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Fix A Washing Machine Lid Switch Easy DIY Repair

If your washing machine lid switch is broken it will need to be replaced with a new one. You can find the model number on the front or inside of the washer cabinet when you open the lid of your washer. Knowing the model number of your washing machine you can purchase the correct lid switch assembly and fix your washing machine yourself saving money.

Fix A Washing Machine Lid Switch Easy DIY RepairFix A Washing Machine Lid Switch

NOTE: Washing machines can fail for a variety of reasons. A broken washing machine lid switch is one of the most prevalent issues.

Lid Switch Test
How do I know if my washing machine lid switch is bad?
If you have a Kenmore or Whirlpool made washer and it is not spinning or draining check the lid switch

Where Is The Lid Switch Located On A Washer?

The lid switch can be found right under the washer lid. The washing machines lid switch is pressed by the strike located on the washer lid. This strike then pushes the washer lid switch when the lid is closed.

What Does A Lid Switch Do On A Washing Machine?

When you open the lid of a washing machine you may see a plastic or metal piece called the strike. The strike is attached underneath on the lid of the washer. (Make sure this strike is not loose or missing.) Once you close the washing machines lid, the strike enters a hole in the top washer cabinet when you close the washer lid. When you close the lid, this presses down on the lid switch and electrically shoots a signal to the washer which permits it to run as normal. Find Info For Lid Lock Flashing.

This feature prevents the washer tub from agitating or spinning if the lid is kept open for safety reasons. Replace the lid switch if your washer does not agitate or spin with the lid closed. Replacing the lid switch is a quick and inexpensive procedure that is more practical than calling for an appliance tech.

Washing machine Lid SwitchWashing Machine Lid Switch

How Much Does A Lid Switch Cost?

A lid switch replacement will cost from $10 to $30 dollars depending on if you get an OEM part or a 3rd party part. Always try to buy an OEM part for your washer as they have better reliability and will last longer that a cheap part that costs less. OEM means original equipment manufacturer.

Where To Find Replacement Lid Switch?

Depending on the model, the lid switch may be composed of several materials, such as metal. In any case, most replacement parts may be found online or at local appliance part stores. Check to see whether the component you’re ordering is compatible with the make and model of your washing machine.

How To Replace A Washer Lid Switch?

You should gather your tools and a new lid switch for this repair in advance. Make sure the washing machine is turned off and power to the washer is removed before removing it from the wall. It may be simpler to maneuver if you remove the washing machine the wall as you’ll need to be able to get at all sides of the washer to remove the top portion.

1. Remove Power To Washer

Check to confirm that the electrical supply has been cut and there is no electricity going to the washing machine.

2. Take Apart The Top Of Washer

Remove the top of the washing machine to get to the lid switch by removing any screws or bolts holding it in place. Be sure to remember where each screw or bolt was located so putting it back together is easier. Some screws or bolts may be different sizes. Once the screws or bolts are removed, lift up on the top of the washer and it should come off with some tilting and angling. Be careful not to yank out any wiring going from the top of the washer to the bottom portion of the washer.

3. Remove And Replace The Lid Switch

Locate the faulty lid switch. Remove the screws holding the lid switch in place. There will be wires attached to the lid switch. Carefully disconnect the wire harness going to the lid switch. Remove and replace the faulty lid switch by securing it in place and attaching the wires to the washer. The new lid switch may come with screws to hold it in place, be sure to use the right length and diameter screws or bolts to secure the lid switch in place.

Washer Lid Switch AssemblyLid Switch Assembly For Washing Machines

4. Secure The Top Of The Washer In Place

Once you have the lid switch connected properly, place the washer lid back into place. Be sure it is sitting on the washer properly. Secure it by reinstalling the screws or bolts you removed earlier.

5. Run A Washer Test

Slid the washer back into place. Make sure all connection on the back of the washer are secure and the water is turned on. Plug in power to the washing machine. Run a test wash to be sure the lid switch is working.

Have questions about a washer lid switch? We can help! Leave your issue with your model number in the comments section and we will have someone assist you.

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