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Comfee Washing Machine Setup And Errors Codes

Running into problems with your Comfee washing machine? Whether it’s setup issues or confusing error codes, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a simple guide to the most common problems and how to fix them, including tips for the tricky E1 error code. Need more detailed instructions? Download the Comfee washing machine manuals at the bottom of this page.

Comfee Washing Machine Setup Errors & TroubleshootingComfee Washing Machine Errors/Troubleshooting

The Comfee portable washing machine is perfect for tight spaces like RVs, dorm rooms, and small apartments. We’ll guide you through setting it up, making sure it’s level, using its controls, and understanding any error codes for easy troubleshooting.

Comfee Washer Parts & Care Guide

Comfee Washers Parts IllustrationComfee Washers Parts Illustration

Comfee Washer Parts Components

Comfee Washer Parts Components

Setting Up A Comfee Washing Machine

Parts included with Comfee WasherParts included with Comfee Washer

Comfee washer install bottom coverComfee washer install bottom cover

Comfee washer connect drain hoseComfee washer connect drain hose

Comfee washer connect water hoseComfee washer connect water hose

Comfee Washing Machine LevelingComfee Washing Machine Leveling

Run test wash Comfee washing machineRun test wash Comfee washing machine

Comfee Washing Machine Controls ExplainedComfee Washing Machine Controls Explained

Comfee Washing Machine Care and CleaningComfee Washing Machine Care and Cleaning

Error Codes For Comfee Washers

COMFEE Washing Machine Error CodesCOMFEE Washing Machine Error Codes

E0 Error Code – Clothes Not Moving

This error means the drum isn’t turning as it should. First, check that the lid is properly closed. Some washers have a safety lid lock; ensure it’s not activated or broken. If the lid and lock look good, look for anything that might be blocking the drum from moving.

E1 Error Code – Water Filling Issue

If your washer doesn’t fill to the right level in 30 minutes, you’ll see this error. It might be because the water supply is restricted or there’s a leak. Make sure the water valve is all the way open. Check the hoses for bends or leaks and clean any filters at the water inlet to remove blockages.

E2 Error Code – Drainage Problem

This error shows up when the washer can’t drain correctly. Make sure the drain hose isn’t bent, too high, or clogged. Also, clean the drain pump filter, found at the bottom front of the washer, to get rid of any blockages.

E3 Error Code – Lid Is Open

Your washer stops if the lid is open because of safety rules. Just close the lid tightly and press the ON button to start again. If you keep seeing this error, the lid sensor might be broken and need to be checked or replaced.

E4 Error Code – Unbalanced Load

An unbalanced load can make the washer shake too much and cause damage. Stop the cycle and spread out the clothes evenly in the drum. If it keeps happening, adjust the washer’s feet to make sure it’s flat and stable.

E5 Error Code – Overheating Motor

This error happens if the washer’s motor gets too hot, which can occur if you overload the washer or use it too much without breaks. Turn off the washer and let it cool down for about an hour. Try not to overload it and give it some rest between cycles.

E6 Error Code – Door Lock Malfunction

This indicates a problem with the door’s locking system. Check that the door is shut properly. If the error doesn’t go away, the lock might be broken, or there might be an electrical issue with the lock system. The door lock might need to be looked at or replaced.

E7 Error Code – Water Overflow or Leakage

This error means there’s a leak from the washer or it’s filling up too much. Look for leaks in the hoses and where they connect. Also, check the water level sensor because if it’s not working right, the washer might fill up too much.

Unlisted Error Codes

If you see an error code that’s not listed, try resetting the washer. Unplug it for 5 minutes to reset the electronics. Then, plug it back in and run a test cycle. If the issue is still there, look at the user manual or get in touch with Comfee customer support for more help.

Comfee 5.5kg Washer Error CodesComfee 5.5kg Washer Error Codes

Comfee Washer Troubleshooting

Comfee Washing Machine Troubleshooting 1Comfee Washing Machine Troubleshooting 1

Comfee Washing Machine Troubleshooting 2Comfee Washing Machine Troubleshooting 2

Comfee Washing Machine Troubleshooting 3Comfee Washing Machine Troubleshooting 3

Comfee Washing Machine Troubleshooting 4Comfee Washing Machine Troubleshooting 4

Is your Comfee washing machine not draining properly?
Often, this issue is caused by a blockage in the pump or the drain hose. To fix this, check for and remove any obstructions, then run a test cycle to see if the problem is resolved.

Common Problems With Washer

Problem: Thumping sound

  • Possible Cause: Heavy wash loads may produce a thumping sound. Washer load may be out of balance.
  • Solutions: This is normal. If the sound continues, the washer is probably out of balance. Stop and redistribute the wash load. Pause the cycle and redistribute the load.

Problem: Vibrating noise

  • Possible Cause: Packaging materials were not removed. Wash load may be unevenly distributed in the tub. Not all leveling feet are resting firmly and evenly on the floor. The floor is not rigid enough.
  • Solutions: See the UNPACKING AND REMOVING SHIPPING MATERIAL section in the installation instructions. Pause the cycle and redistribute the load. See Leveling the Washer in the Installation Instructions. Make sure that the floor is solid and does not flex. See Flooring in the Installation Requirements.

Problem: Excessive sudsing

  • Possible Cause: Too much detergent or incorrect detergent.
  • Solutions: HE detergents are formulated specifically for High-Efficiency washers and contain suds reducing agents. Only use detergent with the High-Efficiency (HE) logo.

Problem: Water leaking

  • Possible Cause: Inlet hose connection is loose at faucet or washer. House drain pipes are clogged. Drain hose has come out of drain or is not inserted far enough. A large item such as a pillow or blanket is above the top of the tub.
  • Solutions: Check hoses for leaks, cracks, and splits. Check and tighten hose connections. The washer pumps out water very rapidly. Check for water backing up out of the drain pipe during the drain. If water is seen coming out of the drain, check for proper drain hose installation and check for restrictions in the drain. Contact a plumber to repair the drain pipe. Tie drain hose to inlet hose or standpipe to prevent it from coming out during the drain. For smaller drain pipes, insert the drain hose into the pipe as far as the drain hose flange. For larger drain pipes, insert the drain hose into the pipe 1–2 in. past the flange. Stop the washer and check the load. Make sure the load does not rest above the top edge of the tub.

Download Comfee Washer Manuals

For more detailed guidance, download the Comfee washing machine manuals below:

These manuals are designed for the COMFEE 5.5 kg Washing Machine 368155, Comfee CLV09N1AMG 0.9 Compact Portable Washing Machine, Comfee CLV16N2AMG washing machine, and other similar models. They cover the most common error codes and troubleshooting techniques.

Need Further Assistance?

If you’re still facing issues with your Comfee washing machine or have encountered an error code not mentioned in the manuals, we’re here to help. Please share your specific problem or error code in the comments, including the model number of your washer, so we can provide tailored assistance.

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18 thoughts on “Comfee Washing Machine Setup And Errors Codes”

  1. Appliance Repair Assistant

    The E3 on Comfee washer is an issue with draining.

    Locate the drain pump filter at the bottom of the washing machine. It’s usually located behind a small door or panel.
    Place a towel or container under the filter to catch any water that may spill out.
    Unscrew the filter by turning it counterclockwise and remove it from the washing machine.
    Check the filter for any debris or foreign objects that may be obstructing the drain pump.
    Clean the filter thoroughly and reinstall it back into the washing machine.
    Check the drain hose for any kinks or blockages.
    Straighten out any kinks and remove any blockages from the hose.
    Reconnect the drain hose to the washing machine and ensure that it’s securely fastened.

    Does the E3 error code clear?

  2. E3 error….Lid closed properly ,have reset and still doesn’t work…From the comments above looks like this is a regular problem with these machines..Tell me how to fix please…

  3. Appliance Repair Assistant

    Can you give us a model number to look deeper into this error code?

    Comfee Washing machine washes and drains but does not spin and shows error code 4:

    Error code 4 on a Comfee washer indicates a problem with the spin cycle.
    Check if the load is too large or unbalanced, as this can prevent the washer from spinning.
    If the load size is okay, check if the lid is fully closed and latched, as the washer won’t spin if the lid is open.
    Is the washer moving around when it gets to the spin cycle? If so this can cause the washer to not operate properly.

    Other possible causes is a faulty lid switch or a motor control board which can cause the washer to not spin.

    If none of the above helped you find a solution, we would recommend resetting the washer by unplugging the washer from power, let it sit for around 30 minutes, and check the components for clogs, kinks, or faults.

    Let us know if trying to “reset” the washer helped to solve the issue or if you have found any other issues.

  4. My Comfee washer goes through the wash cycle and drains but will not spin ultimately shutting off with error 4. I adjust the load and start again with no luck. The washer agitates to wash but stops moving to spin.

  5. Error 3 code. I cleared off any blockage and turned it on and off. It’s still has same message. What to do next.

  6. My cofee machine has water coming out if the drain hose during the whole cycle. Is this normal?

  7. My Comfee 1,6 Cu.ft machine starts working in the beginning, but doesn’t finish the (Normal) cycle. I have to choose cycle one more time and then it starts again and finishes cycle.
    Why doesn’t it finishes the cycle for the first place?

  8. Kimberly Thompson

    My Comfee washer goes through the wash cycle and drains but will not spin ultimately shutting off with error 4. I adjust the load and start again with no luck. The washer agitates to wash but stops moving to spin.

  9. Maricela Castro Viviano

    Mi lavadora comfee CLV16N2AMG tieene error E3 Como puedo solucionar el problema?

  10. Please help! Comfee washing machine has Error 3 – lid not closed. The lid is fully closed and this alarm is getting worse. How do I fix it?

  11. My washer has a burning smell after washing but it didn’t spin dry the clothes very well how do I fix the problem ??

  12. My washer will not power on. I checked the outlet and it’s working. Had to washer for a year. Please tell me what to do to get it to turn on.

  13. I got a new Comfee portable washing machine. Iv done everything it says to do to set it up. I have it level and the lid closed. But it keeps throwing the e3 error code when I try and do the test run. Not sure what to do now.

  14. Comfee washer model CLV09ntamg.
    My washer will do 1 load and then it shuts off.
    No power when power switch is pushed.
    24 hours later it will wash another load and shut down.
    Unplugging it does not help.
    It has power at the plug and water pressure is fine.
    Any ideas why it does this?

  15. Comfee washing machine 5.5kg has Error 3. I have closed the lid several times makes know difference. Have turned of power and pulled out plug still shows Error 3.
    What can i do next.

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