Samsung Refrigerator – Demo Mode – How To Turn Off?

If your Samsung refrigerator is not cooling, it COULD be because it is in Demo Mode. This mode is also called Exhibition Mode, Cooling Off Mode, or Showroom Mode. This is a mode built into the Samsung refrigerator to display them in a showroom so the lights work but THE COMPRESSOR DOES NOT therefore the fridge will not cool. You may have purchased a “showroom model” Samsung refrigerator or you may have inadvertently put the fridge into this mode yourself. Either way see below for HOW TO GET THE FRIDGE OUT OF DEMO MODE.

Samsung Refrigerator In Demo ModeSamsung Refrigerator In Demo Mode

NOTE: There is no information about Demo or Cooling off mode in you owners manual since this mode is not for consumers. Some Samsung model refrigerators have a label attached on the display therefore you would have an understanding of what Demo mode is. If demo or cooling off mode is activated and the label is missing, you will not understand why the refrigerator will not cool.

What happens when in demo mode:
1 – When door is open, internal Lights are on but the refrigerator is not cooling.
2 – The refrigerator showroom store sets the refrigerator to Demo mode to save power consumption.
3 – The consumer will not know about cooling or demo mode and will notice that the fridge will not cool.

If your refrigerator is not cooling, it may be in Demo Mode. Demo mode is a feature used by retailers to display the refrigerator without running the compressor. To see if your refrigerator is in Demo Mode:
Type A models display “OF FF” if the refrigerator is in demo mode.
Type B models have the icon on the display illuminated if the refrigerator is in demo mode.
Type C models display setting temperature if the refrigerator is in demo mode.

See images below for examples of Type A, Type B and Type C models and also Type A and Type B display panels.

How To Remove Your Refrigerator from Demo Mode:
If your refrigerator is in Demo mode, press the two buttons together as shown in the images below in the red boxes for 3 seconds to resume normal operation.

samsung refrigerator display panels - demo modeSamsung refrigerator display panels – demo mode – what to press to deactivate

For the rest of the Samsung refrigerator models, Please find the information tables below…

samsung refrigerator US models 1
samsung refrigerator US models 2Samsung Refrigerator US Main Models – How To Get Out Of DEMO MODE

samsung refrigerator US and INTERNATIONAL modelsSamsung Refrigerator US & Other Countries – How To Get Out Of DEMO MODE

If the above charts do not fix your issue, unplug & plug back in power for a reset.

1. If you bought display model, make sure if it is on display mode when initial power on.

2. During Demo or Exhibition mode… If both compartment sensors detect the room temperature higher than 65ºC, it will cancel the exhibition mode automatically and return to freezing operation. There is no buzzer sound by the temperature when cancel the exhibition mode.

Have questions about your Samsung refrigerator and how to get it out of Demo Mode, Exhibition Mode, Show Room Mode, or Cooling Mode? Please leave a comment below and we will be happy to assist.

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1 Claudia Swisher July 27, 2016 at 12:23 pm

My fridge has kicked itself into demo mode twice! In a month. The last time while we were out of town. All the food spoiled. Samsung has tried to tell me someone brushed up against the fridge and set it into demo… or there was a fluctuation in the current coming into the fridge. OR there was a general outage. I need to know how to prevent this. I’ve lost too much food to this demo mode. Twice in 34 days. Any tips for prevention?


DIY Project Help Tips 2 DIY Project Help Tips July 27, 2016 at 9:36 pm

Claudia Swisher,
To disable Cooling Off mode or DEMO MODE on your Samsung Refrigerator, touch and hold the words “Energy Saver” and “Power Freeze” on the display panel at the same time. Continue holding until you hear a chime sound and both temperatures for the freezer and fridge display. If after 10 seconds, OF OF is displayed again, then Cooling Off mode or DEMO MODE was not deactivated. Again touch and hold “Energy Saver” and “Power Freeze” until you hear the chime and the temperatures display.

If it keeps going into DEMO MODE by itself, then most likely you have a bad front panel control board or possibly the main control board is somehow setting the fridge to demo.



3 Joe coleman January 7, 2016 at 6:57 am

Brilliant…. it’s back to normal but unfortunately it’s not cooling.


DIY Project Help Tips 4 DIY Project Help Tips January 8, 2016 at 10:33 pm

Joe coleman,
Okay, if your Samsung fridge was in DEMO MODE, and you have it OUT OF DEMO MODE, give the fridge some time for the compressor to run. Is the fridge temp controls turned to a cold setting?


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