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11 Troubleshooting Tips To Fix Your Samsung Front Load Washer

Here are 11 common issues that we have seen on Samsung front load washers. The problems below show up often and this guide is to help you to fix it after reading each issue. This page explains the most common issues and certain error codes that might appear on your machine.

sam washer infographSamsung washer quick reference guide for troubleshooting

1. Washer Door Locked or Will Not Open

Samsung Washer Fix/Solution:

  • To halt your washer, simply press the Start/Pause button.
  • Note that the washer door stays locked during the Sanitize cycle’s heating phase.
  • The door lock mechanism might take a short period to disengage after the cycle.
  • Should the door switch latch be defective, consider a replacement. Replace Samsung washer door latch if necessary.

2. Washer Does Not Drain or Spin

Samsung Washer Fix/Solution:

  • Start by checking the fuse or resetting the circuit breaker.
  • Make sure to straighten any bent drain hoses.
  • Remove any kinks from the hoses to ensure proper water flow.
  • Address any drain restriction issues promptly.
  • Ensure the door is closed before pressing the Start/Pause button.
  • Remember, the washer will not spin or tumble unless the door is securely closed.
  • A crucial step is to maintain the debris filter. Clean out the debris filter regularly, especially if it’s clogged, to prevent drainage issues.

Clean debris filter on Samsung front load washerClean debris filter on Samsung front load washer

Be sure drain hose is inserted correctlyBe sure drain hose is inserted correctly into stand pipe so the washing machine can drain

3. Washer Will Not Start

Samsung Washer Fix/Solution:

  • Confirm that the door of the washer is securely closed.
  • Ensure that your washer is properly connected to a power source.
  • Check that the water source faucets are fully open.
  • To initiate the washing process, press the Start/Pause button.
  • Verify that the Child Lock feature is not activated. To deactivate it, press and hold both the Spin and Soil Level buttons for about 6 seconds.
  • Prior to filling with water, your washer will perform a series of checks, including clicking sounds for door lock verification and a quick drainage test.
  • If the washer still doesn’t start, inspect the fuse or reset the circuit breaker as needed.

4. No Water or Insufficient Water

Samsung Washer Fix/Solution:

  • Turn on both water faucets completely to ensure adequate water flow.
  • Double-check that the washer door is firmly closed.
  • Straighten any twists in the water inlet hoses to promote better water flow.
  • If you suspect a blockage, disconnect the hoses and clean the screens.
  • It’s common for hose filter screens to become clogged; ensure they are clear.
  • After addressing these issues, open and close the washer door and then press the Start/Pause button to restart the cycle.

Press START/PAUSE button to pause and restart programsPress START/PAUSE button to pause and restart programs

Washer water supply hoses - Be sure screens are not clogged and rubber washer is installedWasher water supply hoses – Be sure screens are not clogged and rubber washer is installed

5. Washer Stops Working

Samsung Washer Fix/Solution:

  • Ensure that the power cord is connected to an active electrical outlet.
  • Inspect and reset the fuse or circuit breaker if necessary.
  • To restart your washer, close the door and press the Start/Pause button.
  • Keep in mind that the washer will not operate, including tumbling or spinning, unless the door is securely shut.
  • At the beginning of a cycle, your washer may produce clicking sounds as it checks the door lock and performs a quick drainage.
  • Your washer might pause or enter a soak period during its cycle. If this happens, wait a little while as it should resume shortly.
  • Regularly check the screens on the inlet hoses attached to the faucets to ensure they are free from blockages.
  • It’s a good practice to clean these screens periodically to maintain optimal water flow.

Be sure washer is plugged into the outlet and is getting powerBe sure washer is plugged into the outlet and is getting power

6. Washer Fills with the Wrong Water Temperature

Samsung Washer Fix/Solution:

  • First, verify that both hot and cold water faucets are fully open.
  • Check if the temperature setting on your washer matches your desired water temperature.
  • Confirm that the washer’s hoses are correctly attached to the corresponding hot and cold faucets.
  • Perform a flush of the water lines to clear any potential blockages.
  • Inspect your home’s water heater. It should be set to provide at least 120°F of hot water at the tap.
  • Additionally, assess your water heater’s capacity and its recovery rate to ensure it meets your household’s hot water needs.
  • If the problem persists, disconnect the hoses from the washer and clean the screens within them. Sometimes, these hose filter screens can become clogged, affecting water temperature.

Washer does not have water - Make sure water faucets are turned ONMake sure both faucets are fully OPEN If WRONG TEMPERATURE or NO WATER

7. Washer Leaks Water

Samsung Washer Fix/Solution:

  • Ensure that the washer door is securely and properly closed.
  • Check all hose connections to make sure they are tight and secure.
  • Verify that the end of the drain hose is correctly inserted and firmly attached to your home’s drainage system.
  • Avoid overloading the washer, as this can lead to imbalance and potential leakage.
  • Opt for high-efficiency detergent, which helps prevent excessive suds that could cause leaks.

Make sure the water supply hoses to the washing machine are connected correctlyMake sure the water supply hoses to the washing machine are connected securely and correctly

8. Wash Load is Wet at End of Wash Cycle

Samsung Washer Fix/Solution:

  • Opt for the High or Extra High spin speed option to effectively remove more water.
  • Utilize high-efficiency detergent to minimize over-sudsing, which can affect the spin cycle.
  • If the load is too small, consider adding a few more items. Very small loads can become unbalanced, leading to incomplete spinning.

9. Washer Has Excessive Suds

Samsung Washer Fix/Solution:

  • Always use high-efficiency detergent to prevent over-sudsing.
  • For soft water, small loads, or lightly soiled laundry, reduce the amount of detergent used.
  • Avoid using non-HE (high-efficiency) detergent as it’s not recommended for these washers.

10. Detergent Remains in Dispenser After Cycle

Samsung Washer Fix/Solution:

  • Ensure your washer is receiving enough water pressure, which is crucial for proper dispenser functioning.
  • When using granular detergent, make sure the Detergent Selector dial is positioned correctly, typically in the upper position.

11. Washer Has Excessive Vibration or is Noisy

Samsung Washer Fix/Solution:

  • Place your washer on a level surface. If needed, adjust the washer feet to stabilize the unit.
  • Confirm that all shipping bolts have been removed post-installation.
  • Keep the washer from touching any nearby objects, as contact can cause additional noise or vibration.
  • Ensure that the laundry load is balanced. An unbalanced load can cause significant vibration and noise during operation.

Be sure washing machine is level - Use a wrench on the legs to adjustBe sure washing machine is level – Use a wrench on the legs to adjust

Samsung Front Loading Washer Replacement PartsSamsung Front Loading Washer Replacement Parts

Samsung Front Load Washer Troubleshooting

Samsung Front Loading Washer Error Codes

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: OE
Definition: Water level exceeds the safety limit.
Solution/Fix: Check for blockages in the drain hose and ensure it’s properly positioned. If the problem persists, the pressure switch or control board may need inspection.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: E2
Definition: A key on the control panel is jammed.
Solution/Fix: Inspect the control panel and gently attempt to unjam the key. Persistent issues might require control panel repair or replacement.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: tE
Definition: Issue with the temperature sensor, affecting water heating.
Solution/Fix: Restart the washer. If the error recurs, the sensor or wiring might need checking or replacing.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: 3E
Definition: Indicates a malfunction in the motor.
Solution/Fix: Restart the washer. Repeated errors could point to motor or wiring issues, requiring professional assessment.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: 2E
Definition: Voltage levels in the washer are either too high or too low.
Solution/Fix: Reset the washer. Consistent occurrences might suggest electrical issues in your home or washer’s internal wiring.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: 7E
Definition: Problem with the Ag+ (Silver Care) Kit, often related to sanitization features.
Solution/Fix: Ensure proper installation and functionality of the Ag+ Kit. Malfunctions may necessitate replacement.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: AE
Definition: Communication error between the washer’s main and sub control boards.
Solution/Fix: Try resetting the washer. Continued communication problems typically require servicing or board replacement.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: SF1, SF2, SF3
Definition: General system failure codes, indicating various potential issues.
Solution/Fix: Due to their broad nature, a professional technician’s diagnosis is recommended to identify and fix the specific problem.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: SUdS
Definition: Excessive suds detected, affecting the wash cycle.
Solution/Fix: Reduce detergent usage, especially if not using HE (high-efficiency) detergent. For persistent issues, a cleaning cycle or drum clean might be necessary.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: dc
Definition: The load is unbalanced, preventing proper spinning.
Solution/Fix: Redistribute the garments evenly. If the issue continues, check for worn suspension rods or dampers.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: dL
Definition: The door is not locked while the machine is in operation.
Solution/Fix: Turn off the washer, check for obstructions preventing the door from closing, and restart the cycle.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: dS or D5
Definition: The door is detected as open during a cycle.
Solution/Fix: Ensure the door is firmly closed. If it continues, the door latch or sensor may need checking.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: FL
Definition: The door fails to lock properly.
Solution/Fix: Verify the door is closed correctly. Continued problems might indicate a faulty door lock mechanism.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: Hr
Definition: Issues with water temperature control, potentially due to a heater problem.
Solution/Fix: This error might necessitate checking the heating element and associated circuitry.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: LE
Definition: The washer is unable to reach the correct water level.
Solution/Fix: Inspect for clogs in the inlet hose and ensure proper water supply. Issues with water level sensors or valves may also cause this error.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: LO
Definition: The door will not unlock post-cycle.
Solution/Fix: Reset the washer. If the door remains locked, the lock mechanism or control board may need attention.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: nd
Definition: Drainage issue, possibly due to a clog or blockage.
Solution/Fix: Clean the drain filter and check the drain hose. Persistent drainage problems could be related to the pump or drain system.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: nF
Definition: Failure to fill with water.
Solution/Fix: Ensure water faucets are fully open and hoses aren’t kinked. Check the inlet screens for blockages. Verify proper connection of the hot water supply hose.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: nF1
Definition: Incorrect hot/cold water hose connection.
Solution/Fix: Check and correct the water hose connections.

Samsung Front Load Washer Fault Code: Sr
Definition: Control board-related problem.
Solution/Fix: This error usually requires professional service for diagnosis and repair.

Have questions for repairing your Samsung front load washer? Please leave your question below and we will assist.

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  1. Hello, error 5E, checked everything to see if it’s clogged. Water is being drained but too fast that it overflows.

  2. I have a Samsung washing machine WF210ANW/XAA. The power button is working, but the start/stop button is not. I have tried to clean the debris filter; unplug & plug the power cord but nothing’s change. What should I do? Please help.

  3. Paul Dziejman

    Have a Samsung Model Front Load WF350ANW/ZAA washer.
    Getting violent vibration and banging at end of cycle. Clothes slightly damper then before this issue.
    Machine is level. Replaced shocks front and back. Ones taken out did not appear bad.
    Can not hear any grinding noise thinking it was the bearing.
    Was looking how to calibrate this Model not finding any information thinking that would help

  4. Front load washer will not drain. We’ve cleaned the filter and drained it manually twice. Trouble shooting guide says to run spin only but it only allows rinse and spin together, creating the same problem again.

  5. My Samsung frontloader, error code d3, doorswitch fault, replace it and it still shows that code, what els could be wrong

  6. Joneata Timmermeyer

    Fabric softener additive cup won’t dispense.
    The detergent side performs fine, it’s just the softener side.
    I’ve pulled it – cleaned it completely.
    Also cleaned filter.
    Nothing appears to be clogged.
    Ideas to try?

  7. Kristen and Brian

    Hello, our Samsung front load HE washer, WF210/220 is slowly filling with water after the wash cycle has stopped. This happens only sometimes and others it stays dry between cycles. We have cleaned out the Debris Filter at the bottom and it is still doing it occasionally. Is there a shutoff valve that may be getting stuck? Any suggestions?

  8. Hi there, I am also having this issue but with only the Normal cycle.
    My model # wf42h5000aw
    Please let me know if you found a solution to this problem.

  9. When I turn on the power, both lower and upper parts are flashing and no responsive. Upper level has an 18:U (or 18:J) that appears in the time area. Lower part has no code or anything else. Turned the circuit breaker off and on and unplugged it but same result when I power it back on. Any help is sincerely appreciated.

  10. my front load washer has mold build up on seal
    what can i do i have tried different cleaning chemicals and have not been successful in getting rid of the mold
    any recalls or resources ?

  11. My Samsung front load washer stops mid cycle. The washer will not spin and the clothes remain wet.

  12. Hi my Samsung front loader display is flashing and when I turn it off and then on, it usually continues to flash or it will stop for about 20secs and start again. Filter is clean. No child lock on. Any suggestions ? Ty

  13. My Samsung WA10J5730SS, 2 year old top loader, has error 4E….which eventually showed 4C….no water coming in despite washing mesh filter, checking that tap is on, hose not linked, door closed properly….what else can I do?

  14. We recently purchased a Samsung Front Load washer and dryer from a third party. The washer is SuperSpeed Steam VRTplus and the dryer is a MultiSteam VentSensor, sorry but I do not have the model numbers with me at this time. The dryer door was damaged a little in the move and I think that is why it is sort of leaking? When it runs on any cycle it gets really hot and water is on the floor around it. If the door is closed there is water everywhere (walls/top of dryer/floor). We originally thought it was the washer and had a service person come and look at it yesterday, they ran the washer and no leak. Then last night I washed a load of clothes and no leak but then when I tried to dry them with the laundry room door closed there was water everywhere. Can we just replace the door or door panel?
    Also, now neither machine will complete a cycle. The washing machine will get down to a 2 and then just keep running (no error code) won’t go any lower. When I pause the load and rearrange it goes up to 7 but then only down to 2 and will not end. The dryer gets down to 5 and then goes back up to 25 this is on delicate/more dry setting. Please help! We really like this set but need them to workl

  15. My samsung vrt steam front loader washer shows the error code t3. We unplugged the washer for about 10 min, then plugged it back in. Still shows error. We purchased a new thermistor in case that was the issue but unfortunately, that is not the case. What else can we try before calling someone or buying a new washer? Only had it for about 5 yrs.

  16. got a new samsung front load on pedastal when it spins it shakes real bad — they don’t know why

  17. I have the similar problem with my samsung superspeed stream vrt model WF42H5600 AP/A2. On every wash cycle the washer will start and you can see water coming into the machine while the tub spins. But after a few minutes the water and the tub stops then an error code 4E appears on the display. I have checked the lines – no kink, checked the drain line – no kink, hose filters checked (cold & hoy) – no substance “clean”, drain filter checked – clean. I have checked everything I can find related to 4E but to no avail. Need help diagnosing the problem so I can swap out the part that is the real problem.

  18. Samsung front load washer will not start fill cycle. The door will lock and you hear the valve inside the washer click but no water. Water supply is fine. This happened between loads today

  19. I have Samsung vrt steam that gives an error code 5e but will not fill with water.what could this mean. I know 5e is drain code but why will it not fill with water

  20. The display and all buttons are working well (it beeps when I press any button or turn a knob). It chooses the right washing cycle and tine required. When I press the “Start/Pouse” it beeps but no cycle is starting. The machine stays/waits “On” forever.

  21. My Samsung front load washer runs fine with no codes and spins the load just fine and there is no water in the drum. Within a day or so of not running the machine there is water sitting in the drum. HELP!!

  22. We have a Samsung WF42H5200 AW/A2. Error code for all cycles is 4E. We have replaced water pressure sensor, checked all hoses, cleaned out screens & filter trap, replaced cold water inlet valve. Error fault code kicks in at @ 4 minutes on all cycles, have tried all cold water wash as well as warm and hot. Water level is visible thru front of machine door – and it looks fine. Have checked all wire connections. Anyone have a fast track service troubleshooting guide that you could share so that we can check pcb? any help would be greatly appreciated.

  23. Samsung VRT Steam front load washer model number wf488aaw/xaa gets error message on the screen above the knob when I push the power button.
    Nothing happens for 10 seconds and then says ERROR! Power Interruption.
    Restart Cycle or call for service.
    And then the screen turns off.
    It was working fine and then I moved it to a new location and I got this message as soon as I turned it on.
    what could be causing this?
    Did I damage it in the move?

  24. Mine stops to ans SE on it and half to take half clothes out then it will run but it wont be overloaded .Please ideas on what’s wrongs.

  25. Samsung Front Loader Washer
    Cycle starts water goes into drum then it just stops (drum never moves)
    No Error Code
    I’ve checked Debris Filter, Water intake, waste pipe, door latch clicks on/off ok and drum which turns freely manually. No obvious issues with any.
    Any suggestions?

  26. My washing machine was working fine then after I made the underneath level because it was and balanced now for some reason a showing a code of HE and when lot finish the cycles I’ve taken the drain plug out clean debt drain the water why is it doing this

  27. Code 3e; restarted machine; machine intermittently tries to start and rotate; sounds different than usual… seems to possibly have trouble engaging for rotation… wondering if a repair cost here would be so great I should consider a new machine… machine is approximately five years old

  28. I have a Samsung VRT washer and my normal or heavy duty cycle is not working. The water will not produce or anything. Do you know what the problem could be?

  29. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Samsung washing machine error code 4E (4C) says the washer detected there is a problem with the water supply.
    Check the faucets behind the washer, check the water hoses, Check the water inlet valve, be sure the washer is getting water.
    Let us know if you get this resolved and how.

  30. On quick wash it starts to fill with water then displays 4C before it starts to wash
    What is the 4C code mean?

  31. my samsung washer stops mid cycle when all the clothes are wet. will not spin. will go through the cycle without spinning and the clothes are wet. got any ideas?

  32. Cliveforkner@yahoo.co.uk

    We have a 9kg eco bubble, no fault code, starts ,fills washes fine, but when it come to spin, it runs the pump fine then trys to spin but can’t, just rocks back and forwards, won’t spin, any ideas, replaced, shockers, and door switch, no fault code !!!!!

  33. Paul Anuszkiewicz

    Samsung FL Washer Model WF405ATPAWR/A2. tE code. Replaced the thermistor with new. Still has error tE. Wiring was good. Does this mean control board is suspected bad?

  34. my Samsung front loader washer is less than 1 year old, it is giving me a C4 code. We checked the water coming in along with the screens. Also cleaned out the drain in the front of the machine. We also checked the door. Everything is working well. What can the problem be.

  35. I have had no Problems with washing loads. I decided to use the self cleaning feature and the code LC came up halfway into it. There doesn’t appear to be any linked hoses. I drained the emergency drain and cleaned the filter. Tried restarting the clean mode and it did the same thing again. Any advice ? It is one year old front loading washer. I have been very happy with it til now.

  36. My samsung VRT front load washer will not drain. I replaced with a brand new pump and it still will not drain. I have to manually drain it and then it will spin but other than that no draining at all!! I’m so frustrated, what can I do???

  37. I’m having trouble with my washing machine it will not complete the cycle it gives me a EO error anything I put it on even the rinse and spin cycle complete cycle time is 19 minutes it stays stuck on 17 minutes it won’t go past that it won’t finish the cycle either what should I do?

  38. I’m having trouble with my washing machine it will not complete the cycle it gives me a EO error anything I put it on even the rinse and spin cycle complete cycle time is 19 minutes it stays stuck on 17 minutes it won’t go past that it won’t finish the cycle either what should I do?

  39. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Samsung front load washer with error code 5E means that the water is not properly draining out of the washer.
    Something may be clogged, jammed, or blocked and thus preventing water from draining out of the washer.
    Check filter for debris, check drain hose for positioning and possible clog, and be sure your washer is level.

  40. I have a samsung washing machine, the problem is the START/PAUSE botton is not working, but there is a power. What should i do?

  41. I have a Samsung Model WF330ANB/XAA washing machine

    It Shuts off after a few minutes of running.

    I have replaced the main board and the hot and cold water valves.

    Neither fixed the problem and Now I am noticing that the power button will not turn off the unit when it is paused.

    What is going on here?

    SAMSUNG FAULT CODE DEFINITION: Your washer has tried to fill but has not reached the proper water level. how do i fix it

  43. I have the same problem. May be a lot of animal hair causing the problem. It fills with water then it doesn’t proceed or the water slowly disappears. Drum has a jerky movement but doesn’t move around

  44. Angela Carrillo

    I have a Samsung Front Load washer that does not tumble during the Wash or Rinse cycles BUT does spin during the Spin Cycle. That can I do to to fix this?

  45. I have a WF60F1R Samsung front loading washing machine. One cycle which is two hours long and at the 1 o’clock position on the selection dial is is not showing the segments of display rotating CCW. The cycle worked just fine the first time I used it. Now it just rotates display segments and starts to spin the drum and there is no water entering when there should be. Other cycles present no problems.

  46. My washer just keeps saying 1 on every cycle and then days end and never works. It turns on ok but won’t say anything but 1

  47. I am unable to change the water temp on the display panel. It was fine yesterday today it is stuck on an icon showing a water level marker with an asterisk above , there is no display code showing, please advise if you can. Many thanks

  48. My samsung front load washer will dispense the detergent. WE use liquid HE. However when the washer is done I have a softener water mix filling my softener cup. I’m not sure if the softener is getting in the load or not. Not a single other problem with this washer. At first i tried raising the front of the washer about 1/2 a bubble on the level even though the manufacturer says to leave it level. This did not help so i put it back to level. Any suggestions.

  49. My machine stops midway through a cycle with the time distorted. It won’t finish a cycle it just stops with the “alarm” chiming.

  50. Our WF330ANW/XAA 01 front downloader does something similar. Our magic number is 28 minutes. Machine seems to work fine until the countdown timer reaches 28 minutes. No error codes.

  51. My washer machine not spinning, code nf. I am using some device for make water very clean but not using hot water. If my washer runs just with cold water can be that problem?

  52. Washer is showing error code fl. Door is locked but washer will not start and makes a clicking sound. Cannot get door open.

  53. Samsung wf42h5600aw/a2
    Runs down to 10 minutes in spin cycle and resets to 18 minutes over and over.
    -already replaced shocks all 4 – door lock and computer board. What else can cause this?

  54. Samsung model wf210anw/xac 01. Message from my tenant:

    There seems to be two issues;
    First of all, the compartment you put your liquids in, especially the fabric softener,
    always fills up with water during the cycle and remains in there till the next time you use it.
    The second and more troubling issue is there appears to be an issue with the timer. You set the cycle you want eg. it shows 27 minutes. The machine will not count down properly and it may still show 25 minutes, a full 10 minutes after it starts to cycle. So a supposed 1/2 hour cycle can take an hour to run. It’s very erratic. The clothes are still coming clean, I think, but taking forever.

  55. The control panel on my Samsung VTR front load washer turns on by itself and sometimes changes the cycle by itself too. Washer still works but this is annoying.

  56. Richard Ivan Chijioke

    My Samsung front loader washing machine started stopping at middle of operation and when it was confirmed that the PCB was bad it was changed but it started malfunctioning, the numbers no longer display correctly. Hope to get assistance.

  57. Dis assembled washer to replace arm assembly. Got everything back together and plugged it in and has no power outlet is good. Is there a reset button for the computer? Repaired a ground wire in the front that was damaged when removing the tub.

  58. My Samsung WF350ANW/XAA will not respond to any commands. The entire panel is illuminated (every button is on and the timer says 88:88) but no buttons are responsive to touch. I have tried cycling the breaker, unplugging for extended periods of time but no change. I made sure the drain pump was clean and not jammed. I replaced the door switch and even the main PCB panel but still no difference. As soon as I turn the power back on, the panel immediately lights up again and is unresponsive. I have verified all resistance tests are within specifications according to the tech service manual but since the panel is unresponsive I can’t enter service mode. I also don’t have any fault codes that I can tell since the panel is lit up like a Christmas tree. Any ideas of the next steps would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  59. Ours is doing the same thing. Spins down to 10 minutes or so and then resets and starts the rinse spin all over again indefinitely. The washer is less than a year old.

  60. Samsung FRONT LOAD VRT

    On quick cycle or any other cycle, machine shakes violently during spin but will go to the 7 min mark then stays @ 7 mins, we have to manually move to rinse & spin to get excess water out. 1 load takes like an hour + where should be 25 minutes. Legs are ok. Should we replace or is this a LESS expensive fix.

    Its $75 to get guy to come & look @ but on top is anything that needs to be fixed, so if going to be a couple hundred might as well buy another maybe?

  61. My Samsung Model# WF409ANW/XAA was stuck at 19 minutes for 3 hours during the wash cycle. I turned the washer off. I restarted the wash cycle and the washer filled with water but the drum would not turn, it would just vibrate like it was trying to turn, but will not. I put it in the spin only cycle and got the same thing. I turned off the breaker to the washer for 10 minutes and still got the same thing. I remove the inspection plate off the back and could see the motor on the back of the drum. It would try to turn and was turning itself. I am getting no codes. The washer will pump all the water out of the drum.

  62. Our Samsung Front Load Washer will not fill with water in the Normal setting but works in all other settings. There are no error codes. Model # WF363BTBEUF/A2.

  63. Turned samsung eccobubble on starts filling with water then programme stops..
    Turned it off at the mains put it back on stil the same.
    What is going on..
    Checked drain for fluff et ok…

  64. Clint Jorgensen

    My bubble wash vrt plus 10kg has a fault where it will not commence cycle. It drains then it fills and flushes the detergent tray but then will chatter the drum ie like it attempts the turn but applies the drum brake at the same time. Will do this for half hour before coming to a stop. During this time the time counter drops a couple minutes at most. It does not finish the cycle or do anything else. It doesn’t matter if the drum has a small or large load or any load at all it does the same thing. I have ran the calibration sequence many times and it is most times unsuccessful at even completing that doing the same chatter motion with the drum and then draining over and over. The drum spins very freely by hand however so it isn’t a belt or bearing issue and on the odd occasion it does complete the cycle as normal it turns the spins and does everything with smooth precision. I have replaced the main pcb for new in the top rear of the cabinet and the problem remains the same. I am thinking of replacing the front display/touch panel next.

  65. DIY Help & Repair Tips

    Can you give us the model number on your Samsung washer?
    It will be near the door on the washer frame, look for a small sticker, the model number will be located there.

  66. My Samsung Front Load Washer will not fill with water in heavy and normal setting but works in all other settings

  67. Allen - The DIY Project Help Guy

    Can you give us the model number of your Samsung washing machine so we may assist you in fixing your washer?

  68. Samsung front loader washer model number WF306LAWXAA, had one time issue where machine was on final spin, time for bed. Woke up the next day and it was still running on high speed spin. Control head was warm to touch and top of machine is warm to the touch. Unable to duplicate. Operating normal at this time.

  69. Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machine. When I power on all the lights on front panel flash repeatedly, machine doesn’t operate. No error code. Any ideas?

  70. Kristin C Erickson

    On the quick wash or delicate cycle, it adds a little water then counts down for 3 min, stops and waits. No error code….it does nothing. It is just stuck. On normal cycle, it adds water, and runs for 3 min then tosses the clothes forever but the minutes never change. It is just stuck.
    Why is it sticking at this point? We just had a repair man come. I paid $350 to fix it. He fixed the spin part of the cycle but not this..????

  71. Over the temp setting on my samsung wf50k7500a washing machine, there are 6 symbols. The one which looks like a drum with a diamond was flashing along with the word end at the end of a cycle, but the cycle did not end? When I hit Start/Pause it ended. Why didn’t it end on it’s own?

  72. Samsung front load washer model #WF209ANW/XAA–grinding noise of metal on metal during spin (bearings?) along with excessive vibration; excessive movement of drum back and forth, front to back, by hand. (New shocks installed in 8/2017) Any suggestions???

  73. DIY Project Help Tips

    When a Samsung washer gets the error code 4E, this means the washer does not receive water.

    SAMSUNG WASHER ERROR CODE NF or 4E = No Water Feed = Washer Not Filling.
    This means that there is an issue that is preventing your washer from receiving water into the water inlet valve.

    Here is a page to help you with fixing the Samsung washer error code.
    Samsung Washing Machine Shows NF or 4E Error Code – How To Fix?


  74. Samsung washer has fault error code 4E.
    I want to know what problem is with the washer.

  75. I have a Samsung top load washer, model WA48H7400Aw/A2. It seems as though during the spin cycle, it goes way too long then it begins to make loud popping, struggling, grinding noises and wont stop. I must hit pause or it seems it will explode. Please help.

  76. My Samsung front loading washer is blinking
    7-E. At first it sounds normal and begins to fill up but immediately stops, beeps and flashes 7-E. What does that mean.

  77. My Samsung front load wf42h5600aw will start to spin take’s off slowly then it starts to speed up and shutdown and not much water is draining then after 30 seconds or so it’ll start to spin the other way slowly when it starts to speed up it’ll shutdown it keeps repeating

  78. Ok last night my washer would not drain. Thus morning i found out why and fixed it. A kinked hose. Now when i go to start the washer it just sits there. It wont fill water it wont spin. The door will lock and will just sit there. I have taken all the wet clothes out and drained all the water and it still wont work. I have unplugged it for 5 mins and still nothing. Same thing iver and over.

  79. Washer does not recognize end of cycle it just keeps going for hours clothes come out soaking wet only on high spin does it drain properly

  80. I have a Samsung Wf306law/xaa and having some trouble with it spinning. I can start a load and it washes and spins normally until it gets to 10 mins (which i think is the spin cycle). The washer spins at a medium speed, it will not go to the fast spin to get all the water out of the clothes. The unit just stays on 10 mins. and just spin at the medium speed. I eventually have to turn it off because it stayed on 10 mins for over an hour. Can someone help me please?

  81. Hi our Samsung front loader will sometimes, lock after a cycle for a long period of time… Hours, to be exact. Once in a while it will unlock itself after the cycle ends. Recently the temp inside is, always hot. Any idea what the issue could be?

  82. My Samsung washer sprays water from a small opening at the top of the rubber seal at the top of the door, even when the washer has completed the cycle.
    We have to turn the cold water off during the final spin cycle.

  83. Samsung superspeed power foam steam VRT plus. sometimes after I push start the washer will give a series of loud clicks then do nothing. The lights stay on, it does not shut off power but it does not start washing. I have to go back and turn it off and on again and try again and again and it will finally start washing on about the fifth try. help please.

  84. My Samsung Eco Bubble Washing machine sounds like is not working even if the sound button is on.

  85. Had a plumber come to the house and he used a hydro-jet machine to clean the drains and now the red light flashed.

  86. Have a Samsung eco bubble front loader that after 2 years of washing has developed a problem that does not produce an error code, except that we note that the cycle selection light and symbols on the panel are flashing, whereas before they were static. The machine takes in water and drains ok but the drum either does not start rotating or stops after a short time into the cycle. It looks as though it wants to turn but cannot move more than a few cms. When emptied it turns by hand easily. The bottom filter is clean, no pipes are fouled and the machine has stood unplugged overnight. Any ideas???

  87. Shelina Khanum

    Hi I have a Sumsung ecobubble washing machine and the front dial to change the settings of the wash is not working and the child lock keeps flashing.

    None of the other buttons are working either. The buttons make the usual sound when I press it but doesn’t change any of the settings (I. E from 40 to 60 temp).

    Please help urgently!

  88. I have a Samsung WF42H5600AW front loader washing machine. When I set the wash to type to “Normal” it will do the quick initial drain but when the water is supposed to start it will cut off and then back on repeatedly and never start the cycle. I can change the wash type to any other on the dial and it will work just fine.

    So what’s going on and do I need to call a service tech? Is this an easy fix?

  89. I would love to see and update to this post if you have any luck. Mine started doing this exact thing last night. Realized after 3 hours the same load had been in an infinite loop; spun and rinsed roughly ~4 times at least.


  91. My washer was working fine until recently.
    Now Water is coming out the soap tray area all hose are connected correctly and I can’t seem to find a problem what can I do?

  92. My samsung washing machine stops in the middle of washing and the display icons blinks (no code). The washer turns a few cm, then a click sounds, and it falls back down.. What can be wrong?

  93. When the cycle is done, the washer turns itself off. The door is locked. I have to turn the power on to get it to unlock. Also, when I first start the load of laundry, the door locks, then unlocks, then locks again. Your help would be appreciated.

  94. DIY Project Help Tips

    Remove the “TRAY” by pushing a small strip and pull out.
    Wash it out with hot water in sink.
    Reinstall into your Samsung washer and it should now be unclogged.

  95. Put powdered detergent in the “liquidity only” section – now it is clogged. Liquid soap will not enter the cycle. How do I clean this?

  96. Mine does the same at 1and a half years. For $75 a repairman came and said to do self clean with vinegar. No results. I have been in touch with Samsung. I want to know if this is a problem which can be solved or do I need a new washer. I am still working on this.

    If you watch closely you will see water added before the minutes jump back.

    My washer is the same model.

  97. My front load lg washer has been working fine for over 2yrs now lately it goes throught the was cycle vut when it gets down to about 7 mins left it stops and starts flashing (ue) which I didnt see on the list of error codes. And it wont spin the clothes out its full of water. I am lost on how to fix this theirs nothing in the drain the hose is fine

  98. just got a new front load samsung with steam washer. I’m having a problem with the water staying in side and the door a little wet after a week with not using it it smelled like mold. what should i do or is there something wrong with my new unit thank you

  99. Beverly Marin

    my inverter direct drive top loading washing machine is 3 years old and is not completing the full cycle, it starts the cycle then stops and gives a IE error message..it is a WT1101CW MODEL..S/NO 403PNEBON004. every now and again it washes a full cycle after numerous false starts..what can be the cause of this. please help….frustrated.

  100. Deanna Castello

    Washing machine will start the cycle, run for about 30 seconds then stops. No error code displays. No alarms sound. Simply does not ‘run’ through the actual cycle. Still indicates original wash time. Door opens fine. No locks are on.

  101. Hi. The drum in my front loader is hard to turn by hand. I pulled it apart and checked the bearing on teh direct drive motor, and it seemed fine. I put it back together and then the drum would spin fine by hand – maybe spin around 3 or so times after giving it a pus. Then i ran a drum celan wash, and after that the drum was tight to run by hand again. The machine is quiet load. Is it normal for the drum to be tight to turn by hand? I couldn’t find anything jammed between the inner and outter drum when i looked through the heat element slot. Is the drum ALWAYS suppose to spin freely by hand? That is, if you give it a push should it spin around a few times Currently it only spins about 1/5th of the way after giving it a push by hand.

  102. Hi Mandy – we have this problem as well. Machine was new yesterday, we’ve done three washes and now it has the same problem as you. Did you get a solution from anyone?

  103. Jason Larkins

    We have a Samsung WF42H5000 front load washer with VRT.
    Approx 3 years old and has worked fine until this past weekend.
    Spin cycle spins and drains but the clothes are wetter than they have been previously.
    The time gets down to about 6 minutes then jumps back to 12 minutes, then gets to 6 minutes and jumps back to 12 minutes again and repeats that until you stop the washer.
    Loads are the same as they have been, detergent is the same as it has been. No excessive vibration.
    Filter has been cleaned. any ideas or suggestions as to what may be going on or how to fix it?

  104. My Samsung WF203ANW/XAC does the same thing …sounds like a jet engine when it gets going in the spin cycle…I’ve been told it is the bearing but I think not because I have allowed this to go on for months with no affect on the washing machine…I believe it is the electrical motor that drives the belt that drives the tub…any thoughts?

  105. My Samsung front load washer has a error message that there is a temperature sensor problem.
    My model # is WF.448AAP/XAA .
    You can call me at 785-761-9930 cell#

  106. John Inge Nordfonn

    My Samsung WW12H8400EW/EE will not start any sykle.
    The drum won’t rotate. It moves on centimeter back and forth. But won’t go. It can work fine half sykle and then trouble again. I can film the problem if that helps and send on mail.
    Is it motor or main board trouble. No codes in display. If I leave the machine it goes on pause in program.

  107. My Samsung washer just died, what I mean is I lost power on the front display, I check the the plug circuit breaker and checked out good, the door is locked, my wife washing clothes when it just stopped, can you help me?

  108. Same thing happens to me. Don’t know if the drain is plugged somewhere or not. Have you found out what is causing it?

  109. Mandy Fosdick

    Flashing lights on panel and won’t start sometimes. When it does it only goes half way through the cycle and stops.

  110. On my Samsung front loading washer, the front panel lights flicker occasionally and sometimes show 2 lights in one selection field making it difficult to know what settings I have selected. Would this indicate a problem with the main control board?

  111. Galen Hunsucker

    Just replaced Samsung drain pump now the washer will not power up.
    Checked plug in and fuse box.

  112. My Samsung Front Load Washer – WF350ANP/XAA.
    It has stopped spinning.
    It shakes when it gets to spin cycle.
    Its as if the belt that turns the tumbler is broken.
    I’ve found pieces of rubber in the filter.

  113. Samsung VRT Steam shut off during wash cycle.
    Will not power on.
    Replaced both boards as diagnosed by Samsung service tech and still won’t power on.
    No activity, lights or power! Not the outlet, circuit or anything with the electrical going into the washer.
    I spent $400 on parts and labor for a 4 year old washer!
    My parents GE lasted for 20 years!

  114. My Samsung WD8704RJD won’t power up.
    I had put a wash on and noticed 10mins later it had powered off.
    The water has drained and the door unlocked.
    I have changed the fuse and tried the trick of turning power off and on and gain.

  115. Please note:- Sorry I forgot to mention machine details! It is an Ecobubble 7.5L WF1752WPC.

  116. I keep getting error code 3E. Have checked and cleaned lint filter, checked for kinks in hose and obstructions.
    Unplugged from power overnight.
    Next day and still having the same problem. Machine is fine until it gets to spin cycle.

  117. mohamed nasser

    My front-loading Samsung washing machine is 4-5 yrs old.
    (wf0804w8n) It now makes a horrible noise, when it spin in high speed!!?

  118. I cannot select the cycle and start my Samsung front loader washing machine model no. WW70J3283KW, 7 kg. I can turn the machine on and off though. It shows an error (red lock) in the display. Please help.

  119. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try to reset the Samsung washer by removing power for 10 minutes.
    Reapply power and see if this may fix it.
    If not you may have a faulty control board or a wiring problem.
    How old is the washer?

  120. My Samsung front loader washing machine model no. WF8750LSW will not start when I press the start/pause button.
    I can turn the machine on and off and I can select the cycle but then i can’t start it? Any ideas?

  121. There is always water in the detergent container of my Samsung washer at the end of each wash.
    Has anyone had this problem before and if so what can I do to stop this.

  122. My Samsung VRT front loader is about 6 years old and will not drain. I have drained the water and checked the trap which are clear. It then ran a cycle fine with out clothes. Put clothes in and won’t drain again.
    Error codes F3, 2d

  123. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Washing Machine 3E error code can be a loose or damaged stator or hall sensor. Check the hall sensor as it could be loose.
    Also it may be an error code to indicate a drive motor tach fault.
    If you unplug the washer for 15 minutes does it clear the error code?

  124. I have a Samsung Front Loader Washing Machine 7kg Bubble wash.
    Its approx 5-6 years old.
    I have a 3E code in the display.
    I have turned power off both on machine and wall and left overnight, have tried all different cycles.
    The cycle will start for a few seconds then stops and the code 3E appears.
    Anything else I can check for.
    Could this be a major issue and/or expensive repair?

  125. My front load Samsung washer model #wf328aaw xaa will not spin. Could smell rubber burning. How can I replace the belt.

  126. Samsung front load washer. Takes 3 hours to wash a load of laundry. Setting says 51 minutes.

  127. I have a brand new Samsung front load steam wash that gives me a 4C code once it starts. It gets stuck on the same time (usually 11 minutes) for an hour and beeps. If I press start, it tries to continue and then I get the same code?

  128. The red flashing basket means it wants to be cleaned, according to the manual (I’ve got the same red drum flashing at the end) There should be a SelfClean + button.

  129. Samsung 2.2 Cu Ft 12-Cycle HE Steam Washer, This washer is practically brand new, but does not complete spin cycle. any idea why?

  130. DIY Project Help Tips

    Daniel kaufman,
    If your Samsung washer LED screen has NO POWER, you most likely have the board unplugged possibly from vibration.
    Unplug washer, remove panel, check to be sure the main control board wire harness is plugged in and secure.
    If it is, the board may be dead and you need to remove and replace.
    Troubleshoot with a multi-meter before ordering a new control board.

  131. My Samsung Washer Activ 9kg locks up and will not drain and spin?
    It is a new machine.
    The key above wash, lights up and locks machine.

  132. Daniel kaufman

    I have a new Samsung speedspray powerfoam vtr plus and have the light when the front door is open but will not turn on.
    The display screen seems to have no power.
    Is there a circuit that services this screen.
    I can’t even have it run its own diagnostic due to a dead screen.

  133. I have a samsung front loader
    The buzzer sounds when I press power, no matter the cycle or if the door is open or shut

  134. I was washing 1 jacket. The wash cycle wouldnt finish. Load would get down to 8 minutes and continue running but not count down. At one point when I cheked the dc code was on the screen. Redistrubuted the load (added more clothes hoping this would balance the load) pushed start. Wash started again at 12 min. Wash continued to count down to 8 min. The wash coninued but the screen continued to show 8 minutes. Shut washer off and laundry was soaking wet. Any idea what is happening? Thanks

  135. My Samsung Eco Bubble WF0804W8W has washed wool and silk clothes at too high temperatures but no error code is shown in the display.
    What can I do? Is there a way of getting advanced error information from the display about for instance heat sensor failure?

  136. My Samsung front load washer when in the spin cycle appears to be unlevel and the tub rattles all over the place and doesn’t fully spin out the clothes now. Have replaced the shocks, but it continues to do it. It is level–I might add

  137. My Samsung washer adds time after it started and we wash with cold water all the time and we never had any error code!!
    How do i reset it or what can i do to fix it.
    If it is the main board can i get one online and change it myself?

  138. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check around with appliance repair companies, even use CraigsList to find techs who are out on their own and repairing appliances, they are usually licensed and come out to troubleshoot for about $25 US Dollars.
    If you find or a repair person tells you the board needs to be replaced, check on Amazon for SAMSUNG WASHING MACHINE CONTROL BOARDS.
    They are usually inexpensive and will likely fix the issue.

  139. Is it worth calling a repairman or should I just but a new machine?
    This one is 5 or 6 years old and I wash 2-3 loads per day.
    A control board sounds expensive.

  140. DIY Project Help Tips


    The Samsung Washer 4E or NF error code indicates a water inlet problem or the machine cannot feed itself with water.
    Make sure the source water tap is turned on and check the water pressure.
    -Turn the machine OFF.
    -Turn the water tap OFF.
    -Remove the water hose from the tap and dispense the water into a sink.
    -Remove the entire hose.
    -Check for Kinks.
    -Check for Clogs.
    -Check if water supply is good.
    -Check, remove, and then clean the first mesh filter.
    -Check and clean the second mesh filter.
    -Test the unit by turning it on and by performing a normal wash cycle.

    If this does not fix the washer, you may need to replace the control board if it keeps shutting off.


  141. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jean Manzoor,
    You have a possible water inlet valve issue or the control board is malfunctioning…. more troubleshooting is needed.

  142. My front loading washer puts water on the load at the wrong time. During the final spin cycle, water is being put on the load so when it’s done the clothes are sitting in a puddle of water. It even happened once when the load was completely finished – power was off and door was unlocked but water was still coming in the tub. I had to turn the water off at the faucet to stop it. Most of the time there are no error codes but occasionally the water gets too high and it gives an OE code.

  143. My Samsung washing machine WF8550NHW (WF8550NHW1/XTL). Its over 5 years old. The drum shaft was replaced two years ago. Past 3 months, it keeps giving 4E when it reaches 8 mins, I just hit start and it runs fine and completes. Today, it just shuts off every few mins. I unplug and wait for a min and plug it again and it continues for few mins and shuts off again, it happened several times, after 4 hrs the wash completed, I put it in quick wash 29 mins every wash from day 1. No clue what caused the problem. I checked water flow, inlet is fine, drain is fine, filter is clean no debris. After the wash completed, I removed the cloths and tried again, within few mins it shut off, I turned it on again and the water drained. Now no clue as to what to do.

  144. My front-loading Samsung washing machine is 4-5 yrs old.
    It now makes a horrible noise, even on gentle agitation.
    The inner (steel) drum has come loose from its supporting shaft, hits the outer (plastic) cylinder.
    Is it repairable?

  145. I Debbie Williams

    My Samsung front loader eccobubble 8.0kg wf1804wpc shows red flashing basket at the end of washing and spin cycle???? Please help.

  146. I have error 3e and how do we restart the washer? I have tried unplugging and replugging as well as starting the washer but it does not works.
    Is there a specific way I should restart the washer?

  147. No water going into my front loader washer. Checked everything. I think I need to reset the code. Had to do this before, but can’t remember how.

  148. My Samsung is a front loader and we have a puddle of water on the floor on the side that the soap is added. Hoses are dry.no leak there. Any solutions?

  149. My Samsung washing machine WF8550NHW (WF8550NHW1/XTL). Its over 5 years old. The drum shaft was replaced two years ago. Past 3 months, it keeps giving 4E when it reaches 8 mins, I just hit start and it runs fine and completes. Today, it just shuts off every few mins. I unplug and wait for a min and plug it again and it continues for few mins and shuts off again, it happened several times, after 4 hrs the wash completed, I put it in quick wash 29 mins every wash from day 1.
    No clue what caused the problem. I checked water flow, inlet is fine, drain is fine, filter is clean no debris.
    After the wash completed, I removed the cloths and tried again, within few mins it shut off, I turned it on again and the water drained. Now no clue as to what to do.

  150. Samsung Washer – the temperature change button makes a beep, can lock to mute sounds if I hold it, but the indicator light will not change and is stuck on cold.

  151. WF419 Front load washer
    Very loud and EXCESSIVE spin vibration.
    Had to shut it down for fear of some significant damage.
    NO fault codes displayed.
    Not an excessive load by far.
    Rearranged the load, restart with same result.
    Reduced the load and STILL this outrageous vibration.
    Trouble shooting section in manual no help.
    Not rushing to call appliance repair until I get some insight to this sudden onset.

  152. I have a similar issue. My washer will count down and then up and then down again and never finish a wash cycle. Had to resort to pro repair. He is coming tomorrow to “install a sensor” with no guarantee of a fix. Under factory warranty.

  153. My Samsung ecobubble keeps showing code ue. After redistributing load also adding and subtracting items I have restarted spin and drain it sticks at 7 then the code shows code ue again. I’ve tried restarting wash programme from beginning same thing happens. The filter has been cleaned I’ve also emptied machine and recalibrated the machine and tried again without success please help.

  154. The drain hose on the new Samsung washer is very long.
    Standpipe top for discharge is at height of washer.
    Not draining completely.
    Not spinning.
    The hose has a large loop because of its length.
    Is the solution to cut the discharge hose to a shorter length to eliminate the loop?

  155. My Samsung ecobubble front load washer doesn’t want to open.
    The connection to the water supply is no longer available so I’m trying to get my clothes out but the door won’t open.

  156. My samsung front loading machine creates too much noise like stone crusher at the end of last 20 minutes in overall time period of 130 minutes.
    It looks like inside it is washing the stones that kind of sound in creates loudly.

    What could be the solution — Model : WF8590NGW

  157. I’m the owner of a Samsung washing machine WF 407. No matter what cycle I set it on it runs down to either 7 or 19 mins and will stay and just keep running. Won’t count down to zero to finish any cycle. No error Lights come on either. l already replaced the interface but didn’t solve problem?

  158. My samsung front load washer fills with water but will not spin. It just hums. Then at the end it gives the code nd. I have drained it and checked the filter but it does same thing. I can however spin it by hand.

  159. DIY Project Help Tips

    Doug Coates,
    If the Samsung Washer has no error codes but when you go to start it only clicks, you may have a motor capacitor issue, wiring problem, or a possible bad control board that is not communicating properly.
    You can test the motor capacitor to be sure it is working. If the capacitor goes out, the washer motor will not start or run.
    When the washer did run for 1/4 of a cycle, did the washer make any strange sounds?
    What did the washer do the moment it died out in the middle of the wash cycle?
    No flashing buttons or beeping sounds?
    Did the washer still have full power when it stopped mid cycle?

  160. DIY Project Help Tips

    Glenna Beck,
    Samsung washing machine error code LO = Washer door lock assembly issue
    The door lock assembly may be faulty electrically, may be cracked and or damaged, and or the wiring from the door assembly to the main control board may be loose.

  161. I have a front loading Samsung washer. Once hitting power it goes thru 6-7 loud clicks then I get error message “Lo”. I have unplugged for 20 seconds but still same issue.

  162. We have a Samsung Washer Model # WF241ANW. We are getting no error codes. The control board works in that all the lights change and buttons work. The problem is when the start button is pushed some clicking noise but no action. Once it did start and only ran for 1/4 a cycle than would no longer run to finish the cycle.

  163. My Samsung top loader washer only accepts washing on quick wash but other modes gives F and doesn’t allow to start.
    At first it just filled up with water (overfilled) and then drained without spinning.
    From there it doesn’t start on all other modes except quickwash, all other modes gives F error code.
    What could be the problem? It was fine all alone, started out of the blue. it is 3 years old.

  164. My samsung bubble eco clean washing machine is displaying an errro HE-1 and stops in between programme wats the matter with it help me out pls

  165. DIY Project Help Tips

    ND means NO DRAIN.
    Check all wiring harnesses from the control board out.
    Check drain hose for clogs or bent.
    Is drain in home clogged?
    Are you getting a different error code since now the door on your Samsung washer does NOT OPEN?
    What is the model number of your Samsung washer?

  166. My front load Samsung has the error code ND, checked for any clogs and replaced the pump, made no difference… now it won’t let me open the door??? Any thoughts?

  167. I have a 10kg Samsung front loader, the code 3E comes up more times than not, I have replaced the motor as I read that was what the code referred to.
    When the machines starts it will turn a few times then the washer tub seems as if it get jammed and makes a slight noise that sounds like the tapping of a stainless bowl then the code comes up.

  168. My Samsung front load washer runs through all cycles fine but at the end of the final spin it fills with smoke that smells “electrical”. Model # WF209ANW/XAS. No error codes appear on screen. What can the problem be and how can I fix it?

  169. DIY Project Help Tips

    Ally Gaydon,
    If your Samsung washer door has dropped slightly, then this means the door hardware has become loose and needs to be tightened.
    Try and hold the washer door upward in the correct position while you tighten up the screws.

    If the screws or hardware is not loose, the front load washer may have gotten bent downward.
    If this is the case, you need to remove and replace the hardware that holds the door to the washer.

  170. My Samsung Eco bubble front loaders door has dropped slightly and I have to lift slightly to shut the door. How do I fix this

  171. samsung front loader washing machine would not turn on. i have check the power outlet. i have checked the plug. i have checked all the obvious possible faults, but still does not power on.
    it happened after a power cut in our street. when power came back on, my washer would not turn on.

  172. My Samsung front loader will not fill up with water in only some of the wash modes. When I put it on a quick wash it has no problems finishing the load. But in normal wash mode it won’t fill up with water.

  173. DIY Project Help Tips

    Please let us know the model number of your Samsung washer and we can assist you in troubleshooting the NO FILL issue on your washer.

  174. I tried to start a load, but it wouldn’t fill with water. A red light on the led display has come on and I don’t know what it means. It is a circle with a line through it. I stopped and restarted several times and it now works, but the red circle remains. There are no codes being displayed along with this red circle.

  175. Water fills up into detergent bleach fabric softener dispenser I have to take it out n dump water out after each use

  176. DIY Project Help Tips

    Ian Dyer,
    Samsung Front Load Washer Error Code 3E = indicates a drive motor tach fault.
    1 – Unplug The Washing Machine for 5 minutes
    2 – Check Wire Connections On the Drive Motor
    3 – Check Wire Connections On the Control Board
    4 – Check the Hall Sensor

  177. My Samsung Eco bubble front loader washer is showing error code 3E. Restarting the cycle brings up the code at the “spin” section of the cycle at each of 2 attempts. Any thoughts as to what is the problem?

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