Is It Possible To DIY Solar Panels On Your House?

Solar panels on home DIY? This summer my power bill has been over $500 dollars. I would like to cut down on my electrical bill by adding solar panels to my home and DIY. I would like to buy and install solar panels on my house to reduce my monthly bill. I have a home in Arizona that has no shade around it and the sun is constantly on my home. My air conditioner never turns off when set at 75 degrees, it runs 24 hours a day here in Arizona during the summer months. I would like to add maybe 5 solar panels to my home to absorb the sun’s rays and create power and therefore cut down on my electric bill. There are solar panels that can just plug right into the grid. Can you give me some advice on what to do to add solar panels to my home myself?

DIY Solar Panels On Your HouseDIY Solar Panels On Your House

It is possible to install solar panels yourself but connecting the electrical wiring to the “grid” can be dangerous. You need to install the correct size and type of solar panels on your home, and the correct amount of panels. Then you can have a solar panel company or your electric company come and hook the panels to power. (Have an electrician or other professional do the wiring and metering into the house.) You may want to call your local power company and see what they recommend for your home’s roof size, solar panel type, and solar panel size.

FYI: An average 2×3 foot solar panel will deliver 120 watts at top peak sunlight. Basically this means you can run a single light bulb just a few hours a day. The more solar panels you have on your home the better the outcome. The size and type of the solar panels you choose will need to be researched to make sure they are going to supply enough power to cut down on your energy bill.

Do the math to find out the right solar panels for your home:

Find out how many watts a particular solar panel puts out. Then multiply by the hours of sunlight your home receives. Divide this number by 2 for early morning and for late afternoon. That number will be the daily wattage you will receive. Your electric bill in Arizona is most likely 25 cents per 1000 watts. If you do the math, you can find out if it is going to supply enough wattage to actually save you money.

free solar power calculatorFREE Solar Power Calculator that will do the math for you. Solar Energy Calculator!

If you choose to add 5 solar panels to your home, in reality, the panels may not have a big impact on saving money on your electric bill. Like we said, call your electric company about something called a “grid tie in system”. If you install the correct amount of panels and the most compatible type of solar panels to your home, it needs to be inspected by a licensed electrician. This would have to be inspected before you can turn it ON or connect to the grid depending on what type of solar panel system you have chosen.

There are many DIY solar panels available and they are getting better all the time. So choose the best quality solar panels that can absorb the most amount of power and generate the most wattage. See below for some DIY solar panels you can use.

WholesaleSolar is a good place to start if your want to DIY solar panels. They have complete systems that can be installed yourself. These solar panels can be put on your roof or near your home mounted to a stand on the ground.

Astronergy VIOLIN 260 Watt Silver Poly Solar PanelA 260 watt solar panel available from Wholesale Solar

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Have questions about DIY home solar panel systems? Please leave your question below and we can assist with your solar panel questions.

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