How to Watch USA based Netflix Hulu Pandora

Have you ever gone on vacation from the USA to another country and tried to watch Netflix or Hulu? Well as you might not have known, it does not work. If you have a USA Netflix account, and you go to another country to visit family or for vacation, you will not be able to watch the new episodes of Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead.

The reason this does not work is because the computer you are using to access your US Netflix account is using the internet where you are located and seeing the IP address and that you are not in the USA. It will display this “We are sorry but currently our video library can only be streamed in the United States”.

watching hulu in other countries

There is a solution.
Using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, you can addon an extension or plugin to the browser that will make it possible to watch Hulu and Netflix and also listen to Pandora or Rdio.

For Google Chrome you need to download the “Media Hint” extension for Chrome.

watch netflix mediahint install for chrome

For Mozilla Firefox you will need to download the “Media Hint” addon for Firefox.

US firefox addon media hint to watch netflix from another country

If these addons and extensions do not work for you, here is another one that might do the trick.

Hola Unblocker is one that can let you access videos on Hulu, Pandora, Netflix, CBS, Fox, BBC iPlayer TV, and iTV from any country.

watch netflix in another country with Hola Unblocker

For Google Chrome you need to download the “Hola” extension for Chrome.

Chrome Web Store - Hola Unblocker

For Mozilla Firefox you will need to download the “Hola” addon for Firefox.

Hola Unblocker __ Add-ons for Firefox

Hola Unblocker is absolutely free & ad free, and will stay free! Learn more at

hola gives access to all these websites to stream video

NOTE: If you want to view content available only from the country you are presently in, or if you want to switch back to your own countries Netflix then set your computer DNS settings to automatic. Or, if you are wanting to have access to something only available in another country that is not yours or the USA, then you could use a VPN. Try Hotspot Shield as we have heard great things about it working to do as described here.


3 thoughts on “How to Watch USA based Netflix Hulu Pandora”

  1. Thanks for the article. There are plenty of workarounds available to access it abroad. Personally, I use UnoTelly for more than a year and I can access Netflix like I am in US.

  2. Thanks! I personally use UnBlockUS to watch Netflix even if it’s not available in my country. It’s cheap and fast and there are several video tutorials to change the DNS in your tablet, console or tv.

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