LG Dishwasher Error Code E1 – How To Clear

LG Dishwasher shows E1 error code, what does e1 mean? I have a 2 year old LG dishwasher. It has recently been showing the E1 error fault code. Can you tell me what this means and how do I fix it myself? Do I need to replace a part or clean an area of the dishwasher to clear the code and reset the dishwasher? Please help as the dishwasher is no longer under warranty.

LG Dishwasher Error Code E1LG Dishwasher Error Code E1 – How To Clear? – How To Fix?

LG has programmed in the E1 error code to indicate when the drain pump is running, it is not receiving the back pressure it needs. This is most likely an indication that there is a water leak in the draining system. See below for what to check to fix the E1 error…

An E1 (or AE) Error Code identifies there may be a leak in your LG dishwasher.
A leak may be caused by:
1 – Improper installation of the dishwasher.
2 – Using too much or the wrong detergent.
3 – Dishwasher door leaking.
4 – The dishwasher was not loaded correctly.
5 – Faulty sump motor.
6 – Faulty float assembly.
7 – Leaking sump assembly.

NOTE: For more detailed info on troubleshooting and replacing parts such as the Sump assembly, Float assembly, see the chart below.

LG Dishwasher E1 Error Code - How To Clear - Parts To ReplaceLG Dishwasher E1 Error Code – How To Clear – Parts To Replace

LG Dishwasher E1 Error Code TroubleshootingLG Dishwasher E1 Error Code Troubleshooting

Check these parts and areas of your LG dishwasher to troubleshoot and clear the E1 error code:

1 – Dishwasher Drain Hose Installation
Drain hose outlet installed lower than the base of your dishwasher?
– Drain hose outlet is installed lower than the base of your dishwasher may cause early draining.
– This can be the cause of the E1 error code.
– The height of the end of the drain hose must be over 10 inches from the bottom of the dishwasher.
– This is to prevent water from being siphoned from the tub too early.
– Check the drain hose for damage that may cause leakage.
– Replace the dishwasher drain hose if it is found to be damaged or leaking water.

2 – Improper Dishwasher Detergent Use
– The wrong detergent can cause excessive suds.
– Check if you are using the wrong detergent. (Not to be used in automatic dishwashers)
– If using the wrong detergent, your dishwasher can fill with suds.
– If the dishwasher has excess SUDS, your dishwasher cannot wash or rinse correctly.
– E1 error code will appear when there is too many suds or excessive suds.
– Only use a dishwasher detergent that is made for automatic dishwashers.

3 – Dishwasher Door May Be Leaking
– Check if there is water seeping through the dishwasher door.
– Check for any door seal rips or tears around the door seal.
– If you find that the door seal has any type of damage, remove and replace the door seal.

4 – Dishes In LG Dishwasher Are Not Correctly Loaded
Are you loading your LG dishwasher with large items such as oversized pots or pans?
– The way the pots and pans are positioning can cause the dishwasher to retain water that fills the dishwasher.
– This can cause the dishwasher to error out and think that there is a leak.
– Make sure all large pots and pans loaded inside the dishwasher are positioned in the racks correctly.
– Position the large pots and pans so they do not hold any excess water.

5 – Faulty sump assembly, Float assembly.
Remove and replace the sump or float assembly if you find that is the cause of the E1 error code.

LG Dishwasher – Understanding Error Code E1

How To Reset An LG Dishwasher?
– Turn the circuit breaker or unplug the dishwasher for 10 to 15 seconds.
– Plug the dishwasher back in or turn the circuit breaker back on.
– Press the power button to turn the dishwasher on.
– Start a new cycle and see if that clears the error.

LG Dishwasher PartsLG Dishwasher Parts – Parts To Fix E1 Error Code

NOTE: For proper LG Dishwasher Installation… Your LG dishwasher should be installed under your kitchen cabinet with the drain hose going through the side wall of the cabinet and then to either a disposal, air gap or just the drain line.

Have you tried all of the above fixes to clear your LG dishwasher of the E1 error code and it still shows the fault? Please leave your question below and we will be happy to assist you in clearing the error code.

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1 Tiz April 15, 2017 at 6:43 am

I’ve had this LG dishwasher for 3.5 years and never had a problem.
Now it keeps giving me an error code AE which is water leakage.
I have checked absolutely everywhere and do not have any water leakage.
I just don’t know what else to do.


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