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How to Fix the DC Error Code on Your Samsung Washing Machine

Is your Samsung washing machine showing the error code DC? The DC error code appears when an unbalanced load prevents a Samsung washer from spinning. Try to redistribute the items inside the washer and press the Start/Pause button to clear this error.

Samsung Washer DC Error Code

Samsung washer DC error code

What is Samsung DC Error Code?

The DC error code on a Samsung washing machine signifies that the load is unbalanced. This typically happens when there’s too much laundry loaded on one side of the drum, restricting the washer’s ability to spin properly. The Samsung DC error code can also appear when the washer is attempting to spin but can’t due to an uneven load distribution.

Fixing the Samsung DC Error

  1. Redistribute the Load: The first step to solve the DC error code issue is to redistribute the laundry load. Open the washer door and rearrange the clothes inside the drum. Ensure that the weight is evenly distributed to help the drum maintain balance during the spin cycle.
  2. Remove Some Items: If redistributing doesn’t solve the issue, try removing some items from the drum. Overloading the washer can lead to an unbalanced load, so take out a few pieces and try running the machine again.
  3. Run a Rinse/Spin Cycle: After redistributing the load or removing some items, run a rinse/spin cycle. This process will help the machine rebalance the load.
  4. Press the Start/Pause Button: If the error code still appears after following the above steps, press the start/pause button to clear the error.

If these steps don’t clear the error, you may have overloaded the machine. In this case, remove some items and try again.

Preventing Samsung DC Error Code

  1. Avoid Overloading: Don’t fill the drum to its maximum capacity. An overloaded machine is more likely to produce a DC error.
  2. Balanced Loading: Whenever you’re loading your washing machine, make sure to distribute the clothes evenly. Balance heavy items with lighter ones.
  3. Use the Right Cycle: Select the appropriate wash cycle for your laundry. Delicate items and heavy items should be washed separately to prevent imbalance.

The DC error code on your Samsung washing machine is an easy issue to resolve. By following these simple steps and tips, you can prevent this error from occurring in the future. If you continue experiencing this issue, it might be worth consulting with a professional or leaving a comment below and we can assist you to fix it.

See the chart below for the load and type of clothing load recommended for Samsung washers:

Samsung DC UE error code washer capacity chart

Samsung washer load capacity chart

Samsung Washer DC Error FAQ

What does the DC error code on my Samsung washing machine mean?

The DC error code on your Samsung washing machine signifies a problem with the machine’s drum balance. This often means that the load inside the machine is unbalanced, causing the drum to spin unevenly.

How can I fix the DC error code on my Samsung washing machine?

You can fix the DC error code by redistributing the load in your washing machine to ensure that it’s balanced. If the error persists, you might need to check for loose or damaged parts in the suspension system or drum assembly.

Can I use my Samsung washing machine if the DC error code is visible?

While the machine may still function with the DC error code showing, it’s not advisable to use it. The unbalanced load could cause further damage to the machine or result in poor washing results.

Do I need professional help to fix the DC error code on my Samsung washing machine?

While redistributing the load can often fix the DC error code, if the problem persists or if there are damaged components, it’s advisable to call a professional. A trained technician can diagnose and fix the problem without causing additional damage.

What precautions should I take to avoid the DC error code on my Samsung washing machine?

To avoid the DC error code, ensure that you’re loading the washing machine correctly. The load should be evenly distributed and not exceed the machine’s load capacity. Regular maintenance checks can also help detect and rectify potential issues early.

If you still need help or have issues with the DC or UE error code on your Samsung washer, please leave a question below and we will be happy to assist.

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38 thoughts on “How to Fix the DC Error Code on Your Samsung Washing Machine”

  1. I have just cleaned the filter,whent to do some washing code comes up dc.,have turned the washing machine of empty for about one hour,started it again and the same thing Dc comes up,have done this many times now but still does not work,help please

  2. There is a light load in the machine which I have redistributed but the dC error code is not resetting. What else could I do?

  3. Samsung Washer with “DC” error code might be fixed with…..

    Problem: My 2013 Samsung washer was a repeating “DC” error code.
    Regardless of the size of load, it would cycle down to the 9 minute, spin up making a loud banging noise, and then jump backward to the 17 minute mark, attempt another rinse cycle, eventually it would terminate with the “DC” error code.

    Solutions that didn’t work: The web offered several, (foam, rubber ties) but they did not work for me.

    Solution that worked: I replace all 4 Washer Damper, Samsung DC97-05280W.
    When I replaced the old ones I then understood why they failed. The old ones had grease that failed thus the damper rods vibrated at different rates, causing the “DC” code.
    Replacing those 4 rods worked for me.

  4. Hi my top load Samsung washer keeps stoping and reading dc code no matter what I’ve tried? Moving clothes around , smaller loads , unplugging washer , leveled washer what else could be the problem? Thanks

  5. My Samsung washer gets a DC error now on every load. This just started when I had a load of towels and sheets. Now every single load is throwing the DC error even when there is a small load and it’s isn’t unbalanced. Is it a part or can the washer be “reset” ? Help!

  6. Angelica Serrano

    I turn on my washer and it will lock and everything but water is not going into the washer and it then it ilunlocjs i repeat it 4 times then error code dc3 cones on screen but no water is going into the machine what can it be

  7. Hello,

    My samsung washing machine gets a dc error code almost every time I wash a load. Is there any chance the actual machine itself could be unbalanced or another alternative to the load being too large or unbalanced?

  8. I fixed the DC error code, finally.
    The issue I was having is that any kind of load, no matter how evenly I distribute the clothes, no matter how light or heavy the load was, it would get to the 9th minute, make a loud banging noise, and then jump to the 17th minute to rinse again.
    Then, eventually it would give the DC error.
    After some serious Google-ing, I ran across the website appliancepartspros and there were tons of comments on top loader washing machine having the same issue.
    The fix – replace all 4 suspension rods.
    Since replacing those rods, my washer acts as good as new.

  9. Even after clearing the D.C. Error code, my machine no longer spins (it spun fine previously.) I have completely emptied the machine and it will not spin. Any tips?

  10. My washer came up with UE,the problem is I cannot open the door to do anything about it…..does anyone know what I have to do to open locked door….

  11. My washing machine has alarm error code UE during it’s starting spin.
    I need to know which part is the real cause.

  12. DIY Project Help Tips

    Trevis J Session,
    Add more clothing or a towel to the wash to “balance it out”.
    The sensor may get confused if only washing a small amount of clothing.

  13. Trevis J Session

    I get the dc error even when I have very few clothes in the washer. And I’m talking about 2 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. How can I fix that

  14. Samsung washer just began the dc code a couple of weeks ago. Even while lightening and redistributing the weight. The problem persists. Any thoughts?

  15. nicole buchanan-usifer

    My clothes are evenly distrubted in my top loader samsung and the UE keeps displaying.I try just the spin cycle and the same thing happens.What should I do?

  16. Marguerite Nicole McNier

    I am constantly getting the error code that says the load is unbalanced and the machine stops.
    The Samsung Washing Machine either constantly starts itself over or chimes until I open the lid and redistribute the laundry load.
    But no matter how small my load is it is always doing this with just about every load of laundry.
    I don’t understand why this is happening.
    The loads of laundry I am doing are smaller than the loads we used to do.

  17. I have the washer that was recalled and had the part replaced and ever since then it keeps giving the out of balance code and won’t finish through the spin cycle. Can someone please advise on how to fix this problem yet again.

  18. It does not matter what I put in this washing machine I get a “DC” code every time! I can do as much redistributing in the world and it still does not work!!! It takes forever to get a load of clothes washed with this stupid Samsung washing machine!

  19. Hi Guys,

    I came across this issue with my Samsung top load washing machine and below troubleshooting helped to resolve this issue. This may work for other top loads as well.

    1) Try running the machine in spin mode with no clothes. if it runs and you hear lot of vibrations then its a purely alignment issue.
    2) Identify the correct alignment spot. its easy to identify the correct spot. While spinning try to tilt the machine forward (little bit) and at one particular angle you will hear no vibration at all.
    3) identify the gap between Machine and Floor.
    4) Keep some flat object underneath with the same height.
    5) Prefer to keep wooden piece.

    In case your machine doesn’t spin with out any cloth, then also you can try the above, however its going to be hit & try. You really need to try with multiple angles.

  20. My Samsung top load does the same. Suspension rods have been replaced and the machine is still under warranty.
    But all of a sudden, Samsung doesn’t have anyone to fix it.

  21. Mine will do this with EVERY load, no matter how small or big. I can often put it in repair mode to make it spin out and it will work fine, but when in normal mode it will throw itself off balance every time. It’s even doing it some without any clothes in the washer.

  22. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sharon Deen,
    The DC error code occurs when a Samsung washer is unable to spin due to an unbalanced load.
    Try to redistribute the items inside the washer and press the Start/Pause button to clear this error.

  23. My Samsung washing machine keeps saying DC.
    I would redistribute the clothes but still it keeps saying DC.
    What should I do?

  24. My Samsung has just recently started with the DC code. It drains, starts to spin, and then starts hard loud noises and codes. I’ve pulled clothes out and redistributed. I’ve had my washer for a while now, and it’s always been great. I really can’t afford a repairman right now!

  25. DIY Project Help Tips

    You probably have a load sensor error, can you tell us the complete model number of your Samsung washer?

  26. The only time my washer doesn’t pop up the DC code is when I run it completely empty with no clothes in it at all. It doesn’t matter if I have a big load of clothes or a very small load of clothes, the DC code always pops up.

  27. I have model wa456drhdsu/aa01 out of balance on everything. Or anything. Yes it is level. Suspension rods are not visibly broken. And I hear liquid in the balance ring. Any ideas ? Dc error also.

  28. I get the DC code every time I was a load whether its 4 things or a full load…I have ran an empty load and it did just fine… What can this be?

  29. DIY Project Help Tips

    Marsha Stewart,
    Try running an empty load and see if the error appears.

  30. Marsha Stewart

    I get the DC code ALL THE TIME ON EVERY LOAD!!! HELP!! I redistribute 3-4 times during a wash cycle! It takes forever to get ONE LOAD DONE!!!! Hate this Samsung!!!

  31. DIY Project Help Tips

    Might be a sensor, tub stabilizer, or the main board is defective.
    Did the service tech check all sensors, stabilizers, and the main control board?

  32. I have had a problem with the dc code for some time now. I have had a repair man look at the machine, actually took it back to his shop and said nothing was wrong with it, he brought it back I did three loads of laundry and the next load got the dc code, No matter what I do, re distribute the clothing, turn off, turn on, set to rinse/spin, change the load – normal, heavy, towels, etc. I still get the same code. We have had the machine just less than a year. I am beyond upset with Samsung.

  33. DIY Project Help Tips

    Shaun Baker,
    Have you tried to press the Start/Pause button to clear the DC error on your Samsung washer. If nothing solves the DC eroor code, you may have a sensor that is bad or simply not connected (loose). Check wiring harnesses as one may be loose and causung the error. Connect and reconnect if possible. Let us know what you find.

  34. My washer shows DC error code on every load. I’ve redistributed the clothing. Taking clothes out. Restarted on spin only. Keeps stopping with DC error even with only two or three items. Never done before. Now it does this several times each load. Takes hours to do 1 load. What should I do?

    “DC ERROR” Spin, then Stop and Refill and SPIN again … then Stop and Refill and SPIN …again

    ____My Solution___
    I tried some You Tubes solutions and commented solutions…

    What DOES NOT WORKS (to me):

    #1 “DC Error” Stands for distribute charge
    ___not solve the problem for me___
    I re-distribute and re-distributed it in different ways. This does not work. I put only two identical pieces evenly distributed…not working. Then four pieces and …Don’t Work.

    #2 Leveling and Leveling and Leveling…
    ___not solve the problem for me___
    I think the best way to level is filling with some water and checking the water level touch the same line of holes in the inner drum.

    You have to revise that all feets touch firmly the floor.
    Don’t Work for me.

    #3 Pading and Pading and Pading
    __not solve the problem for me___
    I used memory foam, a pillow, a wooden stick, etc, etc. I padded first the upper side…then the lower side…I tried differents padding configurations….work one time in 20 tries…and then DC ERROR again.

    #4 Cleaning the suspension Rods with degreaser…
    ___not solve the problem for me___
    If you think that the center plastic part of the suspension rod should move freely…thats and error.
    The “shock absorber” action is not working if the center plastic over the coil moves freely. Cleaning make it worst. Oiling them does not work neither.
    The new ones that I received has much resistance to movement…and have a very sticky grease on the rod.




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