Midea Top Loading Washing Machine Troubleshooting and Error Codes

Midea top load washer getting an error code? Need help troubleshooting your washing machine? Below we have the common error codes for Midea top load washers. There are multiple Midea top load washers with different model numbers, so be sure to check your model number. Most error codes on Midea top load washers are the same. Some top loading Midea washers will have different error codes and different troubleshooting methods. If you need error codes for Midea front load washers you will find it here.

Midea Top Loading Washing Machine Troubleshooting and Error CodesMidea Top Loading Washing Machine Troubleshooting and Error Codes

We also have the operation panel identification chart and what the buttons functions are and a washer parts identification chart.
Use the error code and troubleshooting guide below to assist you in repairing your broken Midea top load washer.

MIDEA top load washer error codes chartMIDEA top load washer error codes chart

Midea Top Load Washer Error Code: F0
ERROR CODE SOLUTION: Turn off power, wait 5 minutes, turn on power and start washer again.

Midea Top Load Washer Error Code: F2
ERROR CODE SOLUTION: It needs a Repair. Replace Control Board.

Midea Top Load Washer Error Code: E1
ERROR CODE DEFINITION: Not enough water pressure.
ERROR CODE SOLUTION: Make sure to turn on water tap, or increase water flow to washer.

Midea Top Load Washer Error Code: E2
ERROR CODE DEFINITION: Draining not finished correctly.
ERROR CODE SOLUTION: Check drain hose, and clear if required.

Midea Top Load Washer Error Code: E3
ERROR CODE SOLUTION: Close lid before it begins to spin.

Midea Top Load Washer Error Code: E4
ERROR CODE DEFINITION: Clothing load is out of balance.
ERROR CODE SOLUTION: Move clothes around in drum to balance the machine.

Midea Top Load Washer Error Code: F8
ERROR CODE DEFINITION: Water level sensor failed.
ERROR CODE SOLUTION: Remove and replace water level sensor.

Midea Top Load Washer Error Code: HU
ERROR CODE DEFINITION: Power Voltage Protection error.
ERROR CODE SOLUTION: Check power incoming to washer.

MIDEA top load washer faults and troubleshootingMIDEA top load washer faults and troubleshooting

List of faults and inspection (Midea top load washer):

MIDEA Top Loading Washing Machine PROBLEM: No water flows in
REPAIR or CHECK: If the power is off or the fuse is burned out.
If the water supply is cut off or the water pressure is too low.
If the inlet hose is properly connected and the water tap is opened.
If the filtering screen of inlet valve is blocked by dirt.
If the coil of inlet valve is damaged. (The slight electromagnetic sound is normal phenomenon when the inlet valve is switched on)
If the “Start / Pause” button is pressed after the power switch is pressed.

MIDEA Top Loading Washing Machine PROBLEM: Washer will not wash
REPAIR or CHECK: If the power is off or the fuse is burned out.
If the power supply voltage is too low.
If the water amount reaches to the required water level. (The washer will not work if the water amount does not reach the required water level)
If it is set to “Delay” washing mode. (It will only start to work until the reservation time reached)

MIDEA Top Loading Washing Machine PROBLEM: Washer will not drain
REPAIR or CHECK: If the water drain hose is placed very high.
If the end of water drain hose is sealed in pond.
If the internal rubber ring of drain valve is blocked by dirt.

MIDEA Top Loading Washing Machine PROBLEM: Abnormal spinning
REPAIR or CHECK: If the door lid is closed.
If all clothing piled largely at one side of barrel or the clothing is excessively placed.
If the washer is not placed in stable condition or it is placed in inclination state. (The ground is not flat).
If the motor belt is loose.

IMPORTANT: During the spin process, if clothing is piled up at one side of the spin barrel, it will cause unbalance of spin barrel resulting in striking. At this moment, the computer inside the washer will feel this unbalance phenomenon and will automatically correct it (fill in water Washing). However, if unbalance situation is not removed after continuous three corrections, which means the computer auto-correction can not resolve the problem. Then the user has to manually and evenly place the clothing inside the barrel to solve the problem.

MIDEA top load washer parts identificationMIDEA top load washer parts identification

MIDEA top load washing machine panel operationMIDEA top load washing machine panel operation

Need the users manual for your Midea top load washer? See below.

Midea 700 Top Load Washing Machine User Manual in PDF

If you have questions about your top loading Midea MT700W washing machine, please leave a comment below and we will be happy to assist.

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51 thoughts on “Midea Top Loading Washing Machine Troubleshooting and Error Codes”

  1. My washer will fill, wash, and drain but then as soon as it starts to spin the washer timer will jump up a few minutes and it will start to fill with water again.

  2. My midea is less than 2 months old and already having problems. It does everything its supposed to except spin. It acts like it wants to spin and then stops like something is jammed in it.

  3. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Mareta William,
    Midea 5kg top loader washing machine error E3 = Alarm for lid not closed before wash and spin.
    Solution: To stop the alarm, open the lid. Close the lid once the issue has been remedied and resume the wash program. If problems persist, there is most likely an issue with the lid switch or door switch.
    See manual for Midea washers here

  4. Mareta William

    I have a Midea 5kg top loader washing machine. The lid is closed but the error E3 alarm still comes on. How do I fix it??

  5. My 8kg Top Loader – FP-90LTL090GETM-N is about 4 years old, and it’s had a problem with water getting into the control panel usually when you wash a mattress protector that’s been soaking, and you wring it out but still very wet.
    It keeps working then, but maybe not next time. I usually remove the front panel, dry out the board, use WD-40 and it works.
    I previously drilled some holes in the plastic tray below to help any water escape. This time, no mattress protector to wet it, no error codes, just refuses to turn on. My friend looked at it, checked the board with a multimeter, thought that all the plugs were good, probably the main power button, and advised that I replace the board.
    I purchased the correct board from Lazada, installed it very easily as the plugs are color coded, but still won’t turn on. I’ve double checked the power outlet several times, the jetmatic works on both outlets, but not the washing machine.
    I opened the rear inspection panel finally to check that everything was in place, connected etc, but I found that the wire loom that runs up to the top of the machine, and to the panel, has about 11 wires in it, but only one thick brown wire continues to the panel, the others look like they’ve been cut, but I can’t imagine what would cause that.
    Is that the way it is? Any ideas? I have a photo of the broken wires but can’t include it here. Any help would be appreciated as no washing machine for 6 weeks now and no clean clothes left :)
    Thank you.

  6. Washer displayed error code E1 and tons of water had flooded the basement. The machine was filled to the top with water. The incoming water is fine. Machine is only a couple months old. It’s in the basement so i didn’t hear or see anything except the flood when i went down to transfer to dryer. What could be the problem?

  7. My top load Midea is brand new. My water intake is fine…but it seems to never stop. Running during spin cycle leaving the laundry dripping wet. I need help with this please..this washing machine wasn’t cheap

  8. My top load washer digital machine will not put enough water to cover my clothes and agitates my clothes before any water is int the tub. What is going on?

  9. Were you able to fix your washer? I just got my washer and it’s doing a same thing. Quick and hand wash is working and other cycles are not working at all.

  10. My Midea washing machine 12kg suddenly started projecting e3 error code but the lid is okay; it is not broken or shifted. How do we fix this?

  11. I have same prob my Midea is keep showing E3 even i jumper already the bump switch. Before i shorted the door switch but same prob occurs. So i put back the door switch. Since bump switch is broken already is shorted it. Temporary i shorted in order to use my midea. It will stop when i reach 7min.

  12. My midea FP-90LTL060GETL-N dont spin, does not intake water and drain automatically during washing (3 movements times only)

  13. Windie Fulugan

    For Midea 6.5 Top Load One touch.
    The problem in this washing machine, its noise is alarming usually during:
    1. Water comes in the washing machine
    2. Before spinning/drier
    3. Water during drain didn’t drain easily.
    What would be the solution?

  14. Bobbie Jo Anderson

    I have a top load washer digital machine and I set it up and it will not put enough water in it to cover my clothes and it agitates my clothes before any water is in the tub what is going on with my washer

  15. I just bought my top loading washer model #MLV45N1BWW, it will not fill up with water on any other wash cycle except Quick Wash. I know this is not normal, why is this?

  16. My midea FP-90LTL085GETM-N1 have error code of E3 even the top lid already close.
    The operation will stop or interrupt . What will i do in this problem. Thanks for those who can help me.

  17. Carla Rica A Adeva

    Our Midea Top Load keeps on appearing E2 three times. The cycle is stoping after wash then after rinse lastly after spin. I understand the last part because its already done. But why is it still appearing the E2 code even if its almost done. Hope to hear from your soon and I hope you can help as soon as possible. Thank you.

  18. Midea washing machine problem, it displays E2 error. Error code E2 keeps coming up. I have cleared the drainage pipe. Still same issue. How do I clean or check the drain pump?

  19. Washer MFW-855M, the problem is water intake but flowing out thru drainage. Such as come and go. What the problem?

  20. My midea washing machine was not be soak and wash.Only Rinse and Spin,so please help me operation procedure and recommend .

  21. winkie malala

    please I only use need a service manual to reset errors and to check everything manually, PLEASE, if you can help me. thanks and God bless.midea mad160s2801 washer top load (washing machine model )

  22. I have a brand new week old (only used it three times) Midea Front loading all-in one combo washer dryer.
    Today is leaked out of the dispenser draw and it will not drain the washing is still soaking wet, i have put it on spin four times and washing is still soaking wet.
    I have moved the drain pipe lower, i have turned the cold water inlet down so there is let water pressure and i have emptied the drain (thingy) at the bottom and the flooding that came out of that.
    I have ensured all travel bolts were out before using and its on level ground
    What is wrong with my brand new machine?

  23. Michelle Stacy

    This is a brand new washer, only been used 2xs. I don’t see how the sensor could need replaced already. It is showing error code F8

  24. My Midea Washing machine cannot control the water coming in. As soon as it is turned on, water comes in immediately. Can anyone help me with this please?

  25. My midea washing machine model mea120 will not wash and the power panel keeps blinking. Any help how fix this problem.

  26. Mar 30 -P0501GP Is in the drain mode all the time the water goes in it comes right out the drain pipe what is the problem

  27. The spinning of my midea FP-90LTL090GETM-N 8kg is not working. It drains the water but the spinning operation didn’t work. Until the machine will error. Please help.

  28. Brittany Tolliday

    My Midea MB45 fills up with water but does not complete the wash cycle. The wash cycle starts then the machine stops washing – wash for about one to two minuets. It does not move on to the next cycle unless I manually go through the functions and select the rinse and spin.

  29. Midea Washing Machine not spinning to dry the cloth, it is washing, but when it come to drying not spinning, what is wrong?? please help
    model: MAC160-S2002GPS/FM

  30. Shabeeb Mohamed

    Dear ,

    Midea washing machine bought before 3 days , when continuing the washing ,it’s getting stop with showing E4 error and not complete the dry .

  31. The washer is constantly on drain mode, as soon as we set to wash and the water comes in the drum, the water just automatically drains. How do we fix it?

  32. Unplug the washing machine before working on it. Did you clean the side lint filter? Did you remove the water pump and check it for broken parts and clogs. The back and bottom come off easy. There is a one screw bottom drain.
    Remove the hoses with a pair of channel locks by pinching the clamp tips together and twisting. The drain hose comes off easily. Slowly tilt the machine to let the water drain out.

  33. Error code E2 keeps coming up. I have cleared the drainage pipe. Still same issue. How do I clean or check the drain pump?

  34. Melissa miller

    Everything is fine.
    How can I Reboot the panel from the previous setting and e2 code?
    I left it unplugged overnight with no change. Is there a secret reset button?

  35. Melissa miller

    I have a E2 Code and it will not clear. I have unplugged overnight and it remains stuck in the same settings with code as when it appeared and stopped washing. I did move the washer when it was running but I don’t know where it was in the cycle. I have taken the wet laundry out and water. I removed the hose and it’s clear. I don’t think there’s a mechanical issue at this point if I could clear the panel

  36. My midea portable washer keeps saying e2 I checked and cleared all drains and hoses but it still shows e2 what do I do now please help

  37. My Midea washing machine play/pause button is not working.
    I checked all water supply and everything is fine but play button is not working.

  38. My Midea Top Load automatic washing machine keeps on making E2 error. I clean the drain outlet and hose well but still on making E2 error. I just bought this 4 months ago.

  39. DIY Project Help Tips

    Durotimi oye,
    Have you made sure the water supply valves are fully OPEN.
    Take the water supply hoses OFF of the Washer and test the water flow into a bucket.
    If good, then the issue is with the WATER INLET VALVE on your Midea Washer.
    Check the water inlet valve to be sure it is not clogged or blocked and therefore not letting in water at the proper pressure.

  40. My Midea mae 80 washing machine has very low pressure flowing into the machine, I have blown into the hose to try and clear any blockages, the water pressure is ok for a few minutes but then the pressure drops again, kindly assist.

  41. DIY Project Help Tips

    Midea Washing Machine E2 B Error = Draining has not finished correctly.
    What to check?
    Check drain hose and drain pump to be sure they are not clogged and clear if needed.

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