How To Make A Mini Pallet Coaster For Your Pallet Coffee Table

If you are one of the many that followed our tutorial for making a coffee table from a pallet then this is a perfect little diy project to add to your table. These little mini pallet drink coasters are easy to make and they will protect your pallet coffee table too.

Here are the materials needed to make the Mini Pallet Coaster:

1 – Bag of craft sticks
1 – Glue gun
1 – Bag of glue sticks
1 – Scissors
1 – Can of wood stain
1 – Wood stain brush
1 – Craft knife or razor blade

how to make a pallet coaster_06

Here is the bag of craft sticks you will be needing to make this project.

how to make a pallet coaster_02

Here is a common glue gun with the glue sticks to secure the craft sticks together.

how to make a pallet coaster_03

Start by cutting the tips off of the craft sticks so the ends are square.

how to make a pallet coaster_08

Next, stain the craft sticks with a wood stain of your choice.

how to make a pallet coaster_01

Then start putting the mini pallet coaster together using the hot glue gun as shown above.

how to make a pallet coaster_11

Continue gluing the small boards onto the pallet in an even fashion.

how to make a pallet coaster_09

Keep on gluing and gluing and gluing……

how to make a pallet coaster_04

Boom, finally the little pallet is together.

how to make a pallet coaster_07

Another view of our mini pallet coaster completed.

how to make a pallet coaster_05

Once in the final form, remove any dried on glue from the sides with a craft knife.

how to make a pallet coaster_10

Here is the mini pallet coaster completed on our pallet coffee table.

5 thoughts on “How To Make A Mini Pallet Coaster For Your Pallet Coffee Table”

  1. I was wondering that instead of cutting the ends off of the craft sticks, I could just put the whole pallet together and then sand off the edges?

  2. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you stain the popsicle sticks way in advance, then staining then gluing is OK. If you don’t have the time to stain them way before hand, then gluing then staining is OK. However if you glue then stain, the glue may make it difficult to stain some parts of the wood.

  3. Do you think it would be easier to stain the popsicle sticks then glue them? Or glue them together then stain?

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