Midea 700 Series Front Loading Washing Machine Troubleshooting and Error Codes

Midea front load washer getting an error code? Need help troubleshooting your washing machine? Below we have the common error codes for Midea front load washers. There are multiple Midea front load washers with different model numbers, so be sure to check your model number. Most error codes on Midea front load washers are the same. Top loading Midea washers will have different error codes and different troubleshooting methods.

Midea Front Loading Washing Machine Error Codes and TroubleshootingMidea Front Loading Washing Machine Error Codes and Troubleshooting

There are also drain filter instructions, LCD screen operation, and detergent compartment maintenance. Use the error code and troubleshooting guide below to assist you in repairing your broken Midea washer.

MIDEA MF700S front load washer error codes chartMIDEA front load washer error codes chart

Midea Front Load Washer Error Code: E10
ERROR CODE DEFINITION: Inlet water overtime (taking too long to fill).
ERROR CODE SOLUTION: Open the water tap, check if the inlet hose is kinked, check for a blocked or clogged filter in the inlet valve, check if the water pressure is too low.

Midea Front Load Washer Error Code: E21
ERROR CODE DEFINITION: Washer is taking too long to drain.
ERROR CODE SOLUTION: Be sure the drain pump is not blocked, clogged or jammed.

Midea Front Load Washer Error Code: E30
ERROR CODE DEFINITION: The washer door has not been closed.
ERROR CODE SOLUTION: Check if the door of the Washing machine is completely closed, check if clothing is jammed in the door.

Midea Front Load Washer Error Code: E50
ERROR CODE SOLUTION: E50 means other possible multiple errors, it it recommended to call for service.

Troubleshooting Midea Front Load Washing Machine:

MIDEA MF700S Front Loading washer troubleshootingMIDEA MF700S Front Loading washer troubleshooting

MIDEA Washing Machine PROBLEM: Washing machine cannot start up.
REPAIR SOLUTION: Check if the door is closed tightly and secure.
Check to be sure power plug is connected properly.
Check to be sure water supply tap is open.
Check to be sure “Start/Pause” button is pressed.
Check to be sure “Power” button is pressed.
Check wire harnesses for secure connections.

MIDEA Washing Machine PROBLEM: Washer door cannot be opened.
POSSIBLE REASON: Washer safety protection is keeping door locked.
REPAIR SOLUTION: Disconnect the power to reset the control board.

MIDEA Washing Machine PROBLEM: Heating fault.
POSSIBLE REASON: NTC is damaged and heating pipe is cracked or damaged.
REPAIR SOLUTION: Can normally wash the clothes but cannot wash with heating. Check heating wiring and components.

MIDEA Washing Machine PROBLEM: Water leakage.
POSSIBLE REASON: The connection between inlet pipe or outlet hose and tap to washing machine is loose. Drain pipe is blocked.
REPAIR SOLUTION: Check and retighten water connections on pipes. Clean outlet hose.

MIDEA Washing Machine PROBLEM: Water is overflowed from the bottom of the machine.
POSSIBLE REASON: The inlet pipe is not connected firmly. Outlet hose has water leakage.
REPAIR SOLUTION: Repair the inlet pipe. Replace the drain hose.

MIDEA Washing Machine PROBLEM: Indicator or display does not light.
POSSIBLE REASON: Power is disconnected. PC board has problems. Wiring harness is not connected properly.
REPAIR SOLUTION: Check if the power is shut down and power plug is connected. PC board may be faulty.

MIDEA Washing Machine PROBLEM: Washer leaves behind residue
POSSIBLE REASON: Washing powder is wet or incorrect detergent.
REPAIR SOLUTION: Clean out and wipe the dispenser and inner drum. Use liquid detergents or the detergents designed for the washer.

MIDEA Washing Machine PROBLEM: Washed clothes are not clean.
POSSIBLE REASON: The clothes are too dirty. Not enough detergent.
REPAIR SOLUTION: Select the proper wash. Add the proper amount of detergent according to the detergent package.

MIDEA Washing Machine PROBLEM: Abnormal noise and or vibration.
Be sure the shipping bolts have been removed. Be sure the washer is installed on a level floor.
REPAIR SOLUTION: Check if there are any metal articles inside washer. Check if the legs on the washing machine are adjusted and level.

MIDEA MF700S front load washer drain pump filter instructionsMIDEA MF700S front load washer drain pump filter instructions


1. Disconnect the appliance from power.
2. If necessary wait until the water has cooled down.
3. Open the service panel. Place a container close to collect any spillage.
4. When no more water comes out, unscrew the pump cover and remove it.
5. Remove any objects from the pump impeller by rotating it.
6. Screw the pump cover back in.
7. Close the service panel.
Never remove the pump cover during a wash cycle, always wait until the appliance has finished the cycle, and is empty.

MIDEA MF700S front load washing machine overview partsMIDEA MF700S front load washing machine overview parts

MIDEA MF700S front load washer LCD screen operationMIDEA MF700S front load washer LCD screen operation

MIDEA MF700S front load washer maintain detergent compartmentMIDEA MF700S front load washer maintain detergent compartment

Midea Washing Machine Error Codes Chart

Looking for the users manual for your Midea Front Load Washer? Click below for the user manual.

Midea 700 Front Loading Washing Machine User Manual in PDF

Have questions about your Midea front load washing machine? Please lave your question with the model number below and we can help.

19 thoughts on “Midea 700 Series Front Loading Washing Machine Troubleshooting and Error Codes”

  1. My Madea top load washer will not drain. This has happened before and we cleaned out the filter, which looked clean before rinsing it! This time, that is not working…. help!

  2. My midea washer show Fd code only had about 2 months washed about 6 small loads of clothes ..the lock will not let me shut the top down.

  3. I have the exact same problem. Following for error E50 code fix. They are sending a technician to change out the motor.

  4. We have purchased two Midea front loading washing machines from Lowe’s in June and October 2020. After two months of use, both displayed E-50 codes. The one purchased in June, the motherboard was replaced but in October it displayed the same code. The warranty company replaced it but the new washing machine is doing the same thing. Anyone else having same issues?

  5. My midea front loading combo
    Model: us_fc70_ds12dsh keeps putting a code e3a and it is drying my clothes
    I’ve only had the unit for a week

  6. Washer says ESO or E5O possibly. The washer starts up fine; then later in the cycle, it stops the Cycle and display says ESO(E50?). I tried unplugging it. I checked drain hose, and it seems to be draining fine? I removed the wet clothes, and tried running it empty, but it did the same thing. I tried dumping hot water in the soap tray to clear out any possible detergent buildup (although, there is no visible build up). What can I do next? Is there a reset button or something like that? I have a :Midea 5.2-cu ft High Efficiency Stackable Steam Cycle Front-Load Washer (Graphite Silver) ENERGY STAR Model #MLH52S7AGS – that I purchased 2 months ago from Lowe’s.

  7. My washer – MIDEA MF S80-ES-1007 is creating a problem, it starts and then stop and beeps.
    Mechanic says its motherboard is faulty.
    Please let me know from where the panel is available and the price?

  8. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Salvador Lechuga,
    Midea Washing Machine: Error Code E2 = Draining error
    Clean the drain pump filter and check the drain hose at back. If you have a crimped drain hose, the washer will not drain and show the error code.
    1. Check pump filter
    2. Uncrimp drain hose
    3. Does drain hose have a clog

    Let us know what you find.

  9. Salvador Lechuga

    I am receiving an E2 error code when my Midea washer starts to Drain and Spin. Therefore my washer stops and leaves a bunch of water in my washer. I cannot get passed this, how do I fix it?

  10. Where do i find the filter for the dryer part, drain hose is unblocked but still says E12 an after drying clothes they smell funny

  11. When I start washing the water is filling after water filled they drain it automatically without wash. So what should I do!

  12. Midea washer error code E 64. Door won’t open. Unplugged power checked later still stuck. Any easy way to open.

  13. I have a Midea MFA50-8313E washing machine and every time I wash the clothes it appears on the screen E7 and it makes the noise of the error.
    Sometimes there is an E 8 but most of the times it s E7.

  14. My washing is not working and error code appeared is E11 but is not included in owners manual. What is cause of this error and what is possible remedy for this error?

  15. My brand new Midea MG80-1213EDS front loader washer brings an E10 error every 6 minutes even after checking and putting on a very good water source. What is the problem?

  16. MIDEA MFS60-ES1007 Front Load Washer buttons does not work when pressed once, but is working when pressed once simultaneously, I don’t know how to put back the tone. Appreciate if you have a copy of the manual because I lost it. Thanks.

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