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Build A Pallet Coffee Table In 4 Hours For $20 Dollars Easy DIY

We have all seen the different websites telling us how to build a pallet coffee table. Some are expensive and time consuming. The pallet table build we did this weekend is cheap, easy and takes a quick afternoon. First you will need a pallet that is safe and not Chemically Treated ‘CT’, get ‘HT’ as that kind is Heat Treated and no harmful chemicals were used. Once you have your pallet you will need a can of Wood Stain, Wood Screws, Tape Measure, Hammer, a Crowbar for removing old nails, a Powered Drill, a Wood Cutting Circular Saw, Legs for the Table support and Safety Protective Equipment. In the pictures below mostly everything will be done to your personal specifications. However, the coffee table legs are made from simple and inexpensive plumbing pipe (18 inches on each leg) and ‘clearance bin $2 dollar’ floor flanges from our local home improvement store.

easy diy pallet coffee table_1

First, we cut our pallet up and put it together loosely on the floor to make sure the wood pieces lined up.

easy diy pallet coffee table_2

We then wood stained the outside wood pieces with a Light Wood Bamboo Wood Stain.

easy diy pallet coffee table_3

After we screwed all the pieces of the wood together, we assembled the table legs and attached them to the table.

easy diy pallet coffee table_4

Once our Pallet Coffee Table was stained and assembled, we put it in our living room. Finished!

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