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How To Remove Wallpaper Easily – 5 Best Tips

Are you going to be removing wallpaper and want the fastest way? Here are some of the easiest ways to remove wallpaper yourself. Whether your wallpaper is peeling off the wall or you simply want to remodel the room, there are different removal methods with some being easier than others. Some of the main options for removing are using steam, scraping tools, scoring tools, and or chemicals. The stripping method is the easiest method but not may not be possible with your type of wallpaper. If your wallpaper is not the “strippable” type and is not easily removeable, then using the steam method may be your best bet. There are also homemade chemical remedies that you can mix up yourself that will cost you next to nothing.


Easiest Ways To Remove Wallpaper (Removal Methods)

1. Stripping Method – This method is the absolute easiest and is only possible if your wallpaper is “strippable”. To find out, get a small knife and see if the edge of the paper can be lifted and stripped off. If so, then you wallpaper can be easily removed using this method.

2. Scoring Method – This method involves a small cutting tool. This tool is under 10 dollars. It works by perforating the wallpaper by slicing it and making it easier to remove. The wallpaper is then removed in strips by pulling it off the wall in a upward motion.

3. Scraping Method – This method is used when the wall paper is stubborn to remove from the wall. It works as it sounds by using some elbow grease and scraping the wallpaper off using the bladed tool. This method will usually also remove the adhesive that holds the wallpaper to the wall.

4. Chemical Method – The chemical method works by loosening the adhesive. This loosens up the adhesive which makes it possible to pull the wallpaper off the wall in huge strips. This wall paper removal chemical is available at any home improvement store. There are also ways to remove the wallpaper by creating your own chemical mixture. This is done by mixing 1 cup of fabric softener with a quart of water. You will then need to slice the wallpaper and apply the mixture to the wallpaper using a spray bottle or sponge. The chemical mixture needs to sit on the wall to allow it to penetrate and loosen the wallpaper up. Once the wallpaper is loose simply pull the wallpaper off.

5. Steam Method – If the wallpaper will not come off of the wall using the methods above, the steaming method should do the trick. The steam method involves using a steam machine. The machine applies hot steam to the wallpaper therefore loosening the adhesive making the removal process super easy.

The methods above work for removing wallpaper borders and trim pieces also. You can also use 1 part vinegar to 10 parts hot water to remove the wallpaper. This is a cheap and easy way to avoid buying harmful chemicals.

If you know of better easy ways to remove wallpaper, please leave a comment below to help the visitors of this page.

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