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How To Make A ‘Do It Yourself’ Fall Wreath For Under 10 Dollars

Looking to make a DIY Fall Wreath for under $10 bucks? We have found Fall wreaths online and in stores for over $100 dollars. Why pay so much when you can make one yourself for under $10 dollars? We went to the website shopterrain.com and the fall wreath we wanted was $108 dollars plus shipping! Ridiculous right? So we did a little shopping at our local dollar store and picked some things for our wreath from our backyard. We think ours turned out better and it was fun to make!

fall wreathUsing materials from your backyard and your local dollar store you can make this too!


These Fall Wreaths are available for around $100 online so we decided to make our own!
Here is the website we saw the wreath and inspired us to make our own!

Do It Yourself Fall Wreath_6STEP 1 – Gather your materials for your Do It Yourself Fall Wreath.
We gathered tree bark, fern clippings and tree clippings from our backyard.

Then we bought preserved leaves, Spanish moss and potpourri at our local Dollar Store.

Do It Yourself Fall Wreath_5STEP 2 – Make your wreath base.
We made a base out of paper, aluminum foil, and duct tape.
Then we covered it with Spanish moss we bought from the dollar store.

Do It Yourself Fall Wreath_2STEP 3 – Start gluing everything on your wreath.
This took some time but we started gluing the green leaves on individually.

Do It Yourself Fall Wreath_4STEP 4 – Keep gluing until the leaves are all the way around your wreath.

Do It Yourself Fall Wreath_1STEP 5 – Start to glue all of your real or artificial Fall leaves on the wreath.

Do It Yourself Fall Wreath_3STEP 6 – Hang your DIY Fall Wreath on your door!

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  1. DIY Project Help Tips

    Mary El,
    Try checking other local craft stores or looking on Amazon for the wire wreath. Amazon has many different wire wreaths to choose from.

  2. Do you know how I can find the necessary products to make your wreath? I live in Toronto Ontario Canada. We have a Michael’s craft store but they have no wire wreaths. Hope you can help?

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