Midea Dishwasher Error Codes

Midea dishwasher error codes are shown on your dishwashers display to help you troubleshoot the problem with your dishwasher. The error codes below will help you to identify and troubleshoot what is wrong with your Midea dishwasher. Once you have identified the error code, this will tell you which part is causing the issue. You can then check the part in question and clean or replace if necessary.

Midea Dishwasher Error Codes

NOTE: Error codes used in dishwashers produced by the Chinese manufacturer named Midea, produces dishwashers under other brand names that include Baumatic, Carlton, CDA, Diplomat, Hygena and more. The following error codes apply for Midea brand dishwashers and certain model numbers for the brands Baumatic, Carlton, CDA, Diplomat, & Hygena.

Midea Dishwasher Fault Codes

Midea Dishwasher Error Code E1: Water fill time out/Dishwasher water intake has timed out.
Error Cause: Water supply system error.
What To Check/Repair: Check that water supply is turned on, Check water fill valve, Check wiring and wiring harnesses, Check electronic control board.

Midea Dishwasher Error Code E2: Drain timeout/Dishwasher has timed out on draining.
Error Cause: Faulty drain pump or jammed drain pump.
What To Check/Repair: Check drain pump for blockage, Check drain pump not open circuit, Check wiring and wiring harnesses, Check drain hose for blockage, Check plumbing for blockage, Check electronic control board.

Midea Dishwasher Error Code E3: Element fault/Dishwasher has detected that water has not been heated in allotted time.
Error Cause: Fault on the dishwasher heating circuit.
What To Check/Repair: Check heating element, Check thermostats, Check wiring and wiring harnesses, Check home water heating element, Check electronic control board.

Midea Dishwasher Error Code E4: Overfilling/Dishwasher has detected overfill of water.
Error Cause: Excessive detergent foaming or bad or stuck float switch.
What To Check/Repair: Multi-function detergent tablets over sudsing, Check for leaking water into base of the dishwasher.

Midea Dishwasher Error Code E5: Dishwasher cannot turn off automatically.
Error Cause: Voltage problem.
What To Check/Repair: Power switch has failed or low voltage.

Midea Dishwasher Error Code E6: Open circuit Thermistor/Thermistor open circuit.
Error Cause: Faulty thermistor.
What To Check/Repair: Faulty or damaged thermistor.

Midea Dishwasher Error Code E7: Short circuit thermistor/Thermistor short circuit.
Error Cause: Faulty thermistor.
What To Check/Repair: Faulty or damaged thermistor.

The above error codes also apply to the following dishwasher models below…
(The Chinese company Midea also makes the dishwashers below)

Baumatic Dishwasher Error Codes (Midea)Baumatic Dishwashers

Carlton Dishwasher Error Codes (Midea)Carlton Dishwasher

CDA Dishwasher Error Codes (Midea)CDA Dishwashers

Diplomat Dishwasher Error Codes (Midea)Diplomat Dishwashers

Hygena Dishwasher Error Codes (Midea)Hygena Dishwasher

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9 thoughts on “Midea Dishwasher Error Codes”

  1. Rhonda Armstrong

    The tap light doesn’t go off machine keeps empting filled it with hot water accidentally it was showing e3 that followed manual it than did 1 cycle empty fine but now tries to wash but than just empties tap sign constant

  2. My relatively new – 6 mos dishwasher always defaults to delicate cycle and can’t be changed with any button once it goes to that default. Can power down but when powered back up makes same default. Tried unplugging/cutting power, even for 40 min but when restarted, it has the same problem.
    Any guidance?

  3. I bought media 13 place setting dishwasher. It has timelapse problem. If I run 90 minutes cycle, it ends 20-25 minutes before. Is it big problem or not? Why it makes this kind of mistake. How to fix this problem? Kindly reply.

  4. it showed E4 error and base was full of water. i have removed all the water from the base using sponge. is it good to use now?

  5. My Midea dishwasher model WQP12-5203-S when i start the washing cycle by choosing ECO the ECO light it keeps on blinking till the cycle end.

  6. Wahid mehmood

    Media dishwasher MODEL WQP12-7609GS
    I put any wash program and start to take water and no washing throughout and no water coming in.
    Error code E01.
    Changed washing machine motor and same problem.
    Also changed pressure switch and same problem with error E01.

  7. Ondine MC Glashan

    I have a Midea mini benchtop dishwasher. It is showing an E2 fault code which is to do wirh tank filling float. How can I fix this simply?

  8. Can i connect my Midea 8 place table top dishwasher to the main source of water directly??
    Instead of connecting it to the water tap?

  9. Purchased a Midea dishwasher model mb9373hw
    Does the blue digital lights go out after dishwasher is off? There is no off/off button
    There are 2 blue dash lights that don’t go off.
    Need to know if these always remain lit?
    Thank you

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