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How To Remove and Replace Grout Easy Step By Step DIY

groutRemoving and replacing old grout.
To remove and replace the grout, here is what you will need:
Bag or bucket of Grout
Small mixing bucket
A rubber grout float
Eye protecting goggles
Portable heavy duty vacuum
A hammer
A pair of heavy duty rubber gloves
A thin chisel or grout saw removal tool
A large new sponge
Small scrubbing brush

If grout is cracked or begins to fall out, it should be R&R (removed and replaced).


First Remove the old grout….
If the grout is already coming out and is fairly loose – Use a grout removal tool found at all home improvement stores. Scrape along the damaged grout line and dig the old grout out of the grout joints. Use a small brush to clean out the loose and damaged grout and use a portable vacuum (shop vac) to completely remove debris. Completely clean the area and move on to next step.


If the grout is still in good shape and not crumbling but still needs to be removed….
Use a chisel and hold it above the grout and tap with your hammer breaking away the old grout. Remove small areas at a time to make the job earlier. Clear away the old grout with a portable heavy duty vacuum. Completely clean the area and move on to next step.

Mix the Grout….
In a small bucket mix your grout – Mix according to the instructions on the bag, bucket or box.
Dont mix a large portion of grout at once as it will harden before you can finish the job.


How To Apply New Grout….
Start at the corner farthest from the main walk path of the room you are repairing. Pour the newly mixed grout over the cleaned tiles using a grout float to push the new grout into the grout joints.


Force new grout into all open spaces between tile and clear extra grout off your float with every pass you make. The float can be used to scrape the grout off of the tiles as you work.
Swipe a wet sponge across grouted joints using back and forth movements covering about 1 feet or so at a time.
Each pass will remove more grout so don’t overdo it.
Squeeze out excess water so that the sponge is constantly moist (not wet) and wipe any excess grout off tiles. Let the grout dry about 8-10 hours and use a rag to wipe away any remaining unwanted haze.

For 48 hours you must “cure” the grout by spraying it lightly with water multiple times a day.

Do not forget to seal the newly applied grout with grout sealer.

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