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Washer Error Codes For Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines

Check out our list of error codes for different washing machine brands like Amana, Asko, Beko, Bosch, Daewoo, Fisher & Paykel, Frigidaire, GE, Haier, Hotpoint, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Samsung, and Whirlpool. This list is for both top-loading and front-loading washers.

Washer error codes

If you can’t find your washer brand or error code here, scroll down to the bottom of this page and ask us for help. We’re here to assist you with any washing machine error code and can guide you in fixing your specific problem. If you find your error code on this list, it will tell you what part might be causing the issue, according to the manufacturers’ error codes.

For more details on washer error codes, click on the brand name link to see specific error codes for that washer.

Amana Washing Machine Error/Fault Codes

“Sd” – (Excess suds)
F8 followed by E1 – (water supply error)
F9 followed by E1 – (drain pump system error)
F5 followed by E2 – (door will not lock)
F7 followed by E1 – (motor drive error)
“rL” – (remove load)
Washer making error beeps – Door has not been opened and closed for at least 3 cycles
Washer beeps when HOLD TO START is touched – Door not closed
F# E# code other than as described above appears in display – System Code Error
“nt” (interrupted) – Cycle was paused or cancelled
Clean Washer LED flashing at end of wash cycle – The washer has run 30 wash cycles and is indicating a reminder to run the Clean Washer cycle

Asko Washing Machine Error Codes

F1 – Water supply/low water fill
F2 – Water level too high
F3 – Pump problem
F4 – Thermistor problem
F5 – Fault in thermal cutout or heating pause fault
F6 – Motor fault
F7 – Door lock release fault
00 – Machine did not spin

Beko Washer Error Codes

H1 – NTC Open or Short Circuit
H2 – Heater Open Circuit
H3 – Heater Always On
H4 – Valve Triac Short Circuit
H5 – Pump Open Circuit
H6 – Motor Triac Short Circuit
H7 – Pressure Sensor Failure
H11 – Motor & or Tacho Open Circuit

Bosch Washing Machine Fault Codes

F16 – Door lock error
F17 – Inlet valve error detected
F18 – Drain error detected
F23 – Anti flood device has been activated
F34 – Door lock error
F42 – Motor fault
F43 – Motor fault
F44 – Motor fault

Bosch WAE Range Washing Machine Fault Codes

F16 – Door lock problem
F17 – Inlet valve
F18 – Drain pump
F21 – Motor
F23 – Anti flood system activated

Bosch WFP Range Washing Machine Fault Codes

F01 – Water intake timeout
F02 – Heating timeout
F03 – Draining timeout
F04 – Motor fault
F05 – Uncontrolled motor startup
F06 – Short on NTC Detected on hot water intake
F07 – Open circuit NTC Open circuit wiring
F08 – Door open when program started
F09 – Unexpected heating
F10 – Communication error
F11 – Overheating
F12 – Short circuit
F13 – Mains voltage too high
F14 – Mains voltage too low
F15 – Faulty temperature sensor on motor PCB
F16 – Faulty rinse sensor Displayed only in test

Daewoo Washing Machine Error Codes

E2 = Water has overfilled and the error code is displayed
E5 = High Voltage Error
E7 = Directional Error
E8 = Washer Motor Error
E9 = Pressure Sensor Error
H2 = Wash Temperature Sensor
H4 = Overheating Washer Heating Element
H6 = Washer Heating Element Failed
H8 = Heater Overheating / No Water Washer
IE = Water Inlet Error – Washing Machine Did Not Fill With Water
LE = Washing Machine Door Open
OE = Water Has Not Drained From The Washer
PEF = Filter Is Detected As Blocked
UE = Washer Load Imbalance

Fisher & Paykel Top Load AquaSmart Washing Machine Error Codes

21, 26, 27, 49, 50, or 246 = Water Inlet Valve Fault
38 or 39 = Water Level Pressure Transducer Air Tube Fault
58 or 68 = Water Level Pressure Transducer Fault
10, 41, or 237 = Water Temperature Sensor Fault
1, 57, 60, 107, 108, 112, 133, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 230, 232, 233, 236, 241, 243, 252, or 254 = Motor Control Module Fault
45, 46, 103, 104, 105, 106, or 241 = Display Module Fault
234, 235, 238, or 239 = Lid Lock is Bad
40, 56, or 160 = Spin Basket Will Not Engage Or Disengage From Clutch
136 or 137 = Motor Is Not Running
37, 114, 245, 247, 248, 249, 250, or 253 = Water Is Not Draining

Frigidaire Front Loading Washer Error Codes

E10 – Water doesn’t enter
E20 – Water dosen’t drain
E30 – Drum overfilled
E40 – Door is open
E50 – Motor is overheated
E70 – Cold water doesn’t enter
EF0 – Over sudsing
EF0 – Hot water doesn’t enter
E11 – Fill time too long
E13 – Water leak in tub or air leak
E21 – Water not pumping out fast enough
E23 – Drain pump relay on control board failed or wire off pump
E24 – Drain pump relay on control board failed or wire off pump
E31 – Pressure sensor not communicating with control board
E35 – Pressure sensor indicates water overfill
E36 – Control board problem
E41 – Control board thinks the door switch is open
E43 – Control board problem
E44 – Control board problem
E45 – Control board problem
E46 – Control board problem
E47 – Board thinks door PTC circuit is open in spin
E48 – Board thinks door PTC circuit is closed
E52 – Bad signal from tacho generator
E56 – High motor current
E57 – High current on motor phase
E59 – No tacho signal for 3 seconds
E5A – High temp on heat sink caused by overloading
E5B – High temp on heat sink
E5C – High temp on heat sink
E5D – Communication problem
E5E – Communication problem
E5F – Communication problem
E66 – Heating element relay failure
E67 – Input voltage on microprocessor incorrect
E68 – Current leakage to ground on heater or fuse opened
E70 – The control board is not seeing the correct water supply
E71 – Wash NTC failure
E74 – Wash temperature does not increase
E75 – Water temperature sensor circuit
E76 – NTC temperature for the cold water valve over the limits
E82 – Console control problem
E83 – Console control problem
E91 – Communication error between UI board and control board
E93 – Console control problem
E94 – Console control problem
E95 – Communication error
E97 – Console control problem
E98 – Console control problem
EB1 – Incoming power frequency out of limits
EB2 – Incoming line voltage above 130 vac
EB3 – Incoming line voltage below 90 VAC
EF1 – Clogged drain pump
EF2 – Too much soap
EBE – Console control problem
EBF – Console control problem
EF5 – NTC temperature for the hot water valve over the limits
F1 – Internal fault in control
F2 – Water temperature problem
F3 – Water level problem
F4 – Washer is not advancing
F5 – Keypad problem

GE Front Loader Washing Machine Error Codes

E22 – Water Fill timeout
E23 – Flood protect drain
E30 – Drain pump not present
E31 – Drain timeout
E38 – Dispenser error
E39 – Dispenser timeout
E42 – Drive motor
E43 – DC Fault
E45 – Drive motor
E46 – Drive motor
E47 – Heat sink
E48 – Drive motor
E49 – Load too heavy
E4A – Under volts
E4B – Power up problems
E4C – Over volts
E4E – Under volts after start
E4F – EEProm fault
E52 – Main control
E53 – Buffer error Internal software buffer error
E54 – No motor response
E57 – Checksum failure
E58 – Communication failure
E60 – Door lock switch failure
E61 – Door unlock switch failure
E62 – System contact failure
E63 – Unexpected open door
E64 – Unexpected open door while running
E65 – Water level sensor failure
E66 – Water temperature sensor open
E67 – Water temperature sensor shorted
E70 – Stuck key
E71 – Key fault Communication error

GE WSL Washing Machine Error Codes

IE – Water level sensor error
7E – Water supply error
E – Drain pump error
dE – Lid open error
UE – Unbalance switch error
OE – Water overflow error

Haier Washing Machine Error Codes

bLoC PunP – Water not draining out / No drain
no tAPS – Not filling up with water
Err1 – Washing machine door error detected = Not closed
Err2 – Water has not drained from the washer
Err3 – Detected washer temperature sensor error
Err4 – Washer heating element fail
Err5 – Water level not reached expected level
Err6 – Washing machine motor speed incorrect
Err7 – Motor speed error detected
Err8 – Washer has overfilled with water
ErLC – Door lock has failed
ErUL – Door lock failure
EUAr – Communication failure between display board and power board
Unb – Unbalanced wash load
PF – Voltage is less than 93 Volts AC
CLrF – Too much detergent suds

Hotpoint Washer Error Codes

F01 – Electronic circuit board fault
F02 – Motor circuit fault
F03 – Temperature sensing fault
F05 – Waste pipe blockage or pump issue
F06 – Door lock fault
F07 – Electronic circuit board fault / heating circuit fault
F08 – Heater fault
F09 – Software fault
F11 – Pump circuit fault
F12 – Electronic control fault
F13 – Dryer temperature sensing fault (washer dryers only)
F15 – Heater control fault (washing machines and washer dryers)
F16 – Drum lock position sensor fault (top loading machines only)
F18 – Internal data error
F19 – Fan motor or heating fault (washer dryers only)

Kenmore Oasis – Whirlpool Cabrio – Maytag Bravos Washer Error Codes

LF – Long Fill
Ld – Long Drain
uL – Unbalanced Load
oL – Overloaded
Sd – Suds Detection
id – Open or Close Lid
Po – Pump Out
HC – Hot and Cold reversed
dL – Lid Lock Failure
dU – Lid Unlock Failure
F1 – Pressure Signal Out-of-Range
F2 – Keypad Interface Failure
F40 – Thermistor Open
F41 – Motor RPS Thermistor Open
F42 – Heater in Unknown state
F43 – Heater is continuously On
F44 – Heater cannot be turned On
F50 – Motor Stalled
F51 – Motor RPS Failure
F52 – Motor Stop Failure
F53 – Motor Control Over temp
F54 – Motor Control Over current
F72 – Basket Re-engagement Failure

LG Front Loader Washing Machine Error Codes

IE – Water inlet error
UE – Unbalance error
OE – Drain error
FE – Over flow
PE – Pressure sensor error
dE – Door open error
CE – Oven current error
LE – Locked motor error
bE – Ball sensor error
EE – EEprom error
PF – Power failure
E1 – Leakage error

Maytag Front Loading Neptune Washer Error Codes

DO – Door Open
FL – Failed to lock
LO – Door failed to unlock
Lr – Locked Motor Rotor
ND – No Drain
NF – No Fill
OD – Opened Door
Sd – Suds lock
PF – Power failure

Samsung Front Load – Top Load Washer Error Codes

dc – Unbalanced load
dL – Door is not locked when washer is running
FL – Washer failed to lock the door
Hr – Water temperature control problem
LE – Washer tried to fill but has not reached correct water level
LO – Door will not unlock
E3 – Motor not running properly
nd – Washer is not draining
nF – Washer tried to fill
4E – Washer cannot fill with water
Sr – Problem with control
PF – Power failure
OE – Water level sensor
bE – Motor speed sensor
tE – Temperature sensor
3E – High current detected
2E – High/low voltage detected
5r – Problem with control
8E – Vibration sensor

Whirlpool AQ AW Model Washer Code Errors

FH – No Water Inlet
FA – Aquastop Failure
FP – Drain Failure
F5 – NTC Failure
F6 – Tachometer Failure
F7 – Triac Short Circuit detection
F8 – Heating Element, Open Circuit
F9 – Overflow Failure
F10 – Motor control unit (Thermal)
F11 – Communication failure
F12 – Heating Element Short Circuit
F13 – Dispenser Circuit Error
F14 – EEPROM Failure
F15 – Motor Control Unit Error
F16 – Control Failure (Control Unit)
F18 – Control Failure (Control Unit)
F20 – Control Failure (Control Unit)
F21 – Control Failure (User Board)
F22 – Control Failure (User Board)
FDL – Door Lock Error
FDU – Door Unlock Error

Whirlpool Cabrio Error Fault Codes

dL (F80, 82, 84, 85) = Door Lock Fail
DU (F83) = Door Unlock Fail
F1 (F60-68) = Primary Control Fail
F2 = Keypad User Interface Fail
F40 = ATC Thermistor Open Short
F41 = Motor RPS Thermistor Open Short
F42 = Heater Thermistor Open Short
F50 = Motor Stalled
F51 = Motor RPS Fail
F52 = Motor Stop Fail
F53 = Motor Control Over Temperature
F54 = Motor Control Over Current
F72 = Basket Re-engage Fail
HC = Hot and Cold Reversed
Ld (F32) = Long Drain Time
LF (F30) = Long Fill Time
Lid (F81) = Open or Close Door Lid
oL (F70) = Overloaded Tub
Po = Pump Out Lid Open
Sd (F71) = Excessive Suds Detect
uL = Unbalanced Wash Load

Need assistance with finding an error code for your washer? Ask your question below and we will be happy to assist.

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233 thoughts on “Washer Error Codes For Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines”

  1. Appliance Repair Assistant

    Can you give us the model number of your Mastertech washing machine?

    The E60 error code on a washing machine generally refers to a heating problem with the machine.
    However, since the inquiry is specific to a Mastertech washing machine, it is recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s manual for more detailed information on the error code as this washing machine brand is not in our database of error codes.

  2. Amber-Bree Petersen

    I have a Haier Toploader that has come up with the message,
    “Needs service.
    Error code 249”.
    Can anyone help please, I’ve fixed other errors/codes in the past but only once I’ve known what exactly needs fixing.
    Any info or advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers, Amber.

  3. Bethany Nicholas

    My Simpson washing machine is about 25 years old and has started not draining the water & coming up with error code FC – I have drained the water, taken pipe out and cleaned that out and drained water that way but it still shows the code.


    Singer washing machine model number SWMA612EGZ.
    It is showing the error E3 indication.
    Help me to rectify the fault of this front loading washing machine.

  5. My tenant Magic chef washer and dryer (MCSCWD27W5) stops before completing a cycle with the display message of E50. I checked the manual and couldn’t find it as an error code, what does this code mean and how can i resolve the issue.

  6. Johannes van Jaarsveld

    My defy automatic washing machine shows a E9 error code what seem to be the problem, we tested all the motors its runs

  7. I have a top load Admiral washing machine. It is giving the code F4 EO (Fill,Wash, Cycle complete & cycle complete). I am not finding this anywhere.

  8. How do I clear or reset the Lf code on my top loader Samsung washer? I disconnected the power source for a few minutes and started the load again. When I checked again after 10 minutes the machine had the Lf code. I read a post to open and close the door either 6 or 12 times to clear the code. Cdc an you help me please and thank you.

  9. Hi.. I have Terim front load washing machine… And it’s showing E5 error code… What does it mean? Thank you.

  10. Kathalia Habla

    Our American Home AWF-706WS washing machine indicate H2 and H1 code and draining the water all over.
    We can’t use it anymore what should we do?

  11. Hi
    My Samsung Washing machine model WF1702WEA is indicating very frequent ‘SUD’ code and stop its washing cycle,by disconnecting the maims power plug and plugging it back , sometimes the machine will proceed the cycle
    what should be replaced?
    Thank you

  12. I have a top loader Frigidaire model FFTW4120SW reading code E5?
    Checked level
    Checked hot water temperature.
    I’m not able to reset code :( please help

  13. I have an Electrolux EFLS617SIW0 front load washer with E5A error code. I replaced the pressure switch already.

    Any idea how to fix this???

    Much appreciated

  14. I have a Toshiba washing machine and it shows an error code of E5. What does this error code mean? Thanks.

  15. I have West point washing machine not working , shows some error led indication, could help about that .

  16. Hi

    I have fault code E 11 on a Whirlpool AWG 349/4. The machine starts filling with water and attempts to turn the drum. It makes a few attempts to turn and then it sounds like the heater element goes on as it sounds like it might be starting to heat the water but then the machine shuts down and displays fault E 11 and starts beeping.

  17. Alison Pollakoff

    I have a Midea USFC70-DS12DSH and it is displaying ERROR55 can any one tell me what that means I looked in my manual and it is not even listed. I was running a dryer cycle and it just stopped. I notice in the comments before that someone had asked about this but there was no reply.

  18. I have a Pinnacle 18-820 front load washer, starts to wash then stops, shows a Error code
    E5, what does this mean and how can I fix this,thank you.

  19. Hitachi S F H 800TPX wash machine 15 years of excellent operation, now receiving F P error towards end of cycle as though computer board not correct, If I did on/off and start pause button down together will it reset and end the problem. F9 is coming on after Deep 1 completes and changes to spin.

  20. I am using a Defy top loader washing machine, it does not spin and gives an error LE on display

  21. My Kenmore (Fridgidaire) front load washer won’t spin dry at the end of the cycle. I’ve cleaned to tub to pump hose, and I’ve ordered a door switch, but in doing a dignostic I get a P47 code, which I finally see it a “board thinks PTC switch is open”. How do I fix that? Should I cancel the door switch and order a board? Thank you!

  22. We have a Mabe top loader. Mabe is GE in Mexico. It blinks E1. Can anyone please help?

  23. KenmoreAST2 has been working, now after powered on, looks ok, wont start, then error code E2 and beeping. Help

  24. Sanjeev shrestha

    I have HiSense washing machine with front loader with XQG70-HE1014S.
    In the middle of washing every time the washing machine gives F1 error.
    I have to press play/pause button to resume.
    In the end around 15 minutes remain to finish washing, it gives again the f1 error code and after pressing play/pause button it doesn’t resume.

  25. Hi, I have a Defy Top Loader Model DTL115. Error code “LE’ appears just before machine starts to spin. Could you tell me what this error code is?

  26. My Maytag top loading machine does not show error codes. It would not spin. I went in line and found instructions. I tried resetting the machine several times. Now the sensor light is flashing. I get that to stop flashing then press start. The red lock light comes on the machine clicks then the red light goes off but the sensor light stays on and the machine will not wash.

  27. I have toshiba washing machine TW-Z9000R and now showing error code C21
    What means this code and how can remove that?

  28. Glenda & Kenneth Bradshaw

    What is error code 5E or SE for a Samsung front load washing machine?

  29. my washing machine is singer swma612egz one. the error says L:RC or L:A.C what’s that?

  30. DIY Project Help Tips

    Only the LG washers get the L error codes according to our database.
    Whirlpool washers get the F and E type of error codes.
    Please recheck the code.

  31. Whirlpool washing machine 360 degree 7.2kgs top load.
    I am getting a error LE.
    What does LE mean?

  32. I am using AMBER front loader washing machine it shows an error code E01 and E04 whenever i switch it on.

  33. Videocon Front load washing machine showing error code E12 – it says abnormal condition of water draining. Can you help to fix this issue.

  34. Have a Sanyo front load xqg60 and getting error code E904. Any ideas?
    Thanks John

  35. Anuska Marsdin

    Hi my stuttgart 1615 wasmachine is showing error F 07 what dus dat mean

  36. Charlene Coleman

    I have a Midea US-FC70-DS12DSH front loading washer/dryer combo with error code E55. What does that mean?

  37. My 10 year old top load Hitachi showing error code E1, and water will not drain out. Please help!

  38. I have a samsung front loader. It keeps dinging and has a capital backwards E and forwards E. I cant figure out what that means.

  39. DIY Project Help Tips

    For Toshiba Washing Machine error 4/7 or 7 4…
    Press all the WATER FLOW button, PRESET button, and RINSE button to reset it.


  40. I have Toshiba hydro twin power AW-1171UBB Washing machine.
    It is showing error 4/7 so what does it mean?
    Please tell me its solution?

  41. I have a very old LG front loader 5kg load.
    Was working perfectly fine.
    Did washing but the next day when I wanted to do a load it refused to start the cycle.
    All the lights start flashing.
    I have tried switching off, unplugging and pressing start pause button for 5- 10 seconds.

  42. Frigidaire front loading Washer E30 Error Code.
    I would like to know what needs to be replaced, I have some info about the drum overfill.

  43. Amabibi Ferdinand

    My LG 5kg direct drive front load washing machine refuse to start even though every button is working and there is power, I have tried everything except the door lock.

  44. Defy daw327 front loader washing machine.
    I get an error 63 and it won’t spin the drum to wash, it takes water and nothing else.

  45. My CROMA CRWA1105 shows error code E2. The washing machine stopped halfway with clothes and tub full of water in it.

  46. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you check further and see if it is built by Miele?
    Do you see the Miele Logo on the washer anywhere?

  47. DIY Project Help Tips

    So you are getting both the 46 and dl error code?

    The Cabrio dL Error code = Door Lid Is Not Able To Lock
    Check for anything keeping the door from closing.
    Press PAUSE/CANCEL once to clear the code.

    Is the Cabrio washer working, or are the errors codes showing and preventing it from running a wash cycle?
    Can you give us the model number of your Whirlpool Cabrio Washer?

  48. My Cabrio washer when i get to the error fault code the only one that appears is 46.
    I can’t find that code anywhere.
    When i try to start my washer the dl code appears but it is in fact locking.

  49. We have top loader washing machine ITALIAN CHOICE ARISTON MODEL: WTV 7F VN error shown “E2” but we don’t have manual.
    We don’t know the equivalent fault of this code.

  50. DIY Project Help Tips

    The error code E11 for Teco Washer TWM75FA is not in the database.
    You should contact TECO Service and ask them what the error code is as they do not seem to have any Troubleshooting manuals on their website.

  51. Error code for Teco twm75fa washing machine has error code E11. What is error code for?
    TECO Washing Machine Error Code E11?

  52. DIY Project Help Tips

    Your WA5471 Samsung washer may have a faulty board or sensor if you have to redistribute at 11 minutes and reset the spin when it reaches 15 minutes.
    The DC error means the load is not balanced.
    The BD34 or D34 error code is not in the database.
    Can you check again and be sure of the error code?

    Here is a list of error codes for your Samsung washer WA5471.
    Samsung Washer WA5471 Error Code List

  53. I have a top load Samsung washing machine WA5471, when in Spin mode it gets to 11 minutes with or without clothes in the washer, it says DC so I distribute the clothes, then it resets the spin cycle to 15 mins every time.
    What could be wrong? We get an error code that reads bd34? It looks like half of a “b” followed by d34.

  54. I’m getting a F5 reading on my Kenmore 600 series washing machine. I can hear the lid lock trying to unlock and it is already unlocked. What can I do?

  55. Hi I have a Midea front load washer that came up with E11 code have drained water out and check drain hoses were not block and adequate water intake. door is now still locked (help with clothes in it) and will not reset.

  56. DIY Project Help Tips

    The door switch assembly on your LG washer may be faulty.
    Is anything blocking the door?
    Check the wiring harnesses that go from the door switch to the control board and be sure they are secure.

  57. I have a Beko front loader and its showing an error code E 12. Can you please advise how I might be able to fix this issue.

  58. DIY Project Help Tips

    Toshiba Washing Machine Error Code E7-4 is a sensor error.
    This error can be fixed by resetting the washing machines control board.

    -Press the WATER FLOW, PRESET and RINSE buttons at the same time and hold for 5 seconds.
    -The lights on the control will come on or flash.
    -This means that the washer is in diagnostics mode.
    -Once the washer is in diagnostics mode, release the buttons and wait 5 seconds.
    -Press the cancel button or the power off button to reset the control board.
    -Once the washer is OFF, unplug it for 15 minutes.
    -Plug the washer back in after 15 minutes.
    -Test the washer to see if the board reset.

    If the washing machine works then you fixed the problem by resetting the control board.
    If the washer does not work and you continue to get the E7-4 error code, you need to check/replace the sensor or the main control board.

  59. I have a Toshiba washing machine and when i turn on the machine on screen shows Error code E7-4. Can you tell me how can I fix this?

  60. DIY Project Help Tips

    Donna Wood,
    Fisher and Paykel Front Load Washer SUDS LOC.
    Washing machine has detected = Too many suds.

    Machine will stop and flash “Sud LOC” for 10 minutes while waiting for suds to dissipate.
    The machine will not beep during this time.
    After 10 minutes the machine will automatically restart.
    At any point during that 10 minutes you can press START / PAUSE to restart the machine, but it is recommended that the machine be left to restart automatically.
    Check you are using a suitable detergent.
    Check you are not overdosing the detergent.
    Check the standpipe height for the drain does not exceed 1200 mm.

  61. or… how to reset it, hoping that might work too but can’t figure out how/where to reset it. The unit has an electronic display on the bottom of the dryer and I can’t find any obvious switches anywhere.

  62. I have a Maytag stackable washer/dryer and the washer just stopped working. The model number is LSE9904ACE, there is no manual available through the maytag site, only a parts list.
    It fills up with water but won’t agitate, spin or drain.
    When I unplug it then plug it back in it flashes a 1E (or IE maybe) error code. I can’t find much information (or the manual) online, any chance you can help? If it is the lid lock, any idea what part it is I need to order?

  63. Tom and Donna Murphy

    Have a Whirlpool cabrio has a code of 5d during the spin cycle. It seems everything slows down and the machine keeps adding water.

  64. DIY Project Help Tips

    Lee Ahamera,
    ASPIRA Washing Machine Error Code E3
    The ASPIRA washing machine does not spin. The display shows E3.
    Has the laundry been placed unevenly in the machine?
    Is the machine level?
    Redistribute the load evenly.
    Close the top lid.
    Level the machine.
    The machine will start 10 seconds after being levelled correctly.

    ASPIRA washing machine does not spin. The display shows E3.


  65. DIY Project Help Tips

    wayne st denis,
    Whirlpool front load washer Error code F21 identifies a DRAIN ISSUE.
    First try cleaning out the drain pump filter on the front bottom of the washer.
    Unscrew the cap and clean it out.
    This should fix the NO DRAIN issue on your Whirlpool Front Load Washer.
    If not, check the drain hose at back for bends or blockages.

  66. I have a 9 year old Whirlpool front load washer.
    Error code F 21 code shows up when washing halfway through.
    The code will not clear and the door is locked.
    It is a Whirlpool model wfw8500sr00.

  67. Hi,

    I have a Beko WTL 804 P Top Loader Washing Machine. It recently started displaying E1 error even though the connection to water supply is still intact. Right now, it doesn’t wash anymore as the E1 error is displayed every 1 minute. Please assist

  68. DIY Project Help Tips

    Maduka Michael Okongwu,
    DEFY Washing Machine E4 error code means that your tub is off balance.
    Turn the cycle off and then rearrange the clothes and try again.

  69. My kenmore 3.5 front loading machine pause/cancel lights flash and beep 9 times in a row /stop/ beep again 9 times/ stop , etc. and it won’t start. What is the error code for this? Is it fixable or time to get a new washer?

  70. I’m getting this same LC error on my whirlpool front loader. I tried pushing the button for 4 seconds, but it is still not working.

  71. DIY Project Help Tips

    Please recheck error code.
    Is it F43 or does it appear exactly as f0043?

  72. Sears, Kenmore – Elite, front load washing machine made by Samsung. Machine malfunctioned three days after the one year warranty expired. Issue appears to be with the spin cycle error code shows 8E have been unable to determine what that code means?

  73. My daughter has a top load Haier model #jw k42w. It keeps reading error message FA. Even after unplugging and the replugging. She purchased three months ago at a refurb shop. She lives in Japan and is primarily on her own.

  74. DIY Project Help Tips

    Deborah Evett,
    The error code is really D5 not DS… this is a common problem as the 5 looks like an S.
    D5 error code on a GE profile washer is a Lid Switch Error
    This indicates a lid switch malfunction.

    Troubleshooting a Lid Switch Error
    Fix the “D5” error by powering off the unit, wait 10 minutes then power it back on.
    If this does not fix the issue, remove and replace the lid switch.


  75. DIY Project Help Tips

    Mike Bullen,
    Bosch Maxx Classic Front Load Washer error code E3 means the door isn’t being registered as closed.
    This is normally due to a faulty door interlock switch or wiring issue.
    Check wiring and if needed, Change out door interlock switch.

  76. I have a BOSCH BMC model BTWM 451 washer and it constantly brings up error code E3. Can you tell me what fault this code points to?

  77. I keep getting an E3 error on my Midea washing machine. Do you know what this might be please.

  78. DIY Project Help Tips

    Please let us know the model number of your washer showing the 3 lines _ _ _ and we can assist.

  79. My washer quit working and on the screen just has three lines _ _ _ I don’t know what it means

  80. DIY Project Help Tips

    Roland Vitullo,
    The F3 and 2D error codes do not relate to the Samsung WF210 washing machine.
    Try doing a diagnostics quick test using the user manual for Samsung WF210 Washer here.
    Once the PDF user manual opens, scroll down (PAGE 4) to where you see the control panel display for your WF210 washer and below that are the instructions for diagnostic mode.
    Running through diagnostic mode will show you what may be the issue.

  81. Roland Vitullo

    I have a Samsung WF 210 washer with two codes showing. F3 and 2D. I can’t find them anywhere. It will not drain on its own.

  82. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you tell us exactly what is blinking and how many times it blinks?
    What is the model number of your Whirlpool 13kg top loader?

  83. DIY Project Help Tips

    Make sure your hot and cold water faucets are turned on.
    Both hot and cold water must be connected to the washer.
    The washer won’t work properly with only one incoming source of water.
    Make sure your drain hose isn’t kinked or clogged.
    Straighten the hose for adequate water flow.
    Remove any blockage from the drain hose, drainpipe or utility sink.
    Use the U-shaped hose form to secure the drain hose.

    Are your water inlet valve screens clogged?
    Turn off the water and remove the inlet hoses from the washer and check.
    Remove any accumulated film or particles.
    Reinstall the hoses, turn on water and check for leaks.

  84. Amana washing Machine will not fill. Tried to get error code but no luck, now fill light flashing… Have replaced Water control valve still will not fill…. Any ideas?

  85. My whirlpool 13kg top loader blinks, the pc board when plugged and it wont function.

  86. DIY Project Help Tips

    That error may mean a number of things… we believe the washer was made by Hoover.
    The error may mean… Motor jammed / Drum shaft jammed or tacho generator fault
    May be wiring, motor, drum shart, or board.
    Check all wiring to be sure all is secure, connected and not damaged.

  87. Telefunken washing machine is giving E 08 Error. What does it mean and how to repair?

  88. DIY Project Help Tips

    Midea TG 70-10703L E11 error code relates to a motor fault code. This can also mean an issue with the water coming into your washer. Recheck all wire harnesses for being loose or damaged.

    This video is for Hoover but may assist you in fixing your washer….
    How to fix Error Code Fault Code E11


  89. Thanks, the water pressure is fine and it actually E11 error that is showing and the model of my washing machine Midea TG 70-10703L. Please any tips on fixing it will much appreciated.

  90. DIY Project Help Tips

    For your Midea washing machine 7kg, the only close error code we can find is E1.
    Are you sure the error is E11?
    If it is E1… it means the water pressure coming into the washer is too low.

  91. Midea 7kg front loader washing is showing E11 error message, please any tips on how to fix this problem?

  92. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you give us the make and model number on your washer?

  93. DIY Project Help Tips

    What is the model number of your Konka washer? It is a Chinese brand and is not very reliable. Is this your Konka washer? Is it model number XQBK60-666?

  94. DIY Project Help Tips

    The washer “E11” error appears on the LCD screen of your Electrolux Washing machine:

    Press the “Start” button on the washer to stop the beeping.

    The “E11” error occurs when the washer takes too long to fill with water.
    After a set amount of time, the washer stops filling and will automatically drain if not enough water has been added.
    Locate the water faucets that go to the washer.
    Turn the faucets to open to supply the most water pressure into the washing machine.
    Check the hoses to see if they’re properly attached and there are no leaks behind the washer or with the connection.

  95. My washing machine name is Konka, it shows E4 error code and does not function. Please what do i do?

  96. DIY Project Help Tips

    Speed Queen Dryer with error code E 5H = The SH error is telling you there is a dead short in the temperature sensing circuit.
    For us to supply more info, we need the model number of your Speed Queen Dryer.

  97. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the error your getting just and “W” and then “F” or is there a number after it? Please supply us with the model number of your Maytag washer.

  98. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are you getting any error codes or flashing lights that may indicate the problem?
    Is the washer filling with water?

  99. I have a Maytag front load washer and dryer. Did a load of laundry and all was good. Went to do a load of hand wash delicate the machine started up then I got a beeping noise, then I got a W code and then a F code. It just sits there flashing the codes. What does this mean?

  100. DIY Project Help Tips

    Umeano Chinedu Peter,
    For us to find the error code and give you the right info to repair your Chinese Industrial Washer, please tell us if this is your china XQG-25F washer… Is that it? Let us know when the error happens by telling us at what stage you get the error code.

  101. DIY Project Help Tips

    Donna Markham,
    For an LC error code on a Whirlpool washer, press and hold the End of cycle signal button for 4 seconds to see if that resets the washer. Let us know if it worked.

  102. Help! Have a Whirlpool front-load washer. Getting error code “Lc”, and washer won’t start. Any ideas?

  103. Umeano Chinedu peter

    I have an automatic industrial washing machine with model number XGQ-25F and MADE IN CHINA. It says FAULT ALARM, #54 SYSTEM ERROR in the front panel, please can any one help me out of this problem?

  104. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check to be sure the drain hose on your TECO washer is not crimped or bent thus preventing water from exiting. Check that the drain pump is not jammed or obstructed in any way as this will cause the washer to not drain and the error code will occur.
    Do you get the error code once the washer attempts to drain?

  105. Got an E2 error code on TECO 6kg top load washer, model TWM60TA. It fills up, starts wash but won’t drain.

  106. DIY Project Help Tips

    E5 error code on some brands of washing machines could mean the water heater of the machine is bad, but on another brand it could mean that the debris filter is clogged… so check the machine for both as this error code is not in our database.

  107. DIY Project Help Tips

    Error code H11 is not in the Panasonic Washing Machine Error Code Database…. Try unplugging the washer for 5 minutes and see if it clears. If not let us know and we can go from there.

  108. DIY Project Help Tips

    Bobby Pennington,
    Whirlpool Cabrio SD error means that is is a SLOW DRAIN. Check drain pump, and drain hose.
    Whirlpool washer error code F5 E3 is a door unlock error.

  109. DIY Project Help Tips

    Catherine Herrera,
    The error code on Whirlpool washer NF means “no flow”. Check to be sure you have proper water pressure. Turn off the water vavles to the washer. Remove the hoses from the washer. Turn the water on and put one of the hoses inside a bucket to test water pressure. If you have good water pressure then check the water valve inlet screens. They are located on the water inlet valve where the water hoses connect. The screens prevent hard water from clogging the solenoid valve. You can visually inspect the water inlet screens if you remove the hoses. If they are not clogged you may have an isssue with the water inlet valves. Check with a meter and check they are not clogged as well.

  110. Catherine Herrera

    I have a front load whirlpool washer.. Sometimes nf error code pops up.. Not sure why. Can someone give me an ideal??

  111. Bobby Pennington

    Our whirlpool cardio washer won’t drain the code reads SD also have another that reads f5 and e3. I need help I can’t keep buying washers.

  112. DIY Project Help Tips

    Please supply us with the model number of your Maytag washer. What happens exactly when you get the LC error code? Does the lid lock? At what point in the wash cycle does the Lc error code happen?

  113. Maytag Alpha error code Lc is nowhere to be found. What does that mean? This is the first time that the washer has broken after two years. Funny, I had my old Maytag top loader for almost 20 years with never a problem.

  114. DIY Project Help Tips

    Garrie Whalen,
    The Hitachi washer code is F6 (not Fb)
    The database shows that it is either:
    A fault with the heater element. Replace the heater element.
    The door interlock switch is faulty.

  115. My Hitachi Model SF-80K top loading washer has ERROR CODE “Fd.” Recently lid won’t open after finish wash. Now no water inflow after clicks. Please help. American in Malaysia

  116. DIY Project Help Tips

    Bosch error code E is an error that means your main control board has failed if there is no number after it. Unplug the washer and see if that resets it. Make sure the door is unlocked. Plug the washer back in and see if the issue will reset. If it does not then your main control board is bad and needs replaced. (Remove the 3″ circular access panel in the lower right corner of the front panel on your washer to access the pull cable to manually unlock the door)

  117. Bosch front load washing machine ticking sound the last minute of cycle. The letter E came up and cannot open the door. What does this mean 500 series 9000464931

  118. Atlantis Gilmore

    Need help!!!! My Samsung front load code has been nd not draining. Okay I just replaced the pump and started a load I did normal cycle and it stopped on 33 then coded nd. What can I do.

  119. DIY Project Help Tips

    Power failed and it is letting you know…. reset it by pressing and hold the start or on button for a few seconds.

  120. I’m getting a pf standing for power failure on my Maytag Neptune front end loader washer how do I fix that

  121. Aspira TWLWP60 – Wont drain or spin . After the wash cycle , it just stops . Then after 2-3 mins ,E 1 comes up on the ” mins left ” window .

  122. I have a Kenmore top load but I don’t see the code im looking for, but it won’t spin on any of the cycles and does everything else. It also leaks from the bottom when the water is going in.

  123. DIY Project Help Tips

    Whirlpool Washer Error Code F6 E2 = COMMUNICATION ERROR UI TO CCU
    Communication between Central Control Unit (CCU) and User Interface (UI) has not been detected.
    Verify continuity in cable between CCU (UI7) and UI (C2).

  124. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are you sure the error code on your Amana washer is an upside down F with an E after it? If so that shows it MAY be a thermistor error. It is a temperature sensor and is located at the bottom front area of the tub. Check it to be sure it is not broken or has loose wires. Let us know what you find.

  125. I have a Samsung vrt washer that I’ve had for three years. It stopped working and is flashing EE (I think the first letter is an E because the top of it is cut off) with a little picture of a sand timer thing next to it. I don’t see the EEv code on your list. The motor hums when i turn it on but then the code starts flashing. Please help.

  126. Amana front load washer stopped mid cycle with a strange error code that I can’t find. It is an upside F followed by an E. Any thoughts?

  127. I have a problem of code error E5 in Imesa washing machine, and i got the details of error code that E5 stands for temperature sensor. Can anyone help me to get the of location of temperature sensor in Imesa washing machine ASEP 2000.

  128. DIY Project Help Tips

    Kim Middaugh,
    Most likely you are seeing the error code F06 not 106.
    Error code F06 on your Whirlpool duet washer means = Drive Motor Tachometer Error
    The control is unable to properly detect motor speed and the machine will shut down. If a failure occurs during high-speed spin, the door will be unlocked after 3 minutes.
    Check wire harness connections between the Drive Motor/Tachometer and the Motor Control Unit (MCU), and between the MCU and the Central Control Unit (CCU)
    1 – Check the Drive Motor
    2 – Check the MCU
    3 – Check the Wire Harness

  129. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sid Obregon,
    LG washing machine error codes are in a 2 letter format. Are you sure there is not another letter after or before the F error code?

  130. DIY Project Help Tips

    Linda Day,
    The first display indicates the units model designation. The second one you are seeing is the control board version. These numbers and letter combinations have nothing to do with error codes. Error codes are two digit combinations not 3, 4, or 5.
    There are no error codes for IF:A1 or IU:01. When you start the QC test be sure to listen for the lock engageing. If you do not hear it lock then that is the problem. Replacing the lid lock assembly will fix your problem.

  131. My LG washer 2487HWM gives me diagnostic codes IU:0I and IF:AI. Can you tell me what these mean?

  132. I have a LG washing machine model WF-T857. When I turn the power on it just displays F. Before this started happening, during washing, the machine would stop at rinse or spin cycle. The power continued but the machine would just hum and not do anything, I was turning it on and off until it started displaying the F sign. Any tips and recommendations please? Thank you.

  133. Thanks for the reply. I feel I have sufficiently checked the wiring harnesses and was thinking that the control board was the last culprit, but hoped for a bit of agreement before I drop the cash on the board. The resistance checks good on the leads to the stator, and at the motor connector at the control board, and from what I’ve read it seems the stator does not readily fail.

  134. DIY Project Help Tips

    The LE error code on your LG washer display indicates the motor is locked.
    Performing a reset on the washer may resolve the LE error.
    To reset the washing machine:
    -Press POWER to turn the washer off
    -Unplug the washer from the power outlet. If the outlet cannot be reached, turn the circuit breaker to the unit off.
    -With the power disabled to the washer, press and hold the START/PAUSE button for 5 seconds.
    -Plug the washer back in, or turn the circuit breaker back on.
    -The washer should now be reset and the LE code cleared.

    If you replaced the rotor and the hall sensor… try this reset procedure anyway, if this does not work the next indication of part to replace is the control board. Be sure all wire harnesses are connected secure before ordering a new board.

  135. Replaced rotor and hall sensor on LG WM2501HVA. Get LE error. Run self test protocol and it displays codes IF:A2 IU:02 and Id:02. Can’t find a source for what these codes are. Main control board bad maybe?

  136. DIY Project Help Tips

    Kenmore Washer LO error code = Door unlock error
    The door fails to unlock after 7 attempts.

    -Unplug the washer.
    -You will usually need to force the door open.
    -This often damages the door lock/switch assembly.
    -Replace the Door lock/switch assembly if it’s damaged or defective.


  137. Hello, my Whirlpool Duet (wfw9450wr00) washing machine is showing F01 error. We had power shortage, then when the power came back this error is showing up. I unplugged it, for 5, 10, 30 minutes it still giving me that error code. What should I do? Thank you,

  138. I have a Kenmore front load HE washer model #592-49356 that is showing me a code of Lo after a few seconds of the machine turned on. I was washing clothes and it stopped mid cycle and showed me a nd code so we did everything we had to and the code went away but then this Lo code came up. It is on warranty but there are no technicians in our area to work on it. Can you help?

  139. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check lid switch and motor, belt, all internal parts. If the drum leaks, then possibly a hose is not connected properly and a simple screwdriver to tighten the clamp will fix it.

  140. My Daewoo washing machine(up loading) Dwf-200ps-220) not spinning well and their is water under the drum.

  141. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is your washer filling with water?
    There are 2 codes for your Bosch washer and one of the FO2 errors means no water – no fill.
    Be sure the water is turned on, inlet hose is not kinked, the filter is not blocked on the inlet hose or water pressure is too low.

  142. My Bosch moxx advantage washer keeps stopping and giving me the F02 code which i think is for the heater time out. What does this mean and how do I rectify it, Thanks

  143. DIY Project Help Tips

    N. Jayakody,
    What is the model number of your Singer washing machine? You are getting an E3 error code on the screen? Please explain.

  144. DIY Project Help Tips

    The 05 error code on your Kenmore washer means you have a water temperature error. Consult your manual to check the sensor for proper operation or a loose wire harness.

  145. I have a Kenmore washing machine HE, it shows error 05 when machine starts. Water is on and start the motor just one round and it shows F05 code.

  146. DIY Project Help Tips

    If your Whirlpool washing machine is showing the F1 error code this means the control board isn’t fully able to communicate with the motor. Can you give us the model number of your Whirlpool washer so we can help further?

  147. Whirlpool washing machine Flt sports model. Problem is When Machine starts only spin, water is going out, drum is not rotating. Getting error code F1.

  148. DIY Project Help Tips

    We believe the error code E3 for your Scanfrost washer means a drain pump / motor issue. You need to be sure the drain pump is clear of debris, clean out filter if applicable, and make sure the drain hose is not clogged or bent. Check all the above and get to us if the problem persists.

  149. E3 error code flashing on my Scanfrost washing machine SFWMTL19. Please could you help? It washes for a while and then stops, displaying E3.

  150. DIY Project Help Tips

    Christina Murray,
    Can you give us the model number of your Whirlpool washer? Different model numbers can mean different errors. Let us know and we can assist from there. Please also tell us at what point does your Whirlpool washer flash Fill and Wash then Spin and Done.

  151. Christina murray

    I can’t figure out how to read a fault error code for my Whirlpool washer. It is flashing Fill and Wash then Spin and Done. What would this fault code be? Please help!

  152. DIY Project Help Tips

    If your Samsung washer is plugged in and no lights come on, have you made sure the breaker for the washer is turned on? Make sure it is on. If so, and the washer will not power on, let us know and we can assist further. As far as we know, there is no “pulse” button on a Samsung washer.

  153. DIY Project Help Tips

    The E2 and F2 error codes for the Kenmore Ultra Wash indicates a drain issue. Unplug the washer and try to do a reset. Unplug for 10 minutes and plug back in to see if it will clear the error codes. Check that the washer is able to drain properly by checking the drain hose and the drain pump. Be sure the drain hose is not bent or crimped. If your washer has a front drain filter, make sure you clean it out and be sure it is installed correctly. The drain pump may also be blocked from an object getting stuck in it. Check all the above and if your issue does not go away, let us know and we can assist further.

  154. I have a 2 month old Kenmore Ultra Wash Model #665.1347 that is flashing error code E2 and F2 back and forth. None of the buttons on the control pad work. Can you please let me know what this means and how I can fix it?

  155. My Samsung front load washer is plugged in but no buttons work or light up, I heard I had to push the “pulse” button but am unable to locate it.

  156. DIY Project Help Tips

    Mrs Fritz,
    Bosch Washer F61 error code is a door lock malfunction. Unplug the washer and open the door and there you will see the door lock hole. Slide a screwdriver into the gap and wiggle it from side to side in case the door switch is stuck. Plug the washer back in and retry the washer. If still the same issue then the door lock is bad or the control board is bad.

  157. I have a Bosch Washer Logixx 8 Varioperfect It is coming up with an Error code E61. It is flashing and beeping three times every minute or so. I am unable to open the door at all even after trying to switch off at the main.

  158. DIY Project Help Tips

    Charles Harris,
    From the database we are using, the error code E5 on your washer means there is a malfunction with the motor. (You may want to consult your users manual to be sure the error code we have supplied is correct.) Have a look at the motor and be sure the connections are tight and test to see if it is getting power. Let us know what you find and we can assist further.

  159. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you please give us the model number of your LG washer once again so we can research your error? Also tell us exactly what the washer is doing at the time of the error?

  160. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are you sure the error code showing up on your LG washer is Error “Lr” and not “LE”?

  161. DIY Project Help Tips

    Was the error code on your Samsung LF or FL? LF is not common but means LONG FILL. This may mean that you have a clogged water hose inlet screens or an issue with the water inlet valve. See this page for more help. Washer fills slowly.

  162. My Samsung front load washer shows LF error code after 7 minutes on normal cycle. I changed to rapid wash with a 30 minute cycle and it worked okay. The normal cycle is 59 minutes. Any suggestions?

  163. DIY Project Help Tips

    John Gilbertson,
    Kenmore washer Error code E21 means long drain time error. If the washer is not draining properly check the drain hose for kinks or clogs. Make sure that the washer drain is not clogged or restricted. Check the installation of the drain hose. You may need to check the actual drain pump for clogs if the hose is not clogged.

  164. DIY Project Help Tips

    Most likely your door switch is faulty or the wiring harness is not attached properly. You will need to check the wiring by opening the machine up. Remember to remove power first. If you find all the wiring secure and in place, then test the door switch with a meter to see if it is bad.

  165. My Samsung washing machine has an error code DE door not close. The door is closed and nothing is in the way. It closes perfectly fine it’s not full. Any suggestions please?

  166. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you supply us with your IMESA washer COMPLETE model number? Also be sure error code is not PL S and not PL 5. What is exact error code?

  167. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have an issue with the drain hose, drain pump, or an electrical issue. Unplug the washer and look at the drain pump and hose to be sure it is not clogged. Also, if there is a filter, clean it out.

  168. Busari Olanrewaju

    Scanfrost washing machine is not draining and need to know what went wrong with the machine. This is the first time of using it.

  169. DIY Project Help Tips

    This PE error code means the control board is not detecting that the clutch motor is working properly. The problem may be in the wiring. You will need to take the panel off, access the inside of the washer and check all wiring harnesses to be sure they are secure. If all wiring is secure, you will need multimeter to check the ohms and continuity.

  170. I have a samsung top load washer. I am getting a PE error code.. Is there anything i can do my self to fix it..

  171. I followed your recommendations step by step, when the panel board came back to life and error code started blinking I pressed on the power button to reset nothing happened. Unplugged the washer and the humming noise started again.
    So I did the 3 buttons 3 times again waited 10 mins. Humming noise stopped and when the error codes started to blink, I pressed the 3 buttons 3 times and machine is back to normal.
    Regarding the warranty, my wife bought the washer in L.A. and had it shipped all the way to the Marshall Isles so I don’t think the warranty would’ve worked all the way out here.
    Thank you so very much for your help in getting our life back to normal and now with clean clothes.
    Thank you again,

  172. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try and press the “Drain and Spin” button on the washer’s panel to try and unlock the machine. This may drain any water that could cause the machine to remain locked. Once the “Drain and Spin” cycle completes, the door should unlock.
    Pull down on the bottom panel and pull it away from the washer. Reach through the open panel and up to the door lock. There is a release pull ring there. Find the release ring below the locking mechanism. Pull down on the ring to unlock the door.

  173. I started my whirlpool duet steam washer without turning on the water. The washer door is locked. I unplugged the washer and tried to start again with water on. Nothing happened but a humming sound. The washer door is still locked. There is no cancel/pause button on the washer. F8 E1 showed on display. What can i do to get machine going again?

  174. DIY Project Help Tips

    First of all if it is new, isn’t it under warranty from Whirlpool?
    Push “Wash Temp”, “Spin”, “Soil” three times in a row. The control panel MAY come back to life again. The error code will be cleared and you should have a working washing machine.
    To clarify a little better, push “wash temp”, then “spin” then “soil”. Do this three times. You may have to wait 10 minutes for the drain pump to stop before you can clear the code and get the machine working again.
    You made sure both hot water and cold water is on and flowing into machine, correct? If none of this works you may have an issue with the water inlet solenoids. Let us know what happens.

  175. Gregory Roberto

    Brand New Whirlpool Duet Front Loading washer model wfw72hedw
    F8 followed by E1 code displayed but water supply okay. No clogs or kinks and water pressure is normal.
    Did the solution on the trouble shooting but still not working.

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