Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Quit Working – How To Fix?

I have a Samsung refrigerator freezer. My upper ice maker has quit working. We reset the ice maker and it will not reset and make ice. Not sure if pressing and holding the test or reset button or just pushing it once resets it but we tried both methods and it will not reset. When pressing the reset button, there is no beeping or ding noise. The ice maker does not cycle no matter what I do. We unplugged the refrigerator for 2 hours, and still the ice maker will not work or reset. We ran the defrosting cycle and that did not fix the situation. Can you tell me what I should do in this situation? The model number of my fridge is Samsung RFG298HDRS dual ice maker. (Two independently controlled ice makers – one in the fridge, one in the freezer)

Refrigerator Ice Maker Quit Working - How To Fix Samsung RFG298HDRefrigerator Ice Maker Quit Working – How To Fix Samsung RFG298HD

How To Troubleshoot Ice Maker

Before you suspect the ice maker is faulty and needs to be replaced, the ice maker may NOT be working properly because of the following issues…

1. When you press the ice Test button, you will hear the refrigerator chime or ding-dong. When the chime sounds, release the Test button. The chime sounds automatically again to let you know the ice maker is working properly.

2. The ice making function may be turned off. Check the front panel and be sure that the ice maker has not been manually turned off. See images below…

Samsung Ice Maker Turned OFFIce Maker Turned OFF?

Refrigerator Ice Maker Panel - Ice Maker

Turn Ice ON or OFF - Samsung Ice Maker

Turn Ice ON or OFF Using Panel Controls

3. If you recently changed the water filter, press the Alarm button and hold for 3 seconds to reset the water filter. (The color of indicator changes from red to blue, green, or yellow)

4. If the Refrigerator door is open, the ice and water dispenser will not work. Close the refrigerator or freezer door to allow the ice maker to function.

5. To operate the ice maker properly, water pressure of 20 ~ 125 psi is required. Make sure the refrigerator is within the Recommended Temp (Fridge) 38°F (or 3°).

6. If ice doesn’t come out, pull out the ice bucket and press the test button located on the right side of ice maker. Do not press the test button continuously when the tray is filled with ice or water. Water may overflow or ice may jam the bucket.

Samsung Ice Maker Test ButtonIce Maker Test Button

If the ice maker is still not working properly after you have read and applied the above, you may need to remove and replace the ice maker. Be sure to fully troubleshoot the ice maker before you replace it. Try removing the ice maker and checking it visually for any obvious faults.

How To Remove The Ice Maker From Refrigerator/Freezer

Note: When removing the ice maker, power should be turned off for safety reasons. The food will need to be removed and put into another refrigerator or freezer if the refrigerator will be turned off for a long period of time. The step-by-step below shows how to remove the ice maker without removing food. Remove and replace the ice maker in a timely manner or food may spoil.

Step-By-Step – Removing The Ice Maker

  1. Close the water valve to the refrigerator.
  2. Unplug the refrigerator from power.
  3. Unplug the wire harness to the ice maker.
  4. Slide the ice maker out.
  5. Check the ice maker for obvious malfunctions.
  6. If the ice maker is faulty, replace it with new.
  7. If the ice maker simply needed to be adjusted, adjust it.
  8. Make sure the ice maker is clean and in working order.
  9. Replace the working ice maker back into the refrigerator/freezer.
    (When reinserting the ice maker/tray, be sure that the tray is well centered at the entrance, if not, the tray may get stuck.)
  10. Connect the wire harness to the ice maker.
  11. Open the water valve to the refrigerator.
  12. Plug the refrigerator back into power.
  13. Turn the ice maker ON (if applicable) and give the ice maker at least 3 to 12 hours to make ice.
  14. If ice is produced, the ice maker is in working order.
  15. If ice is not produced, recheck the water valve, ice settings on the panel, and check that the wire harness is connected.

Safety information when removing and replacing an ice maker:
Do not put your fingers, hands or any other unsuitable objects in the chute or ice-maker bucket.
Do not try to disassemble the ice maker.
Do not wash or spray the ice bucket with water while it is in the refrigerator.

If the ice maker is faulty and your refrigerator is model number Samsung RFG298HDRS, you will need part number SAMSUNG DA97-07365G ASSEMBLY ICE MAKER. This ice maker is a new ice maker assembly and will fix a broken ice maker on all RFG298HDRS refrigerators.

Samsung RFG298HDRS Ice Maker ReplacementSAMSUNG DA97-07365G ASSEMBLY ICE MAKER

Samsung Refrigerator Service PDF User Manual For RFG296HD, RFG297HD, RFG298HD, RFG29PHD, and RFG29THD model numbers.

More help for ice maker problems, Ice maker not making ice

If you need help with your ice maker please leave a comment below explaining your ice maker issue.

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6 thoughts on “Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Quit Working – How To Fix?”

  1. James B Patterson

    I have the Samsung RFG298HDRS/XAA Refrigerator and the lower ice maker is not working. I have replaced the icemaker and still won’t work. I can press the re-set button and nothing. Where do I look from here? The upper ice maker is working.

  2. I have a Samsung refrigerator/freezer model #RS261M DBP and the ice maker is not working at all the reset button does nothing but, the lever arm is stuck in the up position . What to do? Everything else works fine!

    1. My ice maker has same problem: no chime when reset button is pressed and lever arm stuck in up position. Have you had any success?

  3. I have a Samsung French door refrigerator model# RF28HFEDTWW/AA . IT HAS A UPPER AND LOWER ICE MAKER. HOW DO I TURN OFF THE UPPER ICE MAKER?

  4. Marie Micheletti

    Our ice machine has lost its ability to turn the spiral rod that moves ice along to the exit. The mechanism in the freezer turns just fine, the problem lies in the receiving bucket. It refuses to respond to the control at the back of the freezer trying to turn the spiral rod. Model # RF267ABRS Serial # A14242BS101298 V

    Is this an item that can be fixed or only replaced by a new bucket entirely?

    If replacement is necessary, would you please list the website where I may find it and the item number?

    Thank you,

  5. Samsung Refrigerator RF260BEAESR/AA. Makes Ice only when pushing the Reset Button. I have replaced New Filter Assembly and Ice Maker….Help!!

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