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Amana Washing Machine Error Codes

Here is information that will assist you in identifying what may be making your Amana washer display an error code. Identifying what the error or fault code is will help you to repair your washer. The Amana specific error fault codes below are to give you an idea as to what part is at fault. You may have to do further troubleshooting to find what may be causing the fault for that specific part. First try the solutions suggested here or visit www.amana.com/help for assistance and to possibly avoid a service call.

Amana Washing Machine Error Codes

Amana Washing Machine Error/Fault Codes – Probable Fault Identifiers

(Excess suds)

F8 followed by E1
(water supply error)

F9 followed by E1
(drain pump system error)

F5 followed by E2
(door will not lock)

F7 followed by E1
(motor drive error)

(remove load)

Washer making error beeps
Door has not been opened and closed for at least 3 cycles

Washer beeps when HOLD TO START is touched
Door not closed

F# E# code other than as described above appears in display
System Code Error

“nt” (interrupted)
Cycle was paused or cancelled

Clean Washer LED flashing at end of wash cycle
The washer has run 30 wash cycles and is indicating a reminder to run the Clean Washer cycle

If your Amana Washing Machine Error Code is not listed here, check
Google or YouTube to find the exact error code your Amana is displaying.

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Here are error codes for Amana, Asko, Beko, Bosch, Daewoo, Fisher & Paykel, Frigidaire,
GE, Haier, Hotpoint, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Samsung, and Whirlpool washers.
Here are Washing Machine Error Codes For All Washing Machines.

Need assistance with finding an error code for your washer?
Ask your question below and we will be happy to assist.

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24 thoughts on “Amana Washing Machine Error Codes”

  1. When I run my diagnostic on my Amana, I am getting a F12E1 code.

    Sensing Fill / Wash and Complete Flash when in diagnostic mode.

  2. DIY Repair Help Tips

    Chassidy Hubbard,
    Are you getting the error code f6 e3 on an Amana washing machine, Amana dishwasher, or an Amana Oven?

    We have researched and found that the error code F6E3 on a washing machine = Communication Error: ACU Cannot Hear UI
    Check continuity in the UI harness.

  3. Chassidy Hubbard

    I have an f6 e3 code with 3 long beeps then pauses and does it all over again. What can I do to try and fix it. I have unplugged it. Before resetting it has helped

  4. I just fixed this problem today. It turns out that an upside down capital letter f followed by e is a code for the thermistor. On your model you must remove the front panel and door and look at the bottom of the front of the tub. You’ll see a small black round plug with an orange and a white wire connected to it. After unplugging the washer, disconnect the plastic connector. Check the wires for continuity at each end (the other end goes into a small square shaped box in middle at the top of the washer under the lid that slides back.) then check the 2 metal probes coming out of the thermistor. If the wires have continuity, replace the thermistor.

  5. We have Amana NFW7300 washer.
    It stops and beeps (3 fast beeps) and the wash light blinks 9 times, pause then 2 times.
    It’s a PITA pressing stop, open, power, etc until it does something then we can restart.
    This is an intermittent problem.
    Anyone have insight into what this error code (9, 2 or 2, 9) is?

  6. ronald fluharty

    i have an Amana frontloader washer door was locked. got the top off and released the door but all it does is hum. no codes are showing on the washer. how do i find out what code it is?

  7. I have an owner of Amana Washer, NFW7200TW. My washer shows non-standard error code with (reversed F and E). Once I started it, water starts to fill but stop running after 10 – 15 seconds with a beep sound. What is the problem and how can i fix it?

  8. DIY Project Help Tips

    William Swartz,
    Fault codes related to the Amana washer motor and capacitor is Error F7 E6.
    The main problem that happens with the washer motor or capacitor is the washer fills but will not wash or spin.
    The capacitor or motor is at fault when you have the error code F7E6 or f7 e6.

  9. DIY Project Help Tips

    Amana Washer = F9 E1 error code will show if the washer is not draining properly.
    Check that the washer drain hose is not blocked.
    Make sure the drain hose height does not exceed 96″.
    Check and clean the drain pump filter of foreign objects.
    Check connections from tub to air trap.
    Check air trap to pressure hose.
    Check pressure hose to water level sensor.
    Check that there is not excessive suds in the washer.

  10. Amana Washer has code rP. It is a model from 1992 – LW 4603 or LW 9203 on use and care guide. It starts washing, then the code appears and washing stops. Finally could get it to finish thru the spin and rinse cycle. When done, code still appears on display.

  11. Amana Front Loading washing machine 8 years old. Come to start cycle push button and after 30 seconds machine clicks and light turns red beside door lock. I noticed as well when setting my time for the wash cycle i used to have 29 minutes as an option and now i do not it shows 30 minutes.

  12. DIY Project Help Tips

    Bobbi Link,
    Your Amana washing machine is draining too slowly…

    Things to check:

    Check the drain hose and make sure it is not bent or clogged.
    Check/Clean Drain Pump Filter.
    Check for the Drain Pump to be sure it is in working condition and not clogged or jammed.

    Also… Remove the filter panel on bottom front of washer.
    The filer is inside, simply unscrew if from the pump and clean it out.

  13. DIY Project Help Tips

    This indicates the drain pump is clogged or blocked.
    You will have to disassemble the washer and find the problem with the drain pump.
    Check the drain hose too.

  14. DIY Project Help Tips

    1. Make sure the water valves are both open (Hot and Cold).
    2. Be sure the water hoses are not bent or crimped.
    3. Make sure the water filter screens at the water inlet valve are clean and not clogged.
    4. If still no water… Check voltage and proper operation of the water inlet valves.

  15. Amana washing machine, model NTW4630YQ0. The water will not come into the washing machine? Why? No error codes.

  16. DIY Project Help Tips

    Daniel B Montry,
    F6 error code is usually a Motor control issue on an Amana washing machine. Can you supply model number please?

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