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How To Find The Model Number On Your Front-Loading LG Washing Machine

If you own a front-loading LG washing machine and it starts acting up, you may need to find its model number for repairs or parts replacement. Knowing the model number is also crucial when you’re trying to sell the machine or find a manual. But where do you find this elusive number?

LG front load washer model number location

Why is the Model Number Important?

The model number is like the washing machine’s “name tag.” It tells you everything you need to know about the machine like its age, features, and specifications. When you’re ordering spare parts or calling for repair service, providing the correct model number ensures you get the right parts and service.

Model Number Location

Common Locations to Find the Model Number

The model number is usually located in one of several places:

  1. Door Frame: Open the door and check around the frame. Sometimes, there’s a sticker or plate with the model number.
  2. Side Panel: Check the sides of the machine, usually near the bottom.
  3. Back Panel: You may need to move the machine away from the wall to check the backside.
  4. Owner’s Manual: If you still have it, your owner’s manual will certainly have the model number.
  5. Purchase Receipt: If you keep good records, your purchase receipt should include the model number.

Step By Step: Finding the Model Number

Option 1: Door Frame Method

  1. Open the Door: Gently pull the door open.
  2. Inspect the Frame: Look for a sticker or plate around the frame that contains various information. The model number will be listed, often starting with ‘WM’ followed by several numbers and letters.
  3. Take a Photo: Using your smartphone, snap a picture of the information for easy reference later.

Option 2: Side Panel Method

  1. Check the Sides: Look at the side panels near the bottom corner.
  2. Spot the Sticker: If you find a sticker there, check for the model number.
  3. Note it Down: Write down the model number or take a picture.

Option 3: Back Panel Method

  1. Move the Machine: Carefully move the washing machine away from the wall. It’s heavy, so you may need help.
  2. Check the Back: Look for a sticker or plate on the back panel.
  3. Record the Number: Write it down or take a photo.

Option 4: Owner’s Manual Method

  1. Find the Manual: Locate the owner’s manual that came with your washing machine.
  2. Check the Front or Back Page: The model number is usually listed on the front cover or the last page.
  3. Note it Down: Write down the model number for future reference.

Option 5: Purchase Receipt Method

  1. Locate the Receipt: Find the purchase receipt for the washing machine.
  2. Scan for Information: The model number should be printed on it.
  3. Take a Photo: For easy reference, take a photo of the receipt.

Extra Tips To Find Model Number

Use a Flashlight

Sometimes the model number is printed in a hard-to-see area or the lighting conditions aren’t ideal. Using a flashlight can help illuminate the area and make it easier to spot the model number.

Check Online Resources

If you’ve misplaced your owner’s manual, you can usually find a digital version on LG’s official website. You’ll likely need the model number to find the specific manual, but if you have a general idea of your model, this could help.

Call Customer Support

If all else fails, LG customer support can help you locate the model number. They might ask for other details about the machine, like its age or specific features, to help identify the model. LG Support Phone Numbers: 800-243-0000 or 850-999-4934

Use Your Smartphone’s Zoom Feature

If the model number is in a cramped or hard-to-reach area, use your smartphone’s camera zoom feature to see it more clearly. This is especially useful if you can’t physically move closer to the tag or sticker.

Check Under the Lid

On some models, especially older ones, the model number might be located under the lid or even at the back of the drum. However, this is less common in modern front-loading machines.

Look on the Control Panel

Some LG models have the model number printed directly on the control panel near the buttons and LED display. If you can’t find a sticker or tag, check here.

Examine the Power Cord Area

Occasionally, the model number might be located near where the power cord enters the machine. This could be on the back or side panel.

Register Your Appliance

If you haven’t yet, consider registering your LG washing machine on LG’s official website. This not only helps in easily retrieving your model number later but may also help with warranty services and receiving updates.

Check the Shipping Box

If you’ve recently purchased the machine and still have the shipping box, the model number is often printed on the side. This is also a good way to find the serial number, which might be required for certain service situations.

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