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Does Your Dryer Belt Need To Be Replaced? Dryer Repair

Problems with your dryer can mean a broken belt. If the dryer stops early, the drum does not turn, or the dryer will not start, a broken dryer belt might be your issue. The good news is that a dryer belt is inexpensive and can be fixed without calling an appliance repairman. Here are the things to check to see if a broken dryer belt is causing the problem with your dryer.

Dryer Repair - Does Your Dryer Belt Need To Be ReplacedDryer Repair – Dryer Belt Need To Be Replaced

How does a dryer belt become faulty and cause these problems? Over a long time line, a dryer belt can become damaged from the heat, wear out or stretch from long time usage, or can sometimes fall off the pulley and drum because of positioning and chafing issues.

Certain dryer problems may be telling you that the dryer belt needs to be replaced.
(Always use caution and shut off electrical power before working with or maintaining any appliance)

Dryer Will Not Start

You push the button and the dryer does not start. A dryer that does not start can mean different issues. A broken dryer belt can cause a dryer to not start. If the dryer is getting electrical power and the panel lights up, a faulty belt can cause the drum to not turn or start. The dryer panel may also give you dryer error codes that you can look up to find the root cause of the fault. If the dryer does not start to turn, check the belt to see if it is damaged or has fallen off the pulley. See here for the most common Samsung Dryer Error Codes

Dryer Drum Will Not Turn

Listen to the noise the dryer makes. If you push the start button on your dryer and hear the motor running but the drum is not turning, this is most likely a broken dryer belt. The dryer will have power, start up and the motor runs, but the clothing drum will not simply not turn. You may see an error code on the display telling you there is an issue with the belt. Follow the instructions for the error code to repair it. If no error code appears, inspect the dryer belt to be sure the belt has not fallen off or has snapped and therefore cannot spin the drum.

Clothes Are Wet When Dryer Stops

A broken belt can occur during operation. If the dryer belt breaks while the dryer is running, the drum stops spinning before the clothes are dry. This can also be perceived as the dryer stopped premature and the clothes are not fully dry. If this happens, check the dryer panel display for error codes. If no error codes appear, check the belt as it may have fallen off while in operation. This scenario can also occur if there is a problem with the sensor that measures moisture in your dryer. The sensor may be defective and cannot measure moisture levels as designed. Be sure to check and find out which part is causing the issue before ordering new replacement parts.

Dryer Belt Sounds

Do you hear a banging noise or “thump thump” sound when running your dryer? If there are no items in the dryer that can cause this sound, these sounds can be caused by the belt. Over time, the belt in your clothing dryer can get worn out and stretch in size. This creates a sound as the belt goes from tight to loose as the dryer is running with a load in it. To fix this sound and make the thumping sounds go away, inspect the belt for wear and tear and replace or tighten the belt/pulley if needed.

Fix Broken Dryer Belt

NOTE: For the price or cost, a brand new dryer belt can fix many issues with your dryer as described above. Depending on the brand (Bosch, Frigidaire, GE, Haier, Hotpoint, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Samsung, Toshiba, or Whirlpool) of the clothing dryer you are having issues with, a new belt can range from as low as 8 dollars to a high of around 50 dollars. So fixing your dryer is inexpensive and you can do it yourself.

Replacement Dryer BeltsReplacement Dryer Belts

Have issues with your old dryer and the belt is causing problems? Need help? Let us know your dryer problem using the comment form below and we can assist you in finding you a new belt or other part you need to fix your dryer yourself.

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