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How To Build A Magnetic Drop Catch Bottle Opener Out Of Wood


If you are looking for an easy one hour DIY project, this one is cheap and easy to build yourself. It is a new principal based upon an old one. A bottle opener mounted on a wooden board that has strong magnets hidden under the opener that catches the metal tops as you open a bottle.

You will need 1 wooden board, 1 metal bottle opener, a 20 pack of Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets, wood screws, a tube of silicone and wood stain.

Magnetic Drop Catch Bottle Opener_4Instead of buying a piece of wood we used an old cabinet drawers face plate.
We removed the handle and cleaned it off.

Magnetic Drop Catch Bottle Opener_1We then drilled 6 holes in the back of the wood approx. 4 inches under where the bottle opener will be attached.
We put 2 magnets in each hole for a total of 12 magnets. We then added silicone to hold the magnets in place.

magnets for drop catch bottle openerThe above photo are the magnets we used. They are extra strong magnets and are a little smaller than a dime.
These are Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets and they tend to work the best. Available here for around $13 dollars.

Magnetic Drop Catch Bottle Opener_6

Next step is to make sure the wood is very clean and add some wood stain to the board.

Magnetic Drop Catch Bottle Opener_2

Here is the board wood stained with 3 coats and letting it alone to fully dry before the next step.

bottle openerThis is the metal bottle opener that can be purchased here for around $7.50 on Amazon.

Magnetic Drop Catch Bottle Opener_5Next, attach the metal bottle opener to the piece of wood with 2 wood screws.

Magnetic Drop Catch Bottle Opener_3If assembled correctly, the bottle caps should stick to the wood when a bottle is opened.
If you have issues with the bottle caps not sticking properly, you can add more magnets to the back.

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