How To Make a Coffee Table out of a Wooden Pallet – Easy Low Cost DIY

Here is a fun quick step by step tutorial on How to make a Coffee Table from a Pallet.

Materials Needed To Build: Piece of Plywood + Wood Stain (or actual Coffee) + a Pallet in good shape.

Tools Needed: Crow Bar, Hammer, Saw and Belt Sander.

coffee table made from palletHere is the pallet we are using to create our table.

coffee table made from a palletPry out the old nails using a crow bar.
Then arrange the boards as needed and nail them to the plywood.
(you can reuse nails pulled from the pallet if desired)

coffee table made from palletSand the top until it is very smooth and cut the sides evenly to size.

a pallet turned into a coffee tableStain tabletop using your choice of stain or use actual coffee then seal with polyurethane.

COFFEE TABLE FROM A PALLET HOW TO BUILD MAKE diy(NOTE: The legs and outer part of the table above is made from the leftover wood from the pallet.)
Stain sides and legs with a dark walnut stain and use lag screws to hold them together.
(16 lag screws all together)

Finished diy Project coffee table from palletPallet turned into a Coffee Table – Finished product.

To add more to the table you could…. Get some lag bolts and washers and put them in a bag of acid to create the rusting look. Then seal with a sealer and replace the shiny silver bolts. You could also drill a countersink recess so the bolts and washers are flush.

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2 thoughts on “How To Make a Coffee Table out of a Wooden Pallet – Easy Low Cost DIY”

  1. Really the legs and frame made from leftover wood from pallet? They look like 4×4 post to me. There is not enough wood in the lengths needed to make the frame.

    1. DIY Project Help Tips

      Hi Craig,

      Actually the legs are made from 2 2×4’s screwed together. Also, since the legs are not very long, we were able to make the legs and table top from one pallet.

      Thanks – RR

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