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How To Replace Caulking Around Your Bathtub Or Shower

Over time the caulk or grout around your tub or shower needs to be replaced. It can either fall apart from use or have mold growing on it from not being properly cleaned. Removing and replacing that old caulk can be an easy process when you have the right tools. Whether your bathtub is surrounded by caulk or grout, we will show you how to remove it. Replacing damaged or worn out caulk is necessary to block water from damaging the wood and surrounding area of the shower and bathtub. If there is missing chunks or strips of caulk, this is a sign that you need to replace it to avoid water damage.

how to replace caulking around bathtub

If the seam between the tub and tile is caulk…
You can remove it with a putty knife and if desired, some caulk softener. There are also plenty of caulk removing tools out there that won’t damage the tile or tub when removing the old caulk.

Once the old caulk is removed, use a heavy duty scrubber brush and clean the area of all matter to obtain a perfect area for the new caulk to adhere. Use bleach to be sure the area is clean and free of mold and mildew.

Once the area is clean, you can begin to apply the new caulk. Make sure the caulk you use is a heavy duty waterproof bathroom caulk. Bathroom caulk will come in many different colors including the most common which are clear and white. Choose the color that will best match the existing colors in your bathtub area.

If you will be applying caulk over existing non damaged grout, you can use a clear caulk to avoid color conflicts. Once you have your desired caulk and caulking gun, follow the application instructions on the tube of caulk for best results.

How to remove and replace bathtub caulk

If the seam between the tile and tub is grout
You will need to remove it with a special tool such as an oscillating power tool. An oscillating tool is recommended if the grout is still mostly intact.

If there are large chunks of grout falling out, you can probably get away with using any type of pointy metal tool to scrape it out. A grout removing tool with an abrasive blade will work even better than a screwdriver or similar.

Once the grout is fully removed, you need to clean the area to remove any dust, dirt, mold, or similar. Using bleach helps with removing any mold that may be present.

Once the area is 100% clean, you can then either re-grout the area or use a bathroom mildew and mold resistant caulk. Apply the new grout or caulk according to the instructions on the package.

Easy way to remove grout and regrout bathtub shower

Have a better way of recaulking a bathtub? Please let us know below.

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