What Is The Best Way To Fix A Squeaky Door Hinge?

Why do door hinges squeak? When the hinges on a door squeak, it is caused by friction on the door hinge and door hinge pin. When the pin and hinge of the door “rub” together, it creates a squeak or creaking noise. To stop the squeak for the long term, you can apply a special graphite lubricant to the hinge and pin and or clean the hinge pin with steel or wire wool and lubricate. To fix the squeak fast, apply a household lubricant such as WD-40 to the door hinge. This will stop the squeak in the short term. If you want to stop the door hinge from squeaking again, read below.

Fix a squeaky door hingeHow to stop a squeaking door hinge?

The best way (the right way) to stop a door hinge from squeaking:

1. Open the door that is squeaking.
2. Locate which hinge is causing the squeak.
3. Place something under the door to keep the door level.
4. Remove the hinge pin on the door hinge that is squeaking.
5. Scrub the hinge pin with sandpaper, wire wool, or steel wool.
6. Clean off any leftover gunk, grime, or rust from the hinge pin and the inside of the hinge.
7. Apply Graphite or White Lithium Grease to the hinge pin and the door hinge.
8. Insert the hinge pin back into the door hinge.
9. Remove the object holding the door level.
10. Open and close the door multiple times to be sure the squeak is gone.

HINT: When finished cleaning and lubricating the door hinge and hinge pin, make sure the door hinges are tight on the door frame and the door itself. Use a screwdriver and tighten up all the screws holding the hinges to the frame and door. Loose door hinges CAN cause a squeaking door.

Graphite Lubricant SprayGraphite Lubricant Spray – TO Fix Squeaking Door Hinge


White Lithium Grease SprayWhite Lithium Grease Spray – To Stop Squeaking Door Hinges


Door Hinge PinDoor Hinge Pin – If Gunked Up – Will Squeak

HINT: WD-40 is not recommended as a long term solution to fix a squeaking door hinge as it’s a “water displacement“. It will temporarily stop the door hinge from squeaking, but will not lubricate it. Therefore the squeak will come back. Only use WD-40 when that is all you have on hand…

You can use household items to fix a door squeaking. These items may not stop the squeak in the long term but will fix the squeak in the short term.

Here are a few items you may have in your home to fix that squeaking door (Temp fix):

– Petroleum Jelly
– Bar Soap
– Teflon Lubricant
– Cooking Oil
– Paraffin Candle
– Coconut Oil
– Beeswax
– Sewing Machine Oil
– Vaseline
– Olive Oil
– White Candle Wax
– WD-40
– Bath Soap
– Butter

TIP: To remove the door hinge pin, use a pair of needle nose pliers and pull up on the door hinge pin. If the hinge pin is stuck in the door, try having someone move the door up and down gently while you pull up on the door hinge pin. If this does not work, use a small center punch or large nail and hit the bottom of the hinge pin with a hammer. If the hinge pin still refuses to come out, the pin may be bent.

How to Quiet a Squeaking Door – The CORRECT METHOD

Door Hinge Pin WIll Not Come Out:
The hinge pin may have been painted over and therefore it is difficult to come out. Have someone lift up and down on the door while you use the pliers or the hammer to remove it. It will eventually come out. If the door hinge pin is bent, replace it with a new one. A bent hinge pin can cause the door to squeak.

Need help stopping a squeaking door? Let us know your situation and we will be happy to assist.


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