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Samsung Dryer Runs But Not Getting Hot

If your Samsung dryer will spin but will not heat, a burnt heating element could be your issue. A bad element on Samsung dryers is quite common with some of the newer dryers. However, you need to do some further testing to be sure the element is causing your Samsung dryer to not heat.

The Samsung dryer may have a bad thermostat, thermal cut out fuse, clogged air vent line, incorrect voltage, faulty heating element, or other internal wiring issues. NOTE: If your Samsung Dryer is getting an error code, check here for Samsung Dryer Fault Codes.

Samsung Dryer Runs But Will Not HeatSamsung Dryer Runs But Will Not Heat

What can cause Samsung Dryer to not heat?

When your Samsung dryer will not heat, BE SURE YOU HAVE CLEANED THE VENT LINES AND LINT FILTER as a clogged vent line will cause your Samsung dryer to NOT HEAT properly.
Check all parts of the dryer to be sure what is causing it NOT HEATING.
Check thermostats, thermal cut off fuse, wiring, voltage, and vent line. If you have tested ALL aspects of the dryer and have found that the heating element is what is faulty, here is how to replace it.

Samsung Dryer Heating Element DC47-00019ASamsung Dryer Heating Element DC47-00019A

How to remove and replace Samsung dryer heating element?

  1. Remove power from your Samsung dryer.
  2. Remove the screws on the back of the dryer.
  3. Remove lid by sliding it off.
  4. Remove the control panel off by lifting upward.
  5. Remove wire harness holding the control panel to the dryer.
  6. Remove 4 screws that secure the front panel.
  7. Open dryer door and remove 2 more screw at the base of the door.
  8. Depress the locking tabs and remove the front panel.
  9. Disconnect the door switch wire.
  10. Lift the panel off.
  11. Disconnect the moisture sensor wiring harness.
  12. Remove screw that holds the heating element housing.
  13. Remove housing from mounting bracket.
  14. Remove screws that hold mounting bracket to the base.
  15. Remove the mounting bracket.
  16. Pull heating element housing out of the dryer.
  17. Disconnect the wire harness from the heating element.
  18. Do not remove the wire harnesses from the thermostat or high limit switch.
  19. Remove the screws holding the thermostat and high limit switch from housing.
  20. Remove the screws that hold the heating element housing together.
  21. Bend the tab upward and separate the heating element housing.
  22. Straighten the wire terminal locking tabs and remove the wire terminals and the heating element from the housing. TO TEST THE SAMSUNG DRYER HEATING ELEMENT = (Use an Ohm meter on the two leads to tell if the element is bad so you know for sure what is causing the dryer to NOT HEAT.)
  23. Replace the faulty heating element with the new heating element and put everything back together using this guide in reverse.

Samsung Dryer Heating Element Replacement

Instructions for replacing the heating element on your Samsung dryer
Dryer is not heating, gets too hot, takes too long,
trips the breaker, or won’t stop heating.

How does the heating element in a Samsung dryer work?

The Samsung heating element DC47-00019A works when a switch on the motor turns on. The element will then glow red and heat the dryer. When the dryer falls down below a certain temp, the element turns ON and begins to heat the dryer once again. This will repeat over and over until the cycle is complete and the clothing is dry.

Why did the heating element on my Samsung Dryer go bad?

If your dryer heating element is burnt or faulty, something else within the dryer may have caused this. Check the vent exhaust for lint clogs. A lint blockage issue can cause your heating element to burn out.

What other parts can cause my Samsung Dryer to NOT HEAT?

Check the thermostat and the high limit cut off fuse to be sure those components are not causing the dryer to not heat. See below…

How to replace and test the high limit thermostat on a Samsung dryer
Step-by-step instructions on how to replace and test the thermostat on Samsung dryer
The high limit thermostat in this video, apply to many
different part numbers and models of Samsung dryers.

Thermostat and High Limit on Samsung DryerCheck the Thermostat and High Limit on your Samsung Dryer if NOT HEATING

Samsung DC47-00016A Dryer ThermostatSamsung DC47-00016A Dryer Thermostat

Samsung Dryer DC96-00887A Thermal Cut Out FuseSamsung Dryer DC96-00887A Thermal Cut Out Fuse

This Samsung dryer heating element will work on clothes dryer model numbers: DV306BEW, DV306LEW, DV316BEC, DV316BEW, DV316HEC, DV316LES, DV316LEW, DV317AEG, DV317AES, DV317AEW, DV328AEG, DV328AER, DV328AEW, DV330AEB, DV338AEB, DV330AEW, DV331AER, DV331AEW, DV337AEG, DV337AEL, DV337AER, DV337AEW, DV338AEW, DV339AEG, DV339AEL, DV339AER, DV339AES, DV339AEW, DV340AEG, DV340AER, DV350AEG, DV350AEP, DV350AER, DV350AEW, DV393ETPARA, DV393ETPAWR, DV395ETPARA, DV395ETPAWR, DV3C6BEW, DV405ETPASU, DV405ETPAWR, DV407AEW, DV409AER, DV409AEW, DV409SEL, DV410AER, DV410AEW, DV419AES, DV419AEU, DV419AEW, DV428AEL, DV428AEW, DV431AEP, DV431AEW, DV438AEL, DV438AER, DV448AEE, DV448AEP, DV448AEW, DV456EWHDWR, DV484ETHASU, DV484ETHAWR, DV501AEW, DV5451AEP, DV5451AEW, DV5471AEP, DV5471AEW, BED70B, BED70W, DV203AES, DV203AEW, DV206AES, DV206LEW, DV209AEW, DV210AES, DV210AEW, DV218AEB, DV218AES, DV218AEW, DV219AEB, DV219AEW, DV220AEW, DV221AEG, DV221AES, DV229AEG, DV231AEW, DV2C6BEW, MDE6700AYW, MDE6700AZW, MDE9700AYM, MDE9700AYW, MDE9700AZM, MDE9700AZW, NED7200TW, YIED7200TW, and YNED7200TW.

Need help replacing the heating element on your Samsung Dryer? Please leave a question below and we will write back with the easiest ways to replace your dryers heating element or any other parts.

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49 thoughts on “Samsung Dryer Runs But Not Getting Hot”

  1. I would check the main fuse box, usually it’s a double breaker. 240 volts, 2 120v hot legs, if not getting proper voltage there your dryer could spin but not heat.

  2. James Rudnick

    Centrifugal switch contacts on motor, send power to the burner / element only when motor is running. Cleaned them and ignitor glowed and burner fired.

  3. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Sorry to hear about so much hassle with your Samsung washer and dryer.
    Can you please give us the model numbers to both models and we will research the issue for you.
    PS – The thermal fuse continually blows, correct?
    Any other details you can give us that your technician may have given you will also help us.

  4. Did anyone figure out what was wrong with their Samsung dryer? I’m having the exact problem as everyone else on here.

    I have a brand new Samsung Washer and Dryer that cost an arm and a leg. Was purchased and lightly used for 1 1/2 year, very new models and the NEW electric dryer, problem is no heat while the drum spins. The outgoing ventilation was professional cleaned, there was no clog so that’s not the issue. The parts (thermostat and thermal fuse) have been replaced by licensed professionals repeatedly now for 5 consecutive times. Continuity was checked in all other parts. Each repair costing hundreds of dollars in service fees. The electric dryer would work for 1 or 2 cycles after parts replacement, or sometimes a few weeks or a month before breaking down again, SAME PROBLEM – NO HEAT to dry the clothes. The technicians can’t figure out why such an overtly expensive new dryer would break down like this and cannot come up with a definitely diagnostic and eventually quit the job after repeated attempts.

  5. I have a Samsung DV40J3000 Electric dryer. Have replaced thermostat/high limit/element, works for a load or 2 then stops heating; Have done this multiple times, usually thermal cut off is bad. Voltage meter shows it has enough power and continuity to all parts. There is no lint blockage.

    Any ideas?

  6. I have a Samsung gas dryer, DV42H5600GW/a3. It runs, but there is no heat. One technician was convinced it was the igniter. That replacement did not work. Another service technician replaced the mother board and a thermistor, those did not help. However, if he performed a jump at where the electricity enters the main board, the gas heat comes on continuously. Another technician suggested replacing the blower motor for $400. I cannot keep throwing parts into this dryer. Anyone have any better thoughts?

  7. Tested the ohms and the element, thermostat, and thermoster are good. Control panel is good. Vent lines are clear. Any advice on what else it good be?

  8. I’ve tried everything replaced the coil thermostat high temp cut off and thermostat at the blower checked thermoster it’s good but still no heat.

    What could be next.

  9. Same problem with my Samsung dryer. Stopped heating, so checked continuity and ohms on heating element, thermostat and thermal fuse. Thermal fuse had nothing. Replaced that and it worked fine for a month and a half. Now no heat. Took unit back out and all 3 measure good ohms and continuity. No codes displayed. Any suggestions what else to try?

  10. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Error code HC flashing on Samsung multisteam vent sensor dryer.
    Heating element issue is likely.
    The heating element can be found here on this page with the 152 page service manual for the Samsung multisteam vent sensor dryer dryer model number DV50K7500EW/A3.
    You can find the parts needed to fix your Samsung dryer on this page.
    This service manual will also show where all the parts are located.

  11. We have a Samsung multisteam vent sensor dryer that has stopped heating.
    Error code HC was flashing on our Samsung multisteam vent sensor dryer.
    We cleaned out the vent line and lint drawer.
    After we cleaned vent line, a bunch of water came out of dryer vent….no clue how water got in there.
    Turned dryer on today and it is running, but only cold air.
    We’re thinking its the heating element.
    The one linked in the article does not seem to be for our dryer model (DV50K7500EW/A3).
    Looking for advice about where to purchase the heating element and if the steps above would work for our dryer.

  12. Terry L Yowell

    Same problem. No lint, no clog, no voltage issue, no breaker issue, no wiring issues. I replaced heating element, thermostat and fuse. Had heat for 2 loads and then back to cold air. The meter shows continuity on new parts and also the parts I replaced. Can’t find any advice and can’t figure out how replacing parts would allow the dryer to heat up for a couple loads and be back to cold on load 3. Doesn’t make sense so many are having the same issue but we can’t find any resolution advice. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

  13. It says to …..”Check the thermostat and the high limit cut off fuse to be sure those components are not causing the dryer to not heat”….before replacing the element. How do we check them? Ohms meter like the element? Do they discolor if bad? Or can you see a break in a fuse like a car fuse?

  14. I have a Dryer that has stopped heating, and the repair guys Samsung has recommend want to charge $99 for a diagnostic fee, then parts and labor on top of it.

    Do these steps work for Model# DV40J3000EW/A2

  15. We’re having the exact same issue. Lint lines are clean. Changed the fuses, thermostat and heat coil. It worked for almost 2 weeks and now cold again. Any advice is appreciated.

  16. I have a Samsung DV400 Dryer. The cool down display stays on and the dryer does not heat because of this. Any suggestions?

  17. I have a Samsung dryer M# DV48J7700EW/A2 the heater element will not turn on I put a whole new heater element and fuse. I got the dryer used and the previous owner had the heater element out and did not take a picture of how to reinstall the wires it has a 3wire element and I don’t know if I’m installing them correctly can you help me with were all the wires go.

  18. dv422gwhdwr/aa NO HEAT HEAT lamp flashing Any heat control positions.
    Absolutely no ‘vent obstructions’ – dryer is completely disassembled. All series/parallel heating elements check out properly. …igniter, flame sensor, all three relay coils. No AC from RY7. Appears to be PCB assembly failure BUT guessing something making microcontroller P71 (pin25) not activating! Heater1_Relay -> IC5-1 -> IC5 16 (Heater1) ->
    (Heater1) -> RY7 Heater1 to lower heater assy. Suspect something making heat lamp flash!

  19. We have electric Samsung moisture sensor dryer model DV48H7400EW/A2 it run fine.
    But stopped heating.
    We’ve checked (EVERYTHING) u can think of on it.
    We’ve cleaned (EVERYTHING) there is to clean its spotless no lint clogs of any thing anywhere.
    It still doesn’t heat.

  20. I want to thank you for these step by step instructions and the link to buy the exact piece ($20.00 on amazon) I needed. Took less than an hour to get this piece switched out and the dryer back up and running.

  21. Just want to say these instructions helped me fix my Samsung dryer- everything worked, except I had zero heat. Opened it up, tested for continuity on the heating element, had none, so I replaced the heating element and cutoff switches that came in a $33 kit.

    Took about at an hour, total, and we have a working dryer again.

    Good stuff.

  22. Hi,
    I have Samsung dryer model DV42H5000/EW, and after reading through this forum I’ve realized I’m not the only one with experiencing the no heat issue. I have done and changed pretty much everything on the dryer..spent almost $200 total since I even changed the control board, thermistor, thermostat, high limit sensor etc…I can actually get the dryer to heat up on test mode, which times out and it gives me what looks to be a 0t error NOT t0. I can not find this error code anywhere….ANY HELP will be greatly appreciated.

  23. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Does the Samsung dryer still turn ON and turn/spin even though it is not heating?

    Have you checked the full interior of the dryer for lint blockage?
    Have you tested all wiring within the Samsung dryer to be sure there is no wiring issue?
    Have you made sure the new parts you have replaced are not faulty?
    Is the dryer getting the proper voltage?
    Do you have the heat setting correct on the control panel?
    Let us know what you find.

  24. Hello,

    my Samsung dryer DV337AEG stop heating… I just replaced the heat element, thermostat and thermistor. clean all vents and still not heating.
    any suggestions

  25. my Samsung dryer dv45h7000ew/a2 stop heating replace new heat element, thermostat and thermistor. clean all vents and still not heating.
    any suggestions

  26. Hello, my dryer is not heating. I vacuumed and cleaned lint lines and replaced the heating element, thermostat, and fuse. It is still cold. Any other hints or things to try? I’m stumped!

  27. Samsung dryer dv80h4000cs is not heating properly.
    When i open the back cover i see the heàter is not completely heating.
    When i cover the blower the heater works completely and when i remove the cover same problem, not heating.

  28. I’m in the same boat. Changed out all three components. It worked for 2 loads and stopped. I’m really too broke to call a repair shop or continue chasing my tail. Help!

  29. Tim,
    I was wondering if you found the issue with your dryer after knowing the coil, thermostat, and high temp fuse all tested good? Our dryer stopped heating today and I see multiple accounts similar to yours. Just hoped to know a little more before I begin the repair process. Thanks for your help!

  30. Max,
    Identical situation on my Samsung dryer (absolutely no heat). What did you determine the problem to be? I replaced all three and pulled back out again to check for resistance (coil, thermostat, and high temp fuse) and all 3 are good. Any help will be appreciated. My wife is getting impatient with me :0

  31. Mel,
    did you ever figure out the problem? I too replaced the heating coil, thermostat, and high temp fuse. It did work for 2 days then quit again. I replaced fuses again and then finally got my meter out and checked resistance on the thermostat, fuse, and heat coil and all are good. So that is not the problem. No error messages. Runs but no heat. Thanks for any info.

  32. I need a dryer element for my Samsung washing machine model WD0150VDX 17KG/9KG, Eco Bubble Technology. Error massage is ‘HE2’. Thanks

  33. Samsung DV400EWHDWR/AA electric dryer not heating up at all. Checked and No blocked venting ducts in wall or hose. No error codes. Replaced whole heating duct element with both sensor and thermostat. Worked fine for 1 week then exact same problem again. What else could it be?

  34. We have a Samsung dryer (DV328AER/XAA) and a couple weeks ago it stopped heating. We have replaced the thermostat, the thermistor, the thermal fuse, the heating element and the control board all to no avail. It is not displaying any error codes, I have checked the vent, nothing is blocking it (though a child’s swim bottom and a credit card from the previous owner had somehow made it’s way into the vent before we replaced all the pieces and parts).

    Any suggestions on next steps? We’ve been without a dryer for a few weeks, so this is getting to be more than a little ridiculous.

  35. My Samsung Dryer spins but only blows cold air.
    I replaced new heat element, thermostat and thermistor, and still no heat.
    The wires connected properly.
    Is there anything else I missed?

  36. Steve Beckerdite

    Samsung dryer would not heat. Thermal fuse was bad. Replaced it. Now dryer will run for 3 or 4 minutes and shut off with tone as though clothes are dry. I’ve checked all ducts where there is airflow for blockages and found none. Disconnected vent to outside and ran dryer with same result. Have continuity on both high limit and thermostat fuse. Any ideas?
    Model DV338AEW/XAA

  37. Changed heating element, thermal cut out fuse, and thermostat…had heat for about 5 minutes and then no heat…what is causing this problem? I’ve cleaned out all the vent, so something is tripping the fuse. Model #dv456ewhdu/aa

  38. DIY Project Help Tips

    Rosalinda Deleon,
    Please let us know the model number of your Samsung Dryer and we can assist.

    However… If you have hot air coming out of the vent hose when not connected to the wall, but when you connect it to the wall you don’t have heat… that means the inside of the wall in the vent line where the heat blows out and usually to a vent on the outside of your house.. the complete vent line is most likely clogged with massive lint
    If it blows the thermal fuse… then clean the inside of the wall… either use a vacuum with an attachement to get in there as deep as possible or if the clog is too deep you may need to call a vent cleaning company.

    We have seen this many times before… if your dryer can’t vent out the hot air, it will not function properly and eventually blow the thermal fuse.
    Let us know if cleaning out the wall vent fixes your issue.

  39. Rosalinda Deleon

    I certainly looked at all requirements that was listed and yet my Clothes Dryer still blows cold air.
    When the vent hose is not connected you can feel the heat but when connecting the hose and put my first load in..give it 5 minutes and it continues to blow cold air.
    Three times replacing the thermostat fuse on both.

  40. I have the dv317aeg samsung dryer.. i cannot see the red in the back of the dryer when running it under timed dry (temp) high. I figure that the heating element is bad. Can i make that assumption due to these circumstances? If so, how can i go about fixing this?

  41. I have a Samsung model and it had stopped generating heat.
    I pulled out the lint screen that is located under the front lip of the door opening and there used to be a flat crescent shaped piece of plastic that was hinged onto the screen itself that had vanished a few months back.
    We figured someone had broken and lost it but had not thought much more about it.
    Since I have very long thin hands, I reached a couple of fingers deep into the slot and managed to find the piece — both plastic tabs had broken off that attached it to the screen.
    Poor design, honestly.
    Looking at it, I figured out that it was a necessary part to keep lint from escaping into the space between the dryer outer shell and the interior wall.
    They had one of those long flexible lint brushes so I started fishing around in that space through the vent screen slot and found a ridiculous amount of lint had built up during those months on both sides of the slot.
    In fact I ended up filling an entire bathroom sized wastebasket with dense clumps of lint that kept coming out — there was enough to make a block of lint the size of two loaves of bread!
    Once we had cleared it all out and reattached the plastic crescent to the lint screen with some fine metal wire, the dryer worked absolutely fine.

    If you have a Samsung dryer with this two-piece lint screen, make sure the smaller part has not fallen off and gone down between the walls.
    Overheating from lint blockage that trips the heating element relay (to prevent fires) is one of the most frequent problems I see with dryers.
    And with some dryers the relay itself just freezes up.
    You can sometimes correct that by removing it and literally banging it hard on a workbench top or floor a couple of times.
    I fixed my dryer last Fall doing just that.
    Easy and free.

  42. DIY Project Help Tips

    John Shipman,
    Why not just purchase a Samsung Dryer OEM high limit and install it yourself?

  43. My dryer is only 14 months old.
    The high limit switch is out.
    I don’t use the dryer but once every other week maybe an hour.
    I have had Samsung washer and dryer in past.
    Never had a problem like before.
    I have to spend 172.00 dollars to fix ridiculous.

  44. Sherlock Grigsby

    I cannot readily access the rear of the dryer. I was told I could remove and replace the heating element without accessing the rear of the dryer. Can you please verify whether this is true or not.

  45. Changed heating element, thermal cut out fuse, and thermostat…had heat for about 5 minutes and then no heat…what is causing this problem? I’ve cleaned out all the vent, so something is tripping the fuse.

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