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How To Program a Midea AC Remote Control

Programming a Midea AC remote control is a straightforward process. This post provides a step by step guide on how to program a Midea air conditioner remote control. We have included universal remote control codes that enable you to operate your Midea AC with remotes from various other air conditioner brands.

Midea AC Remote Programming

Program Your Midea AC Remote

Here are the general steps to program a Midea air conditioner remote control. Be aware that the procedures may differ marginally based on the particular model of your air conditioner and remote control.

  1. Ensure your Midea air conditioner is powered ON: Before starting the remote control programming the AC unit must be turned ON. You can do this by pressing the power button on the unit itself.
  2. Find the setup button on your remote: Typically located on the back. It might bear the label “set”, “setup”, or “program”.
  3. Enter setup mode: Press and hold the setup button on the remote for around 3 seconds. The LED light on your remote should start blinking, indicating that it is now in setup mode.
  4. Enter the code: Using the number pad on the remote, enter the universal remote code for your Midea air conditioner model. You can usually find this code in the user manual that came with your air conditioner. If you don’t have the manual, you can look up the code below. (See universal remote codes below)
  5. Confirm the code: After entering the code, press the “confirm” or “enter” button on the remote. The LED light should stop blinking and stay lit, indicating that the code has been accepted.
  6. Test the remote: Try using the remote to control the air conditioner. If it works, the programming process is complete. If it doesn’t work, you may need to try a different code or to reset the AC remote.

Midea AC Remote Codes for Universal AC Remotes

4 digit codes 0038, 0039, 0040, 0046, 0048, 0054, 0055, 0056, 0078, 0079, 0113, 0117, 0118, 0119, 0120, 0260, 0261, 0262, 0263, 0264, 0265, 0505, 0512, 0522, 0523, 0526, 0568, 0582, 0589, 0772, 0773, 0776, 1284, 1289, 1667, 1668, 0972, 1976, and 2310.

Using Your Midea AC Remote

Instructions for setting up your Midea AC Remote Control.

  1. Activating the Air Conditioner and Choosing the Operating Mode: Begin by pressing the power button on your remote, which activates your AC unit. Once the device is operational, simply press the mode button to establish your preferred operating mode. The options include cooling, heating, dry (dehumidification), and fan modes. The mode you’ve selected will be displayed on the digital screen of your remote control.
  2. Determining the Preferred Room Temperature: Utilize the “+” and “-” buttons on your remote control to determine your preferred room temperature. As you press these buttons, the temperature you’ve chosen will be shown on the digital screen of your remote control.
  3. Modifying the Fan Speed: To adjust the air distribution speed, press the fan speed button on your remote control. You have four options to select from – low, medium, high, or auto fan speeds. The fan speed you opt for will be shown on your remote control’s digital screen.
  4. Utilizing the Timer Function: If you wish for your AC unit to switch on or off at a specific time, the timer function is there for your convenience. To set this, press the timer button and then use the “+” and “-” buttons to set your preferred time. The digital screen of the remote control will display the set time.
  5. Finalizing the Program Settings: After adjusting the operating mode, room temperature, fan speed, and timer, finalize your settings by pressing the confirm or OK button. This completes the programming process. Consequently, your air conditioner will operate based on the settings you’ve programmed into your Midea AC remote control.

Reset Midea Remote Control

If the remote control is not responding or working properly, try resetting it. Remove the batteries for 10 seconds. Should the remote control remain non-functional after reset, consider replacing the batteries. Replace the batteries with new ones and try programming the remote control again.

Midea AC Model Numbers

This guide applies to the following Midea air conditioner models:

  • Midea MSMAB-09HRDN1
  • Midea MSMAB-12HRDN1
  • Midea MSMAB-18HRDN1
  • Midea MSMAB-24HRDN1
  • Midea MSMBA-09HRDN1
  • Midea MSMBA-12HRDN1
  • Midea MSMBA-18HRDN1
  • Midea MSMBA-24HRDN1

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For further assistance with your air conditioner, including Midea AC error codes or remote control replacements, consider leaving a comment below. An appliance repair expert will get back to you with a detailed solution.

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