for 8 to 10 seconds. This should clear your display.

  311. Thanks in advance for your diagnostics of my Samsung RFG293HARS French door refrigerator. After a power outage error code 33E blinks constantly. I’ve unplugged the unit but the code reappears. I suspect the ice maker as it has never worked even after being replaced under warranty. I’d just like to reset/remove the blinking code.

  312. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are you sure your Samsung fridge is displaying error code 14E? Is it 4E? Can you please recheck and confirm your error code?
    If the dispenser on the fridge is not working both ICE and WATER, then you may have a wire harness connection that is loose or damaged. Check the connections. The board that controls the dispenser can also have an issue.
    When you push a cup against the dispenser, does the dispenser make noise as if it is trying to dispense or is there no noise whatsoever?

  313. My Samsung refrigerator RF31FMESBSR/AA has a 14E error code. We already replaced the water filter, but it still does not make ice or dispense any water. We also turned off the power and turned it back on. Is there a broken part or can we fix this ourselves?

  314. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 22E is a Fridge Fan error. The fan in the refrigerator/freezer is either not running because of a wiring issue or it is faulty and needs replaced. We can tell you which exact part number to order to fix your Samsung refrigerator if you can give us the FULL model number. There should be a few more numbers and letters after the model number you have supplied us. Something like RF263TEAESR /AA0001 or /AAIN01 or /AA.

  315. I have a Samsung refrigerator RF263TEAESR – The back vents kept freezing up. I unplugged the fridge overnight, dried everything. Now i plug it back in, and i get an error code 22E. Help!

  316. DIY Project Help Tips

    When the display on the refrigerator is showing O FF or OF, the refrigerator is in Cooling Off mode (Demo Mode). This means the compressor is disabled and the Cooling system has been turned off. Demo mode is used by stores to save electricity when the refrigerator is displayed. To disable Cooling Off mode, simultaneously touch and hold the words “Energy Saver” and “Power Freeze” on the display panel. Continue holding until you hear a distinctive chime sound and both temperatures for the freezer and fridge are displayed.

  317. My Samsung refrigerator has the 0 FF code. I push both the fridge and freezer buttons, as noted above, and nothing happens.

  318. DIY Project Help Tips

    The Samsung refrigerator ERROR CODE 84 E means a locked rotor. There is a control board on the back of your refrigerator. The technical name for this board is called an Inverter Control Board. The Samsung fridge has a DC 3 speed compressor. The inverter board is there to change the voltage to the fridge compressor. When the rotor locks or will not move, the amps go up thus the inverter control board sees this and will display error code 84 E on the front of the digital display. Either the inverter board or the compressor is bad.

  319. I have a SAMSUNG RS7677FHCSL and the display panel is flashing error code E84. Can you please tell me how can I fix it?

  320. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you tried to reset the fridge by unplugging your Samsung fridge for a few minutes to reset it? Is a certain LED line (one line) flashing? Can you describe in more detail please?

  321. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung refrigerator error code 39E means Ice maker function error. If 39E error code is showing that means the ice maker is not receiving water or unable to operate properly. Check the ice solenoid that allows water to flow to your ice maker. Check for a clogged or bent water line. Here is a parts list showing a Samsung RF4287 ice maker and other parts. Try and troubleshoot the issue as it could be a simple wiring issue. Check everything before buying a new ice maker assembly.

  322. I have a Samsung fridge, model RF268ABRS, the display panel lights are not working at all, are there replacement parts for this? Thanks so much!

  323. My Samsung fridge is RF4287 and the ice maker doesn’t work, specifically, there is no water coming into the ice maker, however, the water dispenser works fine. When I read the error code, it showed 39E, which means something like the humidity sensor is not working properly. Could you give me some idea as to what I can do or replace to make this work? Where is this humidity sensor located and if I replace the ice maker assembly will that fix this issue?

  324. I have Samsung refrigerator model RS263TDBP and the light on the front panel of the ice dispenser is flashing one line cool side of display. I can not find a reset for this model. Please help.

  325. DIY Project Help Tips

    Kevin Bowen,
    Did the LCD have certain parts of it NOT light up before you replaced the main PCB? Does the refrigerator and freezer cool properly? Just having issues with LCD panel? Also, can you explain what you mean by “I do not have the pin out to check that they are in the correct location”. Tell us where you are at right now and we will be happy to assist with troubleshooting your issue.

  326. I have a Samsung RF263BEAE Fridge. The LCD panel is flashing PC ER. When you go into diagnostic mode it flashes code 41E. I have tried to reset the fridge. I also had a service tech come out that Samsung recommended and he said to replace the main PCB. I have done so and still have the same issue. I have checked all connections at the main PCB and compared wire color locations from the schematic on the back of the fridge to verify all wires are in there correct location. I have removed the LCD panel and checked connections and they look okay but I do not have the pin out to check that they are in the correct location. The water works, light does not come on. Nothing else on the LCD lights up. What can I check to verify the LCD is getting signal or is being powered? The connector at the top left also looks good as well. Thanks in advance!

  327. DIY Project Help Tips

    Liz McGregor,
    When the display panel goes haywire, it is usually a bad main board/display board. If you have a multimeter you can troubleshoot by testing the parts that may be causing the constant icon alert / flashing / beeping. We would recommend checking prices on the board and compare that to what a new fridge costs and do the math to see the smartest way to solve your issue. We can supply more info if you let us know the model number of your Samsung refrigerator.

  328. My Samsung fridge is going crazy! The icon/alert for the ice off/on is constantly going on and off…. It flashes on and off with the beeping alerts and I cannot get it to stop. I’ve tried to check the error codes, but the display screen is being temperamental….. it has come on 3 different times, but only shows 8888. I’ve tried to unplug the fridge to see what would come on, and still, nothing…but the beeping of the on/off button still come on. I’ve tried to reset the ice maker, and still nothing….it’s almost like it’s possessed with the beeping….has the sensors gone bad on it? Or is it something major…I’ve had the fridge for 1 1/2 years…surely it’s not time for a replacement…..? Help!

  329. DIY Project Help Tips

    Daniela Garcia,
    It seems you have entered into LOAD MODE. This mode tells you what is working and what is not. The R10c Code means the ice maker heater is operational. Nothing to worry about. Unplug your fridge for 30 seconds to get out of LOAD MODE.

  330. DIY Project Help Tips

    Error Code 83E on your Samsung fridge means… The 83E error code is related to voltage and current reception at the PBA Inverter. 83E specifically is caused by abnormal current caused by things like power surges or outages. The errors are temporary and can be resolved by unplugging the unit for 60 seconds and then plugging it back in. Please let us know if this clears your error code.

  331. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the error code flashing 8 or 88 on the display of your Samsung refrigerator? Is both the fridge section and freezer section both not cooling as normal? Does the temp fluctuate and if so by how much? How old is the fridge?

  332. I have a Samsung model # RF4287HAWP/XAA refrigerator that I bought used. It looked like new but it is giving me problems. It doesn’t get cold enough and I thought maybe the cabinets were to close to the sides. After researching this model, Samsung requires 3.5 inches on the sides for ventilation which sounds like a little much. So I pulled way away from the cabinets and made sure the coils were clean and it worked better for a short time but failed again after a few days. It hasn’t flashed any fault codes until this morning, it’s flashing an 8 on the freezer display side. The other thing I have noticed is the freezer display does not show a minus bar when toggling the temperature. Would that be a faulty display in the door or a bad circuit board? Please HELP!

  333. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes sir, if after e23 error code the fan motor is replaced but still won’t turn, the issue will be either the control board, or a wiring harness that is bad or loose. Troubleshoot and follow wire harnesses to be sure it is not just a wire harness.

  334. Samsung Refrigerator Display board says e23. We replaced fan motor but fan still won’t turn on. Could it be the control board is bad?

  335. DIY Project Help Tips

    James A Mayfield,
    It may just need to be reset. Try pressing the top left and right buttons on the display and holding them for 10+ seconds. Did you have a power outage recently? It may be in a certain display mode. Try holding Energy Saver Key + Lighting Key for 8 seconds and let the unit run thru a self diagnostic test. It may reset. If nothing works it may be a main board issue. Also, does all look normal in the freezer? No water in the bottom of freezer that was not caused by the freezer being only 64 degrees? Is fan in freezer running?

  336. We own a Samsung model #RFG298AAWP french door refrigerator freezer. The refrigerator is cooling, but the freezer will not cool below 64 degrees (lost everything in the bottom freezer). I have unplugged it several times (60 seconds plus) to reset, and pressed the error display buttons. It displays an -88 88 code, flashing four times, I cannot find an repair answer to this display code.

  337. I don’t know why Samsung doesn’t tell people that the weird display presentations are Error Codes that tell technicians where the problem is located. If you do a search for “Samsung [Model Number] Service Manual” – Not “User Manual,” “Service Manual” – you should find a listing of Error Codes in the “Troubleshooting” section. They are different for each model. On my refrigerator the display was showing “88 88” with the bottom line of the third 8 blinking so it would look like “88 R8”, which, I finally found indicated an error in the Ice Maker sensor.

  338. DIY Project Help Tips

    You need to see exactly what is blinking and what your refrigerator is TRYING to tell you. With your model fridge, check troubleshooting or LED flash indicator manual and it will tell you what is most likely the faulty part.

  339. I will try to not open doors for some hours but i dont see ice. This blinking problem, once had worked over 12 hours without blinking so it must be some sensor right?

  340. DIY Project Help Tips

    The digital display blinks when the temperature rises (such as when you open the doors frequently.)
    To stop the blinking, keep the refrigerator doors closed for several hours.
    When the refrigerator reaches the set temperature, the blinking will stop.
    If the blinking does not stop, it generally indicates a problem with the refrigerator.
    The most common causes are either a failure of the cooling system or a failure in the defrost circuitry. In either event, the refrigerator needs to be serviced.
    This Samsung Refrigerator PDF info sheet may help you to find the issue.

  341. I have Samsung Refrigerator RL33SBMS1/XEG and is working good in both sides, its just after some time 4 of 5 LED lamps start to blink and then works very long periods (maybe even without stop) what could it be??

  342. DIY Project Help Tips

    The Samsung refrigerator error code 7E is not a refrigerator error code. 7E is for a Samsung washer. Please recheck error code and let us know the model number of your Samsung refrigerator.
    Is the fridge working properly since you have installed the new parts besides the error code?
    Try pressing the 2 buttons on the dispenser to reset the code. Press for 8 seconds and release. Also try unplugging for 1 minute and see if that resets then error code.

  343. I’m having trouble of my Samsung refrigerator. This model comes with LCD with Internet WIFI. I replaced the filter housing adapter. Cause it was damaged when I replaced a new filter. It took me a while to remove and install the new part. Later on my frig gives me an error code 7E. Pls any suggestions. I’m sure my frig is fine. Only the door was opened for a long time. Ice, water, freezer and cooling system are working good.

  344. DIY Project Help Tips

    The Samsung Error Code 5E means the Fridge Defrost Sensor is most likely bad. Try resetting the fridge a few more times and if the 5E error does not clear, replace the Fridge Defrost Sensor. You can choose to do this yourself and save some money or have a professional appliance repair company come out and replace it for you. This is a common part to go bad so most appliance companies will have it in stock.

  345. My fridge is blinking an error code 5E on the display system. I held the fridge and freezer buttons at the same time for 6-8 seconds to reset it. When I let go it was still blinking. I pulled the electrical plug from the wall and waited 1 minute then plugged it back in. When I checked the display it was still blinking 5E. Is there anything else I can do or do I need to call a technician?

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