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Samsung Washing Machine Error Code LE 1E – What To Check – How To Fix

Is your Samsung washer showing the error code LE, Le, lE, le, 1E, 1e, or suds fault code? This indicates an issue with OVERSUDSING or a faulty WATER LEVEL SENSOR. The errors you may see on your Samsung washer’s display will usually be caused by using an excessive amount of softener, detergent, non-HE detergent or bleach.

If you know for sure you are not using too much softener, bleach, or detergent, then you need to look into the possibility of too much soap residue, checking the hoses and filters, or a faulty WATER LEVEL SENSOR.

Samsung Washing Machine Error Code LE 1E - What To Check - How To Fix

Samsung washing machine error code LE means the washer has tried to fill but has not reached the proper water level. Check the water supply valves are fully opened. Make sure your water supply is a minimum of 20 psi.

When your Samsung washer displays one of these error codes, or if you discover the washer leaking water, then perform, try, or verify the following to find the root cause and clear the error code:

If you are using a non-HE detergent on your HE washer, or too much detergent, this will cause excess suds, odors, fault and error codes, and water leaks.
Be sure to use high efficiency detergent to prevent excess suds.

Samsung washer error LE lE

Samsung washer error LE iE 1e

Here is what to check when you get the LE error code:

  1. Be sure the door is closed.
  2. Be sure the door seal is clean and free of debris.
  3. Be sure the water hose connections are tight.
  4. Be sure the O-rings on the water hoses are installed properly and not torn.
  5. Be sure the end of the drain hose is situated no more than 6 inches into the drain pipe.
  6. Be sure the drain pipe is secured.
  7. Be sure the washing machine is 100% level.
  8. Be sure the detergent drawer is closed.
  9. Do not overload.
  10. Do not use excessive detergent.

You may also have soap residue that is causing the error. To prevent this you need to remove the soap residue from the washer.

Here is how to remove soap residue from your Samsung washer which can cause error codes:

  1. Open the washer door and be sure the tub is empty.
  2. Close the washer door.
  3. Open the detergent drawer and be sure that it is completely empty.
  4. Once the detergent drawer is empty, run a Sanitize cycle or Pure Cycle/Self Clean.
  5. When the washer fills and begins the washing cycle press the Start/Pause button.
  6. The washer will pause and the door will unlock.
  7. Open the door and check the water in the tub.
  8. If the water in the tub is soapy or has suds then there is soap build up in the unit from using excess.
  9. Close the washer door and press the Pause/Start button to complete the cycle.
  10. If you see suds in the washer tub, run empty cycles empty with no detergents until the water in the tub is clear and no more suds appear.

Remove soap residue from Samsung Washer

Remove soap residue from Samsung Washer

If all of the methods above did not help clear the error code, the you may have a water level error.

Here is how to fix or troubleshoot the water level sensor error:

If there is not enough water in the washing machine then try the following:

  • Make sure the door is closed.
  • Make sure the hot and cold water supply hoses are not kinked and the water supply valves are open. NOTE: Water pressure in the home must be between 30 pounds per square inch and 120 pounds per square inch for your Samsung washer to operate. When only cold water is connected to the washer, a splitter must be used to ensure that both of the washer’s inlet supply valves are supplied with water.
  • Make sure the drain hose is not inserted too far down into the home’s drain pipe. This can form a vacuum or syphon. The pressure formed from the vacuum can cause the pressure sensor to believe the tub has reached the correct water level. When this occurs the water valves will close and prevent anymore water from entering the washer.
  • Make sure flood safe/check hoses are not installed on your Samsung washer. If flood safe hoses are installed then replace them with rubber supply hoses. NOTE: Flood safe/check hoses are not recommended because they may restrict water flow to the washer and cause this issue.
  • Make sure the water inlet hose filters on the back of the washing machine where the water hoses connect are clean.
  • Now run a test wash and see if the error code has been cleared. NOTE: Samsung front load washers use 13 gallons of water per cycle. The 13 gallons is the total amount of water used throughout the complete wash cycle. The initial fill does not add 13 gallons. During the initial fill, the machine may not appear to have enough water, but this is normal. Your washer adds water after the initial fill to properly mix in the detergent.

How to Understand Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

If you suspect a faulty water level sensor is causing your LE error code, here is how to check it:

To test the water level sensor:

  1. Remove the top off the machine by removing the screws along the back.
  2. Inside the top of the machine you will see the pressure switch.
  3. It has a plastic tube attached, pull the plastic tube off and then blow into the tube.
  4. This will clear any lint in the tube.
  5. After this test the washer.
  6. If this has not fixed your Samsung washer, then replace the water level switch.

Samsung Aftermarket Replacement Washing Machine Pressure SwitchSamsung Aftermarket Replacement Washing Machine Pressure Switch

What does the water level sensor in my Samsung washer do?
The sensor tells the control board when there is enough water in the tub and to stop filling with water. It then tells the control board that the tub is empty and to start spinning.

Getting the LE error code and need help? Leave your question below in the comments and we will assist.

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24 thoughts on “Samsung Washing Machine Error Code LE 1E – What To Check – How To Fix”

  1. Charniel Tuazon Daiz

    My samsung front load washer ecobubble does not fill water. It shows an error code le and the drain pump just keep on running. I have checked the inlet valve and its working perfectly well. Please help

  2. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Debbie Keller,
    First things first, have you checked to see if the water is turned fully ON to the Samsung Aqua Jet washer?
    Is the water inlet valve working properly?
    Bent hoses or blocked water to the washer?
    How old is the Samsung AquaJet washer?
    Try unplugging the washer for 5 minutes and see if it resets.
    Let us know what you find.

  3. I have a Samsung AquaJet washer with error code lE no water will come in, it sounds like it’s stuck on the drain cycle, there’s no water in the machine. It will do this continually.
    Please help, thank you!

  4. I have the WF42H5000AW/A2 washer.
    LE error code and no leaks.
    I changed the water level pressure switch, same error.
    Found a chaffed hose caused by the drum.
    Cut out the bad section, inserted a plastic tube in between.
    Washer is running fine now with no LE error code.
    Thank you Wayne for the fix.

  5. I have a Samsung washer model number wf409anr xaa.

    I had been getting a nF code which could be by-passed by pressing the start/pause button. Water was entering the tub fine so I figured it was just a faulty error.

    However, now I get the LE code about 10 seconds after turning the washer on. It will then cycle the motor on for a few second but continue to flash the code. It repeats this indefinitely. So far I have tried:

    – Unplugging the machine for 10 minutes to reset
    – Check for leaks. No water on the floor and no leaks that I can find.
    – Check filter. It is clean (I usually drain/clean it every two months or so)
    – Check lines for kinks and drain hose for appropriate placement. All good.
    – Check inlet screens for clogs or build up. All good.
    – Replace water pressure sensor. Didn’t work.

    At this point I called a service to diagnose the problem. They suggested replacing the main board, so I ordered one and replaced it. Still got the same error code.

    Could a faulty water inlet valve cause this issue? I tested it and asked the technician to verify. Electronically it is good, but maybe there is a mechanical issue?

    Thanks for your help.

  6. Hi, this is a great article but the conditions you have stated do not seem to apply.

    I seem to get the LE error on our Samsung Washer that is about 10 years old.

    It always initiates a wash and then at the drain State it will error out, we have been successful in getting the wash to complete by shutting it down and changing the cycle to rinse and spin.

    I am currently using it and ran an empty load and it is competing.

    Is there something that can cause the error that is related to the drain stage.

    Thank you

  7. We have the WF42H5200AW/A2 and we kept getting the LE and 4E codes. After knowing that I do not have a leak and do not have any water intake issues, I looked at the water level “pressure” switch. Looked fine. Traced the hose on the bottom of the switch with my fingers, did not take the hose out. Got about 14 inches down the hose and felt a dent in the hose side. The dent turned out to be a heavily worn area because the hose is attached to the drum by a cable tie. I removed that section of the hose (about 1 inch) and inserted a small plastic tube, [like you get on a foam spray can (the direction tube that you stick in the spray button on the top)], the tube was slightly bigger than the inside of my water hose so it sealed without any clamps. Ran a load = bingo! No more errors. This may or may not be your problem but it could help some of you. I hated having no washer for 3 days but I also hate paying $$$ for a tiny little hole in a hose like mine turned out to be.

  8. Hi, I have a Samsung washing machine and I used to get the filter check light turned on whenever I used it. I had checked the Water inlet filter and it looked clean. Now the machine doesn’t start any process and it displays the 1E error code.
    Could you recommend what should I check and replace inorder to fix this issue.

  9. I have the same issue and have followed the same steps Shawn did. I too have not resolved the problem. Does anyone know what the ultimate fix was/is for this issue?

  10. Hi I’m getting LE1 error when the mashine is dormant. I mean, when mashine is turned off but is plugged in. Like, in the midlle of the night it starts beeping and showing le1 error. Any suggestions?

  11. Dan did you resolve this issue? I’ve tried everything you did for the same cause, my next step is the door lock and thermistor, what fixed your issue if you don’t mind sharing.


  12. I am getting the LE code on my Samsung FL and have checked everything. I have good pressure and water flow. Machine does initial fill then agitates and fills some more. Agitation stops and machine fills again until it’s about 2″ up the door glass then stops with the LE error. I have removed the pressure switch hose and blown into it. It is clear and blowing air bubbles into the water filled tub. I replaced the level sensor and it still does not work.

  13. My washing machine is not staying on long enough for me to do any of these troubleshooting steps before the IE message comes on.

  14. I have a Samsung VRT WF520ABP that had the relay go out on mainboard for drain pump. I replaced the mainboard. Now it says 1E error water level sensor error. I returned the mainboard and got a different one. Same error. I replaced the water sensor twice. Same error. I checked the tube for kinks and debris, its clear.

    The error appears when I power it up and attempt to start a cycle. If I manually add water thru the soap tray it pumps the water out and the error still appears while its pumping it out.

  15. DIY Project Help Tips

    Does the Samsung washer spin after filling with water or does it stop and display error code before it starts to spin?
    As in – Fills with water and THEN displays error code?
    Also, is it a 1E or IE error?
    Samsung IE error code tells you that the washer has detected a water level sensor failure.
    If IE is the error code, check the water level sensor wiring and if all looks good, test it and if faulty, replace it.

  16. I have a problem of Error Code 1E on my SAMSUNG Top Load 6.2 Kg Washing M/c (WA82VSL).
    The Washing machine starts up, water flow into tub for 5 sec, tub checks for rotation and the error pops up suddenly the whole operation stops.

  17. Ricardo Pasillas

    Check your vacuum line. It goes in to your water level sensor (switch). If it gets loose it will rub on the drum during the spin cycle. And will eventually wear a hole.

  18. I have done all the checks and still I have an error.
    It’s 1E and my machine is trying to drain from the beginning of the cycle or even if i try to start it from spin. And there is no water in there and then 1E pops up

  19. DIY Project Help Tips

    Ashley Parfitt,
    The water valves DO NOT OPEN?
    Are you getting water to the Samsung washer?

    What happens the moment you power the washer ON?
    Does the error show immediately?

  20. I have an LEl error which appears on my Samsung ecobubble washer dryer (WD906U4SAGD) machine.
    The machine powers up and then the error appears.
    When i power off the machine the error remains flashing.
    I have done the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the guide above to no avail.
    I have noticed that the chime that sounds upon power on/off is very faint as well.
    Water valves do not open.
    Machine ready signal does not occur.
    Red indication light on selector switch just flashes n then LEl error appears on display.
    Any advice would be appreciated to diagnose which component(s) r faulty.

  21. My washer fills with water and then displays LE code and stops working.
    I replaced the water sensor switch and it is still doing the same.

  22. I have the Samsung B1445AS, and keep getting the IE code with 5 minutes left to spin. I’ve just changed the brushes and checked all the solutions above. Apart from changing the water sensor not sure what else to check?

  23. DIY Project Help Tips

    There may be some confusion here as the error code on your Samsung washer may look like LE, lE, IE, or 1E, so be sure you are following the correct error code to find the issue. (Is it a 1, L, or I?)

    The Samsung 1E = Water level sensor error.
    Water level sensor is bad. Turn off the appliance and wait 30 seconds. Switch appliance back on again and start a wash cycle.

    The Samsung LE = Natural drain – Water leak – Low water level detected during cycle.
    Check that the drain hose (on back) is not lower than the base of the washing machine. Also check for a water leaks. If no water leak then switch off the power for 30 seconds and try again.

    If water does not enter washer be sure the water supply hoses are okay, mesh screens are not clogged, and the water valves are fully open.

    If all else fails, check the water inlet valve for faults.


  24. I have the diamond drum 6.5kg Samsung top loader washing machine. Which is displaying the IE error code. We have checked the faults as above and can’t see a problem. The washing machine itself isn’t taking water into the machine. Is there an easy fix for this. Please help!!

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