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Samsung Washing Machine Error Code ND – What To Check – How To Fix

If you are getting the ND error code on your Samsung washer, this means it will NOT DRAIN. This error occurs when the washer cannot drain or at times it cannot spin properly. It is most commonly called: Water Does Not Drain From Washer. The information below will show you how to correct and reset the washer to clear the ND error code.

Samsung washer ND error codeSamsung washer ND error code

When your Samsung Washing Machine will not drain or spin AND the “nd” error code is shown… Do the following to fix the washer yourself…

1 – Make sure the wash size is not too big.
2 – Be sure the clothing in the washer is balanced.
(If the tub is overfilled with clothing, the wash tub cannot spin at faster speeds, the washer may shut off if this is the case)
3 – Make sure the washer water drain hose (the drain hose from washer to wall) is straight and has no bends.

washer drain hoseWasher drain hose – Make sure it is not bent or clogged

Make sure the washer drain hose is not pushed far into the draining pipe.
NOTE: A siphoning effect will happen if the drain hose is pushed in too far… thus causing water to come back into the washing machine.

be sure washer drain hose is not in drain pipe too deepBe sure washer drain hose is not in drain pipe too deep

1 – Make sure the washing machine door is completely closed.
2 – Be sure the pump filter is clean and not clogged or blocked in any way.
(The washing machine will not drain or spin if the pump debris filter is clogged. Here is info for How To Clean The Filter On A Front Loading Washer.)
3 – Make sure the washing machine is completely level. Use a level and put it on top of the washer to be sure it is level on the ground. If you find the washer not to be level, use the legs on the washer to level it.

Is the washing machine door locked? Clean the pump filter out as this will lessen the water level and unlock the door lock.

Samsung front load washer filter locationSamsung front load washer filter location

The ND error is NO DRAIN. If you have any issues dealing with your Samsung washer and the ND error code, please leave a question or comment below and we can provide assistance. Please leave the model number of your washer so we can assist further.

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63 thoughts on “Samsung Washing Machine Error Code ND – What To Check – How To Fix”

  1. Our Samsung wf210anw/xaa VRT washing machine stopped during a spin cycle and as a result it was not draining after a wash cycle before a rinse cycle. But there was no error code on the display.

    I could not get it to restart and dumped the water and removed the clothes. I checked the filter for debris, the balance of the washing machine, the drain hose and whether there was debris in the motor fan (as far as I would get my fingers in there – there was none that I could feel). The old fan spun with resistance with what felt like proper resistance (it was not, read below). I was then able to run it again with no clothes on a short cycle and it stopped during a spin cycle that the “nd” code appeared on the display.

    Bought a pump motor online just in case. Following the instructions on this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gsvye6sfO88), I used two Philips screwdrivers, needle-nose and regular pliers and an impact tool and hammer on one tough screw that holds the drain assembly in place to do this. It took about an hour.

    Removed and checked the old motor spun by spinning the fan. Once I could really see/test it, the old fan’s resistance was way off-pattern and inconsistent and the angle of the fan was no longer correct. With the new pump motor, the fan pattern is a smooth and consistent quarter-turn, stop, quarter-turn, stop, quarter-turn stop pattern. When checking the pump motor before taking it out, I could feel that it turned and it felt like it was turning properly, but once it was actually out it was clear that it was not spinning correctly and the angle was off (there was no way I could determine this before tearing things down). But there was also no debris on the motor fan, so the filter had done it’s job for 12+ years. The old motor was simply worn out from 12+ years of laundry.

    The new motor was a perfect fit into the drain assembly and the washing machine went back together in about 30 minutes using the same tools. I ran it on one short wash cycle with no load to see if there was a leak anywhere (no leaking). Then ran six more loads with laundry since – everything went as it should, no leaking, no issues. One month later of regular use and still working well.


    SAMSUNG WASHER MODEL NO. WF218ANWXAA01. Getting a :ND” code. No plugging of the drain hose, Drain pipe to septic is clear. Removed gray drain hose and discovered a split in the hose where it connects to the drain pump. We have noticed a leak for some time, but would that cause the “ND” error code?
    Is there any way to test the drain pump?

  3. same here.
    got ND code for two weeks and replaced the drain pump, only worked for one day then ND came back.
    took apart all hoses and found a quarter coin in the connector between the tub hose and pump hose.
    now the washer works fine for two cycles now and water can be drained out like pristine.

  4. Hello, i have a WF210ANW/XAC.
    The nd error codes comes on, the debris filter is not dirty. If i turn the unit off and back kn it will pump itself out. I also had a SUd error code come on once after i got the nd error to go away.

  5. I have the same issue at 37 mins. I have replaced the pump, cleaned all lines, and leveled my machine and still getting the code. I have unplugged my machine for 10-15 mins, and then i can start up and let it do a rinse and spin cycle(20 mins) and it will finish. Did you figure out what the final issue was with yours? I am hoping to avoid having to buy a new washing machine.

    thank you in advance.

  6. Hi, I own a Samsung washer model Wf331anr/xaa, it gave me the code ND. I drained the tub and the filter, but I am still not able to run a cycle and it drain properly. Please advise. Best regards, Brian Adams.

  7. Samsung washer WF218ANW, wanted to add my experience with the nD code. After 8-9 years of good service this washer wouldn’t drain and gave the nD code. I did some research and replaced the drain pump with a part from amazon for half the price of a genuine part. Part shows up, I install it, washer working again… for about 2 months.

    After two months, got nD error code again and washer wouldn’t drain. Frustrating. Some amazon people reviewed that this drain pump only lasted them a couple months and then broke. So I figure that is what happened to me. Ordered genuine drain pump, get part, install, still getting nD error code. More frustrations.

    Start digging around, testing door switch, checks out good. Figure I’ll try to replace the control board. Tough to find part, but I find a used one and install it. Washer drains with no code! Control board fixed my nD error code.

    Was it possible that the amazon half price drain pump somehow damaged the portion of the control board that controls the drain pump? Or was it a huge coincidence after 8 years I replace the drain pump and a month later the control board goes? I lean toward the former. But it’s working now. Hope this helps someone some day. There were a lot of good comments here that I used to help diagnose the issue.

  8. You need to drain the washing machine , you have to much water sitting in there . Go to the access door , place bowl under the hose and take off end cap and let it drain . Door will then unlock itself

  9. I have a samsung washer with the ND error code. I figured out that I need a new drain pump but now I cannot unlock the door to get the clothes out. What can I do?

  10. Hi, I have Samsung front load washer, model # WF316LAS/XAA. I am having exactly the same problem as you described and stopped at 37 minutes. If wait long enough, it will turn on error code nd (no drain). I have checked pump, drain horses and changed door switch. None of these help. Have you resolved your problem?.
    Can anyone pleased help.

  11. I have a Samsung Front Load Silver Care washer WF306LAW/XAC.
    I am getting the nd error code at 37 minutes in. The pump will push a ton of water out but not all, then the code comes. I have had the drain hose off and cleared. The pump off and it is clear. The hose from the bottom of the tub to the pump and it is clear. When the wash cycle drains the water it is coming out at full throttle, then at 37 minutes it throws the nd error code.
    Not sure what to try next. everything talking about the nd code is that the pump wont drain. Mine seems to be pushing just fine.

    Please help.

  12. Thank you Terry! This helped locate my issue (my washing machine now works!)

    Here’s the steps I followed for anyone with a similar issue:
    1. Unplugged the washing machine.
    2. Opened the debris filter in the bottom front. Drained the small tube into a SimpleHuman garbage bag (these bags don’t leak!). Cleaned the filter.
    3. Removed the plastic gray housing within the debris filter door (removed two screws and pryed with a flathead screwdriver). Got both my hands in the opening and removed the clamp holding the plastic L (start of the drain hose) to the drain pump. The clamp holds a rubber gasket?/door trap? in place (quarter sized), which needs to be put back in it’s correct place when done (it has a “notch” where the flap slides into place, where it attaches to the drain pump).
    4. Put my finger through the plastic L and found debris/hair.
    5. Inside the filter hole there’s small quarter size circular plastic piece that should spin/move. The debris/hair jammed this plastic piece from moving. I used two flathead screwdrivers, and my finger through the opening where the clamp was, to remove the debris/hair stuck in that small circular piece.
    6. I put everything back together and the washing machine worked.

    (after that I was going to check (or replace) the drain pump… and/or look at the control board for burns)

  13. Getting the ND message. Just had pump replaced last week. Noticing some serious vibration during the spin cycle. Machine is level. Wondering if it could be a bushing that may be causing the message. Thoughts?

  14. Kelvin Loveless

    I had the “nd” error and replaced the pump. It worked for a time and then failed again. I eventually figured it out. The washing machine was slightly out of balance and that was causing the spin cycle to fail. Now that it is perfectly level horizontally it is working great. I probably didn’t need to replace the pump. the symptom was that the spin cycle would keep stooping as it spun up and retry. when I first checked the level the bubble was between the 2 lines but touching the line at one side. it was off by a very small amount. Moving the washer when I changed the pump must have changed it enough to get it to work for a time.

  15. Ditto, found a quarter in the plastic L between the tub to drain hose and the second hose on the L that attached to the input of the pump. Samsung could have made this hose in one piece and eliminated the L, and eliminated the probability of a jam in the sharp turn.

  16. Good Morning,

    I have a Samsung WF316LAS/XAA. I have replaced the Pump, I have changed the Control Lock Mechanism, check all the hoses for kinks and clogs, keep the hose at the recommended depth capacity for drainage and still have an ND error. Machine locks and and washes but always stops at 37 minutes, the spin and rinse cycle, not sure what else it can be?

  17. Took the drain motor off and checked , got shop vac to both tubes from the motor , both suck and vac . Still had the ND error . Took motor off again then took off the large black tube from drum to motor, found a dollar coin just the right size to block then drop ( causing intermittent fault )

  18. I as well have same problem i drained the hose and rinsed the filter but as soon as i put close in the machine it keeps beeping nd

  19. Have Samsung WF419AAW/XAA. Just replaced drain pump motor. Went to use and getting nd code again

  20. Robert Johnson

    My washing machine WF220ANW/XAA has a solid hourglass on the display panel with the number 58.
    I try to run a cycle to get rid of the timer but then get an “nd” error code.
    I’ve cleaned the drain plug and checked to make sure the drain hose is not kinked but nothing works.
    I’ve also reset the circuit breaker and unplugged the machine for 30 minute to reset it.

  21. Laura Copeland

    Getting error code nd on my Samsung washing machine, model # WA5451ANWXAA02

  22. I’m having the same problem with the same model. Did you figure your problem out?

  23. Samsung Washer WF337AAG/xac owner.
    Got the error code ND.
    Took the pump apart and found built up sediment that formed hard rocks and clogged up the pump.
    Cleaned it and everything was working again.
    3 weeks later got the ND error code again and had to take the pump apart gain and found multiple hardened sediment.
    I don’t understand where this is coming from since my clothes are not that dirty.
    Everybody keeps telling to clean out the filter but this model has not filter

  24. Did you find out what was wrong with yours? I have the same model and same error code. Our repair guy is saying it needs a new washer drain pump. Hoping that will fix the issue.

  25. Beverly Schlein

    I have a Samsung WF210ANW/XAA tjat stopped mid cycle, I figured out how to drain and was able to get out my clothes. This washer was bought used from family member and had nit had any trouble. So, I cleaned the debrisk filter, used an air compressor to blow thru drain hose to make sure no clogs and ran an empty cycle, no problems. Rand a rinse and spin cycle empty, no problems, drain pump engaged, all is well. So having thought I had problem solved ran a load of towels on heavy duty 130 minute cycle. Washe’d fine, pumped out, rinsed and at 25 minutes left at stopped, have an nd no drain code. I let machine set for a few hours as I had spent hours last night draining the tub and knew it was timely task. So, finally get back to it. Opened emergency drain line, the black tube on front and drained 1 bucket full if water. Put the plug on so I could go dump as I k ew from previous that it takes about 3 drain sessions to get all water out. Just for curiosity I turned machine on, held down spin button to see if I could do a spin only, lo and behold it engaged pump and spun out the towels. I am so disappointed in this washer and not sure if spending the money in a new drain pump will solve anything as it seems to work fine when empty yet with clothes it will stop in cycle. Anyone have any suggestions

  26. Samsung VRT owner, my washer had an error ND it would not drain at all. I bought a new drain pump hoping it would solve the problem, but it did not the ND would come up when it was time to drain about 31 min. I checked all the hoses to make sure they were not clogged, everything was clear. I finally decide to check the washer control panel and there it was the control panel was burnt in a couple of fuses I’m guessing the drain pump fuse was burnt, beause yhe washer worked perfectly fine until it came to that time. So if you have checked all the hoses and they are clear check your control panel, and possibly save yourself a couple bucks. And yes the control panel is a bit pricey. Mine came to $187 from Sears.

  27. I have drained the machine and cleaner the debris but I am still getting the nd code and there is residual water I the washer.

  28. I have Samsung front load washer model WF209anwxaa.
    It goes into nd error code with is no drain.
    If i press start it immediately drains and runs the rest of time until done.
    Cleaned pump and all hoses.
    What can I do to correct this?

  29. Travis,

    How do I tear this machine apart like you did ? i’m willing to try anything !!

  30. Our samsung front load washer has ND code.
    The complete pump assembly has been replaced, all hoses removed and checked. It will run, spin, drain then ND code. I use drain hose in front to drain and only get an ounce or two in a cup.
    where is the sensor that tells it there is still water in it.

  31. Elizabth Ricketson

    We are getting that ND error code on our Samsung front loader.
    However it is draining so I don’t understand what’s going on.
    I checked the filter it was clear, as it almost always is and as stated the washer is draining.
    However each load stops part way through normally after the wash is going into rinse cycle and states ND.

  32. Linda Hopkins

    I have the same washing machine and it is doing the very same thing I can drain from filter nothing in filter area did you find out what was the problem

  33. Samsung VRT owner here. I was getting the no drain ND error code and dove into researching why myself. I pulled the drain pump and assembly group out and all hoses. 1st time around I had a clogged hose coming from upper part of washing cylinder (not large bottom hose). I ran it under water and it literally filled my sink with cardboard looking soap scum chunks. I assumed that was the culprit and assembled it back together. That worked for about 3 weeks. The ND code came back so I then bought a new drain pump. Well, while installing new drain pump I had noticed that the large gray gasket leading into washer has a drain itself. That was clogged with a large piece of plastic and surrounded by hair. Washer works like new now. Conclusion: ND definitely means pump is out or you literally have a clogged hose (check them ALL) or drain port.

  34. I have a Samsung front loading washer VRT.
    It will not drain, therefore it won’t spin.
    If I manually drain the water, it spins.
    Obviously, I can’t manually drain this thing every time I do a wash.
    I have had a service man come out and check the pump and the hoses to make sure there is no blockage.
    He said the pump has NOT failed and nothing is plugged or kinked.
    I have no idea what to do.

  35. Where would I locate my pump filter on my Samsung frontload machine. It is not in the front bottom corner of my machine

  36. Front loaders inherently hold water even after the cycle is ran due to the design that is normal after every load you should leave the door open

  37. Top load Samsung washer.
    Discharge pump housing bracket broken.
    Reattached hose and housing with zip ties, but had to go back and reattach terminal that came loose.
    Housing designed for breakage.
    First trouble listed in tech manual is nd (no drain).
    My guess is i’m not the first with this problem, but maybe the first to not have whole pump replaced for a faulty bracket.
    Also the short discharge hose inside cabinet was twisted.
    From factory.
    Overall a good machine, but this seemed like failure by design to me.
    This thing vibrates like crazy, so make sure your electrical connections are good and not subject to being worn.

  38. Brian Christopher Wassil

    I have a Samsung WW22K6800AW/A2 washer and dryer combo inherited last Fall from a home I just bought.
    At first the washer and dryer worked great but I now get a no drain error every load of laundry I do.
    I cleaned the filter, have manually drained the hose, checked the hose and back of the washer and leveled it.
    Still have the errors which are annoying and also caused a minor flood in my basement last night.
    Why is this happening?
    Nothing appears plugged and its a brand new washer.

  39. I have a WF316LAW model front-loader. I have taken it apart and checked all the drain lines. I replaced the drain pump. I ran a rinse and spin and it worked. Put in a load of laundry and the nd code came back on. Manually drained it 5 times to finish the load. The pump turned on once when manually draining it. Is this likely an electrical issue?

  40. Our Samsung front load washer (model WF218ANB/XAA 01) is getting the nd (no drain) error code. We have checked hoses, cleaned filter, and have made sure it will balance and still no luck. Could the pump possibly need replaced? Or something else?

  41. Our washer is coming up with the ND code. My husband took it apart and found there was no clog,. When he plugged it back in, it started spinning, but then when he washed a load of towels, the code came up again! What should we do?

  42. I have a Samsung Front Load WF448AAP/XAA. Got a no drain error, cleaned out the filter, which didn’t solve the problem. I then opened the machine and removed the complete pump assembly and cleaned (had dirt and pet hair buildup, but nothing completely clogged). Put it back together and attempted to run a “normal” cycle. The machine ran for about half of the cycle, but then came back with the same error. I noticed that I could get it to partially drain a few times if I unplugged it for a while and started again. Next, I replaced the pump moron (the black side of the pump assembly), hoping that would solve the problem. When it was back together, it started a wash and did the initial drain, but then the error came back. At a loss for what to do next (short of buying a new machine – which I want to avoid!). All the hoses looked clog-free upon visual inspection, but I did not check the entire length of them.

  43. I have a Samsung model WF448AAP/xaa washing machine. I keep getting no drain message popping up. Clean filter then replaced with a new pump. Still have the same problem. The cycle will go about 2/3s through and then flash that message.

  44. Thanks. Our drain pump was bad too. I found one on Amazon (Prime) for 18 dollars and we replaced it ourselves. Saw a video on YouTube that walked us through the entire process. Now the washer works like a champ again!

  45. I have a samsung wf431abp/xaa. Never had issues (and nothing has changed as far as it being level or the hose being moved) then suddenly the nd error. I tried it with no load in it and no issues. I put a load in (not a big one) and it gets to 19 minutes left and in the rinse cycle and then displays the nd error. I know that it’s a no drain issue but Tue filter has been cleaned and as I said it did just fine without a load in (pump drained all water and spin worked fine). What do I do now? Why does it work fine without a load but doesn’t work with a load?

  46. 2010 Samsung front loader Model No. WF210ANW/XAA
    Continually have been getting the “nd” error code. Manually have been draining the machine. Hose is not pinched or bent. The load is not too big, the washer is level. Need some help on why the machine is not draining.

  47. DIY Project Help Tips

    That simply means there is a blockage somewhere in the drain lines whereas you need to run another spin cycle to remove the water.
    Take the washer apart and check to be sure all drain lines, hoses, drain pump, wall drain, are clear and free of debris.

  48. I have a WF316LAW model frontloader. No filter to clean. I have replaced the hose, and taken the pump out to check for clogs. Still doesnt drain. Even without the ND code it leaves water in the drum after the cycle and the clothes are sopping wet. Usually have to run the spin cycle another time to get them dried out. I have a pump on order to see if that’s the issue, as it stopped draining completely on friday.

  49. DIY Project Help Tips

    The Samsung ND error code means NO DRAIN. When this error code displays the washer will not spin either.
    This either means the drain pump is bad, not getting power, or clogged, the drain hoses are blocked or clogged, or a faulty communication or wire harness issue.
    Have you checked all drain hoses and made sure the wiring connections are secure and the drain pump gets power?
    Also, you may have a clogged wall or floor drain that is preventing the washer from draining.

  50. I have a Samsung washer W01F54AQ403616R showing error fault code ND checked everything so I put a new pump in, and it still won’t finish cycle and still shows the same code.

  51. I have a 2010 Samsung wf210anw/xaa and have tried all of the options above with no luck. I also called customer service who wants to schedule a service visit but Samsung actually doesn’t have a serviceman that covers my area. I am curious mostly as to what part is most likely broken and needs replaced. I’m assuming it’s the drain pump but the signs sometimes conflict and it may be spin speed only causing it. I generally can run the machine on normal and it will go through the wash cycle fine, from 58 minutes to 33 remaining on the display. I then have to vacuum the machine out from the drain hose with a wet vac which will get it continuing through to start its rinse cycle. A few minutes later on a fast spin it will generally need to be vacuumed again so I wonder if it could be a balancer or something related to the spinning because of the force of the tub. Then I vacuum again when it gets to 11 minutes and the spin cycle which is a nightmare and the tub refills around 8 minutes and I have to vacuum it out. It’s not 3 vacuums and done, sometimes the tub refills and the machine still isn’t happy and it will hang on 27 minutes and several vacuums of refill and empty. The spin is certainly causing some drainage issues but I’m not sure if the drain pump is the culprit or something else.

  52. DIY Project Help Tips

    Most likely something is jammed or clogging the pump, possibly the drain hose also.
    Open the machine up and check the pump, pump hoses, drain hose, etc…
    You will most likely find something stuck in there which is giving you the ND = NO DRAIN error.

  53. Samsung Front Load washing machine, Bought 2006. Run fine all this time. With a load of towels in the machine quit mid cycle will not drain or spin. Took the load out. Cleaned the filter. Drained manually. Tried rinse and spin with empty machine, God the nd error code–no drain and so spin. Can’t find my book

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