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26 Simply Great Ideas – Clever Things You Never Thought Of

Here we offer you some products and items that will make your life easier. These cool inventions and fun DIY stuff can give you some ideas and make you say “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

Simply Great Ideas_01

A cookie sheet that bakes cookies to look like homemade popsicles.

Simply Great Ideas_02

A casserole cooker with a 3 tier deep tray to save space.

Simply Great Ideas_03

A drink holder that pushes into the ground so you can have your drink right next to your chair outside.

Simply Great Ideas_04

Umbrellas with a hole cut out on one side so you can see where you are going.

Simply Great Ideas_05

An attachment to fit on your cook pots to hold the stirring stick in place.

Simply Great Ideas_06

A simple clip everyone has laying around to hold your misc media cords in place.

Simply Great Ideas_07

A suitcase with a shoe storage area built into the bottom.

Simply Great Ideas_08

A plastic spout that attaches to the side of a cooking pot for easy pouring.

Simply Great Ideas_09

Simple plastic tops that fit onto snack or cereal bags to keep freshness.

Simply Great Ideas_10

A baby cradle with a built in chair.

Simply Great Ideas_11

A simple handheld device to take the corn off of the cob.

Simply Great Ideas_12

Recycled pane glass windows hung onto the side of a house with a flower pot attached.

Simply Great Ideas_13

An old wood board with 3 modified forks is used to hang things on the wall.

Simply Great Ideas_14

An old wooden wine barrel cut in half and used as a unique coffee table.

Simply Great Ideas_15

A wine bottle cleverly turned into an outside torch candle.

Simply Great Ideas_16

Recycled tuna fish cans turned into a candle holder by adding a few clothes pins.

Simply Great Ideas_17

Tired of crushed cupcakes in your lunchbox? This plastic holder keeps them crush free!

Simply Great Ideas_18

A cutting board that has bends at the end to easily pour out the items you just cut up.

Simply Great Ideas_19

A simple metal tray to put over your campfire allows you to cook just about anything.

Simply Great Ideas_20

Using a dollar store floating pool noodle you can make a floating pool ice chest for your drinks.

Simply Great Ideas_21

With some empty bottles, a neat hanging colorful garden can be created.

Simply Great Ideas_22

An old wooden chair can be turned into a cool vintage
looking swing by adding rope and removing the legs.

Simply Great Ideas_23

A clever chair that looks like a bag but unfolds to be a full size lawn chair.

Simply Great Ideas_24

A simple winged piece of plastic used on the thumb to keep your book pages wide and readable.

Simply Great Ideas_25

A plastic grooved tray made to hold your filled and ready to eat tacos.

Simply Great Ideas_26

A bowl with a center divider to keep soup and crackers separated.

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