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How To Reset Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes?

Your Samsung washer can display many different error codes. No matter what the error code, you can try to reset the Samsung washer to erase, clear, or remove the error code by simply removing power to the washer. This can reset the main control board or whichever washer component that is causing the error code to appear. At times an error code is not truly an error, it may be just a “glitch” that has randomly appeared. Because of this, resetting the washer by removing power is the first thing to do.

How To Reset A Samsung Washing Machine When You Get An Error CodeHow To Reset A Samsung Washing Machine When You Get An Error Code

To reset your Samsung washing machine you need to simply disconnect the washing machine from power for 5 to 10 minutes. (Unplug the washer from the wall outlet or flip the breaker in the breaker box for the washing machine). Once the 5 to 10 minutes has passed, connect power to your Samsung washer and run a test wash load to see if the error code has cleared. If not, see below…

Newer digital Samsung washing machine error codes appear as a 2 digit code on the display screen, they can appear as letters or numbers or even both. When a code appears on your Samsung washer and you have already tried the unplug reset, you need to identify the error code to fix the washer.

Samsung washing machine - 4e common error codeSamsung washing machine – 4e common error code

The many Samsung Washing Machine error codes can include dL, dS, d5, FL, Hr, LO, 5E, SE, 4E, ND, NF, dE, UE, DC, 3E, bE, LE, HE, tE, IE, CE, OE, etc…
Find out what all these error codes mean here… Samsung Washing Machine Error Fault Codes.

Samsung washing machine error codes listHere is a list of some Samsung Washer Error/Fault Codes

Samsung Error Code DC means you have an unbalanced load. Move the clothing around to be sure clothing is not in one area. Spread it out and test to clear DC error code.

For an example, the Samsung Washer OE error code means the washer has detected an overfill situation. This may mean the water inlet valve is faulty or the water level sensor is faulty. Troubleshooting is needed for some error codes.

Other Samsung washer error codes simply need the door to be shut, the door switch changed, the water inlet valve replaced, or the drain pump filter to be cleared and or cleaned, etc…

Samsung Washer Drain Debris FilterSamsung Washer Drain Debris Filter – Drain Pump Filter


How to Understand Samsung Error Codes

Another example is the LE error code which means a Water leak error, it means the washer has excessive SUDS or possibly a faulty water level switch.

Other common error codes can be cleared by pressing the Start-Pause button or by removing power to the washer. See below…

Samsung Washing Machine Control Panel - START PAUSE BUTTONSamsung Washing Machine Control Panel – START PAUSE BUTTON

Other Samsung error codes that can be reset by removing the power can include water heater issues, water pressure issues, abnormal water temperature issues, motor restriction issues, and over current errors.

Have a question about ANY Samsung Washing Machine Error Code? Please leave a comment below!

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94 thoughts on “How To Reset Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes?”

  1. My. Washer shows error code ac6 I unplugged . Dial still will not move stuck on last cycle.

  2. I have this issue as well. 88:88 on Samsung washer with all lights on and it will not resume the wash cycle. Happened right after I started a new load. Did you find a solution??

  3. my samsung makes an error, but i can’t type it
    it looks like EE , but the first letter is not an E , the top of the first E is missing
    its like an F with the two horizantal parts shifted down,
    its not really an actual letter
    the second letter is an E

  4. I love my samsung wobble machine, but it’s going crazy on me : it started blinking with no error code then not working, i took it off “unplug it” and it won’t come on, i let it off for about a week, restarted it ,it washed one load then did the same thing again (it’snot coming on). Please help!!!

  5. My Samsung washing machine model WW90K7615OX was working fine until it started displaying a “ddc” error code. I have tried everything to resolve it to no avail. It has practically rendered the machine useless. Please how do i resolve this?
    The error code is persistent. It selects programs but once i press play button it gives me the ddc error code. Please assist.

  6. My Samsung Washer has the T-shirt symbol on, according to the specs that is a pause to add more clothes but it doesn’t go off after that, even if I unplug it, what it could be?
    Please Help.

  7. My Samsung ecobubble stopped washing mid wash, the error code 3E , call for service, came up on the digital screen. The machine is about 4 years old and used about once a week.
    I can manually set it to spinn and therefore allowing cycle to end.
    Can this be rectified without an engineer ?

  8. My Samsung washer was given me a SE code, So I checked the bottom and remove the water and unscrew the knob and the was a piece of paper in there. I removed it and the machine start working. However, the timer goes out before the cycle is done. Everything else working, but the timer finish before the cycle is done.

  9. Hi. I am having the same problem but stuck my washer stuck at 11 min on the rinse cycle or starting the spinning cycle. No matter what program I choose always stops at 11. I try to clean all the filters I moved and disconnect and also leveled again. Nothings works. Did you have an answer for this? Should I called the service department?

  10. I have a Samsung 8.5 bubble washing machine, less than 4 years old no error codes showing, press start button and all seems fine on the screen but it will not start or attempt to at all. Switches off automatically after a minute or two, I have tried to reset by disconnecting power even leaving it off all night, no error codes are showing I have checked the outlet filter and drained at the same time all to no avail. All appears ok on the display shows 1hour 14 minute to go

  11. I have a Samsung vrt steam front load washer model number wf413aaw/xaa 03 …it stopped spinning and found out the spider belt had desolated pretty much …so I bought a new one and replaced it and now it will only spin like one or two turns turns stops …HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  12. Debbie Boyington

    Error code AE6, control board needed replaced, bought new one and replaced it. Still having same error code on machine. Disconnecting from power for any length of time makes no difference. After unplugging washer, the last wash setting shows on display and will not let you change anything. When you push any of the settings, the machine just makes a chime noise. After it’s been plugged in for about 30 mins., the AE6 error code displays. Not sure what to do at this point.

  13. My front load washer WF50K7500AV/A2 is stuck in the middle of a cycle. The extra door unlocks once unplugged the actual door stays locked. I have tried flipping the breaker and also leaving it unplugged for a week. It has not changed and is still stuck. Please help me, thank you.

  14. Hi , I have Samsung 7.5kg Top load washing machine.When I open the power button on , this showed ( —– ) error and I can’t touch everything button . All button don’t work expect Power Button. Please let me know this error.

  15. I have a Samsung top loader, mine doesn’t shoe any error codes but the water doesn’t full up, it run out as it fills up, pls help

  16. I have samasung washer model number: WA50R5400AW/US
    My washer not draining the water and it giving error code 5C OR SC.

  17. Martin R unison.

    I have a samsung front load washer model WF42H5200aW/A2 the display is showing 13 and won’t do anything can you help me please

  18. Hi,

    i have a ww12h8400ew/ee, and it displays LE1, what is the “hard reset”/factoryreset protocol for this? want to erase code to see if it’s just a glitch.. no leaking or anything whatsoever from the machine

  19. I’m new to this forum. Please anyone let me know how to fix the 3C2 error code on Samsung front load washer machine?
    Thank you for all your help.

  20. i have a samsung upload washing machine and i have an error 4C always comming in the rinsing stage i unplug it for 15 min and i redo the washing and same error 4C come what should i do please?

  21. My brand new 8.5/6kg Washer dryer combo is giving me 3 hours and 30 minutes to wash a normal cotton cycle. I am sure that is not normal, can someone please assist?

  22. I got a no draining error on my samsung front load, i took the filter out and there was a rock in the drain. I got it out but it still has error code and its not spinning completely. Clothes are still wet, and ive unplugged washer.

  23. We have a wf56h9100a about 42 months old. No error codes, machine stops early in cycle – just freezes and nothing happens, no error codes. Unplug for 10-15 minutes, no change. But, if left unplugged overnight it will operate normally for 1, maybe 2 cycles before it “freezes” again. Thoughts?

  24. I have a Samsung 7kg Front Load. The control panel wheel is unresponsive and is stuck on “rinse and spin”. Childlock not on and unplugging also failed. Help please

  25. I tried to run the ‘pure’ cycle to clean the drum: got EN on screen and it shut off. Did the same when I tried to use anything except permanent press. I can’t find this code EN anywhere – anyone have any ideas?

  26. My washing machine is eco-bubble VRT Plus 8kg. And the DC is coming up before I turn the machine on. I have emptied it and tried. Turned the power off and waited 10 minutes before turning power back on and it’s still there. Can someone please help? Kind regards Sarah

  27. have samsung washer push power comes on push start or pause does not start code ddC how do I fix it

  28. Sir.
    Sumsung Top load washing machine. Facing a trouble When l press the power Sw.
    Motor begun to run.Door swich can not stop the motor.only I can stop the motor push the power switch again
    Pl help me.

  29. Sud for me typically means it is time to clean out the pump filter. Open the access are door then pull down the drain hose carefully drain the water out by pulling it the plastic stopper.

    I usually have a cup a cookie sheet and some towels to catch as much water as possible.

    When the water is drained unscrew the filter basket to find the trail within. I’ve had coins dollar bills hair band all covered in sludge. Clean it out put it back together and try again.

    Good luck

  30. Margot Wennerholm

    My Samsung keeps showing SUD. I know it’s suppose to be alerting me to the fact that there was maybe too much soap added but it has been happening with every load and it’s definitely not too much soap. How do I get it to stop showing SUD and interrupting my wash cycle? Thanks.

  31. I have Samsung front loader. I am getting an SC code on the rinse and i have 17 min left. Don’t see on this code book, can you help me out by tell me what this code means?

  32. I have a front loading model # WF210ANWXAA. Have error codes F3 and 2d. Any help would be appreciated!

  33. I have a Samsung top loading washing machine. It’s approximately 6 years old. For the last week, no matter what I wash, it will NOT stay balanced. It keeps stopping and giving an error code of dc. Oddly enough, this only happens during a wash cycle. If I run just a spin cycle everything stays balanced. We have “reset” the machine, ran a clean cycle and have taken a level to the washer to ensure it’s properly level. Any ideas anyone??

  34. Hi I’m experiencing the same problem : red light blinking.
    But I my case the door remains locked (with clothes inside!) and Samsung hadn’t presented any clue (after many different tests, reboot etc). Waiting for a specialist visit.

  35. What if there is no error code but instead, every light on the panel and dial blinks with numbers blinkinng 88:88.

  36. samsung washing machine will not run digital readout just has dashes going round and round, after pushing start. Will not fill. Checked and cleaned water intake and also the filer. Can not find out what the —– going in circle means.

  37. Jeffrey Stewart

    Code nd (No drain)
    Tub half full, bailed out.
    Located pump. Removed drain and discharge hoses. No obstruction in pump housing.
    Watched spin cycle – pump did not react
    Replaced pump/housing.
    Code issue resolved.
    NOW, no cycle works!
    Tried unplug power while pressing PAUSE5 – 10 seconds, 10 minutes, hours.
    Removed front gasket (for good cleaning, too)
    Tub rotates freely/ brakes OK.
    Model WF306LAW
    At wits end

  38. Samsung get washing machine give code 4e only on since cycle. I only use cold water on washing machine. Hot water not hooked up. It is capped. Checked everything but water inlet valve. Could that be the problem. Model WA45H7000AW/A2

  39. My Samsung Flex wash is displaying 18:8J error code I don’t know what that means any help ? thank you.

  40. I purchased my washer in 2015 and it’s have the error code of PC1 – model: WA52J8700AP. Is this something I can correct myself?

  41. My Samsung WF42H5200AP1A2 sends the error code SE almost all the time with approximately 23 minutes left in the wash. Problem? Thanks

  42. I’m having the same problem, even after replacing the atmospheric pressure switch, so I’m going to pull out the new pressure switch and install a new machine around it.

  43. I have a Samsung Wf42h5200ap which is less than 4 years old. Service tech said I had a 3E error code and I would need to replace Inverter Assembly for $396. Is this possible with a relatively new machine? Any way to fix or reset the error codes?

  44. My Samsung washer is showing a happy face code, what is it for? I don’t have the owners manual. What can I do to correct?

  45. My Samsung model WA85F7S6 displays 4E and I did check the water supply and did clean the filters ,still displays 4E.

  46. Samsung WA5471ABW xaa 01 displays PE1 code. Replaced part COM1300, also known as DC 00098A Still getting error. What can I do now?

  47. Brand new Samsung showing code error ILC1
    Please help
    Disconnected power and did not worked
    Cleaned filters and still no solution

  48. samsung wf45k6200aw/a2 keeps showing a 4C code for water not filling/pressure issues. Checked & cleaned all filters. Removed power and still does it. Only had it for a few months. Any help would be appreciated.

  49. my Samsung top loader model number WA80U3 displays .. code and will not operate. the pressure water fill value has been replaced and the machine still displays e1.
    What else could be wrong. please help.

  50. I have a Samsung front load Model WF306BAW/XAC. Starts the wash cycle then stops and nothing happens. NO ERROR code!! Drain and pump were opened and no clogs found.Everything is clean. Appears to be at the drain cycle but will not drain. Time remaining does not change. It has been unplugged from power to try to reset errors.
    Any suggestions as to what is the problem?

  51. Samsung 5.6cu Front Load shows DE1. I assume the door lock is acting up. How do I clear it? My clothing is hostage ATM. I appreciate any advice!

  52. calibrate your machine… make sure it is empty
    Look in the user manual for your machine and find the article on calibration mode… You can also find the user manaual at Samsung.com by entering your model number in the search field…

  53. My Samsung top loader, model WA45H7000AW/A2 displays a UE symbol on EVERY load, even after repositioning the laundry. I have to hand ring the items before putting them in the dryer. I have unplugged it to try and reset it and checked the tub for obstructions and such. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  54. child lock activated. To deactivate the child lock press simultaneously Temp and Spin for 3seconds.

  55. Salvation Dikale

    My washing is not showing any error code but it is showing the face that is in between the temperature and spin,i dont know what is wrong,it switches on but does not run.I tried switching it off from the plug but there are no changes.

  56. My Samsung eco bubble displays a flashing key after the machine has stopped ( the one that shows the door is locked) how do I reset please

  57. Matthew Williams

    My Samsung washer isn’t filling with water. Had the NF code but it went away after in-plugging it for a while. The only cycle that works is the rinse+spin cycle. Confused why the rinse+spin cycle would work and none of the others do. Any thoughts?

  58. I have a Samsung Ecobubble 8.0kg washing machine. It keeps showing the SE/5E error code after a period of time on any wash cycle. it sounds as though it does not want to pump out the water. I have tried different was cycles and eventually have to manually drain the machine. The debris filter is now clear and the waste pipe is also clear. Any ideas??

  59. Samsung WF210ANW/XAA washing machine does not start. Door locks, shows code nd, which is a drain problem, but washer is drained. When I go into quick check mode, it displays code F3, which is not in the list of codes I have for that washer. Do you know what is going on here?

  60. Samsung VRT… code A02.

    I can’t anything on it online. And for some reason, my manual isn’t in its normal place. Any ideas?

  61. My Samsung washing machine is turning off and restarting.
    Whatever I choose : Quick 29m / Rinse and spin / Spin…. Etc
    It’s just turns off and restarts all over again.
    What do I do in order to fix this?

  62. Hi. My front loader gives an error code dE even after closing the door properly. I tried switching of at the wall and removing huge plug, cleaning the drain filter. Nothing seems to work. Please assist.

  63. My washer keeps getting the error code nL….she is getting lots of water but won’t finish her cycle…..i tried re-setting an nothing works…..help!!!!!…..very frustrated!!!!!!!

  64. Hi, I have an older model samsung front loading washing machine that keeps stopping half way through the wash cycle and the code nd keeps popping up. I have yried unplugging it for 10 minutes. That didn’t work. I tried to find the filter and followed a you tube video and there us no filter that can be accessed in the back. Also the hose is not clogged. As nd means that its not draining. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks for your time.

  65. DIY Project Help Tips

    Please take a second look at your Samsung Dryer as the HC2 error code is not in the database.
    Are you sure it is not 3C2?
    Let us know the model number too.

  66. I am currently experiencing a 4E error. When we put laundry in the Samsung wobble we have and press the usual settings it begins to sound as if it’s washing without any movement whatsoever and the water that comes in just drains away.

    It’s starts at 38 minutes and when it reaches 34 minutes the 4E error appears and everything stops inclouding the water.

    I need help

  67. I am getting the dE error code on Samsung washer.
    The water filled but once that is done then immediately the machine displays code “dE”.
    I checked all fittings, pipe, etc, all appears ok to me.

  68. My WA10V5 top loader samsung washing machine have a problem in the control of the water pump, it became faulty, and when replaced it works continuously, Please any help?

  69. My Samsung washer WF419AAW/XAA 01 was displaying error code t3. I replaced the termistor (Temp. Sensor) and it still displays the same error code.

  70. The error code shows FL. I changed the door switch but the error code is still there. What do I do now?

  71. My washing machine displays a 4e error it only spins.what to do its not washing and rinsing

  72. Stenelle brewer

    I switched the breaker that goes to my Samsung Washer on accident and then it gives me an error code 8e.
    Now it won’t run.

  73. My Samsung washer WF42H5000AW/A2 model has been showing dE since yesterday. The close is closing properly but water is not just getting into the washer. I have checked the hose and cleaned the filters but the error is still showing. Any tips on how to clear this error

  74. my Samsung 7.5kg digitalinverter top loader machine. power will not turn on have had machine turned off at powerpoint for 2 days and still machine is not turning on. It is on e of the replacement machines from the recall. Was working fine and now nothing. This happened before but I had to leave machine for 1 week. It is ticking me off I can not keep going like this I have a family kids at school and need to wash. Is there some sort of reset or do I need to ring Samsung. thanks

  75. Samsung top loading washing machine. The wash machine will run and when I go check to see if it’s done the clothes are still soaked. So I try to just run it on the spin cycle, it spins but then goes back to filling up with water again. I’m so annoyed!!

  76. DIY Project Help Tips

    Marija Šuta,
    SAMSUNG WASHER FAULT CODES: bE or bE1 or bE2 or bE3
    SAMSUNG WASHER ERROR DEFINITION = button on control panel sticking – faulty main PCB relay
    The bE, bE1, bE2, and bE3 error codes represent a button on the control panel being held in or sticking for too long, or a faulty main PCB relay.

  77. My Samsung washing machine has error bE3.
    I’ve pressed start button, two buttons at the same time and now it is unplugged.

  78. My washer stops mid cycle along with a series of electronic clicking noises from the panel. It sticks at this spot until the machine is switched off.

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