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How To Remove And Replace The Bottom Seal On A Shower Door?

How do I remove and replace the seal at the bottom of my shower door? I have a custom glass shower door that leaks water at the bottom. The glass is either 3/8 or 1/4 inches thick. The clear plastic bottom seal or sweep that keeps the water off the bathroom floor has fallen apart. When taking showers the water from inside the shower leaks onto the bathroom floor. What is this piece called and how do I install it?

How To Remove And Replace The Plastic Seal At The Bottom Of A Shower DoorHow To Replace Plastic Seal At Bottom Of A Shower Door

If you have water that is leaking on the floor in your custom shower, the shower door bottom seal might be missing, damaged, or not properly installed.

What Part Do I Need To Fix My Shower?

The part you need to fix your shower door is called a Frameless Shower Door Bottom Seal or Sweep. This seal stops shower leaks and creates a water barrier. This seal is usually clear vinyl plastic and is on average installed without any silicone or special tools. The shower door seal installs by sliding it onto the bottom of the shower door.

This seal mounts onto the bottom of the shower door to block the water from leaking out. The seal has a small lip on the side of it to block water. The “lip” or “drip edge” on the seal points toward the shower. This seal is vital with custom showers. Without this seal, water will leak from the shower, under the shower door, and onto the floor. This can be a safety issue as the bathroom floor can become slippery and cause accidents.

How To Buy The Correct Size Seal?

When buying a replacement shower door bottom seal, be sure you measure the thickness of the glass. Most custom shower doors are from 3/8, 1/4, or 1/2 inches thick. Use a tape measure and measure the thickness of the door. This will tell you how thick the glass is and you can order the correct replacement seal.

If your custom shower door has a large gap in between the door and the floor, you may need to measure the depth (size of the space in between the door and floor) and order the correct seal or sweep. Most of the shower door seals available are not deep assuming the shower door was measured correctly and has a small gap (11/32) from the door to the floor. If you have a shower door that is more than an inch from the floor, you can find shower door bottom seals that will fit but they are not as readily available.

How To Buy The Right Size Shower Door SealHow To Buy The Right Size Shower Door Seal

NOTE: Be sure you order the correct length (and depth if required) shower seal to fit your shower door. Most shower door seals are sold in extra long lengths.

Will I Have To Cut The Door Seal To Fit?

Once you have the new shower door bottom seal, be sure to measure the length of the shower door. Most replacement shower door seals are extra long so it can cover the full length of most custom shower doors. You will have to cut the shower door seal to fit your door. Measure the length of the shower door and cut the new shower door seal so it will be the correct length. You can use a hacksaw or a pair of cutters to cut the seal to the length you need. Cut the seal as straight as possible as if it is not square, the water may be able to get through and cause a water leak on your bathroom floor.

Possibly an easier way to measure the seal before cutting it is using the old shower door seal to find the length. (Before cutting the shower seal, be sure the depth of the seal is correct, if the seal is not deep enough, the shower can still leak water) If you need a deeper shower door seal, measure the depth and check online for the correct size.

How To Remove The Shower Door Seal?

When replacing the shower door bottom seal you will need to fully open the shower door to access the seal. Carefully remove the old seal from the door by sliding the seal downward. (See image below) Once the seal is removed, you will need to clean the bottom of the shower door as hard water buildup is most likely on the bottom of the shower door. Use a cleaning spray and a cleaning cloth to remove all of the hard water deposits on the bottom of the shower door.

Shower Door Seal - Remove and ReplaceRemove and Replace The Shower Door Seal
Remove By Pulling Downward At The End (At Arrow)

How To Install The Door Seal?

Once the area on the bottom of the shower door is clean, carefully slide the new shower door seal into place. Be sure you have the “lip” or “drip edge” side facing the shower. Make sure the seal is pushed into place so it is making full contact with the bottom of the shower door. Once the seal is installed, slowly close the shower door. Make sure the seal is not rubbing too hard on the floor. If so, try pushing on the seal to fully seat it to the bottom of the shower door. Do not push hard on the glass door when initially shutting it as the new seal may be too deep and may not easily shut. Pushing on the shower door when the seal is too deep can crack your shower door. Use care when opening and closing the shower door once the seal is replaced.

Your shower door seal is now replaced and water is not leaking out. It is fixed.

How To Remove Replace Shower Door Bottom Seal?

Different Types Of Shower Door Seals Sweeps And Jambs

There are many types of shower door seals, sweeps, jambs for custom built showers. See the illustrated guide below to find the type of seal or sweep you need to stop your shower from leaking water.

Types of custom shower door seals sweepsDifferent Types Of Shower Door Seals Sweeps and Jambs

The shower door bottom seal or bottom sweep is on the bottom of your door.
The side sweep blocks water from leaking through the hinge side of the door.
The door jamb or door stop attaches on the side of the door and prevents the shower door from opening into the shower.

Frameless Shower Door Bottom Seal/SweepFrameless Shower Door Bottom Seals
Stop Shower Leaks and Create a Water Barrier

NOTE: Remember with custom shower doors there are many types of seals sweeps and jambs that are used. The type of seals discussed on this page are the most common used. The process of identifying, removing, and replacing a shower door seal is generally the same no matter what type of shower door seal you are replacing. You can use this guide for installing or removing all shower door bottom seals.

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If you need more help with your shower door seal or water leaking on the floor from the shower, please let us know your issue using the comment section below. We will research it and help you to fix it yourself.

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  1. The bottom seal is pliable, but fairy rigid; is there some way to lubricate it so it will slip on easily? Is there something to put on the shower door itself so the seal will slide on? My door is 26+ inches wide, so I can’t just “start” the seal on the edge and tap or hammer it on due to the way the material bends. I hope I’ve described this enough to make sense….

  2. Delaina K Goss

    I am not sure why my shower leaks. It looks like it’s coming from the inside of the shower. I took the door sweep off because it was corroded. Now, I need to know what to put on before I put the sweep on there? Or, can I just put the sweep on it and be done?

  3. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    If the shower door does not have a simple bottom seal, try looking online or on Amazon for the particular type of seal you need.
    You can possibly find a repair kit or an upgrade kit for your shower door.
    Do you happen to know the maker of the shower door?

  4. I have an old shower door…everything in great shape but the seal keeps coming off. It is a screw in seal….so you know it is old. Can’t seem to find a replacement for it? Any ideas

  5. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Are you having issues with a dual shower door and need the seal? Or are you asking what actually attaches the shower door when you are installing it initially?

  6. I have viewed your info on fixing a shower seal on the FIXED panel (the sliding door). However what I need to understand is what fixes the other side of the glass to the upright frame?

  7. How do I replace a bottom seal on bypass shower doors (Cambridge slider shower door system) without removing them from the header?

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