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Lid Lock Light Flashing Blinking On Top Load Washing Machine – How To Clear

The lid lock light is flashing on my top load washer. I have an older Kenmore top loading washing machine. I did some Google searching and found that there could be a few different issues that are causing the lid lock light to flash or blink on the control panel of my washer. I do not know where to start. Can you assist me in fixing my washer by getting the lid light to stop blinking?

Washing Machine Lid Lock Is Flashing - How To FixWashing Machine Lid Lock Is Flashing – How To Fix?

Try these quick fix tips before going through all the causes and fixes for lid light flashing:
1 – Unplug the washer for 10 minutes and this may reset the washer and clear the flashing light.
2 – Press and hold the “END OF CYCLE / CYCLE SIGNAL” button(s) for 20 seconds and this should reset the washer and clear the flashing light.

Important Tip: Never change the washing machine settings once the washer has already started any wash cycle, as this can cause the lid lock light to flash. We have seen this happen on Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, Maytag, Amana, and Kenmore Top Loading Washing Machines.

What Are The Reasons A Top Load Washing Machine Lid Lock Light Flashes?

Lid lock light will flash if lid lock does not move into the locked position.
Lid lock light will flash if motor cannot be powered on.
Lid lock light will flash if not closed completely if something is blocking lid.
Lid lock light can flash if another issue is detected in the washer.

Lid Lock Is Flashing On Top Load Washer - Check Lid Lock Striker and Lid SwitchLid Lock Is Flashing On Top Load Washer – Check Lid Lock Striker and Lid Switch

What Can Cause The Lid Light To Flash On My Top Load Washing Machine?

Lock striker that presses down on the lid switch may be out of alignment.
A piece of lint or washing machine detergent has built up over time and hinders the locking of the lid.
The control board sees an open lid switch when it attempts to lock.
The lid switch is not working either mechanically or electrically and needs to be adjusted or replaced.
The control board is faulty and is unable to detect if lid lock is locked.
Actuator motor is faulty or has loose wiring (If washer is VMW = Vertical Modular Washer).

How To Fix The Lid Lock Light Flashing On My Top Load Washer?

Be sure lid lock and lid striker are clean as lint or detergent buildup can block the switch and cause the flashing light.
Be sure the lid lock and lid striker are aligned and secure as they can become loose from years of vibration or slamming the washer lid shut.
Check to make sure the lid lock and lid striker are making contact with each other when the washing machine lid shuts, if not the lid lock light will flash.
Check the wire harness connections from the lid switch to the main control assembly as it may have become loose or the wire harness may be damaged.
If all checks out, be sure the lid switch is in working order (mechanically and electrically) replace if necessary.
Check the Actuator motor to be sure it is not faulty or has loose wiring (If washer is VMW = Vertical Modular Washer).


What If A New Lid Switch Does Not Fix The Flashing Light Problem?

Try a master reset by unplugging the washer.
Access the main control board or timer assembly.
Unplug each connector on the control board or timer assembly one by one and reconnect each one as you go so you do not get mixed up wiring.
This CAN reset the washer and clear the flashing lid lock light.
When attempting this, make sure power is off to the washer and use extreme caution.

NOTE: The lid lock flashing reasons, causes, and repair solutions are for most Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, Maytag, Amana, and Kenmore Top Loading Washing Machines.

The videos below will assist you with the Washer Flashing Lid Light Problem…

Top Load Washer Lid Lock Replacement

Why does your washing machine lid lock while in operation? This is a safety feature.

Flashing Lid Lock Light: How to Troubleshoot Errors on Your Washer

How to Read a Vertical Modular Washer (VMW) Error Code Display – Diagnostic Override Test

If you have a newer washing machine that has a digital display:
The DL error code that shows up on the display means you have a door lock error.
A door lock error will happen if the washer door cannot be unlocked.
The washer main control board will try to lock the lid 6 times before the error code shows.

Inspect your washing machine for these problems when you get the DL error…
– Check the door lock assembly to see if it is faulty, loose or damaged.
– Check the door lock and switch assembly for objects that may be blocking it.
– Check the wire harness connections to the door lock and switch assembly and main control board.
– Check the door Lock/Switch Assembly Failure

Need help with a washer lid light flashing? Please leave your questions below and we will be happy to assist you in repairing your washing machine.

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12 thoughts on “Lid Lock Light Flashing Blinking On Top Load Washing Machine – How To Clear”

  1. I have a Kenmore high efficiency digital top loader that the lid lock button is flashing and it won’t lock or start. I’ve tried to reset the washer multiple different ways and still nothing. Any ideas?

  2. I have Kenmore washing machine 588-05.Lid lock light was flushing before start at the second step.First step check one is fine,Light is not flashing and lid is locked.
    I changed switch lock.Problem is stil there.I unplugged power .Lid is still locked.When i plug it back lid opens up.
    What is next step?

  3. Linda Carpenter

    Kenmore 110.25132411 washer washes and spins some water out but won’t advance to spin cycles. When I manually put it on the spin cycle it works. Doesn’t want to advance on its own. I replaced the latch but that didn’t help.

  4. Hi, I have installed a new lock lid switch and agitator sensor but still get a flashing lid lock light and stays locked. Out of ideas on what could be wrong or how to reset.

  5. My kenmore top loader goes threw washing cycle but it unlocks during rinse which causes it to just drain and not spin clothes dry why is this happing? It also blinks at times but then catches and I can hear it lock and light goes solid.

  6. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    John Dufek,
    We have checked the manual and it looks like there may be a few parts that may have broken off. Go here – Model #79629272000 Kenmore Elite residential washers Then click on TOP COVER ASSEMBLY. In this diagram there are many small parts that may have broke off the lid area, you will need to look at which part broke and match it up with a part in this parts diagram and order from Sears… Possibly? – Washer lid lock Part #: EBF60665201 Check the part here

  7. Was using my Kenmore Elite top load washer (Model #79629272000) and forced the glass lid open before the latch released. I’ve not yet been able to go take a look at the washer, but apparently there’s a small white plastic piece that broke off. I’ve found the lid lock mechanism part and could replace it, but I’m assuming that the piece that broke off might be what attaches to the lid for the lock mechanism to grab onto. I can’t find anything about how the lid is “grabbed” and held down by the lock mechanism to know if that piece may have broken off the lid. Everything I find is about replacing or “rigging” the lock mechanism itself. If there’s a piece that attaches to the lid and gets grabbed by the lock then I bet that’s what needs to be replaced. If there is then Sears doesn’t show it in their parts diagrams and I’m not sure I can order it. Any help or knowledge you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Tried both resets.
    Have a whirlpool cabrio top loader.
    It will go to sensing cycle and lid locks, the drum will rotate to level the load then red flashing lid lock light comes on.
    The washer is empty so it’s not sending an unbalanced load.

  9. Doreen Ritter

    You rock!
    But my Maytag Cabrio WTW5600XW2 is still not working. The washer starts sensing, lid locks, then in a few seconds, the lid lock starts flashing. (The lid is actually locked)
    Watching your videos and links to Amazon, I replaced the latch assembly and the Actuator. Still have the same problem. Ideas?

    Should I buy a new washer?

  10. Holland VanDieren

    Thank you! Fixed in less than ten seconds after reading this. Lid lock “flapper” was not seating in receptacle. Pulled into position, et voila!

  11. We have a Maytag Bravos XL and my daughter tried to open the lid before the latch had completely unlocked. This caused the lid to freeze in the locked position and the “du” blinked on the digital control. How we fixed the issue was to hold the power button down and simultaneously unplug the machine, while continuing to hold down the power button, wait 10 seconds then plug it back in while you are still holding the power button. Then the machine works like normal.

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