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How To Watch YouTube Videos On Roku

Using the Roku channel app called Plex, you can now watch YouTube videos for free on the Roku 2 or 3 TV Box. Plex is the perfect choice Roku channel that works for watching YouTube videos on Roku.

This method for watching YouTube videos on the Roku is easy to setup. You will need a computer to host and also run the Plex Media Server software. The Plex Media Server software is free to download and will make it possible to watch YT videos. You may also be interested in How to add private channels to Roku.

Here is How to Setup Plex To Watch YouTube on Roku:

Step 1 – Go to MyPlex and create a MyPlex account and then sign in. (You will need MyPlex to add YouTube videos to your Plex queue for watching on Roku)

Step 2 – Download Plex Media Server Software.

Step 3 – Install the Plex Roku Channel

Once the 3 steps above are completed, open the installed Roku Plex channel and then link it with your MyPlex account.

roku plex channel

You will also need to sign up for and add the Plex It browser app toolbar. This needs to be added so when you are online and browsing YouTube files you can then just click “Plex It” in your browser and that video will be added to the Plex Queue for later watching on Roku with the Roku Plex channel. Once added it can take up to a couple hours for the YT video to be added so add the videos a few hours before you want to watch them on Roku.
Also, when you add files to your Plex folder always click “Update Library” and this will add your new videos and content which makes it available to watch on your TV with Roku.

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