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Samsung Dryer Error Codes: How To Clear Errors?

Samsung dryer error codes display on your dryer’s control panel to help you troubleshoot the problem. The error codes below will help you to identify what is wrong with your Samsung dryer. Once you have identified the error code, this will tell you which part is causing the issue. You can then check the part in question and clean or replace it if needed. Samsung dryer help videos are here if needed.

Samsung Dryer Error CodesSamsung Dryer Error Codes

Samsung Dryer Error Codes

Related to Heating, Voltage, Temperature, Door, Communication, and Jammed Buttons.

Samsung Dryer Heating Errors = HC4, 1 HC, HC, hE
This means that the dryer is getting too hot (overheat).

Samsung Dryer Communication Errors = AE4, AE3, AE5, E3, 1 AC, AC, Et, AE, EEE
This code means the dryer’s internal components are unable to “talk” to each other. Turn off the dryer for 1 minute and turn it back on again.

Samsung Dryer Frequency Errors = 1 FC, FC, FE
These codes mean that there is an power source frequency issue. Restart the cycle to fix this issue.

Samsung Dryer Voltage Errors = 2E, 9E1, 9C1, 9E
This code appears when the voltage is abnormal being supplied to the dryer.

Samsung Dryer Jammed Button Errors = bC2, 6E, 6E2, 6C2, bE, bE2
This code appears if a button on the dryer panel is found to be as stuck or pressed continuously.

Samsung Dryer Door-Related Errors = dF, do, d0, 1 DC, 1 dF, dC, dE
These codes are related to the door, latch, and sensors. These components detect if secured properly. When the door will not stay closed, or won’t close or latch these codes can show.

Samsung Dryer Temperature Errors = tCS, 1 tC, 1tC5, 1tCS, tS, t5, tC, tO, t0, tE, tE3, tC5
The temperature or the sensors have an issue or fault.

Samsung Dryer Vent Blockage Test Results = C80, C8o, C8, C90, C9o, Ct, Clg, Cl9, Cg, C9
The error codes only show after a Vent Blockage test has been ran.

Specific Samsung Dryer Error Codes

Exact error codes to clear or fix your dryer.

Samsung Dryer Error Code = TE
Error Condition = Defective thermistor (temperature sensor)
Check and or Repair = Remove and replace temperature sensor = AKA thermistor.

Samsung Dryer Error Code = bE
Error Condition = Button is STUCK on control panel
Check and or Repair = Try to free the stuck button by pressing all the buttons on the control panel. If the button stays stuck then replace the user interface control.
Parts For Replacement = User Interface Control

Samsung Dryer Error Code = Od
Error Condition = Excessive (Too Long) drying time
Check and or Repair = Remove power to the dryer. Check the moisture sensor bar and wiring connections. Reconnect any loose wires and replace the wire harness if it has damage. Replace the moisture sensor bar if damage is found.
Parts For Replacement = Moisture Sensor Bar – Wire Harness

Samsung Dryer Error Code = Et
Error Condition = Control board failure
Check and or Repair = Remove power to the dryer for 10 minutes to try and reset the control board. If the error code comes back after restoring the power to your dryer then replace the electronic control board.
Parts For Replacement = Electronic Control Board

Samsung Dryer Error Code = tS
Error Condition = Temperature Sensor = The thermistor is shorted
Check and or Repair = Remove power to the dryer. Test the resistance of the thermistor with a meter. If you find the resistance is over forty thousand ohms then you need to replace the thermistor. If you find the resistance is ten thousand ohms then you need to replace the wire harness if you find it damaged. If the wire harness is not damaged then replace the electronic control board.
Parts For Replacement = Thermistor – Electronic Control Board – Wire Harness

Dryer Thermistor Replacement – Samsung Dryer Repair

Samsung Dryer Error Code = tO
Error Condition = Thermistor is electrically stuck open
Check and or Repair = Remove power to the dryer. Test the resistance of the thermistor with a meter. The thermistor should be ten thousand ohms of resistance at room temp. If the resistance is higher than forty thousand ohms then you need to replace it. If the resistance is normal then check the wire harness and replace it if you find it damaged. If the wire harness is not damaged then replace the electronic control board.
Parts For Replacement = Thermistor – Electronic Control Board – Wire Harness

Repair Samsung Dryer TO (T0) code

Samsung Dryer Error Code = do
Error Condition = Door is in open position
Check and or Repair = Shut the dryer door. If you still have the do error code, remove power to the dryer and check for a loose wiring connection in the door switch. If loose then reconnect the wire harness. Replace the harness if you find damage. If wiring is okay then replace the door switch.
Parts For Replacement = Door Switch – Wire Harness

Samsung Dryer Error Code = FE
Error Condition = Power supply out of range (frequency)
Check and or Repair = If the dryer is getting the power it requires then replace the electronic control board.
Parts For Replacement = Electronic Control Board

Samsung Dryer Error Code = dF
Error Condition = Door has circuit fail
Check and or Repair = Remove power from the dryer. Check for loose wire connections in the door switch. Reconnect a loose or disconnected wire harness. If the wire harness is damaged then replace it. Replace the door switch if you find it to be defective.
Parts For Replacement = Door Switch – Wire Harness

Samsung Dryer Error Code = HE or hE
Error Condition = Heating error issue (FOR GAS DRYER)
Check and or Repair = Be sure the gas supply valve for the dryer is fully in the open position. Remove power to the dryer and if needed reconnect any wiring that is loose. Check wiring connections on the gas valve coils. If the wire harness is damaged replace it.
Parts For Replacement = Wire Harness – Gas Dryer Heat Components

Samsung Dryer Display Panel HE error codeSamsung Dryer Display Panel HE error code

How To Replace Samsung Dryer Heating Element

Samsung Dryer Error Code = HE or hE
Error Condition = Heating error issue (FOR ELECTRIC DRYER)
Check and or Repair = Check to be sure a circuit breaker for the dryer has not tripped. Your dryer will not heat if a breaker of the 240V power supply is turned off. Remove power to the dryer and check the wires on the heat element. Reconnect loose wires and replace the wire harness if it is found to be damaged. Make sure the heat element is not damaged. Replace the heating element if damaged.
Parts For Replacement = Wire Harness – Electric Dryer Heat Element

How to Troubleshoot a Samsung Dryer that is Not Heating

Samsung Dryer Replacement PartsSamsung Dryer Replacement Parts

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If your Samsung Dryer error code is not listed here or you have issues with any Samsung Dryer Error Code, please leave a comment below and we will be happy to assist you with your dryer error code problem.

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  1. I have a samsung smart care dryer it’s reading code 3c I looked it up didn’t get much help by what I can do as far as unplugging it or flipping the breaker so I did a little more research and it said something about a pda what is that or where is it at or how can I fix my problem

  2. Samsung dryer model #DV393ETPARA/A1 – overheated, I replaced thermistor & all related to the heating element. Now getting flashing light when ‘start’ hit. Flashing control knob light & flashing sensor icon. Dryer won’t start & the timer icon is lit. Stays like this for a little while then counts down like it’s in a cycle but will ‘end’ with the tones going off. I can’t find anything covering this. What can this be & how can I fix it?

  3. Prashant Bhardwaj

    Hi there – I am getting 9C1 error code on my Samsung dryer, which seems to be related to Voltage. My old Frigidaire dryer was working fine on the same switch, but the replacement Samsung dryer keeps flashing 9C1 as error. I have tried to shut off power to dryer from the panel and restart, however same issue. Need urgent help. Many thanks in advance

  4. Mike Fiorentino

    I have a Samsung dv365etbgwr/a3 that is all of a sudden giving the he code. I took everything apart, checked the resistance and inspected the heating element and the two other parts on the side (forget what they’re called!) and checked the voltage on the thermistor. Put everything back together and get the he code after 10 seconds. Any other suggestions?

  5. Jeremiah F Sheffler

    Samsung dryer with 07 9L code too. Anyone find information on what it means?

  6. I’m having the same problem with the 9L-07 code. I called Samsung, who said it was an electrical supply issue (it’s not – I tested the plug). Were you able to find out anything different?

  7. I have the same model that’s flashing 07 and 9L after I somehow managed to force it into diagnostic mode. Did anyone find what it was? I can’t find reference to either of those codes online.

  8. Mine is doing the same thing, only it flashes 9L and 07. Can’t find anywhere that says what 9L means.

  9. Michelle McCauley

    I have a samsung dryer model dv50f9a7e. Yesterday when started it would dry for several minutes then suddenly display 1 minute left and stop. Today it displayed a code that was a rectangle. I have checked the vent and even though it didn’t need cleaning, I vacuumed everything out from lint filter to the outdoor vent. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

  10. I’m having the same issue. The lint sensor light comes on and dryer shuts off. Checked the vent in the back and checked the lint trap. Nothing has fixed this issue. Did you find a solution?

  11. I have a Samsung dryer that starts and then stops about 15 seconds after it starts I cleaned and replaced vents front and back still same people lem

  12. So, did any repairs work for the HC2 error message? Just got a new samsung flexdry dyer (gas model), and on the first day, got the message.

  13. Hi, I have a Samsung electric dryer, model: DV45H7000EW/A2that powers on but won’t start. I hear a faint click when I press start. There is no error code unless I use the troubleshooting mode I see code: nG. I can’t find this code explained anywhere. Thanks!

  14. I came across this message looking for causes of my own “HC” code on a multi steam Samsung dryer. The dryer had been stopping within a few seconds after starting and sometimes without showing any codes and sometimes flashing “tC” (usually on the 3rd try, and indicating a hot temperature). In taking it apart, I found that the tensioner wheel was broken and that one of the bearing wheels was not spinning, so the dryer drum was not spinning properly leading to it stopping. After fixing these issues with new parts the panel always flashed “HC” indicating a hot temperature upon starting the dryer and it would stop after 3 seconds. This even happened after a power reset and I didn’t even start the dryer. The dryer was then unplugged for a few days while I did other chores. Here’s the thing, it worked fine after that, so I guess it took much longer than 20 minutes to clear the code and to let the unit cool down after fixing the wheel and bearing. I hope this may help a future DIYer in the future.

  15. Bridgette Lightcap

    My Samsung dryer – dv210aew/xaa shows an E9 when I turn it on.
    It doesn’t seem to work properly since this error.

  16. Michael leite

    Gas Samsung dryer, shuts off while in any dryer setting. Gets hot and starts to dry the close and then will shut off. Plugged it into different outlets on a different electric circuit and also remove the dryer vent to ensure it was not clogged. Still same issue. Not seeing any errors codes. Once it shuts off if I hit power button it turns right back on. Had a repair man come out but he wasn’t sure what could cause this. Told me to go buy another control board but wasn’t sure if that was the issue. Need help

  17. Deborah a tate

    The electric dryer is heating fine except on the Perma press cycle. I’m getting the he code before it’s through the entire cycle, when I open the door it’s really hot so I do believe it’s not getting to the cooling down cycle.

  18. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Samsung dryer displays the hourglass symbol, what does it mean?
    The hourglass symbol on your Samsung dryer shows that the number currently displayed on the control panel is the time remaining in the wash cycle.

  19. My new Samsung dryer DVE50R5400V /3A runs for 15 secs then FC error what could be the problem…. At the same time my power is single phase 240v but the dryer comes with the American L2 N L1 … How I go about that?

  20. Hello
    My dyer model dv448agp/xaa has the error message “filter check”. I’d cleaned the filter and changed the exhaust hose but still the message is there. What should I try next?
    Thank you

  21. Hi, were you able to resolve the problem? I’m having the same one. My thermal fuse keeps blowing. I have replaced the heating element (broken wire) and thermal fuse (2x)

    The dryer will dry continuously when not hooked up to the duct (4 or 5 days) but blows thermal fuse on second attempt.

  22. Have y’all found out what is causing this red flashing rectangle? I have the same issue.
    Would appreciate any feed back.


  23. Model DV395GTPARA/A1
    Samsung Dryer

    Runs for about 3 seconds then stops and will not run again until power off. Then it will do the same thing. Lint filter fits securely and is clean. Once I compressed the two buttons simultaneously and got an error 68. After that there was no error code, just 0000.

    It is not exactly level but it has been working for months in the position it is in now.

    Any ideas? Thanks

  24. I have a Samsung smart care dryer and error code DE comes up. Door closes all the way and I just replaced the door switch but the error code DE still comes up.

  25. Donna Smallwood

    Hello, The red grid light started coming on, on my dryer today. Dried a blanket and now it won’t come on

  26. Hi – did you ever find out what this red icon means? My dryer is doing the same thing now and won’t turn over.

  27. I have a 2017 Samsung dryer it has a HC code, I replace the heating element with a complete assembly still shows code . I replaced the PCB and the code still shows . Any idea why the code is still showing the only thing I haven’t replaced is the board for the controls. If I replace it I have replaced Ever Electronic Part on the dryer . Do I need to reset it somehow after putting these parts on

  28. Im getting an upside down F and a 1 the dryer will not heat. We replaced the heater element and sensors all three of them it worked for about a week and we are back to the same problem what can it be?

  29. What does the timer icon mean on my Samsung moisture sensor dryer mean it’s on and I can’t turn it off and now it’s not heating

  30. Hi..

    The red grid lights in my Samsung dryer purchased in 2017 is flashing.  When I start a cycle, the actual time-counter works..however, the drum does not rotate and the dryer does not dry/heat. I have cleaned the vents, cleaned the filter.. and still the same problem is there!

    The model @ is DV50KB600E

    Can you please help?

  31. My samsung dryer model DVE50M7450W heat no longer works..i checked for codes and it shows Clg..vent clogged..i took out lint filter cleaned bottom out.took of vent ducts cleaned them completely out..made sure duct wasnt resticted anywhere and still no heat.and still same Clg code.its onky 5 months old

  32. My dryer is not heating, it runs when you first start it and has full time and then it runs for two minutes and then timer goes to one minute and then shuts off. I have a front loader Samsung model DV42h5200ep/A3

  33. Have model DV220. We had a power surge and now the dryer won’t heat. No error codes. It comes on, turns, etc but no heat.

  34. I had a heavy wet queen size blanket in the dryer before it stopped rotating. The timer continued. The only”code” is a picture of a tee shirt that is flashing with an arrow to another tee shirt that is not flashing and has two wiggle lines going to the middle like maybe it is drying. I checked the lint and turned off the breaker for a good hour. Why if anything do the shirts mean.

  35. I’m not seeing an error code. Cleaned vent hose and seems to have good airflow but won’t heat

  36. My Samsung dryer has a red grid light that flashes 5 times as I power on the dryer. The dryer does not heat up. I’ve cleaned the vent and the vent going outside. There are no instructions. What do I do next?

  37. I have Samsung dryer not heating. It’s running, just not heating. The error code is :|
    I replaced the heating element. Could it be something else? The coil in the back is not that wound up, nothing clogged there. Any ideas what it might be?

  38. My Samsung dryer keeps stopping and shows a DE error code. We open then shut the door and sometimes it works until end of cycle and sometimes it does it again.

  39. DIY Repair Help Tips

    Lonnie Olson,
    Can you give us the model number of your Samsung dryer?
    Also, could the error code be dO instead of 60 or bO?

    Does the door shut completely, is the door having an issue?
    To test what may be wrong – Push lightly on the door when the dryer is running and see if anything changes.

    We can assist once we have the model number.

  40. I have a Samsung dryer approximately 10 years old. The dryer will start but after about 8 minuets (on permanent press) I get a code of 60, it could be a code of b0 the 6 or the b is broken. When I use timed dry it will go about 15-20 minuets. I can power off and it will start again but then I get the same message error. I always clean the lint filter after each use. It will show that it is still drying but it is not tumbling.

  41. Samsung electric dryer, model DV50F9A7EVW/A2. Dryer will run for approximately 5 seconds, heating during this time, then shut off and display a HE error code. Also if just turned on and not started, the dryer will also display a HE error code within 5 seconds.

  42. Paige Golding

    I have a message HE on my dryer – it cut off not long into the cycle and wouldnt restart. I found that the breaker had tripped so I turned it on and now
    Dryer working fine but still get the error cose at the end of each cycle – HE. Hate to pay for a service call when the dryer is working – any advice?

  43. I have en electric samsung and the HE code keeps popping up and the clothes are very hot and wrinkled. It’s like the wrinkle prevent isn’t working and maybe its the sensor?

  44. Carrie Robinson

    My dryer has 2 codes.
    One, it looks like a t? 4
    So it looks like t4
    Then another that I’m assuming is an be2?
    I cannot get it to work now and I don’t know how to fix it!

  45. I have the same problem!!!! As of 9-21-17. Just got the dryer two weeks ago… what is it???? So frustrating.. Have service coming next week. Feel free to e mail me. Let’s all chat! Darn HC2 error on the Flexdryer.

  46. In system check mode I got a t2 code. In special test mode I got a dp16. And I don’t know how to get it out of test mode. Dryer was not heating and shutting off after 5 minutes. Model number DV210AEW/XAA. Serial number. Y09J54Bz606183D.

  47. I have a samsung DV219AEB dryer. It works but is nkt drying. When done with the cycle it displays a blinking red rectangle. I havent found any other issues like this please help

  48. Christina Marie Britton

    I have a Samsung multi steam front load dryer and the symbol that is blinking in red is a graph like symbol

  49. Te error code.
    Means lint is is clogged dryer runs few minutes then stopped!
    Help wanted.. please offer advice.

  50. I have a Samsung Merlot Colored Front Loading Dryer Model #DV42H5200EF/A3 that is just barely a year old, and last night I was drying a load of clothes and pulled a few items out and restarted the machine and 10 minutes later went to pull the rest of the clothes out and noticed the dryer Stopped heating up. The machine works fine and Doesn’t Show any Codes? Does anyone know what the problem/issue might be? Thanks in advance. Robert

  51. My Samsung smart care dryer display code CL9. Called the “no help desk” they didn’t know what it was and wanted to send a tech with out any troubleshooting. Does anyone know what it means or have any advise?

  52. Syuzanna,
    We have the same problem with our Flex Dry Samsung Dryer.
    Samsung technician wasn’t helpful so Sears replaced it with a new unit.
    The second replacement also shows HC2.
    We don’t know what to do.
    Have you found the answer to this problem?
    Any help would be great!

  53. DV40J3000EW/A2
    Tensioner broke. I replaced it but the drum still want roll. There are no displays on the model but when I press start, all lights at on with HIGH blinking off and on. Any suggestions?

  54. Hallo I have a Samsung dryer SDC3D809 and it shows error code TE04 after about 2 seconds.

    I’ve tested/cleaned the pump and replaced the floater but still keeps giving this error. All filters and canals have been cleaned.

  55. Corinna Michelle

    Upside down F then 0. Not running thru the whole cycle. Samsung dv316les/xaa

  56. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Dryer error code dE means the DOOR IS OPEN or the washer “thinks” the door is open.
    Either the door interlock switch is faulty or the connection is faulty… Check both.


    Model DV48H7400EW Electric Dryer
    Spinning but not heating. Code C9 came out on display but cant find that one. Anyone have a clue??

  58. My Samsung dryer shows to clean the filter /vent.
    Cleaned and removed lint already.
    Still showing the sign to clean.
    Then when i start the dryer it won’t spin and there is a noise.
    Tried to unplug but still not working.

  59. My Samsung dryer will dry clothes then it doesn’t want to stop. It will stop and show code and restart for a few seconds then stop again. Over and over. All the lights light up around the display and rotate clockwise.

  60. Hi my dryer is showing an hour glass. It’s not going on. Did you find out what happen with your dryer.

  61. I have a Samsung dryer model dv400ewhdwr/aa that won’t power on. I checked the outlet with a multimeter power is getting into the dryer but it won’t even power on enough to give me an error code. Any Ideas

  62. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Dryer Error Code 9E1 = Power error
    Turn off the appliance at the breaker then wait 30 seconds.
    Switch appliance back on again and start a new program.


    Samsung Dryer Error Code 9E1 = Electronic Control Problem/Over Voltage Error
    Check PCB and Wire harness.
    Check Power supply.



  64. I have a Samsung electric dryer model # : DV331AER/XAA 01 .
    The issue we are having is the dryer has the hourglass icon and check lint filter icon illuminated.
    When we check the lint filter that light goes off but the hourglass symbol remains; when we press the play button the dryer does nothing. The control panel arrow lights blink as if the are going through a drying cycle but the dryer never actually spins the drum. Any suggestions?

  65. DIY Project Help Tips

    The belt on the Samsung Dryer drum may have slipped off…. Check that first.
    The hourglass is telling you it is in a delayed mode.
    How long has the hourglass been in the display?

  66. I have a Samsung DV42H5000EW A3 Dryer.
    It has power to display but won’t run and dry.
    No error code, but do have an hourglass symbol on display.
    Any advice?

  67. DIY Project Help Tips


    Samsung HE or hE Error Code = Heating error (electric dryer)
    See if a house circuit breaker for the dryer is tripped; the dryer won’t heat if a leg of the 240 volt power supply is off. Unplug the dryer and check the wiring connections on the heating element.
    Reconnect any loose wires and replace the wire harness if damaged.
    Check the heating element for damage and replace the heating element if defective.

    Samsung HE or hE Error Code = Heating error (gas dryer)
    Make sure the gas supply cut-off valve for the dryer is fully open.
    Unplug the dryer and reconnect any loose wiring connections on the gas valve coils.
    Replace the wire harness if damaged.


  68. I have a Samsung DV42.
    The dryer will run and will dry but neither the timed programs or the moisture sensing programs will stop it automatically.
    If we don’t set a timer to open the door to manually stop it, the dryer eventually will error out and result in the “He” code.
    Any thoughts on a fix? Thanks in advance.

  69. The reset worked great.
    Just need to hold the two buttons down while you power off and power on. DE code comes up .release buttons and power off and on again.
    Problem solved.
    Many thanks

  70. My Samsung multi steam vent sensor is giving “HC” message. Any idea what is that? The dryer stops within few seconds of running and gives an HC message on the panel.

  71. Hello Tobie, what did you do to resolve this issue? having same problem with our brand new dryer and it is not even used once.

  72. Samsung dryer DV419AGWX/AA. Error Code does not show, but dryer will turn on, little red tee-shirt will blink showing it is drying, but machine does not start and run. I have no error code to show me what may be wrong. The Error Codes work, because it comes on when the door is opened and when wrinkle free symbol comes on, or run time can also be changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  73. I have the same DC error on a pretty much new unit. Same problem with no documentation on what a dC code is. I find that it is listed for washers but not dryers. They Dryer is a Model: DV50K8600GV/A3. Thanks for any help in advance.

  74. I have a Samsung dryer model DV419AGU/XAA that is showing a bE error code. I tried depressing all the buttons and that didn’t fix it so I bought a new User Interface Control. Put it in and unplugged it and replugged it in to clear the code and it will run for 20 seconds and than the bE code pops up again. I don’t want to call the appliance guy and my wife is ready to kill me if I don’t get this dryer fixed. Any help is welcome. Thanks

  75. I have experienced the HE error code on my Samsung dryer.
    Model: DV70F5E0HGW
    First when this code appeared, Samsung sent an engineer out, who replaced the PCB board.
    The second time it happened, the guy pressed a few buttons and it reset the code.
    It happened again today and the guy gave me the instructions over the phone.
    Hold anti crease and delay end button together.
    Now while these buttons are pressed down.
    Hold the power button.
    The dryer will turn on and the HE code will be replaced by a DE code.
    Now switch off the dryer by pressing the power button, now switch it back on.
    The display should return to normal and the dryer should be usable.
    My dryer is still under warranty and if I contacted Samsung, they would have sent the independent engineer out, who would of carried out the same instructions and charged Samsung for it.

  76. For Jeremy and Debbie and any others who are having problems with Samsung Dryers… I did not have exactly the same code as what you have (I had an HE error code.) But in any event you can do a ‘reset’ of the dryer by pressing and holding the ‘Mixed Load Bell’ button while turning on the dryer. This got rid of the error code for me, and subsequently the dryer is working fine. If that doesn’t work, try it again, and if not you can also try holding the ‘Lamp’ button while turning on the dryer.

    You’d think Samsung might include this information in their manuals, or online, or tell you about it when you call and beg for help, but of course they don’t. It was actually another kind user on this forum who told me about it, so thanks to him, my dryer did not end up in the bin… where it was destined for.

  77. I have the same issue as another individual there are no codes other than the smiley face and a square symbol and no buttons will do anything the dial will not switch settings.

  78. My Samsung dryer is flashing the code dE???? What does this mean ??? The dryer will start when I close the door even if I do NOT push any button on the dryer panel! Help!!!!!

  79. DIY Project Help Tips

    Tommy Thompson,
    Can you take a picture of the error code displaying on your Samsung dryer?
    Then use our contact form and let us know you have the pictures.
    Give us your email and let us know you are Tommy Thompson.
    We will then email you requesting to see the pictures.
    Email us the pictures and we will be able to better diagnose the issue with the strange error code on your Samsung dryer.

  80. I’m getting the same error code (upside down F, then E OR like LE but with one more line) same as described by Kelly Myers.
    I replaced the heating element – and also the thermostat and limit switch since I had it apart. Error code did not go away. Can anyone diagnose this?
    Model # DV210AEW/XAA

  81. I am having the same problem as Kelly Myers. My dryer is a Samsung DV210AG gas. Message is giving me what looks like an E without the top line, followed by a regular E.

  82. DIY Project Help Tips

    Kevin Cottrell,
    Samsung DE Error Code:
    Check that the door is closed fully.
    Check nothing is trapping in the door.
    Check unit is not overloaded.

  83. My dryer is showing a square with a smile in it I have cleaned everything check now none of buttons want to work and can’t change big dial to any other position Model #Is dv42h50000ew/a3

  84. Thanks for the tip. We had the HE error once before and had a tech out. He reset via a code. We had the problem again, but I was not able to find what he did anywhere on the internet until now… thanks, it worked like a charm… we are back up and drying. :-)

  85. Samsung DV422EWHDR- no heat. Checked incoming power, vents are clean, replaced heating coil assembly. Not sure where to look next. When I run a timed cycle, it runs for the complete time, but no heat. Cooling light is always lit, not sure if it should be or not.

  86. Samsung dryer dv422. No error code that I have seen. It won’t heat, replaced the whole heating element assembly, had the incoming line checked, no issues there. Is the some key sequence to press to check for error codes? Not sure what my next step should be, the cooling light is always on, can’t quite figure out if it should be or not, if I run a timed setting it runs the full time but never heats. Not sure if I should try replacing the thermistor on the blower or the main control card. Just want my dryer back!

  87. Our Samsung Dryer, model #DV50F9A7EVW/A2, may have taken a power surge. After a storm, the dryer will not shut off. The display shows normal, with no error codes. The dryer runs without heat. It stops when the door opens, but not when the power button turns off the display off. We have unplugged the dryer for days with no change.

  88. DIY Project Help Tips

    Kelly Myers,
    Can you give us the model number of your Samsung Dryer?
    The first digit looks like an upside down F, and the second digit is an E?
    Like LE but with one more LED line showing?

  89. My Samsung Dryer error code is not listed. It looks like EE but the e at the beginning is missing the top, it is like an upside down F?

  90. I had the HE error code on my Samsung DV8 dryer.
    After cleaning the filters I took it apart and checked the 2 thermistors (~50k ohm) and they appeared to be ok as well as anything else.
    Put it together again and started it.
    Same HE error code again.
    I then switched the machine off and held the light-button while turning it on.
    The dryer then made a self-test and displayed “b2”.
    I turned it off and on again and the code was gone. Yeeha!
    Hope it works for you too!!!

  91. For the past few days my year-old Samsung dryer DV52J8700E(G) has been stopping before the clothes are dry–both on timed and regular cycles. Finally got a vent clog icon. Cleaned, vacuumed and reattached vent hose and outside vent. Restarted after 20 minutes. Pulled out from wall in case hose was squeezed. Stopped again. Code upside-down FC. Help?

  92. Hi Phil I seem to have a very similar problem. HE error code. My dryer is a DV80H8100HW (heat pump dryer.) If you ever do find a solution to this problem please do let me know! I have replaced the thermistor already as well but to no help.

  93. Yes the Samsung dryer is brand new, but I have taken it overseas, hence the company that sold it to me cannot help me. The model is a DV80H8100HW (Heat Pump Dryer.) Serial number I’m afraid I don’t have right now as I’m not at home. I can get it if it’s really necessary. I have modified the cabinet so that there is much more airflow now so I don’t think that will be a problem in the future. But alas the dryer is still not working and still has the HE code. As mentioned before the thermistor has already been replaced.

  94. I have model DV210AEW dryer. I have replaced and tested every part of the heating side of the system. I am still getting a HE code on the screen. I replaced the thermostat, high temp sensor and the Assy Pcb Main board and tested the heating coil and it was good.

  95. DIY Project Help Tips

    Geoff Cattrall,
    If the Samsung dryer is brand new, why not call the company that sold it to you and have it replaced or fixed?

    You may have a completely different dryer configuration than we realized.
    Can you give us the full model number and serial number so we can research further?

    And yes, the dryer needs some air flow to be able to run properly, that may or may not cause the HE code.
    How much space does the dryer have inside the cabinet?

  96. HI there… yes I am still getting the HE error code even after replacing the thermistor. The dryer will not run – in fact no functions are available. When I turn the dryer on there is an HE code on the screen and I cannot select a cycle, run the dryer, or do anything. The only thing I can do at that stage is turn the dryer off again. I have checked all wiring as far as I can see with the top, front and back off and it looks ok. Please note that this is a brand new unit. Since it was running in a cabinet with poor airflow, I agree there is a good chance it’s a heating element problem of some sort. But this is a Heat Pump dryer – does it even have a heating element? Or is it a compressor? And how can I access this part of the dryer? I’m not sure how to check ‘the element is not shorted’. I don’t see anything that looks like a compressor or heating element on the front of the unit. Any and all advice appreciated thanks!

  97. DIY Project Help Tips

    Neil Brodsky,
    Samsung dryer “dC” flashing error code is not in the database.
    The DC error code is listed as a Samsung washer unbalanced load. You may have overloaded the dryer with the towels.
    Can you supply us with your Samsung Dryer Model Number so we can further research?

  98. Brand new Samsung Gas Dryer delivered today by PC Richards. 1st load is towels. Did not dry as well as would have expected. Error code “dC” is flashing on screen. Code not in manual.

  99. DIY Project Help Tips

    Alfredo Gonzalez III,
    If the countdown on your Samsung dryer changes during a dry cycle, usually it means the main control board is faulty.
    Have you inspected the board? Wire harnesses? Thermistor?

  100. DIY Project Help Tips

    Geoff Cattrall,
    Are you still getting the Samsung dryer HE error code even after replacing the thermistor?
    Does the Samsung dryer run but not heat?
    Check all wiring harnesses to be sure they are secure.
    Check that the element is not shorted.
    Give us more info so we can assist.

  101. Samsung dryer, error message “make sure buttons are not being pressed repeatedly”, then control panel went blank, will not power on

  102. First of all – what a great resource this website is. Thanks guys!
    I have a DV80H8100HW heat pump Samsung dryer. I (stupidly) mounted it in a cupboard with poor ventilation. I also didn’t know about the lint trap at the bottom left front of the unit, and so I never cleaned it. I now have an HE error code.
    I bought a new thermistor and replaced it, but it didn’t work. What is the next step please?

  103. Alfredo Gonzalez III

    My Samsung dryers has a red blinking light when first turned on. Once the dryer is started on Normal Mode, it sets itself to 40 minutes. As it is drying and the countdown begins, it gets down to 38 minutes then resets to 1 minute and starts cooling down. We can not figure out what it is, Can anyone here tell me what is going on or what I need to replace? Model # DV42H5OOOEW/A3.

  104. Noemi Deschenes

    Samsung 7000 series
    No code comes up. You turn it on. It sings. It makes a click noise but it doesn’t do anything after that. No heat. No spin. No codes.
    Any thoughts?

  105. DIY Project Help Tips

    Angela Venable,
    What is the model number of your Samsung Dryer?
    Check to see if “Wrinkle Prevent” is selected on the display.
    This will tumble your dryer intermittently after the heat cycle is done to assist in preventing wrinkled clothing.
    “Wrinkle Prevent” can be turned ON or OFF by pressing its button on the display panel.

  106. My Samsung dryer display is showing a circulating rectangle, like it’s in motion going clockwise.
    The clothes are getting dry but I can’t find my manual to check it. I don’t know how else to describe it.

  107. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sherri Ferguson,
    Do a visual on the element.
    Are the wires secure and in place on the element?
    Are the wires tight and no signs of damage?
    Then check it with a meter using OHMS.
    If it reads bad, remove and replace the heating element on your Samsung dryer.

    Check out this page for some more details and what may be wrong with your Samsung dryer.
    Samsung Dryer Heating Element Issues.


  108. Sherri Ferguson

    First, I wanted to say I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. The dryer is now running without shutting down. I unplugged the dryer for a bit and plugged it back in. The cc code went away, but now the dryer has no heat. :-). I am assuming that I need a heating element. Do I test that with the ohms meter as well? Or how should I replace the heating element? Again thank you.

  109. DIY Project Help Tips

    Doug Brown,
    Check the vent line from Samsung dryer to wall, then check in wall.
    You may have a build-up of lint.
    Use a canister vacuum and clean out the lint in the wall.

  110. Samsung Dv45h6300e dryer got a lint code (Icon) and will not start.
    The lint trap and vent are clean and don’t know what to do?
    I unplugged it for 10 minutes to see if it would reset.

  111. DIY Project Help Tips

    MI hello Hall,
    Is the error code E without the top LED lit flashing on your Samsung Dryer?
    Have you tried to unplug it to see if it may reset?

  112. I have a Samsung Dryer model number DV317AEG/XAA and I cleaned the dryer lint and the outside one, but my dryer keeps on saying error capital E without the top -. How do I clear it off?

  113. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sherri Ferguson,
    The Samsung Dryer error code CC is not in our database….
    Try fixing the tS error first….

    SAMSUNG DRYER ERROR CODE tS = Thermistor is faulty = Shorted Out.
    TO FIX = Unplug the dryer and use a volt/ohm meter to test the resistance of the thermistor.
    If the resistance is more than 40,000 ohms then replace the thermistor.
    If the resistance is 10,000 ohms then replace the wire harness if you find it to be damaged.
    If the wire harness is good then replace the electronic control board.


  114. DIY Project Help Tips

    Shelby Hamilton,
    Samsung Dryer Error Code showing an upside down F and 0 means = The code you see indicates a problem in the thermistor circuit.
    This may also be caused by a clogged lint screen or restricted vent system.
    This type of diagnosis will require using an ohmmeter to check the thermistor and circuit.

    Check that the lint screen is not clogged first…. then look to see if the venting system is clear of lint build-up

  115. Sherri Ferguson

    My Samsung dryer DV328AEW/XXA is giving a cc code. Before it was giving a ts code. Does anyone know how to reset the codes so I can find the proper error code now. Thanks in advance

  116. What if i have a 60Hz Dryer and i am in Europe on 50Hz, is there a replacement board or a converter that doesn’t cost too much?

  117. DIY Project Help Tips

    Scott klingman,
    Error t0 is an open thermistor on Samsung dryers. Thermistor should measure 10,000 ohms at 77 degrees fahrenheit.
    Check it at the blower with one side disconnected and if OKAY, check it at the plug on the control board.

  118. Scott klingman

    Samsung Dryer code is showing tO. Don’t know if that’s any different. Didn’t have an ohm meter but continuity is positive. I was assuming if the dial was stuck open there would be no continuity.

  119. DIY Project Help Tips

    Tara Blackburn,
    First, be sure the dryer door is properly closed and the lint filter is properly installed…
    The Samsung Dryer Eg Or E9 Error Code is not actually an error code. It is a code displayed when the dryer is in the test mode used on the production line. This error can appear when certain buttons are pushed at the same time or in a certain sequence. To exit this and clear the E9 error, unplug the dryer from power for 10 seconds and then plug back in. You can also flip the breaker to the dryer if it is difficult to access the plug.

  120. DIY Project Help Tips

    DE Error on Samsung dryer means that “door is open”. The dryer thinks the door is open. It is probable that power is not getting passed from the door switch to the control board. Check the door switch assembly to be sure the wire harness is connected and that it is not damaged. If damaged, replace it with an OEM part.

  121. My dryer is giving me a DE error message and I can’t find the code any where online. Please let me know what I can do?

  122. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Dryer FE error code = Power supply frequency is out of range
    Check the frequency of your electrical power supply.
    If the dryer is getting the 60 Hz power it requires, replace the electronic control board.

  123. I have recently changed my plug due to it being faulty. It works just fine for the washer…but when comes to dryer it give me the FE code. Let me know on how to go about.

  124. DIY Project Help Tips

    Barry S. Jameson,
    Try unplugging the Samsung dryer for 5 minutes.
    Also, please supply us with the dryer model number so we can find the information needed to fix your Samsung dryer.
    Is the door switch damaged or is the not shutting properly?

  125. Barry S. Jameson

    Samsung dryer has Error Codes, but dryer will turn on, little red tee-shirt will blink showing it is drying, but machine does nothing. I have no error code to show me what may be wrong. The Error Codes work, because it comes on when the door is open. The wrinkle free symbol comes on, but that is it.

  126. DIY Project Help Tips


    Samsung Dryer Error Code E3 could be a few different faults:

    1 – Motor overload error (Let motor cool down for 1 hour)
    2 – Vent is blocked (Clean out vent to prevent overheat)
    3 – Thermistor error (Remove and replace dryer thermistor)

    Sometimes the wire harnesses on the dryer control board comes loose. Resecure the electrical contacts and wire harnesses and the error code should clear.


  127. DIY Project Help Tips

    The Samsung Dryer manual shows E5 error code is a temperature control error.

    TO FIX:
    Disconnect the unit from the vent to see if you still get the error. If not then clean the vent.
    Check for a grounded element.
    Unplug the unit and both wires at the heater.
    Measure across the heater.


  128. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Dryer Error Code do = Door is open

    Unplug the dryer and check for loose or damaged wiring connections in the door switch circuit.
    Reconnect the wire harness if loose or disconnected.
    Replace the wire harness if damaged.
    Replace the door switch if damaged or defective.

    Parts Needed:
    Door switch, Wire harness


  129. At a loss with my Samsung dryer! Giving code DO, took it apart and checked wiring harness. Didn’t see any damage or loose wires, so i bought a new door switch. Installed it, turned dryer on and pressed start. It ran for half a second and flashed DO error code again. Rechecked all wires, nothing… Any advice on what to do next? Everything else works and comes on so i don’t think its the board… Just frustrated!! Model number dv218aeb.

  130. I have a Samsung dryer dv48 j7770e is showing code clg during vent test. Owners manual states this is a clog in vent but I checked and everything looks good, also when I just turn it on normal to start load it kicks on for about 3 sec then shows a # 1. This is a brand new dryer never been used.

  131. DIY Project Help Tips

    Evan Kozak,
    Samsung dryer 9E1 error code represents a malfunctioning main PBA OR power faults related to an electrical power supply that is incompatible with the Samsung Dryer.
    This means either the control board is bad, or there is a power issue.

  132. My Samsung dryer model dv42h5000ew/ac is showing the error code 9E1. Any solutions to fixing it?

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